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Xander watches over Victoria in his apartment and says she should be waking up just in time to ring in the New Year and he’ll have a bottle ready. Sarah shows up at the door which Xander calls a nice surprise as he thought she was going to the big New Year’s Eve party. Sarah confirms that she is but wanted to stop in to give Victoria a new year’s kiss. Sarah then notes that Victoria’s head is warm.

Johnny and Chanel walk through the town square together. Johnny comments that he has the best looking girl in town on his arm. Chanel says they are both lucky but she feels bad about leaving Paulina at home. Johnny assures that Paulina wouldn’t let them stay home tonight. Chanel talks about going in to the New Year, worrying that Paulina has cancer. Johnny insists that if it is cancer, Paulina will kick it’s ass and whatever happens, they will get through it together.

Chad comes out of the Brady Pub and runs in to Leo. Leo calls him just the man he wanted to see as he has a very interesting proposition for him.

Stephanie goes to Everett’s room at the Salem Inn. Everett says he’s almost ready while Stephanie says she’s early. Everett talks about not being a fan of mixers with so many people. Stephanie encourages that as editor of the Spectator, it will be a great way for him to meet people. Everett feels he could just meet them on the job. Stephanie points out that this is the job as they aren’t going to party but to make connections, so it’s work for both of them.

Alex and Theresa run in to Brady and Tate in the New Year. They wish each other a Happy New Year. Tate mentions that he has to go. Theresa asks where to. Tate asks why she cares. Brady informs her that Tate is going to pick up Holly and asks why she can’t know. Theresa brings up Tate throwing Holly’s Christmas present in the trash last she knew. Tate responds that they worked things out. Tate tells Brady that he’s sorry his date fizzled out for tonight but he’ll see them later. Tate then walks away. Theresa questions Brady about his date. Brady explains that it was going to be his daughter Rachel, but Kristen took her out of town for the weekend. Brady tells them to have a good time and that he’s heading home but Theresa stops him and declares that he’s coming with them.

Stefan meets Ava outside the Bistro. Ava says she was just getting some air before the festivities begin. Stefan says judging by the reservation list, it’s going to be a hell of a night. Stefan credits Ava. Ava says she’s just glad they got the last shipment in and can now just focus on the party. Stefan then gets a news alert on his phone that two kids were found dead after overdosing on laced cocaine.

Holly puts on makeup in her room, then opens a drawer and pulls out a bag of pills. She then covers it up when Nicole enters the room.

Xander tells Sarah that he didn’t notice that Victoria was warm when he laid her down. Sarah notes that her temperature is elevated but nothing extreme. Sarah says she will make Xander a list of things needed for a baby and sends Xander to go get baby acetaminophen.

Chanel thinks Paulina insisted they go to the party so they can report back and be the eyes and ears of the Mayor for her. Johnny says he’s just happy to be there tonight, holding Chanel as they kiss.

Chad jokes with Leo that he’s not his type. Leo clarifies that his proposition has to do with the Spectator and talks about it bombing since he left. Leo suggests Chad bring back his Lady Whistleblower gossip column. Chad tells Leo that it’s not his job to give, so he’ll have to talk to the editor-in-chief.

Stephanie helps Everett with his cuff links and remembers giving them to him on Valentine’s Day. Everett notes they are his favorites.

Brady says he has no interest in being a third wheel so he’s just going home. Theresa tells him to stop being a party pooper and encourages that he could meet someone. Brady says he’s not interested. Theresa urges him to come for the food and laughter then. Theresa asks if Brady really wants to spend New Year’s Eve on his own. Brady reluctantly agrees to come but says he’s only staying for a little while. Theresa demands he stay until the ball drops and it’s officially the New Year. Brady figures it’s going to be just like the old year. Theresa tells him to stop being such a cynic and declares that the year will be amazing. Theresa remarks that there might even be a wedding proposal or marriage as they walk on. Alex comments that he wouldn’t rule that out.

Nicole asks Holly about going out with Tate tonight which she confirms. Holly asks if Nicole is sure she’s okay. Nicole mentions her therapy session and says she’s in a really good place, so her and EJ are having a quiet night in. Nicole says she’ll be happy knowing she’s having fun so she hopes that her and Tate have a good time tonight. Holly assures that she plans on it.

Ava worries and asks Stefan if he thinks the laced cocaine came from there. Stefan argues that all they know is that Clyde’s guys drop shipments off and another group picks them up while they don’t know where they come from, what’s in them, or where they go. Stefan shouts that they are not drug dealers. Ava tells him to keep telling himself that.

Johnny and Chanel are at the Bistro for the New Year’s party alongside Brady, Theresa, and Alex. Stephanie arrives with Everett and wishes everyone a Happy New Year. Stephanie notes that Alex already notes Everett and then introduces him to Johnny, Chanel, Brady, and Theresa. Stephanie says it’s nice to see them as she and Everett walk on. Theresa, Chanel, and Johnny go to get drinks. Brady comments on how much time is left while Alex encourages him to give the party a chance. Brady mentions going to check out the appetizers but Alex stops him and says there’s something he wants to talk to him about while Theresa is otherwise engaged.

Chad tells Leo that if he can get Everett to sign off on it, then he’s fine with it as long as he follows the rules. Chad warns that the Spectator is Abigail’s legacy so he will have final approval on everything. Leo agrees and says he already has some ideas. Leo asks if Chad has any big New Year’s Eve plans for he and Stephanie. Chad reveals they actually broke up. Leo says he’s so sorry and then thinks back to seeing Stephanie coming down the stairs at the Pub and wondering why she spent the night there. Leo then asks Chad when he and Stephanie called it quits. Chad tells him that it’s none of his business. Leo decides he must go find Everett Lynch then and walks off.

Sarah holds Victoria and talks about her life getting sweeter since she was born. Sarah notes that she’s still warm but she’s not crying so she’s not in pain. Sarah says as soon as Xander gets back, they will get her fever down.

Nicole helps Holly pick out a dress for the night. Holly asks about therapy. Nicole says it put her in a better place and she’s glad she went. Nicole vows to focus on her blessings this year like Holly. Nicole offers some things from her closet for Holly to try on but Holly refuses to wear a mom dress as they joke with each other.

Ava asks Stefan if things can get any worse. Stefan warns her not to tempt the Gods. Ava informs him that Tripp told her that he’s moving to Hong Kong with Wendy which might be the best since he’ll be out of Clyde’s reach. Stefan congratulates her but says he has no such luck with Gabi. Ava then informs Stefan that she told Harris that they were dating since he assumed it when he walked in on them, so she went along with it. Ava adds that it’s better that Harris suspect that then what’s really going on. Stefan guesses she’s right but he hates the idea of the public thinking he’s cheating on Gabi. Stefan then admits it is a good cover. Ava jokes that they are having an affair.

Tate arrives at the DiMera Mansion. Nicole answers the door and invites him in. Tate asks if Holly is ready to go. Nicole tells Holly to have fun and jokes about her being home by midnight, then tells her she can be home at 2 AM since it’s New Year’s. Nicole wishes them an almost Happy New Year’s. Nicole jokes about Holly wearing one of her dresses after all and then heads in to the living room. Tate asks Holly if she’s ready to go. Holly says almost and then kisses Tate, saying she wanted to go ahead and skip the awkwardness of whether or not to kiss at midnight. Holly says that they do and then exits as Tate says he can’t wait until midnight.

Xander returns home with the medicine for Victoria and apologizes for feeling like he messed up by not having it. Sarah says it’s okay as they have it now and hopefully it will help.

Chad goes to the DiMera Mansion and greets Nicole. They wish each other a Happy New Year as Chad hopes she doesn’t mind him dropping by unannounced. Nicole says not at all. Chad says he just wanted to thank EJ for letting him use the DiMera jet. Nicole says EJ has been upstairs on work calls all day but he’s welcome to wait which Chad accepts. Nicole asks about Chad taking the kids to Boston. Chad confirms that he just picked them up and they are going to ring in the New Year with Doug and Julie. Chad asks how Nicole and EJ are doing as he’s sure it must be rough, especially with the holidays. Nicole admits that it is. Chad tells her that he’s so sorry for her loss. Nicole thanks him. Chad asks if she has any New Year’s plans. Nicole says it will just be a quiet night at home as the last thing she wants to do is go to a party.

Tate and Holly arrive at the Bistro party where Johnny and Chanel greet them and wish them a Happy New Year. Chanel and Johnny encourage them to hit the buffet. Holly thanks them but says they are going to dance now. Stefan and Ava come in and comment on how the place is jumping. Ava tries to walk arm in arm with Stefan but Stefan argues that if they are supposed to be having an affair, it should be on the down low and not out in the open for the whole world to see. Ava remarks that it sounds like he’s speaking from experience. Stephanie comes over and greets them, then introduces them to Everett. Stephanie notes that Stefan is the CEO of DiMera Enterprises and also owns the Bistro while Ava is the general manager. Everett mentions being familiar with the DiMera and Vitali names as they have colorful family histories. Ava insists this is a legitimate business. Stephanie brings up that Salem has a history of surprise guests showing up on New Year’s Eve and asks if there’s any chance of that happening tonight. Stefan says not that he’s aware of.

Alex and Brady step outside the room as Brady tells Alex that he hopes he’s not going to give him a lecture since he and Theresa are actually getting along. Alex says it’s not that so Brady asks what it is. Alex tells Brady that at Christmas dinner, Maggie and company were all over him for putting in Theresa in charge of Bella Magazine. Alex notes that Brady didn’t take a stand but thinks Theresa could really use him in her corner. Alex adds that he’s told her what a great job she’s doing but thinks it would help coming from someone other than her boyfriend. Alex asks if Brady will help but Theresa interrupts and urges Alex to join her back on the dance floor. They head back in and are surprised to see Leo performing for the party. Stefan remarks to Ava that having the gossip queen around is not what they need while Brady and Alex agree that they can’t stand Leo. Leo praises Stefan and Ava for throwing the party. Stefan mocks Leo’s cape. Leo responds that capes are back and so is he.

Xander holds Victoria until she falls asleep. Sarah notes that he got her to calm down. Xander says maybe the medication kicked in and asks what they do now. Sarah says they will wait and hope her temperature goes down. Sarah decides she will text her friend to tell her that she’s not coming to the party. Xander asks if she’s sure. Sarah says her baby is sick so she’s not going to leave her as she is always her priority.

Nicole tells Chad that break ups can be tough as she knows. Nicole adds that she’s really sorry things didn’t work out between Chad and Stephanie. Chad thanks her but says he should’ve known he was moving too fast as it was too soon to move on from Abigail. Chad talks about Abigail redecorating the DiMera Mansion and says they had a lot of amazing memories there but a few really horrible ones. Chad thought he was ready to have another relationship but he obviously wasn’t. Nicole says she knows what he means, but says she was ready to be a mother again. Nicole declares that all too often, life catches them on the blind side.

Theresa greets Holly and Tate and asks if they are having a good time. Leo greets Everett and says he was looking for him as he wishes he and Stephanie a Happy New Year. Leo informs Everett that he has the power to bring the New Year in with a bang and bring the Spectator back to it’s glory days by reuniting the readers with Lady Whistleblower. Everett acknowledges that Leo’s column was always popular but at the moment they are emphasizing the investigative journalism side of the paper and not editorials. Leo brings up that Everett defended his column and adds that Chad is totally on board with him coming back if Everett signs off on it. Leo asks what good it is to aim the paper for the moon if no one is reading it. Everett then gives in and agrees to bring Leo back. Leo excitedly tells him that he won’t regret it for a second. Everett warns Leo that he wants impeccable sourcing. Leo assures that he will only get what is authentic and what he sees with his own two eyes.

Tate and Holly step outside. Holly tells Tate that she knows how they can make things even more fun. Holly then reveals the bag of pills from her purse and says she brought them a little something which shocks Tate.

Sarah checks Victoria’s temperature and finds that it is back to normal which relieves her and Xander. Xander points out that if Victoria is feeling better, maybe Sarah still has time to make it to the party. Sarah says she doesn’t care about the party as she’d much rather be here with her little girl and Xander.

Chad tells Nicole that he should get going as he told Doug and Julie that he’d be back soon. Nicole says she’ll tell EJ that he missed him. Nicole wishes Chad a Happy New Year as they hug. Chad says they deserve a midnight toast and tells Nicole to thank EJ for the jet for him. Chad hopes this coming year brings Nicole happiness as she deserves it. Nicole responds that they both do as they hug.

Alex goes to get drink refills for he and Theresa. Theresa comments to Brady that Tate is having a good time. Brady says just a week ago, he thought Tate and Holly were a bust and now they are the party together so it’s nice. Brady comments on Theresa being with Alex. Theresa acknowledges that Alex has been really great and supportive. Brady tells Theresa that he thinks Bella might be a great position for her and talks about how it was a big part of his portfolio. Brady adds that if Theresa has any questions about it, he’s there. Theresa gets offended and says she has no questions, especially from him. Theresa argues that she’s totally competent and overqualified for the job. Theresa says she’s not just rising to the occasion, she’s hitting it out of the park so she doesn’t need his condescending insult to offer her help. Theresa sarcastically thanks him for the vote of confidence and walks away.

Tate asks Holly if she’s crazy. She says she will be as Tate tells her to put the pills away. Theresa comes out and greets them. Tate asks her what’s wrong but Theresa says nothing and asks what they are up to and if they’re still having fun. Holly responds that it’s getting better and better. Theresa then walks away.

Everett and Stephanie decide they are done and agree to leave the party.

Tate warns Holly that someone could see them and Theresa almost did. Tate adds that his parents were both addicts so there’s no way he’s taking the pills and neither should she. Holly says they are just ADHD meds that she got from someone at school and that everyone is doing them. Tate says not him. Holly is surprised since she offered him weed the day they met. Tate argues that those are amphetamines, not weed. Holly argues that they are very mild ones. Holly says they just make her feel better and give her energy. Tate questions her needing to feel better and have more energy tonight when she’s with him. Holly insists that they’ll make things more fun for both of them. Tate says not for him and he’s out. Holly says fine and heads to the bathroom. Tate heads back inside the party asking if Johnny and Chanel have seen Holly. Chanel thinks she saw her go to the ladies room so Tate thanks her. Leo walks back over to Stefan, who comments on Leo still being there. Leo remarks to Stefan that he’s the only one at the party who truly understands him since both of their soulmates are locked up in prison, leaving them here to celebrate New Year’s all alone. Stefan argues that his soulmate is innocent while Leo’s is a slimy dirtbag. Leo reminds Stefan that’s his nephew that he’s talking about as he walks away. Leo calls out for Dimitri.

Nicole calls for EJ as she opens the bottle of champagne and notes that it’s almost midnight. Nicole says she is so ready for the year to be over and calls out to EJ to get off the phone as the ball is about to drop.

Johnny and Chanel walk through the park. Chanel gets a text from Paulina and says she can’t believe this. Chanel informs Johnny that Paulina said Abe came over for New Year’s Eve and told her not to come home which they laugh about. Chanel asks Johnny now where she’s supposed to go. Johnny thinks they can come up with something as they kiss.

Everett and Stephanie walk through the town square, talking about leaving the party as they did what they needed and didn’t need to stay with all the celebrating and kissing. Fireworks then start going off for New Year’s, so Everett and Stephanie begin kissing right as Chad walks into the town square and sees them.

Johnny and Chanel continue kissing in the park as fireworks go off for New Year’s.

Xander and Sarah watch the fireworks together and end up kissing.

Everybody at the party says Happy New Year as the clock strikes midnight. Ava and Stefan exchange kisses on the cheek. Theresa and Alex kiss as Brady watches and mutters a Happy New Year to everyone else who is alone tonight.

Tate goes searching for Holly and finds her on the ground outside, foaming at the mouth after having overdosed on her pills.

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