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Thomas: My sister’s just forcing the issue and she needs to back off.

Steffy: He just got a little worked up. He needs some time to cool off.

Thomas: If you have a problem with my relationship, you should keep it to yourself.

Finn: Or what, thomas? What are you gonna do?

Thomas: You know what, finn? This really doesn’t involve you.

Finn: See, when you speak to my wife that way, it does. I don’t stand for that.

[ Phone chiming ] A new patient at the office.

Thomas: You probably shouldn’t keep them waiting.

Finn: Are you okay?

Steffy: Yeah, I’m fine. I can handle it. Thank you. See you in a bit.

Hope: I understand that steffy just wants to protect her brother.

Ridge: And you understand why she might be concerned.

Hope: But steffy has nothing to worry about. My mom has nothing to worry about. You have nothing to worry about.

Ridge: But I do have something to worry about. I do worry. So, let me ask you a simple question: Do you see a future with my son?

Hope: All right, like father, like daughter. I guess I’m in the hot seat with you now, huh.

Ridge: Nah, I’m just asking a question.

Hope: What my intentions are?

Ridge: Yeah. Are you serious about my son? Because he’s serious about you and the last time he was serious about you, it caused a lot of problems for my family and for yours. And I would hate for history to repeat itself.

Steffy: Thank you, ahn. Yes, it is. It is wonderful news. Yeah, we’re very grateful that granddad is getting better. Mm-hmm. Yes, of course. We’ll talk to you soon. All right, bye bye.

Thomas: Silk supplier?

Steffy: Yeah. Granddad’s recovery is being celebrated all over the world.

Thomas: And hopefully, we’ll have even more to celebrate soon.

Steffy: But we still need to be patient. Granddad just got off the ventilator, so he has a long road ahead.

Thomas: Yeah, you know, it’s really amazing that that granddad has all this help and support around him.

Steffy: Yeah.

Thomas: From his friends and his family. You know, maybe you could take some of that care and concern that you have for me and my relationship with hope and focus is it on granddad instead.

Steffy: Okay.

Thomas: And if you could, just to be helpful, pass that message along to your husband, you know, the good doctor?

Steffy: Ha.

[ Knock on door ]

Finn: Come in.

Woman: Dr. Finnegan, your patient’s here.

Finn: All right. Right on time. Uh, xander… avant?

Xander: That’s right.

Finn: Right. I’m dr. Finnegan. Nice to meet you.

Hope: I’m telling you, everything is fine and there is nothing to worry about, but I– I don’t understand why people refuse to believe me.

Ridge: Everything is fine. You’re living in the moment right now. What happens after that?

Hope: We love being with each other. Why can’t that be enough?

Ridge: So, you don’t think it’s gonna last?

Hope: I did not say that.

Ridge: So, you think it will?

Hope: Are– are you asking me to give you a guarantee? To be completely certain, ridge? Because I– I can’t give you that. I thought I was going to be with liam for the rest of my life and I’m not. I don’t have a crystal ball. I don’t know what the future holds.

Ridge: Well, thomas thinks he knows what his future’s gonna be. He thinks it’s gonna be with you. Is that a possibility?

Hope: I get that you’re a concerned parent, but this? This is between thomas and me. Only thomas and me.

Thomas: Yeah, I forget that finn is an only child. Just doesn’t understand sibling energy.

Steffy: He doesn’t like the way you talk to me.

Thomas: Maybe I did come on a little strong.

Steffy: Ah, he’s just protective of me. Just like I’m trying to protect you with hope.

Thomas: You’re my little sister. I’m supposed to protect you too. I still want you to be supportive of me. Look at me. Happy, steff. I’ve earned this, haven’t I?

Steffy: Look, I don’t want to crush your feelings, okay?

Thomas: Why do we have to focus on the past? Look, I’ve done so many things that I regret. I wish I could go back and change them, right? But I’m done sitting in that remorse and that regret. I wanna move past that and hope has moved on. Why can’t you?

Steffy: I– I know you’ve made some changes. I just don’t want you to jeopardize them and when I see you and hope together and the way you talk about her, kind of feels that you are.

Thomas: Not to me. Look, I– I want you to be there for me. I want you to be my supportive sister. I mean, so many things are going so well in my life right now– our lives. I mean, the company is thriving, right? Douglas is also succeeding and yeah, I’m in love. You don’t have to fully support my relationship with hope if you really, really, really don’t want to, but please don’t undermine it. Please.

Finn: Don’t see any red flags in your medical history.

Xander: No, no. I’ll just mostly be coming in for annual checkups, that kind of thing.

Finn: Okay, I’ll order some labs, we’ll get a baseline and I see your doctor in london released your records, so.

Xander: Oh, great. Um, if it’s easier, I can get them from my last doctor in L.A.

Finn: Oh, did you used to live here?

Xander: Uh, yeah. Yeah, a few years ago.

Finn: Glad to be back?

Xander: Uh, we’ll see.

Finn: What took you to london? Work?

Ridge: You were involved with keeping baby beth a secret from everyone. It’s not a crime against society, it’s just a crime against my family. But I love my family. Don’t ever step foot in this building again. You’re terminated.

Xander: Uh… just– just got to the end of my road here, you know? Just needed some time. Regroup.

Finn: Well, that’s good. Glad you– you got some time. So, the exam room is just out the door to the right, so.

Xander: Oh, great. You said, uh… wait. Are you married to steffy forrester?

Steffy: Hey, any updates on granddad?

Ridge: Um, I’m waiting on finn to give me a call about the latest test results. Uh, I need to talk to you.

Steffy: Yeah, what’s going on?

Ridge: Hope was in here. Said you gave her an earful about thomas.

Steffy: I told her to back off and now she’s dragging you into it? Right, okay.

Ridge: She’s not dragging me into it. She just said that there’s an attitude about her relationship.

Steffy: Attitude? My attitude isn’t the problem. I– I told them that I am concerned about them and I am. Thomas has intense feelings for hope and that makes him vulnerable, but hope thinks it’s no big deal. She doesn’t want a future with him, you know that.

Ridge: I asked her about that.

Steffy: What did she say?

Ridge: She told me to mind my own business.

Steffy: Okay, okay. So, thomas is just like a open book. Actually, he’s more like a bright neon sign. No restraints, no reservations and I know he wants me to support him, but I can’T. Because this looks like it could be dangerous. This could end very badly for him.

Thomas: Sorry about my sister. She loves to lecture.

Hope: Mm, well I got one from your dad too.

Thomas: Hm. What is wrong with my family? It’s like, “okay, so granddad’s doing better, so what else can we stress out about?”

Hope: Well, I did kinda bring it on myself. I was, um… I was hoping ridge might tell steffy to lay off us a little bit.

Thomas: Okay, so I’m not the only eternal optimist in this relationship.

Hope: No. Um, but I also– I do understand where they’re coming from, thomas. They love you and they worry.

Thomas: Yeah, even when I told them not to worry.

Hope: Well, don’t you know? I mean, what we have is very, very, very confusing to them.

Thomas: Oh, very confusing. Even though it makes complete and total sense to us and that’s all that matters.

Hope: Mm. Can’t let them hear that though.

Thomas: They should be feeling the opposite, you know? For what you’ve shown me, your love, commitment and support, it’s helped me gain the strength to become a new man. The kind of man that the line deserves. The kind of man that douglas deserves as a father. That’s because of you. You’ve made me happier than I ever have been. Thank you for that.

Xander: You and steffy are married?

Finn: Do you know my wife?

Xander: Yeah. I was an intern at– at forrester.

Finn: Nice. All right, so you know steffy? You worked with her and the forresters?

Xander: Yeah, I worked with all the forresters. Even thomas.

Finn: Thomas?

Xander: Yeah, your brother-in-law?

Finn: Do you have some sort of history with him?

Xander: You really haven’t heard anything?

Finn: Uh, no, but, uh, the way you’re acting, I feel like I, uh, should have.

Thomas: You stop! You’re trying to make this simple, xander, and it’s not. We’re trying to tell you it’s not. Hope and liam, they’re gonna be fine and beth? She’s gonna be fine too.

Xander: Then what about emma? She is dead because of you. Because of this evil secret.

Thomas: Emma was reckless and selfish, which is what you’re being right now.

Xander: Is that a threat?

Zoe: No. Nobody is threatening anyone.

Xander: Oh, please. He’s working you, zoe! Praying on your fear, just like he’s praying on hope. You know, I heard her mother talking to donna and katie. She’s not happy about this engagement. She’s worried as hell because she knows that it’s wrong. What kind of marriage do you think you’re supposed to have with hope? It’s based on a lie. I mean, what– what kind of life do you think we’re supposed to have, huh? With this always hanging over our heads? But I don’t want him tempting fate, getting mixed up with hope. He put that dark chapter behind him.

Xander: You know what? I– I don’t want to be rude. I’m sure you’re a great doctor, but I just don’t think this is going to be a good fit, so I think maybe I should go.

Finn: Wait, I’m sorry. Because of what? My family. Okay, obviously, um, there is– there is something going on here that I don’t quite understand and you’re giving me the feeling that it involves thomas.

Xander: Thomas… thomas isn’t who you think he is.

Thomas: No one’s gonna take this away from us.

Hope: I don’t think that’s what they’re trying to do. But, I also don’t want to cause tension between you and your family, especially now with eric’s recovery. So, I just– I just think we should be grateful

Thomas: I am. I am so grateful to be right here, right now, holding you, kissing you.

[ Thomas sighing ] I love how close we are. So close that all I have to do is look at you and I know what you’re thinking. You don’t even have to tell me. I look beside me and there you are, always. You just– through the hard times, my grandfather’s illness. Also, the good times. You put your faith in me. You have trust in me to grow and become the kind of man you deserve by your side. Yeah, I’ve told you this before and I will tell you again, I am a one woman man and that woman for me is you, hope. I also know a little– a little boy who feels the exact same way. Loves us together. Always and forever. So, hope… will you make me the happiest man in the world? Hope logan… will you marry me?

[ Both chuckling ] Hope logan… will you marry me?

[ Both chuckling ]

Finn: Not who I think he is?

Xander: I don’t even know what to call someone with no conscience. No remorse. Look, doctor, I’m sorry. I know he’s your brother-in-law, but… but thomas did something just… evil. Um… to an innocent young girl.

[ Car skidding and crashing ] What if it wasn’t an accident, zoe?

Zoe: Sh. Xander.

Xander: I can’t stop thinking about it.

Zoe: We should be thinking about emma and her family, not what you think thomas may have done.

Thomas: Hey.

Xander: You can’t stop me.

Thomas: Go. But if you tell anyone about this–

Xander: What are you gonna do, huh? You gonna kill me like you killed emma? You gonna kill zoe? Um, I’m sorry. Have– have you ever heard the name emma barber?

Finn: Uh, no. What– what– did something happen to her?

Xander: Yeah. We were both interns. We were all hoping on hope for the future.

Finn: So, did she leave too? Did thomas make it difficult for her?

Xander: Difficult? No. No, much worse than difficult. I’m talking about murder.

Finn: Murder?

Thomas: Say yes, hope. We belong together. Please say you’ll marry me.

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