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Chanel and Paulina meet with Kayla at the hospital. Paulina complains about missing meetings and having work to do while already spending half her day here. Paulina admits that patience is not her strong suit and she cannot afford to neglect her duties as Mayor. Paulina asks Kayla to give her whatever prescriptions she needs so she can get rid of the lump on her neck, leave the hospital, and get on with her life.

Nicole meets with Marlena in her office at the hospital. Marlena is glad she came and Nicole thanks her for seeing her. Marlena asks if she’s been to therapy before. Nicole says she’s been here and there but not nearly as much as she probably should’ve been, considering her childhood with an abusive father that led to some self-destructive behaviors. Nicole admits that she’s so nervous she can’t even think and she’s starting to have second thoughts about this being a good idea. Marlena asks why that would be. Nicole points out that Marlena is Eric’s mother.

Eric and Sloan walk through the town square with baby Jude, who has fallen asleep in his stroller. As Eric and Sloan sit together, Leo approaches and comments on how lucky he is to run in to Salem’s perfect family. Sloan tells him that they are trying to enjoy some family time. Leo talks about not having a Christmas tree since he doesn’t have a home yet but he plans on buying one soon. Leo remarks that he wasn’t expecting coal this year but Santa must have had a change of heart and been nice to him as Sloan glares at him.

Konstantin walks through the park with a cane and sits down on a bench. Someone comes up behind him and injects him with a needle and pulls a hood over his head.

Marlena reminds Nicole that everything said today will remain confidential and she will be impartial but asks if she wants to see another therapist. Nicole says she doesn’t and she knows Marlena will be impartial and that she’s the best. Nicole just wanted to address the elephant in the room. Nicole thinks it would be helpful because she knows through Eric that Marlena went through what she did in losing an infant. Marlena asks how Nicole feels about losing her child. Nicole thinks the hardest thing about losing him is the urge she feels that sometimes hits out of nowhere or wakes her up at night. Marlena asks her about the urge. Nicole says it’s the urge to nurse her baby and she still so badly wants to hold her baby, nurse him, and love him. Nicole asks if that urge ever goes away.

Eric tells Leo that they are trying to have a nice morning as a family. Leo responds that they will as soon as he and Sloan discuss some pressing business since she is his lawyer. Sloan asks Eric to give them a moment, so Eric says he’ll go get them some snacks and walks away with Jude. Sloan complains that Leo can’t keep using her credit card as she can barely afford to keep putting him up at the Salem Inn. Leo calls it an upgrade from his previous room. Sloan asks when it’s going to end. Leo says whenever she’s ready to give up her baby back to his real mother.

Konstantin is tied up with a hood over his head, asking who is there. Steve appears and removes the hood, revealing his identity to Konstantin.

Kayla understands Paulina wants to get on with her life but says she has to get an accurate diagnosis before she can prescribe her anything. Kayla says today they will be take a tissue sample that usually only takes a couple moments. Kayla mentions getting the lab results from her previous test and her thyroid hormone level is low and there are some anti-thyroids in her blood causing her thyroid gland to not work as efficiently as it should. Kayla reminds Paulina that it’s a very common condition. Paulina asks if that’s what has caused the lump in her neck. Kayla says it’s possible. Paulina says that would mean it’s not cancer so she questions why she would need a biopsy.

Nicole tells Marlena that when she found out she was pregnant, it was such a surprise as she thought she could never get pregnant but that wasn’t the case. Marlena asks if she was happy about the pregnancy. Nicole admits she wasn’t in the beginning because she was too scared of having another stillbirth. Nicole reveals that she even considered an abortion briefly and talks about how she thought there was a chance that Eric was the father. Marlena doesn’t understand. Nicole explains that after everything Eric has been through and knowing how much he wanted to be a father, she was not going to deprive him of that.

Leo begins giving Sloan a list of his demands including 3 or 4 roundtrip flights to New York and he wants piano lessons. Sloan argues that she has no savings and is still trying to pay off her law school loans or else she wouldn’t be living in a studio apartment. Leo says he’s concerned about her then and questions if she’s so hard for cash, why not give the baby back to his rich real parents. Sloan argues that she and Eric are his real parents. Leo guesses she’ll have to get a smaller apartment then so she can support him in the manner he’s become accustomed to.

John joins Steve in the abduction of Konstantin. Konstantin questions what Steve wants. Steve brings up that Konstantin was supposed to leave Salem weeks ago and he told him to stay the hell away from Maggie, but he’s still lurking around and trying to worm his way back in to her life. Konstantin claims that’s not true and that he had every intention of going back to Greece on Christmas night, but he’s in no shape to travel in his condition. Konstantin argues that his ankle is bandaged and very swollen. Konstantin demands an explanation as to why Steve is harassing him and subjecting him to such humiliation. Konstantin questions what the hell he did and what he wants.

Kayla understands Paulina being skeptical about the biopsy since she likely has Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis that can be treated with medication but there is a possibility of thyroid cancer cells, so she would like to rule that out before making a diagnosis. Chanel feels that makes sense but Paulina disagrees. Paulina argues that she would know if she had cancer as she would have symptoms but she doesn’t and she’s just tired because she doesn’t get enough sleep. Chanel asks her to just do the test for her and adds that it would be nice to have peace of mind and know what is going on. Paulina then reluctantly agrees to do it. Chanel thanks her and Kayla decides to get the biopsy scheduled. Paulina says to do it soon because she needs to get out of here and get on her with life as she does not have time to be sick.

Sloan questions if Leo’s big plan is to bankrupt her. Leo argues that his plan is to finally live a charmed life. Leo says he will soon be doing his part to supplement his income because he’s planning on going back to the Spectator to get his old job back, so he will have a steady income and a huge audience if there’s ever a secret that needs to be blown sky high which there always is. Leo says he has to get going and comments on Sloan looking pale as he walks away.

Marlena asks if Nicole is saying that she decided not to terminate her pregnancy because she didn’t want to potentially deprive Eric of being a father. Nicole confirms that was the main reason, but not the only reason. Nicole tells Marlena that she loves EJ, but admits she still cares about Eric and misses him. Nicole cries that in her heart, she wanted her baby to be Eric’s.

Steve tells Konstantin that he wants him to leave Salem. Konstantin questions how it’s his business. Steve argues that he cares about Maggie as family, so he won’t let him use her or lie to her anymore. Steve orders Konstantin to leave the country and warns that he never wants to see him near Maggie again. Konstantin refuses to leave and tells Steve to go to Hell.

Johnny joins Chanel and Paulina at the hospital. Paulina wishes him a Happy New Year and asks what brings him by. Johnny says he thought they could use some home baking after a long day of waiting at the hospital. Chanel and Paulina call that sweet and thoughtful while Paulina decides she will wait until after her biopsy. Johnny questions the biopsy. Chanel notes that Paulina isn’t happy about it. Paulina calls it unnecessary. Chanel asks Johnny if she can share his experience which he allows. Chanel then informs Paulina that Johnny is a cancer survivor. Johnny confirms it was in his left eye and it had to removed to save his life. Paulina says she would never know and tells him that he has beautiful eyes. Johnny admits it was a tough time, especially for his parents since he was so young. Johnny notes that having the cancer detected early saved his life, so he’s very grateful. Paulina doesn’t understand what it has to do with her. Chanel points out that early detection of cancer is what makes it curable and now Johnny is completely healthy because they could treat the cancer before it spread. Paulina argues that she just knows her test results will show the lump in her neck is not serious and certainly not cancer. Chanel says she is optimistic too but because Paulina is important to her, it’s best to be 100% sure because they want her around for a very long time. Paulina promises she will not go gently in to that good night and she can be sure of that.

Nicole worries about if EJ heard her say that and knew that she wanted the baby to be Eric’s. Marlena asks how Nicole felt when she found out the baby wasn’t Eric’s. Nicole admits she was disappointed the baby wasn’t Eric’s because part of her just thought it would’ve been a sign that they were meant to be together. Marlena asks if that means she would’ve left EJ. Nicole stutters and feels she’s supposed to say of course not, but she can’t. Nicole asks what she’s even doing since this was a while ago and things have changed. Nicole cries that Eric and Sloan are married with a child while she and EJ are building a life together. Nicole talks about how excited EJ was to get the DNA results back confirming he was the father and he was so looking forward to raising the child with her. Nicole states that is when she stopped being disappointed and started focusing on being a loving partner to EJ and to having a healthy baby. Nicole cries that if it wasn’t for the car accident, their baby would still be alive as she breaks down crying.

Eric and Jude return to Sloan with snacks. Eric tells Sloan that her credit card was declined but the cashier let him have the snacks and he said he’ll come back with the $4. Sloan finds it weird that her card was declined, but then Leo returns with large shopping bags from Saxton’s. Leo talks about the big sale they had and how he spent thousands on a leather jacket, a backpack, and sweaters. Leo exclaims that his spirits are soaring as he walks on.

Konstantin questions who the hell Steve thinks he is and argues that he can’t force him out of the country. Steve warns him that he and John have connections in the ISA so they can definitely make that happen and they will. John then grabs Konstantin and pulls him up. They drag Konstantin back to the park where they took him from. Steve and John give Konstantin one week and then he’s out of Maggie’s life and Salem for good as they then walk away, leaving Konstantin on the park bench.

Johnny asks Chanel if Paulina headed off to get her biopsy. Chanel confirms that she did and thanks Johnny for letting her share his experience as she thinks it gave Paulina perspective. Chanel can’t wait to get the results back so they can get on with the rest of their day. Johnny asks what Chanel had in mind for New Year’s Eve tonight and if she wanted to do anything, mentioning a party at the Bistro. Chanel guesses they should play it by ear with everything going on. Johnny suggests they could just stay in and watch It’s a Wonderful Life since they didn’t get to on Christmas. Chanel agrees that sounds perfect and thanks him for being with her. Johnny responds that there’s no where else he’d rather be. Johnny adds that no matter what they find, Paulina is a fighter and she’s going to be fine. Chanel declares that she better be because she cannot imagine her life without her as Johnny hugs her.

Nicole tells Marlena that she and EJ have grown closer since the loss of the baby and that EJ has been so understanding and kind. Nicole adds that even when she stole Eric and Sloan’s baby from the town square and brought him home, EJ didn’t judge her and just urged her to do the right thing. Nicole says that Eric even understood and found it in his heart to forgive her which she’s grateful for. Marlena asks if Nicole has found a way to forgive herself. Nicole cries that she has. Marlena says she’s glad and asks what Nicole sees next for herself. Nicole knows she’s blessed with a loving husband and a wonderful daughter who is so kind and smart. Nicole knows Holly has had difficulties in her childhood like losing her father and moving a lot while now she’s grieving the loss of her little brother too and dealing with her sadness. Nicole wants to focus on Holly and give her some stability. Nicole knows Holly will soon be moving out and living on her own, so she just wants to spend this time with her because she is her joy.

Eric tells Sloan that he’s been thinking and realized raising a kid is expensive, so he’s thinking it’s time for him to make a career change in going full time with his photography. Sloan talks about always believing in his talent and pushing him to get back in to photography. Eric thinks now is the perfect time. Sloan says they have grandparents to watch Jude while they both work. Eric adds that his own business would allow him to have flexible hours.

Leo walks towards the Salem Inn and says it’s time to drop his shopping bags off and go back for round two or three of his shopping spree. Johnny walks by so Leo calls out to him. Leo asks if Johnny has any juicy stories to share. Johnny says no and if he did, he wouldn’t share with Leo. Leo asks Johnny to share an evening with him then, pointing out that it’s New Year’s Eve and calls him cute.

Marlena hopes the session was helpful for Nicole. Nicole confirms that it was and she would like to continue seeing her if she can fit her in her schedule. Marlena is glad and assures there will always be time in her schedule for her. Nicole thanks her and says after talking about her feelings, she feels very hopeful that she’s actually optimistic about her recovery and the new year.

Eric tells Sloan that he’s never felt so happy as he’s always wanted to be a father and now it’s exceeded his expectations. Sloan feels the same way as she loves Eric and their son so much. Sloan knows their love will continue to get deeper and stronger as nothing will ever tear them apart. Eric then kisses Sloan.

Johnny laughs at the idea of Leo asking him out on a date. Leo points out that they are both single and suggests Johnny could be bi. Johnny assures that he’s not but even if he was, Leo is the last person he’d want to go out with. Johnny sarcastically suggests Leo get on a dating site because he is spoken for. Johnny wishes him a Happy New Year and walks away. Leo says they’ll see about that.

Chanel and Paulina return to Kayla’s office. Kayla informs them that she put a rush on the biopsy results and they unfortunately came back suspicious. Paulina questions what that means. Kayla responds that they aren’t sure yet but the report is showing similarities to cancer cells. Kayla says they will have to run more tests to know exactly what they are dealing with. Paulina says she understands and whatever is determined, she will deal with it because she’s a warrior. Kayla thinks anyone who knows her knows that. Paulina adds that she has so much support and love in her life so she knows she will get through whatever it is.

Konstantin remains in the park and remarks that he knows John’s eyes as he thinks back to John coming face to face with him earlier. Konstantin wonders if it could really be him.

John and Steve clean up the basement where they held Konstantin. Steve hopes they finally got through to Konstantin, calling him a slimy bastard for taking advantage of a grieving widow. John calls him lower than scum. Steve declares that if they didn’t get through to him, they have no choice but to take this to the next level.

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