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Christine: Hey there, you two.

Lauren: Hi.

Michael: Christine. Look at you.

Lauren: Wow. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen you beam like that.

Christine: Really?

Michael: Ah, really?

[ Michael and lauren chuckling ] Look, I mean, you are definitely on the upswing. Uh, we haven’t had a chance to talk lately, but lauren’s filled me in on what’s been going on and look, I am so sorry that things turned out the way they did with paul.

Christine: Yeah, me too. It’s hard to accept that it’s really over. But I am starting to snap out of it. Get my footing again. And thankfully, I have a dear old friend who’s helping me get there.

Michael: Oh, well, let me guess. Is this dear old friend possibly, by any chance, danny romalotti?

Lauren: Given the very special christmas gift she gave him, I would say it’s much more than friendship right now. Am I right?

Danny: Well, isn’t this nice? My favorite son and his favorite mother?

Daniel: Might I point out that I’m your only son?

Phyllis: And I’m his only mother.

Danny: You see, that’s why you both are my favorites.

Phyllis: Mm. Yeah. Right.

Danny: Um, is everything okay, phyllis?

Phyllis: Mm-hmm. Yeah, everything’s great.

Danny: Oh, okay.

Phyllis: Great. Why would you ask? Actually, no. Everything is not okay, okay?

Daniel: Is there a problem here?

Phyllis: No, no. Why would you think that? Actually, um, will you excuse us for a moment? I’d like to talk to danny alone, if that’s okay with you?

Danny: Yeah. I think that’s probably a good idea.

Daniel: Okay. Sure. You know, I have to go to work anyway. You sure everything’s all right? I mean, you’re not about to make a scene, things aren’t about to get messy here, are they?

Phyllis: No. Why would you think that? No, I’m not gonna make a scene. I need to have a conversation with your father. It’s a long time coming.

Daniel: Okay. Mm-hmm?

Danny: Yeah. All right. So?

Phyllis: Sh. Can we please have a conversation in private?

Diane: Wow. Listen to this one. “Tucker mccall has been caught red-handed, knee-deep in a shameful cover-up of exploitation for the sake of commerce.”

[ Kyle chuckling ]

Kyle: How about this? “Though this incident may have happened years ago, there is no statute of limitations on deplorable behavior. Wrong is wrong forever, especially when it comes to the statutory rape of minors.”

Diane: Amen.

Kyle: Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy. Now, it’s time for the icing on the cake. The final blow. This is probably what we need to take tucker out for good.

Diane: You know, kyle, I’ve been thinking about that.

Kyle: Don’t tell me you want to leave it alone?

Diane: No, no. Actually, the opposite. What if our plan isn’t strong enough to stop him for good?

Tucker: Hey.

Devon: Hi. What are you doing there?

Tucker: Well, I was hoping maybe I could take you out to lunch, or coffee, or something. There’s a few things I’d like to discuss with you.

Devon: We can talk right here. What’s it about?

Tucker: Ah, you know, the whole scandal and cover-up at mccall. Um, I just think it’s been blown way out of proportion. I mean, what the guy did, absolutely horrifying. But in the end, you know, he didn’t– he didn’t get away with anything. He was arrested the second the tour ended and now he’s serving his time.

Devon: What about that time when he was on tour though? And you guys knew what he was up to, but before he got arrested? You didn’t stop him. I’m sure he had hundreds of girls throwing themselves at him every night. How many of them do you think were underage?

Tucker: I don’t know.

Devon: And how much trauma could you have prevented by speaking up?

Tucker: Yeah.

Devon: Yeah.

Tucker: And I certainly don’t condone my team’s decisions or their actions.

Devon: Well, you certainly didn’t expose your team either.

Tucker: No, I didn’T. And obviously, I’m not proud of that fact.

Devon: Yeah, I wouldn’t be proud of anything you’ve been doing lately.

For your most brilliant smile,

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Clarence: Hey, all my gossip fans out there. Welcome to another edition getting the scoop with clarence. And boy, have I got a hot one for you today. It’s all about the elusive, exclusive billionaire businessman, tucker mccall of the now defunct mccall unlimited. Apparently, their hot rising star was using his concert tour to have sex with underaged girls. Statutory rape all day long. But that’s not the worst part. Mccall unlimited knew all about it and decided to keep it quiet until after they made grand theft dough off a child molester. That’s taking the pimp game to a whole new level. Now, some of the victims are talking class action, but who are they gonna sue? Because I hear that tucker mccall is not the only coverup culprit. Others have been implicated, big time. So, don’t sleep because it’s tea time and you know whatever I find out, I’ll be pouring and spilling all the tea.

Kyle: The plan is in play. Dad is fully on board, so just trust the process.

Diane: I do. But tucker never surrenders. He doesn’t know how. So we need to be ready when he keeps coming at us.

Kyle: Okay, possibly. But we have him on the ropes now, so just– we go step by step, okay?

Diane: Right. Right. And I’m– I’m sure we’ve already crushed any chance his elegant french perfume company will launch successfully. The stench of how he mismanaged mccall unlimited is all over it.

Kyle: It may be enough to make him walk away. But just in case, we’re ready.

Diane: You know what? I bet that the glacade board has lost complete faith in him. I mean, why would they be willing to keep investing money in someone whose poor judgment is such a proven liability? There is no way that company will last much longer.

Kyle: Okay, so what you’re saying is that tucker isn’t about to let some board of directors shut him down for good. If anything, he will move on without them. Or find other investors, or fund the company with his own money, if he has to.

Diane: So, that’s why you need to give him one of our supposedly stolen jabot products to launch, if he’s even willing to accept it at this point.

Kyle: Let me handle that.

Diane: But even then, will it be enough?

Kyle: I don’t think tucker can come back from a complete destruction of his credibility.

Diane: Kyle, we can crush his business and he will still keep coming after us. And when that happens, we need to keep fighting, right? Whatever it takes. Because I have had enough of that man getting in the way of this family’s happiness.

Kyle: Mom, we will take him down. We will take him down hard and you have my word on that.

Tucker: I acknowledge my mistake. It was a serious lapse in judgment. And all I can do is guarantee that nothing like that would ever happen again.

Devon: No, you can’T. You can’t guarantee anything like that to anybody. And the more I’ve learned about this cover-up, the more I’m starting to regret even letting you come see dominic for christmas.

Tucker: I hope you don’t mean that, really. Whatever you think of my actions in the corporate world, who I am in my personal life is an entirely different thing. I love that kid. And uh, you probably don’t want to hear it right now, but I love you too. And we’re family. Right? And something that happened years ago doesn’t change that. Nothing changes that.

Devon: See, that’s where you’re wrong. That’s not true at all. Because things can change real quick because family is about trust. And you’ve proven to me numerous times that you can’t be trusted. So, you’re not gonna negotiate your way out of this, tucker.

Christine: Neither of you is gonna let this go.

Lauren: Not until you tell us everything.

Michael: Spill everything that you know.

Christine: Okay. Okay. You’re right. We have been spending some time together and yes, he loved his present.

Lauren: That’s so wonderful.

Michael: Hear, hear. I’m just glad to see you smiling like that after everything you’ve been through.

Lauren: You know what they say? One door closes and another one opens. So, you know what? You just kick that door down and you go for it, girl.

Daniel: Hey. Hi guys.

Christine: Hi.

Lauren: Hey, daniel. How was christmas in your new place? You must be thrilled to have lucy with you.

Daniel: Yes. Yes, I am. It was the best. She, uh, she gives me a hard time, but, you know, tough, I can take it.

Christine: Yeah. And it was sweet. Your dad loved having you all together.

Lauren: How is danny? We keep talking about getting together and catching up. Call him, see if he’ll come over.

Daniel: He, uh, he’s actually with my mother right now. She wanted to have a private conversation with him.

Michael: Mm. Phyllis. Privately. Dare I ask? Should we be worried?

Phyllis: So, how was the rest of your christmas eve?

Danny: Oh, it was, um, it was very nice. Yeah, we, uh, yeah. Look, let’s just forgo the small talk and just tell me what’s on your mind. Ok, someone just did laundry…

Daniel: Um, you are going to have to be way more specific when it comes to talking about being worried about my mother.

Michael: There is often, and I say this with love, an ulterior motive when she’s involved.

Lauren: I do wonder what she’s up to.

Christine: What could be so important that she would have to talk to him privately?

[ Daniel sighing ]

Daniel: Okay. Look, to be honest, I feel like my mom has been giving off this vibe. I think that she might have some rekindled feelings for my dad. And I’m not the only one who’s noticed this.

Christine: Oh, of course. She wants danny, again.

Daniel: It also feels like she’s turning us into some weird competition between the two of you and I kind of feel like a traitor standing here even talking about this.

Lauren: Look, we all know and love your mother. Well, most of us. And we’re not saying anything she doesn’t deserve.

Daniel: She hasn’t been interested in him for as long as I can remember.

Christine: No, but she is now and I suspect you’re right. This is more about me than it is him.

Lauren: She’s always had a soft spot for danny, but the timing is suspect.

Christine: Thank you for the heads up, daniel. I’m not surprised. I assume your father isn’t either. Phyllis will do anything to undercut my happiness. Right down to making a move for danny as we speak.

Danny: Phyllis, what are you doing?

Phyllis: I’m doing what you’ve wanted me to do. There’s something different here. Something unexpected between us. I mean, but it makes sense.

Danny: Phyllis…

Phyllis: No. It’s like all of our history has melted away, danny. And it’s just us and there’s this warmth between us and I like it. It feels different. I know you like it too.

Danny: Look, I… yeah, I can’t deny there’s a change in our dynamic, but it’s because we’re getting along now as– as parents, as– as friends. And I– I– I can understand how it– it might seem like something more because of our complicated past and– and– and sometimes, even ugly.

Phyllis: Wait a sec. Are you saying this is friendship? Because I’ve felt friendship before and this definitely is not friendship.

Danny: But we can’t just erase all our rough history.

Phyllis: But that’s what I’m saying. All that history has melted away. And now, it’s just us. Don’t– don’t you want it to be better?

Danny: Surprisingly, I– I see that you’re a changed woman and I’m really proud of you.

Phyllis: Thank you. Feels good to be better. It feels good to be a changed woman and you helped me do that. Can’t you see that?

Danny: But you don’t need me around to do that.

Phyllis: I want you around to do that. You’ve helped me so much, danny. And you inspire me, your music inspires me. You know that? All of your music, oh… and then, there’s the way you look at me.

Kyle: What? No, audra. Wait, just open the door. We need to talk.

Audra: What do you want, kyle?

Kyle: Look, I know you’re upset.

Audra: Yeah. Damn right, I am. You know my whole life is hanging in the balance, okay? I have no idea what this fallout is gonna mean for me. You know, right now, the internet trolls are focused on tucker, but I just got a link from someone for– from a gossip blog insinuating that when all the facts come out, more heads are gonna roll.

Kyle: Okay. You may not be as badly affected as you think.

Audra: You know, my name is on those emails, kyle.

Kyle: And I–

Audra: Yes, I know you got it redacted, okay. But the emails are the evidence behind the story. Eventually, some overeager reporter is gonna zero in on them, do some digging and I’ll be exposed. Forever connected to this nightmare. And then what?

Kyle: Look. Look, I warned you not to hitch your wagon so closely to tucker mccall.

Audra: Yeah. Yeah. You warned me about that, okay? But what about warning me that your family was about to drop a bombshell and blow up my entire life?

Kyle: Audra, I had no idea my dad was going to play this card.

Audra: Oh, come on, kyle. That’s garbage and you know it. Why would jack keep something like that from you? Huh? Unless, of course, he already knew that you were colluding with tucker and me.

Kyle: No. I’m certain he hasn’t got a clue about that, but my dad and billy planned this privately. They’re getting tight. They’re leaving me out in the cold.

Audra: Okay. You’re his son. I highly doubt they cut you out completely.

Kyle: Yeah. One would think. But audra, it’s just another sign that my dad doesn’t think I’m worthy. He won’t let me in on all the upper-level corporate strategy at jabot. That is why I’m sticking with you and tucker. Which I assume you’ve talked to him since the news broke. Does he have a plan?

Audra: You– you have to do way better than that. You know, you didn’t come here because you’re concerned about me. You came here to pump me for more information.

Kyle: Oh, come on. Now, you’re just being paranoid.

Audra: And now, you’re gaslighting me. You know what? Just– just leave. Just get out. I have nothing more to say to you.

Kyle: Look, okay, you’re right. You’re right. My dad did tell me what he and billy were planning. But I didn’t warn you and tucker about what was going down because tucker would have made a move to stop it. Maybe gone as far as to talk to my dad and then he would have known for sure that you and I were working together and our plan would have been blown.

Audra: You were just using me. Stringing me along so I could reveal all of tucker’s plans.

Kyle: Okay. Just stop with the indignation for a minute and be honest. You had an agenda of your own. You were seducing me into whispering all of jabot’s secrets into your ear. So face it audra, we were using each other.

Tucker: I see. So, you’re just gonna shut me out because of a mistake I made years ago?

Devon: No, tucker. This is not just about one thing that you’ve done. You lie constantly. You’re always trying to get people to think that you’re this changed man. When you’re just the same self-serving person you’ve always been.

Tucker: All I have done since the moment I got back to town was try to prove to you and everybody else that I am not the same self-serving guy. That I have changed.

Devon: Okay. Well, you know what? Why– why don’t we break down how you’ve tried to prove that, shall we? Because you started by trying to take over this company. And then you tried to take over the abbott’s company. And when that all fell through, you rushed into a marriage with ashley that didn’t last past your honeymoon. And then, you threatened her family. And the latest thing you did was lie to me about mamie. And that’s just the stuff I know about.

Tucker: You are grossly misinterpreting my intentions.

Devon: Oh, please. You’re grossly misinterpreting my intelligence if you think I’m gonna buy whatever you’re selling me. And I’m getting really tired of always wondering what the hell are you gonna do next? It’s exhausting. So, you know what? How about we let this be the moment where we both decide that we’re not gonna have any communication. No contact. Can we do that?

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Tucker: Well, all I can say is… I’m really sorry it’s come to this.

Devon: Yeah. Me too.

Tucker: I realize you’re very angry. I hope that we can talk at some point when you’ve had a chance to cool down.

Devon: No. I’m gonna take a page out of your book and I’m not gonna change. I’m always gonna feel like this, just like you’ve always been the person that you are. And I am beyond done trying to make myself believe that you’re not. Why should I think that you’re gonna change, tucker? That’s a great answer. If you don’t mind, I have a lot of work to get done.

Danny: Look at you, phyllis. You’re smart, wickedly funny, and not to mention, too gorgeous for words. And when you shine your light on anyone, of course, you’re gonna feel a spark. But that’s not where I’m at. And whatever is going on between us, it’s– it’s not gonna end up the way you’re hoping.

Phyllis: Why not? Why are you so negative? There’s something between us, you know it. Danny, come on. We’ve lived long enough to know that feelings like this, they’re not common. I mean, they don’t come around easily, you know. And when we’re together, there’s a heat and there’s crackling.

[ Phyllis laughing ] Listen, I haven’t felt this way in a really long time. Danny. Ah, come on. I know you want it. I mean, what do you have to lose?

Ashley: Hi.

Diane: Hi. I– I assume you’ve seen the headlines about tucker.

Ashley: Yeah. It’s all over the media. Although, I haven’t heard from tucker since he came here to confront jack and me.

Diane: Yeah. He’s not a man who can tolerate not being a step ahead.

Ashley: Yeah. What have you heard? I mean, how effective was the press release?

Diane: Well, it’s impossible to know, but the story is so damaging and shameful, there’s no way he can survive it.

Ashley: Or, it could make him so angry that he’s emboldened to strike back even harder.

Diane: You’re right. And that’s why kyle and jack are still ready to do battle. They’ve had a small taste of victory and they are not about to back down now.

Kyle: Look, if I got in the way of your precious plan, you would have thrown me under the bus in a heartbeat, right? No, no. Don’t, no, don’t– don’t try to deny it.

Audra: So what, kyle? You know, your family proudly trashed my reputation and you let that happen and I don’t care why. I am done hearing your excuses. So, you wanna blame me, okay, for looking out for number one. You’re the same way.

Kyle: Good. You finally noticed.

Audra: What? That you’re a selfish jerk?

Kyle: No.

Audra: Congratulations, kyle.

Kyle: That someone finally got one over on you. Tucker mccall is not the only one you can consider your equal around here. I don’t want anything complicated or deep and neither do you, but we are alike and we want the same thing and you see now that I have a lot more to offer than you thought. So, if you’re smart, you’ll stick with me. Especially if this isn’t over yet.

[ Knock on door]

Tucker: Audra! Open the door.

Kyle: So, what’s it gonna be? Are you gonna rat me out or are you gonna play to win? We can play both sides of this war and both come out on top no matter which way it goes.

[ Audra groaning ] So, what’s it gonna be?

Tucker: Hey. There he is. The man of the hour. Our trusted man on the inside who would definitely warn us in advance if some damaging information were about to be released. I just– I can’t wait to hear what you’ve got to say. Want luxury hair repair that doesn’t cost $50?

Announcer: The young and the restless will continue. Those new tiles are falling right into place,

Diane: So, how are you feeling? Any regrets over all that’s happened?

Ashley: What are you really asking me?

Diane: It’s a simple question.

Ashley: Is it simple?

Diane: Yeah.

Ashley: Uh-huh. Okay. Are you wondering if I have any regrets about ruining a man’s reputation? Are you wondering if I think tucker’s actions warranted such a forceful response on our part? Or are you curious– just kind of wondering how I’m handling the fact that my marriage blew up in front of my face on my honeymoon. Which is it? Really.

Diane: Wow. Um, I guess all I’m really asking is if you had to do it all over again, would you do anything differently?

Kyle: Relax, tucker. I haven’t betrayed you. I am just here, just trying to work with audra.

Tucker: So this– this knife in my back doesn’t have any of your fingerprints on it?

Kyle: Okay. For the record, I had no idea my dad was gonna make this play. Frankly, I’m pissed my family made this maneuver without telling me. They want to keep me on the outside? Fine. I’ll go where I’m wanted.

Tucker: And you expect us to believe that?

Kyle: Okay, you’re not the only one who was affected by this. My plan to get the co-ceo seat may have just gone up in smoke. So instead of wasting time, can we talk about a counterattack?

Tucker: He’s still trying to play that game.

Kyle: You laugh, but I have what you want, tucker. Jabot’s new fragrance for a 2025 launch. The chem charts, the formula, the marketing plan. I have it all. And whether you appreciate it or not, I came through for you, tucker. So the question is, do you still want to move forward? Or are you gonna keep licking your wounds and wave a white flag?

Danny: I have a lot to lose.

Phyllis: What do you have to lose? Christine?

Danny: Look, what we– I don’t even know really what it is yet. I– I– I do know that we are definitely connecting.

Phyllis: Well, it’ll never work because she’s ice. She’s ice cold. Why do you want to do that again?

Danny: You don’t know her. You haven’t wanted to know, her.

Phyllis: I know her. I know what I see. Listen, danny. With her, you’ll be going back and forth trying to rekindle some old– some old romance. Trying to fix problems that you’ve had from years ago. Come on. That’s not gonna work. But with me, it’s new and it’s exciting and there’s heat. Listen, I’m not gonna get into a competition with christine. That’s for sure.

Danny: Can we then forget this happened? And continue growing our friendship because I am really proud of you and I am so grateful for where we’re at. Truly, I am.

Phyllis: That’s sweet. Yeah. We can, um, forget this happened. Let’s do that.

Danny: Okay. Thank you.

[ Knock on door ]

Phyllis: You don’t know what you’re missing.

Danny: I– there’s someone at the door.

[ Knock on door ] -We’re done. -What about these?

Ashley: In answer to your question, diane, um, I think we’ve done a pretty damn good job of being civil to one another, don’t you? All things considered? But it doesn’t mean that I’m gonna be confiding in you about anything, including tucker. We are in-laws. We’re not friends, really, right?

Diane: You know, I– I guess I was just asking because I was thinking about my own relationship with jack and if I had to do it over, would I do anything differently?

Ashley: Mm. Trouble in paradise?

Diane: No, no. No, but like you and tucker, jack and I have a lot of battle scars from the past. And it’s– it’s a miracle that we’re together. And this thing we have is so precious that I can’t imagine losing it. It would– it would break me.

Ashley: Huh. Well, I’m not weak and I’m not vulnerable. That’s where you and I are different. The only thing I care about is that we’ve won and that we’ve beaten tucker at his own game and he won’t be coming after jabot anymore, right? Then, I can be rid of him.

Diane: Wow.

Tucker: I’m not familiar with the concept of surrender, kyle. I just haven’t decided what I’m gonna do yet. It’s too early to tell. And the fallout might not be as bad as your father hopes. But please do send me the information on the… what did you say? Fragrance? While I make up my mind.

Kyle: How about we play this the other way around? You decide what you wanna do and then I’ll decide if I still wanna share it or not.

Audra: You know, did you mean what you said? Are you still ready to fight or are you just stalling? You know, answer me, tucker. I need to know if this fight is played out. Are jack and ashley actually gonna end up on the winning side?

Phyllis: Hello, christine.

Christine: What are you doing here, phyllis?

Phyllis: Well, I was just having a chat with danny. That’s all. Talking about old times and stuff, right, danny?

Danny: We had a much needed talk. Phyllis, I– I hope it cleared things up for you.

Phyllis: Well, yes, it did. I hope it cleared things up for you. Thank you for our talk.

Danny: Thank you.

Phyllis: Thank you.

Christine: So… you want to tell me exactly why phyllis seems so pleased with herself? That grimy film on your teeth?

Danny: I think that satisfied smile was phyllis trying to save face. She told me that she wanted to pursue a relationship.

Christine: Oh, so your son was right. She is making a move on you to undermine me.

Danny: Oh, so it’s not about me? It’s all about you now?

Christine: No, no.

Danny: That was a joke.

Christine: Okay. It’s you. Look, who can resist your irresistible charm? But I mean, it’s phyllis. It is always about a competition. She’s gotta one-up her enemies. That’s who she is. And she cannot stand anyone else being happy. Especially me.

Danny: Yeah. I gotta admit, she’s not one to give up or give in.

Christine: So, you know, tell me this, truthfully.

Danny: Yeah?

Christine: Is there even a part of you that is attracted to the possibility of pursuing a relationship with phyllis again?

Michael: Well, this is hard. Do you feel as conflicted as I do?

Lauren: How could I not? I mean, phyllis and christine are both our dear friends who deserve to be happy. And they’ve both had so much heartache lately.

Michael: I know phyllis is a handful. But she’s also this– this wonderfully exciting, beautiful free spirit. It wouldn’t surprise me if– if danny were… well, if he felt himself pulled towards her. I mean, seduced by her many charms.

Daniel: No, no, no, no, no. Dad knows better than that. He has to know that this would be a mistake of epic proportions.

Lauren: Yeah. But how can you really be sure of that?

Daniel: Because I know my mom. And there is no way that she should go down this path. I mean, it’s only gonna end poorly for her. She’s not gonna listen to me no matter what I say. Maybe she’ll listen to you. I gotta run. But please, just do your dear friend a favor and talk her out of this.

Lauren: Looks like phyllis is digging herself a hole to fall into, again.

Danny: Look, there is way too much bad history to ever fall into that trap again. Could you– come sit down, please. Please.

Christine: Wait. Is that– is that the only issue? History? Because we have history.

Danny: But ours wasn’t all bad.

Christine: Danny, I don’t know. You just– you keep telling me how she’s making all these changes for the better.

Danny: Phyllis is not an issue, all right? Please don’t try to make it one. Look, if this is a competition, then we’re playing right into her hands. And– and I feel like what we have right now is– is– is wonderful. We’re on this amazing track. I’m just saying, let’s not mess it up. Because that’s exactly what phyllis would hope.

Tucker: Hiya, phyllis.

Phyllis: Hello.

Tucker: We keep running into each other, don’t we? It must mean something.

Phyllis: I think it means that this town isn’t big enough for the both of us.

Tucker: Mm. I think you might be right. I’ve been thinking genoa city’s getting a little too suffocating for me. Maybe time to kiss it goodbye.

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