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Hi. Well, there they are, my pride, and most of the time, my joy. Oh!

[ Laughs ] Come on in. Hand me your coat. Hi, mom. Thanks for coming. I know it’s early in the morning and you’re busy. Can I get you some coffee? Uh, no, thanks. I’ve already hit my limit today. Yeah. Me too. So, what is so important that you needed to see us before work? Yeah. Your voice sounded really tense on the phone. Come on in. Sit down. I’m really, uh, sorry tj couldn’t make it, but it’s probably best we speak first, just the three of us. Why do I feel like we’ve been called to the principal’s office? You’re not in any trouble. Yet.

The role of maxie jones is temporarily being played by nicole paggi. Where is that shot of the adorable little alpaca in the foreground? I love that shot. Lucy, do you do anything quietly? Tracy, would you like me to get you some coffee before our senior leadership meeting? Oh, you know what? I say let’s just dive right in. Oh, wait. We can’t because the leader of our leadership meeting isn’t here. I am sure brook lynn will be here any second. Hmm. Some company you and your granddaughter are “running.” Lucy, I lightened your workload by 51%. Which means you should have 51% more time to rifle through photo proofs and wrangle your spokesmodel. Hmm. Well, you shouldn’t even be in this office, much less breathing our rarefied deception air. And yet, here I am. As if I could miss you. Like most of port charles, I sure would love to try. If my grandmother finds out that the reason I am late for this leadership meeting is because I cannot find my — your bag’s over there. Oh, thank you, thank you. I’m just gonna grab a coffee on the way. Brewed in your travel mug. Are you a psychic? I don’t have to be. I know your routine. You’re the best. What do you have planned for your day off? I am trying to find wedding venues that can accommodate guests with mobility issues. I want my dad to have the time of his life at our wedding. Gregory: Time isn’t exactly on my side here. So… my christmas wish is that you and chase… don’t wait too long for the wedding. I want to live to see my son, who I cherish, marry the love of his life. You and me both.

[ Siren wails ] Oh. Dad. One of the nurses told me you were in here.

[ Sighs ] Okay. What — what’s going on? I’m fine. I just got a bit overheated. Dad, this is for aggressive fluid replacement. They don’t just give it to people that are “a bit overheated.” You want to tell me what’s going on? Just coffee. Thanks. Alright. Coffee only? Nothing to eat? I’m not — are you feeling okay? I’m not hungry. Oh, yeah. You’re probably full ’cause you already ate with diane. You didn’t bring me here to discuss my personal life. I didn’t know that was an option. Oh. You’re right. I’m sorry. We need to talk family. Oh. It’s mac? Something happened? No, mac is fine. But there is a mystery that I want solved before he comes back, and I need your help. Cody? You in here? Hey. Oh, hi. Uh, wow. You look like you had a busy morning. Oh, yeah. I was just hammering out one of comet’s bent horseshoes. I figured I’d save the q’s the farrier’s fee. Pretty sure the quartermaines can swing it. Yeah, yeah, t-that’s true. But comet likes me better. But I always have enough time for you. So what’s up? Thanks. You know, I wasn’t sure I would beat comet in a contest for your attention. You? Yeah, totally. Nobody else. What brings you by? I, um — I came to warn you. You’re in trouble.

Beth: Good morning. Hiya, beth. How are ya? So, I understand some people eat their feelings. I think I’m gonna be that guy ’cause I got a lot of feelings. Okay. What can I get you? Everything on the left side of the menu. Alright. Okay? And — and a cup of coffee. I’ll be at my table. You got it. Why are you still on about this cody bell thing? My instincts tell me that cody lied about those dna test results. If that’s the case, why is my brother saddled with this jerk? Mac has a right to know if cody is his son. I know cody is no choirboy.

[ Laughs ] You think? Come on. He hadn’t been in town five minutes and he almost drowned britt westbourne. Yeah, well, there wasn’t supposed to be somebody in that pool when he parachuted into it. Let’s say, for instance, that he came through the front door and proffered his hand and said hi, like a normal person would do. It was a publicity stunt, a job that he was contracted and paid for. It was reckless endangerment. And he got — he got arrested. He apologized to britt and she got over it. Why can’t you? Because I know a con man when I smell one. Which exactly proves the point that I was going to make. Cody came to our house over the holiday, and he brought all of these gifts for all of us. The kids adore him. He just fit right in. Did he bring receipts for the presents? Robert! Ah, sorry. He cares about our family. I could feel it. I-I could see it. And there’s this undeniable bond between him and mac and james. Let’s say I believe you. But if you’re right, why would cody lie about being a part of a family he’s come to care about? How am I in trouble? After spinelli made you leave mac and felicia’s on christmas — he didn’t make me leave. Hey, spinelli was rude, out of line, and just completely wrong. After you left, felicia said that she… hates not knowing the truth about you and mac. Yeah, but she knows the truth. I mean, it’s a truth. She was at the hospital when I got the dna results. I know. But you never showed her the printout, and she thought it was strange. Yeah. I mean, felicia is… pretty invested in me being a part of the family. I guess it makes sense that she wouldn’t accept the results. Cody, I don’t think it’s just a case of being disappointed. I think she’s genuinely skeptical. Yeah, I mean, she was a P.I. She’s married to a cop. She’s kind of conditioned to be suspicious. Well, maxie didn’t buy her theory, but you and I both know that she’s right. You did lie about the dna results. You are mac’s son. And now felicia is wondering why you would pretend to be the son of leopold taub. About the wedding. You haven’t changed your mind, have you? Not on your life. Then what’s up? Well, if we are going to do everything in our power to make sure that your dad has the best time on our special day, it’s gonna need to happen a little faster than we anticipated. I was doing hot yoga on an empty stomach. Dumb idea. Yes. Very dumb. Yes. Since when did you start doing hot yoga? You don’t need to hover. The fluids are already working. Okay, professor chase. What daredevil stunt did you get up to this time? Hot yoga. They don’t call it hot for nothing, obviously.

[ Laughs ] But I already have my next quest lined up. Ah, that’s great. Can’t wait to hear the details. And you shall. How are you, finn? Yeah. I’m fine, matt. I just want to make sure my dad’s okay. Well, I’m about to examine gregory right now, so if you’ll excuse us. Yeah, of course. I’ll be right outside, dad. No need. I’m fine. I just saw you come out of gregory chase’s room. Is he okay? Yeah. He’s, uh — he’s fine. I’m sorry. How do you know my dad? I’m his yoga instructor. I’m so glad he’s alright. I have never had anyone collapse in my class before. Mom, I can’t take any more bad news. You know it’s been a rough few months. I know that you’ve been through a lot, and this isn’t necessarily bad news. You know that I’m really happy for you that you and tj are soldiering on through this journey to have a baby. I know it’s what you really, really want. And, you, I mean, offering the most extraordinary, generous gift. And you know how grateful I am. Yeah, of course. I’m honored. I just wished that the commitment that you two have made to each other was legally binding. And it’s not. Your surrogacy arrangement presents what could be a really big legal problem.

I thought we agreed on a summer wedding. It’s not too far away, but it still gives us time to plan. Too much planning is overrated. Who says that we need this whole elaborate production? You did. You — you said that. Well, what do I know? Lois said you used to sketch your wedding gown in your school notebook. Well, dreams change. I don’t want to rush this. I had a quickie wedding once, and we know how that turned out. We both know why you had that quickie wedding with willow, and all those reasons have nothing to do with why we want to be together. I know. But I’m only doing this one more time. And I’m doing it with you. So I want it to be special. What’s going on, brook lynn?

[ Sighs ] When your dad pulled me aside on christmas eve, said his christmas wish was to see us get married. Well, doc? At the moment, your vitals look good. I’m not surprised. I’m feeling better already. And you do seem to be recovering from the dehydration. So I’m guessing your prescription for a full recovery is plenty of rest, lots of liquids. It is. And I’d like to admit you for observation.

[ Scoffs ] I know you two have done your homework on the medical side of things, and you’re clear about that. I just don’t know that you’re clear about the legal implications. Well, this baby’s mother is a brilliant lawyer, so… yes, she is, but she’s not a specialist in family law. True, but I know how to draw up a contract. And I can sign it. So, lawyer, contract — we’re good. I’m not certain that’s entirely true, because there is no binding agreement that you can sign that would make that baby molly’S. Everyone needs time to adjust to our new corporate reality. Reality, lucy. You know, the opposite of what’s going on in your head. But we do have to be professional. Oh, why start now, huh, lucy? You know, blackmail, I know that’s your go-to, but really, technically, blackmail is not professional. This is a critical time for deception. A lot is at stake for everyone who works here. For people who have rent and kids and have to go grocery shopping on the way home. Bottom line, we need to make this work. Maxie, you are so right. But you know what’s not working, is tracy’s powers of manipulation. ‘Cause judging from the fact that brook lynn’s not here, your powers are a big fat flop. You’re well acquainted with big fat flops, aren’t you, lucy? From marriages to business ventures. You just can’t seem to stick the landing.

[ Chuckles ] I know where I’d like to stick — okay, that’s enough! I cannot believe I have to talk to you like I do my children. But five minutes of silence, both of you. You don’t really care about deception at all. You are just bored and you need a distraction. Doesn’t work on my kids, either. I can think of a thousand distractions more appealing than listening to you. Well, none of them would work to distract you from the fact that you have nothing to live for since luke died.

I know the whole taub necklace scam wasn’t the only reason you lied about the dna results. Mac’s a good guy. He doesn’t deserve a son like me. That couldn’t be further from the truth, cody. But listen, felicia is a good P.I., And she is gonna dig and keep digging until she discovers the truth. And the fallout from that could be massive in ways you can’t possibly expect. Trust me, cody, I speak from personal experience. Oh, that — that whole nina reeves thing, right? Look, my situation was the complete opposite of yours. I was hired by valentin cassadine to claim that I was nina’s daughter. But looking back, I realized that I could have mitigated a lot of damage if I had just come clean. The fact that I stayed silent and I got busted made the fallout so much worse. Maybe I should just move to bolivia or some other country that doesn’t extradite americans. Because coming clean is not an option. And if felicia finds out that I’m mac’s son, I’m going to pentonville. I was hoping that you and your extraordinary skill set could help me figure out why cody would lie about those dna test results. Because you’re right. It doesn’t make any sense. Take some advice from the man with the extraordinary skill set and leave it alone. No, robert, if you think I can do that, then you understand me even less than you understand cody. Look, I understood all too well what kind of a grifter he was when I walked into britt’s office and found him fighting over taub’s necklace. What about leopold taub? This time last year, I went to seize taub’s necklace, the one that victor wanted. I go into britt’s office. They’re both there fighting over the necklace, both claiming ownership. Did they ever get it sorted out? No, I don’t think so. Well, not since it was destroyed. I wonder if cody ever contested taub’s other assets. Be a good question for a lawyer. Ah! Indeed it would. Indeed it would. I can see my dad would be worried about his stamina, but talking about death seems seriously premature. I’m just telling you what he told me. He doesn’t want us to wait too long. You think he’s holding something back? I don’t know. What are you doing? I’m gonna call the office. I’m gonna stay home with you today. I gave you a lot to deal with. No, you don’t have to do that. I-I’ll be fine. You should go to your meeting. The last thing we need is tracy coming around here looking for you. That’s a good point. Okay. Look, we’re gonna make sure that we do what’s best for everyone, okay? Promise. Yeah, whatever that is.

[ Sighs ]

[ Cellphone rings ]

[ Door closes ] Hey, I’m glad you called. Brook lynn just told me something, and — hey, look, uh, dad’s here at the hospital. I’m on my way. I should have known you’d have done your research on the child-parent security act. I’m familiar. I haven’t studied it. Well, because it’s new, which means it can be easily challenged. I’m aware, but the child-parent security act does allow surrogacy in the state of new york. It does, but the surrogate has to be using a third-party egg donor. Okay, does it really make a difference? A big difference, actually. In your case, you’re not using a third-party egg donor. You’re the donor and the surrogate. This is called a genetic surrogacy. And the contract for a genetic surrogacy is not enforceable in the state of new york. Okay. Well, I mean, if genetic surrogacy isn’t enforceable in the state of new york, then we’ll just get pregnant in a different state or we’ll find some other workaround. Right, molls? There are always loopholes. But as molly will tell you, regulations exist because there are precedents. Mom. Precedents and regulations and loopholes — you’re talking to us like we’re your court case and not your children. I’m talking to you this way because you are my children, and I want to make sure that your best interests are protected. I-is it for our best interests, mom? Or are you really just trying to protect molly from me?

Don’t you say luke’s name ever again.

[ Scoffs ] What? You don’t own luke’s name. Just like you never owned luke. Don’T.

[ Chuckles ] You know what? Luke had many, many women in his life, and you were just one of them. And you barely cracked the top 10. Lucy, don’t go there. Why? Why can’t I just tell the truth right to your face? You know what? Luke was your great, true love of your life. But you know who luke’s great, true love of his life was? Laura. In fact, you’re probably just an also-ran to holly. Where’d you do your research? Wikipedia? Are we just naming exes now? Because two can play that game. The great love of your life, kevin, so happily settled down with laura. Guess he doesn’t miss being burned by you. Well, I happen to be in love with martin now. I’m with martin. And you know what? None of my loves married me to extort me. And they didn’t stay married trying to escape from me all the time. The fact is, you and luke? You were in totally different countries when he died. You know what I need to know? I need to know why you have done all this! Why, tracy? Why did you steal deception? Is it because, you know you have more to look back on than to look forward to? Or because your family just barely tolerates you? And when you stand there looking around, you have nothing, nobody, you don’t see anything. Is that it? ‘Cause you can keep doing it. You can keep scheming and using your sarcasm as a distraction. But you know what? You’re gonna die just like you’ve lived, unloved and completely unlovable. Who the hell are you to speak to my grandmother that way? Hot yoga? Hot yoga is a challenge for people in the best of health. I did it once and it almost killed me. But you think there’s more to the story? Dad’s yoga instructor came with him to the hospital. She said he wasn’t just a little woozy. It seemed like he lost consciousness. Come on, doc, I know I overdid it, but is a hospital stay really necessary? Well, your collapse may have been the result of a simple temporary fluid loss. Or? Or this could be a new symptom of the disease. Even if mac could arrest you for lying about the dna results, I don’t believe that he would, cody. He wouldn’t have a choice. Thanks to the lawsuit that scott cooked up. Legally, I’m on the hook. Where you were suing the wsb for the value of taub’s necklace? I thought you dropped that lawsuit. I did, I did, but only after I’d been deposed and signed an affidavit swearing I was taub’s son. And that is considered fraud? Worse. That’s perjury. I could do time for that. But you may not. I mean, you broke the law for me, and that turned out okay. Yeah, I was willing to risk myself, but I can’t risk mac. The potential scandal could impact his reputation on the force. Mac’s a good guy. He doesn’t deserve what I’d do to his life. What do you think that mac would want for your life if he knew that he was your father? Hi, scott. Sorry to interrupt. Oh. Hi, felicia. Do you have a minute? Yes, I have a lot. Sit down, sit down, sit down. Your breakfast companions may not feel the same. What companions? I’m alone, as usual. Did you try again with liesl?

[ Sighs ] Yes, I-I did. I-I-I presented my heart to her and… she threw it right against the wall. Oh. So we’re done. Finished. I’m sorry. I respect you for trying. I think it was really brave of you to put yourself out there. Well, I won’t be making that mistake again. I don’t know what went wrong with liesl, but it was the last nail in the coffin of love for me. I’m really sorry to hear that. Yes. Well, I just wanted to ask you a question, and then I’ll leave you to, uh, whatever this is. It’s breakfast, felicia. And what is your question? Cody bell? Don’t bring up his name. Why? I thought the two of you had a great relationship. I have no problem with him. He just kind of goofed up my chances of, uh, getting back with liesl a little bit. How so? He cost me a big payday. I’m trying to look out for both of my daughters’ best interests. But really, you’re just focusing on the contract part of this, and that is because you think that someone is going to violate it, and “someone” being me. So, what, mom, do you just not trust me that I’m going to abide by the terms? Of course I trust you. I’m just trying to look at all the possible outcomes. Look, I appreciate you reminding me of the current statutes, but your concern really isn’t necessary. I’ve done research. You didn’t have to go to the trouble. It was no trouble at all, really. Did you know that you could avoid any potential legal conflict between you by establishing parenthood after birth via adoption? I’ll look into it. You don’t have to. I’ve already done it. The first step is for you to stipulate that you have no parental or proprietary interests — mom! What? She said she’d look into it. I can go over this. It’ll be so quick. No. No, not for nothing, but molly is the lawyer here, mom. Not you.

I have no idea what mac would want when it comes to me. I can guess. Mac is a good guy, and I can’t see any world where he wouldn’t forgive you, and he would never do anything to jeopardize your future. Yeah, well, what about mac’s brother, robert scorpio? The D.A.? Not a fan. That’s because he doesn’t know what I know. What’s that? How much has changed since you signed that affidavit. You put yourself on the line for me. And I know you hate to hear this, but I will forever be grateful. We’ve been over this. Gratitude, no. Friendship, yes. Okay, well, speaking of friendships, you’ve been a really good one to dante and sam. No, they’ve — they’ve been better to me. To maxie and all her kids, especially james. That little boy hero-worships you. He’s too young to know any better. Or maybe he knows you better than you know yourself. You’ve changed a lot, cody. And the only way to prove that is to come clean. Today. So, you and cody were going to sue the wsb over taub’s necklace? Yeah, but hush, hush, felicia. Nobody really knows about this, and I’m hoping he’s gonna change his mind. So it was cody who decided not to move forward? Yes. A-after all the legal filings and the depositions, all the dirty work was done. Why? I don’t know why exactly, but the wsb blew up his asset, and I felt that he should be compensated. So being taub’s son would pay off big for cody? Huge. Huge windfall. Why do you ask? You know nothing about my grandmother. You’re just sulking because not only did she take deception, but she’s running it way better than you ever did. Oh, and by the way, you are sadly misinformed. Tracy angelica quartermaine is greatly loved by her whole family, a love that you couldn’t possibly understand how we express, because you are nothing but a gold-digging outsider who managed to trap my great uncle into marriage for, what, 10 seconds? Hanging around for — for years, trading on your single share of elq? Which my grandmother managed to get from you, by the way. So now you are out on the street, exactly where you belong.

[ Scoffs ] You really have nothing to say. Oh. You have no — and by the way, luke spencer was the love of my grandmother’s life. She accepted him for exactly who he was, fought for him with everything she had, and stuck by him until the very end. Meanwhile, you, lucy, have thrown away every man who’s ever loved you with both hands. So do not lecture my grandmother on love, because she understands it way better than you ever will.

[ Scoffs ] You can hold this meeting without me. Brook lynn. Grandmother. Thank you. Meant every word. But you’re still late. So what was more important than the meeting we had scheduled? Something happened with chase’s father. Now, I want to run some tests overnight. It could be that you’re no longer getting nutrients from food and water intake alone, or the collapse could have been the result of your lung intake level falling below 50%, which an fvc test will show. If it has fallen below 50, we’ll have to discuss options. I’ll give you 24 hours to do anything you need, but I have plans for new year’s eve and nothing is going to stop me from making good on them. The yoga instructor isn’t a doctor. She doesn’t know what actually happened to dad. Okay, look, I just — I thought you should know, alright? I left you out of the loop once before, and I promised I’d never let it happen again. If dad believes that he overdid it, don’t you think that we should just trust that? Dad’s not a doctor, either. I know, and I get that facts are important, but so is faith. Yeah, I don’t remember seeing that on the curriculum in med school. Doesn’t a patient’s state of mind impact their health? Yeah, of course it does. Then a little positivity can’t hurt. Look. Why don’t you come on in with your dad and me? I have an update. Well, when you’re right, you’re right. It’s tough to know when to take off my legal hat and put on my mom hat. But either way, I will defend my daughters with everything that I’ve got. And that includes you. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to dismiss your legal expertise or your concern for your daughters. But you think I’m overstepping. It’s just that for tj and me, this whole journey has been about hope. And now, with kristina as our surrogate, it’s also one of implicit trust. The bond between krissy and me is stronger than all the legal protections in the world. We’re sisters. Nothing is gonna ever make us forget that, mom.

So, it looks like my concern for my daughters has been outmatched by their belief in each other. Well done. Congratulations. Just the truth. I’m not gonna say another word about it. And what I did say was not because I don’t believe in you, because I do. With all my heart. And I’m very proud of the way you two stuck up for each other, even against me. I love you both. And I love the way you love each other. Kristina: Come on.

[ Door opens ] What are you doing here? Finn called me and said that you were in the hospital. Where else would I be? Your brother didn’t need to call you. I’m fine. Is he, matt?

[ Sighs ] They’re going to admit me. They’re just gonna run a couple of tests. 24 hours. That’s it. And then I’m out of here. Doc, tell my boys not to worry. An overnight stay is just a precaution. Precautions are good. I’m — I’m all for precautions. Good. I’ll go check on your intake paperwork. Thanks, doc. Oh, and, uh, take good care of my dad. He promised my bride a dance at my wedding this spring.

[ Door opens ] Wait, y-you two decided on a date? We did. I didn’t think it would happen so soon. Brook lynn and I decided that we didn’t want to wait another minute to make it official in front of the whole family. I can’t wait to marry brook lynn. I’m so happy for you, chase. Thank you. Yeah. I just have to follow her orders and stay out of her way.

[ Laughter ] Got a call from the office. I got to go. Your conversation with baldwin, was it useful? And how. So you still think that cody is mac’s son? More than ever. Without giving me any details, just answer me this. If cody chose not to be the son of a man like mac scorpio, does mac need to know? Mac has a right to know. Well, what’s the plan? You’re gonna get cody to fess up to lying about the dna results? He’s held on to this secret for a long time. So…no. I’d move on. It’s gonna be hell to prove. Not for me. I can’t just come clean. Alright, well, I guess that is ultimately up to you. But if you do decide to admit that you are mac’s son, I’ll be right by your side. And if you don’t, I’ll keep your secret forever. Thank you. That doesn’t mean that the truth won’t come out. Yeah. Just won’t come from me.

[ Chuckles ] Oh, I gotta go. Uh, I am beyond late. I’m sure lucy’s having a full-on meltdown. I bet. Hey, sasha, um… thanks for being such a good friend. You deserve nothing less.

[ Door closes ] Is gregory alright? Yeah. Things are just complicated. So, given the circumstances, that is an acceptable excuse for your tardiness. But if you are going to take the helm here, you have to follow my example and act like a leader. If I’m gonna give you this company, you need to start taking it seriously. Oh, I am, granny. Very serious. Lucy: Keep that up and you won’t make it through the year. Ah, who cares? Oh, come on. Buck up. I have a way that both of us can end up on top. Well, that sounds physically impossible, but I’m willing to give it a shot. No. Stop. Focus. And not on these plates of food, please. What I– what is this all about? What do you want? Okay. [ Sighs ] I am proposing a plan where I am restored what I lost and you — you could land a big, fat chunk of change. I’m listening. We’re gonna be big winners in 2024. Big winners. And tracy quartermaine is gonna lose big-time. How do I fit in? As a groom. Could you repeat that?

[ Laughs ] Did you just say the word “groom”? Yes, I did. You’re gonna marry tracy, and then we are gonna take her for everything she’s got. <

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