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Victoria: Mom? Are you in here?

Victor: Well, then search ay be running out of time.

Victoria: She’s still not home?

Victor: Your mother has not been seen since she left the club last night.

Nick: Do you have people looking for her?

Victor: What do you think?

Victoria: Jordan got to her.

Nick: That’s the only explanation that makes sense.

Victoria: First, she took claire from the psychiatric ward and now somehow she’s lured mom to wherever she’s hiding or she abducted her.

Nick: There is no way that mom would take off on christmas eve without talking to us. She wouldn’t wanna worry us like that.

Victoria: No, she would never, ever spend the holiday away from her family.

Victor: There may be one other reason that’s keeping her away. I hate to even bring it up.

Victoria: What are you talking about, dad?

Victor: Your mother may be drinking again.

Nikki: Jordan? I am here. Where are you?

Jordan: Hello, nikki. So glad you could make it.

Jordan: Have any trouble finding the place?

Nikki: No, I did just as you said. I ditched my car where you told me to and hiked back up to the road and came here in the car you hired.

Jordan: Were you alone?

Nikki: The whole time, just as you instructed. Nobody followed me.

[ Jordan chuckles ]

Jordan: My god, you’re pathetic. What a sloppy drunk. You must have lost your touch. I used to read in all the gossip reports that you could hide it so well. How many years has it been since you last stopped drinking? How many years of sobriety have I destroyed?

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Jordan: I’m surprised you agreed to come here. I’m surprised you care enough about your granddaughter after what she did to all of you newmans.

Nikki: Claire is just another victim of your sick obsession.

Jordan: Oh, that’s what you think this is?

[ Nikki scoffing ]

Nikki: You brainwashed her. You– you destroyed the very essence of who she was. She shouldn’t have to suffer for your insanity.

Jordan: [ Laughs ] You love throwing that around, don’t you? Telling me I’m deranged, that I’m some sort of psychopath. Well, look who’s talking, lady. You’re a falling down drunk, running all over this countryside looking for some girl you barely know who poisoned your family?

Nikki: Claire gave them the antidote and then she turned herself in and confessed.

Jordan: And you haven’t given me one rational reason why you agreed to come here alone and unarmed.

Nikki: Well, all right, I’ll give you one. I am doing this for my daughter, victoria. I would do anything for my children.

Jordan: Even die for them? Are you willing to do that?

Nick: I just have a hard time believing that mom would skip christmas to go on some bender. She hasn’t had a drink in years. She has come so far since then.

Victor: But you know that jordan destroyed that when she forced vodka down your mother’s veins.

Victoria: Mom is stronger than that. She’s been totally committed to her recovery. She’s been going to her meetings. She would not let jordan win.

Victor: I hate to bring this up, but I was approached by nate hastings at the club.

Victoria: By nate?

Victor: He believes your mother is drinking again.

Nick: It’s a cheap, low blow from some punk who has a grudge. He’d say anything to mess with you.

Victoria: He would never do something like that.

Nick: You’re still defending him, vic?

Victoria: No. I know you don’t respect him, but he would never lie about mom’s sobriety just to be cruel.

Victor: Both of you listen. I doubted his words at first, but then as I was sitting with him in the club, I saw your mother come down the stairs and she looked at us, saw that we were talking to each other and she turned around and disappeared as if she were ashamed.

Nick: Nah, it’s gotta be some other explanation.

Victor: And she wasn’t here when I got home and the car was gone.

Victoria: Oh god, no. God, what if she was driving drunk? I mean, she could have been in an accident.

Victor: I know. We alerted all the hospitals around and I told the state troopers to look out for her.

Nick: I just don’t believe that is why mom disappeared. It has to be jordan. She’s been harassing mom, leaving her all those creepy messages. We know she’s in town because of what the police found at that motel. The picture of eve, that photo album of practically our entire family in it.

Victor: Let me check something. That’s mostly water.

Jordan: I find it so touching how you newmans all care for each other, at least the ones that you deign to acknowledge. Unlike poor little claire, who you dismissed as if she never existed.

[ Nikki laughs ]

Nikki: You can’t even keep track of your own scam. You already admitted that you stole her and lied to her her entire life.

Jordan: To protect her from your despicable family.

Nikki: You keep my family out of this.

Jordan: Oh.

[ Jordan laughs ] Your family is right in the middle of this ugly little heart of it. You understand me? Besides that, you are not giving the orders around here, I am!

Nikki: Is that how you talk to claire? Making her feel small, chipping away at her confidence?

Jordan: Oh, my! It sounds like you finally believe the story that claire is your grandchild.

[ Laughs ] What did you do? Have a dna test done?

Nikki: Why yes, we did. And claire is cole and victoria’s daughter.

Jordan: [ Laughs ] Well, then I’m not so crazy after all, am I?

Nikki: Oh, baby, you are crazy as a loon. You put us through such hell. You are a psychotic sociopath.

Jordan: You can think what you like. It’ll matter even less very soon.

Nikki: You raised claire for 25 years. I mean, there had to have been some love from you. I mean, why not give her a chance for a real life? Haven’t you had enough revenge? You have already managed to turn me back into a pathetic drunk. Claire deserves a lot more than that, so get her out of this. Let her go. I told myself I was ok

Jordan: Pathetic really is the word, isn’t it? Can you even hear yourself? Slurring, slipping, begging, trying to make a deal in your drunken state?

[ Laughs ] Why didn’t I think to get this all on camera? What a show that would’ve been.

Nikki: What the hell do you get out of all of this? I mean, you can’t change reality. Eve was a failure. Her life was a mess. All her own fault. She got back at victor and me decades ago, so you don’t have to avenge her anymore. In fact, she probably wouldn’t like that because cole said that the two of you were estranged.

Jordan: Because of you and victor! Your fault!

Nikki: How so? Eve never mentioned a sister. We didn’t even know you existed.

Jordan: We had a falling out.

Nikki: Over what?

Jordan: Because I told her not to get involved with that narcissist that you’re married to and she wouldn’t listen to me. She was besotted with him, which if she hadn’t been, maybe she’d still be alive.

Nikki: You know, I have a sister. Casey. She’s a doctor. And when we were kids, she practically raised me.

[ Jordan laughs ]

Jordan: Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. You’re trying to bond with me over sisters? That’s pretty funny, you know. You think you can con me into making a deal and we can be pals? Forgive and forget?

[ Laughs ] You’re even more stupid than I thought.

Nikki: For god’s sake. The past is the past. You can’t do anything that would be meaningful now. You can’t right any wrongs. You can’t bring eve back. Do you think that she would wanna know that you got caught and convicted and sent to prison to die alone? Because that’s exactly what’s gonna happen if you don’t end this now.

Jordan: Except watching you die will be reward enough. And watching victor and victoria and that idiot son of yours be in grief over your death.

Nikki: So, you’re going to kill me.

Jordan: I told you it was a trade, didn’t I? Claire’s life for yours.

Victoria: And we still don’t know where claire is.

Cole: Not yet, but we’re gonna find her. We will. We have security footage. Jordan dressed in disguise in a nurse’s uniform wheeling claire out of the hospital. We’re gonna start from there.

Victoria: Yeah, but by now, the trail’s getting cold.

Victor: Well, sweetheart, the police are on it, so are my people, okay?

Cole: Now, you said that nikki is missing too?

Victor: She was last seen at the club and apparently was driven here and she vanished.

Victoria: It’s possible the two are not connected.

Nick: It seems mom’s been drinking again, but nobody wants to believe it.

Cole: Because of what happened back in oregon? The iv she was given?

Victor: That’s the assumption.

Cole: Oh, my god. Poor nikki. I mean, how long has this been going on?

Victor: We don’t know, but, uh, perhaps since we returned.

Victoria: She’s been so strong. She’s been so committed to her recovery. She never would’ve taken that first drink if it weren’t for jordan stacking the deck against her. I’m telling you, that woman is pure evil.

Victor: Excuse me. Yes. What do you mean you don’t have enough people? Then hire more people! Find my wife! Now!

Cole: I’m just so sorry you have to go through all of this on top of worrying about claire.

Nick: With this many people looking for mom, we’re gonna hear something soon.

Victoria: Wait a minute. What is– this is mom’s purse. What is it doing in the sofa?

Victor: That’s the purse I saw her carry when she was at the club. Why would she leave that here?

Victoria: That’s a good question.

Victor: What else is in it?

Victoria: Wallet, lipstick, comb. What’s this?

Nick: What’s it say?

Victoria: 72 dockside lane, williams bay.

Victor: Does that ring a bell with any of you?

Victoria: Maybe it’s, um, where her sponsors–

Victor: What?

Victoria: Or– or rehab. I don’t know. Maybe it’s a bar.

Nick: I’ll look it up.

Cole: I know this address. I’ve been there.

Nikki: Oh man, I need a drink.

[ Jordan laughs ]

Jordan: I figured you couldn’t hold out. I came prepared. Here you go. No poison, no drugs. I promise. I have a far more gratifying way for you to die. So, come on. Drink up. It’s your last request. I think I’m being quite magnanimous here. Come on. There you go. Tastes so good, doesn’t it? Hurts so good. My god, you are pitiful.

Nikki: So, where’s claire? You said it was a trade. Is she even here or was this all just a setup?


Jordan: My niece’s loyalty has been put to the ultimate test.

Nikki: What the hell does that mean?

Jordan: Claire’s indeed here. She needed to be here. She needed to witness the grand finale of all of our years of hard work. It wasn’t easy paving the way into the newman inner sanctum, but she rose to the occasion and I expect her to do so again.

Nikki: Is she in on this with you? She come here willingly?

Jordan: Oh, shut up. Your questions are so tedious.

Nikki: Claire?

[ Jordan laughs ] Have a drink, nikki. I’ll be right back.

Cole: 72 dockside lane. That’s the address of a cabin where my mom took me as a kid. It’s a rental place. We stayed there once for a summer. It’s on a lake near williams bay.

Victoria: Why would mom have written it down?

Victor: Because I have a feeling she wanted us to find it and that’s where she’s at.

Nick: Or that’s where jordan took her. She wants to finish what she started at that house in oregon. And mom could be there now taking her on alone.

Cole: Well, if that’s the case, we need to have someone check it out right away.

Victoria: Or assuming jordan is involved, this could be just a decoy and she has mom somewhere else. That woman is so treacherous I wouldn’t put anything past her.

Victor: Let me see that, cole. It’s just the address. Nothing else. But it’s her handwriting.

Nick: I’m calling the police.

Victor: Please do because they’ll get there faster than we can.

Cole: Okay. Well, uh, victoria and I will stay here just in case this lead doesn’t turn out to be anything.

Victor: Please do.

Cole: I mean, nikki could be closer to home than we realize.

Nick: This is nick newman. I have information about my mother’s disappearance.

Victoria: Dad, look, if mom was drunk, so drunk that she fell into jordan’s trap, how could she do that? How– how could she? She knows what the woman is capable of. How could she allow herself to be so vulnerable?

Victor: Has it occurred to you that she may be trying to find your daughter?

Victoria: No. Because you’ve heard her talk about claire. She doesn’t care about claire. She doesn’t sympathize with her one bit.

Victor: But my sweet baby, she knows you care. Let’s go, son.

Nikki: What have you done to her?

Jordan: Oh, claire’s fine. She just sedated.

[ Jordan chuckles ] Look at you two. Grandma nikki’s all hammered out and poor little claire sedated. What a pair. Go ahead. Drink up. Okay? Drink up. Savor it. It’s gonna be your last. Time for this to end.

[ Claire groaning ]

[ Jordan grunting ]

Nikki: Claire. Claire. Claire, can you hear me? Can you hear me?

Claire: Nikki, where’s aunt jordan?

Nikki: Okay, can you stand? We’ve gotta get outta here.

Claire: I can’T. Everything’s so fuzzy. I can’t feel my legs.

Nikki: All right. It’s too rocky for me to wheel you out there, but you’ve gotta stand up. If you can stand up, put your arms around me, I will help you, okay? Come on.

Claire: Nikki, why are you here?

Nikki: Come on. Let’s go. We’ll talk about it later. Right now, we have to go.

[ Jordan shouting ]

Nick: You think vic’s right?

Victor: I have a feeling the police will be there long before we will.

Nick: You think vic’s right? Claire’s innocent in all this?

Victor: Uh, knowing what we know about that woman, I wouldn’t put anything past her.

Jordan: You can’t do anything right, can you? You can’t even die the way you’re supposed to. You have to try to be the hero. It’s always all about you. You! You! Ah!

[ Nikki screaming ]

Nikki: Get away from me.

[ Jordan chuckling ]

Jordan: You’re not a drunk. You’re nothing but a fake and a liar.

Nikki: Well, that’s the first thing you’ve gotten right.

Jordan: Oh!

[ Nikki screaming ] Hell of a stalemate, isn’t it?

Claire: Let her go.

Jordan: You better choose wisely, claire. Which one of us are you gonna save?

Victoria: If dad is right and mom has put herself in any kind of danger because of me.

Cole: Listen, victor was speculating. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

Victoria: Well, it doesn’t keep me from going to the worst-case scenario. Mom totally out of it, confronting your aunt who overpowers her and now– now claire and mom are completely at her mercy. God, this is such a nightmare.

Cole: Listen, I hate to even think about it, let alone say it, but there’s another scenario here that no one has even mentioned this morning. What if claire is glad that jordan took her outta that psych ward? I mean, they– they– they could have teamed up together to– to go out and ambush nikki.

Victoria: You don’t believe that. You can’T.

Cole: No, I don’t wanna believe it. No. It doesn’t mean it’s not possible.

Victoria: Claire is not a villain. She’s not a villain. She’s one of the victims in all of this.

Cole: Vic, I know you wanna believe that, and so do I, but she was a willing accomplice in oregon. Jordan’s had a lifetime to warp that kid’s mind. I just, I– I– I don’t know how you can fully trust her after everything she’s done.

Victoria: Because I do. ‘Cause I talked to her. And when I knew that she was my daughter, something changed. There was a connection that we had. You know how lost that young woman is. You know. You heard about the tragedy of her childhood and everything that her aunt did to her. I don’t believe there’s any way she would ever turn back.

Jordan: You better choose wisely. It’s gonna change your life forever. Don’t screw up.

Claire: Get away from nikki. Do it, jordan. Now.

Jordan: Put the gun down.

Claire: No.

Jordan: You have sedatives running through your veins. You’re not thinking clearly. You’ve let the newmans mess with your mind. I’m not your enemy.

Nikki: Yes, she is, claire. She always will be. She doesn’t give a damn about you.

Jordan: That’s not true. We’re family. We’re the only ones that we have. Together. I’ve been with you since you were a baby. Don’t do this. Don’t turn on me now.

Claire: You– you abandoned me at the lake house.

Jordan: No.

Claire: You ran and you saved yourself and you– you left me for the police.

Jordan: No, I didn’T. I would never abandon you.

Claire: Where were you then?

Jordan: I hid in the house so I wouldn’t be found. So I could come here, to genoa city, and get you. I got you out of the psych unit. Remember? Where they were going to leave you for god knows how long. Look what she and the rest of the newmans were willing to do to you. Point the gun at nikki. She’s nothing to you. She never will be.

Claire: You don’t know that.

Jordan: Oh, yes, I do. I know how selfish they are. And my sister knew that too. She found out the hard way. For the love of god, wake up! If you think that the newmans are gonna bring you into the fold and make you part of their lives, you’re even more naive than I thought. And you’re in for a bitter disappointment.

Nikki: She’s lied to you your entire life. Don’t trust her now. She’ll say anything to get you to doubt yourself and my family.

Jordan: Shut up, would you? Nikki and victor ruined, destroyed your grandmother, my sister. And if they had their way, they would keep you locked up in a padded room for who knows how long. So, what are you gonna do? Put the gun down and we can run, both of us. Walk away. They– they would’ve and she never got over it.

Nikki: When victoria was told that you hadn’t survived, that her baby had died, she was devastated. Brokenhearted, and she never got over it.

Jordan: You owe these people nothing. Do you hear me? They threw you away.

Claire: That’s a lie! You stole me from them. They– they would’ve loved me.

Jordan: You think they love you? Have they told you that they love you?

Nikki: It will take time to undo all of the evil that jordan has done to you, but love will be there. It– it will be, I know that. As a mother, I know that.

Claire: They would’ve loved me! They would’ve raised me. I would’ve been a good girl and I would’ve been smart and I would’ve been strong. And I would’ve had friends and people who cared about me not whatever I had with you. Just hate and revenge and just never trusting anyone. You– you wanted me to be just like you. You don’t deserve to live.

Nick: Claire’s a newman. She’s known that her whole life, but that didn’t stop her from pumping vodka into mom’s veins. I mean, it’s her grandmother.

Victor: I tell you, that woman is capable of anything.

Nick: Well, so is mom. She’s strong and tough. She’s a fighter.

Victor: Your mother will put up a hell of a fight, I promise you. But you and I don’t know what we’ll find in that cabin. But if your mom has been hurt in any way, I promise you, there’ll be hell to pay.

Victoria: You don’t believe that claire wants to hurt us, do you? I mean, do you honestly see her willingly helping jordan again?

Cole: Does claire even have her own free will after the damage that jordan has done to her? And claire’s feelings towards us are so confused. This is not something she’s gonna get past overnight.

Victoria: It’s possible that my mom is at jordan’s mercy, but so is claire. How does jordan even see claire? Does she see her as a family or an ally? Does she see her as a traitor who needs to be punished? And maybe that’s why she took her from the hospital. Because she wants her to suffer like the rest of us newmans. And maybe, she’s just trying to reel her in again. I don’t know.

Cole: Okay. Well, listen, I– I don’t– I wish I had the answers. I just think we’re gonna have to just wait and see. But one thing I know, nikki is one of the most resourceful people on the planet and she’s gonna outsmart jordan. So if she is there, believe me, she didn’t go in without a plan.

Victoria: God, I hope you’re right about that. You know, last night, I couldn’t sleep. I was thinking about– I was thinking about claire and what it would’ve been like if we would’ve raised her. She would’ve been an older sister to reed and johnny and katie. We would’ve shown her all the love in the world. Could’ve celebrated milestones with her, graduations, birthdays, holidays. Could’ve known what her favorite color was and what stuffed animals she had when she was a little girl. She would’ve had so much love. She would’ve been a part of our family. Can you picture that too, what it might’ve been like?

Cole: I can’t see it. I mean, I don’t know–

[ Cole sighing ] I don’t know if I’m just too numb or I’m just too scared to lose her all over again.

Victoria: Maybe you don’t have to picture it. Maybe, just maybe we’ll all be spending the next holiday together.

Nikki: Claire, don’t do this. She’s not worth it. Let her face her consequences the right way. Don’t throw your life away for her.

[ Sirens in the distance ]

Jordan: See, she tricked us. She didn’t come to save you. She came here to trap both of us.

Nikki: My plan was to get you and make sure you were safe, and then make sure that this one went to prison.

Claire: Prison is too good for her. She’ll probably just plead insanity like mr. Baldwin had me do and she’ll be sent to a hospital like mine that she can escape from. We can’t let that happen. We can’t let her hurt anyone else ever again.

Jordan: So, pull the trigger. Or do you not have the courage?

[ Jordan chuckling ] There you go. You’re weak. Just like you were when you helped the newmans escape.

Nikki: Oh, for god’s sake. Will you just shut up? Claire. Claire, give me the gun, please. It’s okay, honey. The police are on their way. She can never control you again. Just– just give me the gun. Come on. Good girl. Oh. Oh. Come here. Come here.

[ Claire sobbing ] It will be all right. It will be okay. (Oven ding audio mnemonic)

Jordan: You broke my heart.

Claire: You broke my entire life.

Nikki: Take her. Get her out of our sight.

Cole: Hey. It’s gonna be okay.

Victoria: The waiting.

Cole: I know.

Victoria: It seems like hours. Why haven’t we heard something?

Cole: We will. Nikki is a survivor. She’s one hell of a fighter and she always has been. She’s gonna use her instincts to protect herself, and claire, if it comes down to it.

Nikki: Here. Drink this. Whatever jordan drugged you with, this should help flush it from your system.

Victor: Nikki?

Nikki: Oh, my god. In here. Oh, victor.

Victor: Oh, my baby.

Nick: Mom, thank god.

Victor: Oh, my baby. Oh, my baby.

Nikki: Nicholas, I love you.

Victor: Come here. I’m so happy you’re all right. What were you thinking?

Nikki: I’m sorry I’ve worried you all. I’ll explain it all later, but it’s over. Please take me home.

Victor: You okay?

Nick: Are we, uh, taking her with us?

Nikki: We most certainly are. Claire saved me. If it weren’t for her, I might not be here.

Victor: Then, we owe you a debt of gratitude.

Claire: What’s gonna happen to jordan now?

Nikki: I don’t know. But I can promise you this, victor and i and cole and victoria will never let her near you. She can never hurt you again.

Claire: I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry for everything.

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