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Victoria: Okay, thanks. Michael’s working on the paperwork. It should be ready soon.

Claire: I guess I’ll go get settled.

Victoria: Wait. Um, there’s so much to talk about. This is really a shock for us. I mean, you’re our daughter and we thought you were dead and um, I’m sure that this news, it– it must bring up some feelings for you as well.

Claire: I’m not shocked. I grew up knowing you were my parents.

Victoria: I know. I know, but you thought also that we abandoned you and that we didn’t want you and nothing could be further from the truth. I’m sorry that, um, we doubted you when you– when you told us at the lake house. It’s honestly, after everything that you and that jordan put us through, it just all seemed like a part of this big lie. It actually– it seemed impossible to believe.

Claire: What jordan and I put you through. That’s what you meant to say.

Cole: No, no. What my aunt jordan forced you to do to us.

Claire: You– you didn’t want to think a monster like me could be your kid.

Victoria: Claire, please. We thought we were gonna die.

Claire: And you might have. My aunt and I could have killed you. You never– you never would have known I was really your daughter.

Nikki: Victor! Victor, come quickly! Victor!

Victor: What’s wrong, sweetheart?

Nikki: There.

Victor: What happened? Baby, what happened? Baby?

Diane: Jack, how can you not be sure about giving kyle a co-ceo job now? Things are exactly the way they should be.

Jack: I have concerns.

Diane: What concerns? The only thing holding you back before was your allegiance to billy and now he has thrown that loyalty back in your face by going back to chancellor-winters.

Jack: It’s more complicated than that. I told you, billy has his reasons for going back to jill. He’s concerned that I am holding him back and maybe I am.

Diane: Oh, my god. When are you going to stop defending his actions? Billy has let you down, again. He said he wanted out, you need to replace him. And kyle isn’t just the obvious choice, he’s the only choice.

Jack: I am not going to just hand the job to kyle and I’m not sure he’s ready to take it on.

Diane: Kyle showed his humility and his commitment to jabot by accepting the coo role. Essentially a demotion, right? Well, what do you want from him?

Jack: I appreciate that kyle came back to a job that I know he thought was a lesser one, but it’s not exactly the mail room. You have to trust me on this, sweetheart. I can’t do this right now.

Tucker: Can I buy you a drink?

Phyllis: Don’t– don’t do that. Don’t look over my shoulder and read my text, creeper.

Tucker: I wasn’t reading your text. That was me offering to buy you an adult beverage.

Phyllis: That’s a lie.

Tucker: No. Cross my heart, hope to die.

Phyllis: I’m gonna take a pass, but thank you.

Tucker: But you and I are such good friends.

Phyllis: No, we’re not. Go away. How’s that?

Tucker: I have a proposition for you.

Claire: How can you expect me to believe you want anything to do with me?

Victoria: My family went through hell, all right? And I’m not gonna forget that. But this dna result that shed a new light on everything, I am able to see everything from your perspective. I see that your aunt jordan manipulated you. She made you think that we wanted nothing to do with you and that we decided that you weren’t worthy of our love.

Cole: What a terrible thing to tell a child. It was a vicious lie, claire. It wasn’t true. It never was. When my aunt jordan took you from us and she raised you to believe those things, you were wanted. And you were loved.

Claire: Please don’T.

Cole: You’re asking us to tell you why we want anything to do with you. It’s because there’s more to you than what happened in that cabin.

Victoria: It’s because you told us the truth, claire. You’re our daughter. Honestly, I don’t– I don’t know what it looks like going forward for the three of us. I have no idea. It’s gonna take some time to process all of this and I’m hoping that you can get the help here to do just that. And we’re gonna be there with you the whole time. We’re not going anywhere. But in the meantime, I have to say my family is in a lot of danger. So please, claire. Please. I need your help. Please tell us where your aunt jordan is. Or tell us what she might have planned next.

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Diane: Look, I know you were upset at the– the arrogance that kyle showed when he refused your first offer to come back to jabot.

Jack: There was a real sense of entitlement. Not his finest hour.

Diane: Right, but we agreed that he showed a lot of growth and maturity by owning up to that behavior and apologizing for it.

Jack: Yes. And that maturity went a long way toward restoring my confidence. Just not all the way.

Diane: Jack, I just worry that if you skip over him, it might send the message that you didn’t accept that apology. And that you don’t value him.

Jack: Of course, I do. But co-ceo is not a position you give to someone after a couple of weeks of good behavior.

Diane: Just please– please don’t pass over him again. It could just set him off.

Jack: If that’s the case, he does not deserve the job. Look, I’m not saying this will never happen. I’m just saying not now. We have much bigger concerns than kyle’s feelings.

Diane: All right. Could you at least have a conversation with him? You know, father to son to see how he feels about billy’s resignation before making such a huge decision.

Jack: I hear everything you’re saying and I respect and I love the way you protect our son, but we have just set in motion a major, complex offensive against tucker. We’re about to drop the hammer and everyone needs to be focused on that. That includes kyle.

Diane: Understood. But I think you need to talk to him. I think kyle has important news he needs to share with you.

Jack: What do you know that I don’t?

Victor: Baby, you look as if you’ve seen a ghost.

Nikki: Um, I– I thought I saw something outside.

Victor: You want me to call security?

Nikki: No, no, no, no, no. No, you don’t need to do that. I– I– I maybe thought it was a shadow or a tree branch or something that the wind did. It just startled me.

Victor: But my baby, you’re shaking.

Nikki: Could you get me a glass of water?

Victor: Okay. Here, my darling.

Nikki: Thank you.

Victor: Baby, I’m worried about you, okay? I know this whole thing has been a shock to you. Shock to all of us. So, why don’t we get the hell out of here? Let’s go on vacation somewhere.

Nikki: Well, we could go on that trip that I wanted us to go on before you–

Victor: Yeah.

Nikki: You went back to newman. A suite in paris. A water villa in bali.

Victor: I love that. I love that. My baby, come here. I will protect you. I’ll be by your side at all times, all right? I don’t want you to worry about a damn thing.

Claire: I swear, I am not covering for jordan. I have no idea where she could be.

Victoria: Do you have any idea who she might turn to?

Claire: Jordan didn’t let people get too close. She always said she was alone in the world after her sister died. And I was too, so we had to depend on each other.

Victoria: She hasn’t reached out to you?

Claire: The minute I needed someone, she disappeared. No message, no show of love or support. Nothing. She always said that your family deserted me, but she’s the one who walked away. She used me like a weapon against you and then she just tossed me aside like a piece of trash.

Victoria: You do know that she’s wrong, don’t you? Do you know that’s not what you are?

Claire: Trash, a monster. Either way, I’m worthless.

Cole: No, you are not. And no one would ever say that.

Claire: Maybe not with those words. But the only person I ever trusted lied to me my entire life. She told me that my parents abandoned me, convinced me that you found me unlovable and then made sure that there was nothing in me to love after all. Now, she’s run off, saved herself and I’m here. Obviously, she wanted revenge on you all, but I’m the only one who pays. Because you had me tell a judge I’m insane. Maybe I am. When my doctor gave me breztri for my copd

Diane: I don’t know any more than you do.

Jack: Kyle! Kyle, could you please come down?

Kyle: Ready to fill me in on what the two of you were discussing without me?

Diane: I will leave you two alone.

Jack: Your mother feels we need to discuss billy’s resignation from jabot.

Kyle: Oh. What about it?

Jack: Well, I’m just curious how you feel about it.

Kyle: Well, I’m more interested in how you feel about it. It sounded like you were blaming yourself for his decision. That’s typical billy. Abandoning you and jabot and then claiming it’s because of you.

Jack: I am not going to defend billy. I do think he was sincere in the soul-searching that led to that decision and I have to respect that.

Kyle: Still, I imagine it comes as a shock. He was so involved in the plan to deal with tucker.

Jack: Yes, it was a surprise. Particularly the timing.

Kyle: And disappointing.

Jack: I thought we were all a united front in dealing with tucker. And yes, I’m a little upset about being in a position that could easily be perceived as vulnerable. Playing musical chairs in the leadership of jabot. That’s what led me to my decision about the co-ceo position.

Kyle: Dad, before we get into that, there’s something I need to tell you.

Jack: Yeah, your mother suggested you do have some news to share.

Kyle: Tucker recruited me to help take over jabot. He promised audra and I would run your father’s company in exchange for the help.

Phyllis: You know, the last time I listened to one of your propositions, it did not work out great for me.

Tucker: Are you sure? Because you were able to wipe out your substantial debt. So, it seems like it worked out, at least for you.

Phyllis: Ah, that’s because I outschemed your scheme.

Tucker: Yeah. Right. That’s exactly why I think you should hear me out. So, I’m– I’m making moves to build this new company and I’m going to need a top-tier I.T. Department which of course is where you come in.

Phyllis: I already have a job. Thank you.

Tucker: Uh-huh. Working for someone who works for someone who’s the head of I.T. At… what’s it called? Omegasphere?

Phyllis: That’s not what it is exactly.

Tucker: Yeah. Well, that might be a great opportunity for some young up-and-coming tech hopeful, but hardly befits someone of your talent.

Victoria: I know what you’ve been through. What we’ve all been through for that matter. Well, it’s just gonna take some time to sort out these feelings.

Claire: I guess it’s better than a jail cell. Because I need to be kept away from all the sane, decent people of the world.

Victoria: We just want you to get better. That’s the truth. And I’m confident that the doctors are gonna help you.

Cole: Yeah. We’re gonna make sure that you get everything you need.

Victoria: Yeah.

Claire: You thought I died when I was a baby?

Victoria: We were devastated.

Claire: What would you have done back then if you found out I was still alive?

Victoria: We would have done whatever it took to find you and bring you home. Look, I know we can’t go back. I understand that. But if you want for things to get better, then they can get better.

Claire: I don’t know how to let it all go. Just so many years of hatred. Maybe I– maybe I don’t know how to feel anything else.

Cole: I don’t believe that. And neither should you.

Victoria: We’re here now. We’re right here and that’s all that matters. Look, I know that it’s not gonna be easy. I know that. But right now, the most important thing is focusing on you and helping you heal.

Nikki: Flying off to some secluded place with you is very tempting, but we can’T. We have to stay here to support victoria in everything she’s going through with claire. And– and I know that jordan is still out there. Has your team been watching the motel?

Victor: Of course, sweetheart. They haven’t– haven’t found her.

Nikki: The only reason she came to genoa city is to finish what her sister, eve, started with us. With me. And she’s not going anywhere until she gets what she wants.

For your most brilliant smile,

Victor: Here, my baby.

Nikki: What’s that for?

Victor: Sweetheart, we may not be able to go to paris right now, but let’s get out of here. You’ve been cooped up for too long.

Nikki: Oh, it’s too cold for a walk. Let’s stay inside.

Victor: No. Let’s go to the athletic club. Get something to eat. Come on. Then afterwards, we can go to the jazz club. Let’s go.

Nikki: Okay. Maybe getting out of here is a good idea.

Victor: Yes. You need to get out of here, okay?

Nikki: All right.

Victor: Let me get you your purse.

Nikki: Oh, no, no. I’ve got it. I’ve got it.

Victor: Oh. If I didn’t know you better, I would suspect that you’re hiding something from me.

Nikki: Now, victor, it’s the holidays. It’s no time to be peeping in people’s purses.

Victor: Oh, really? Let’s go. Let us go.

Victoria: It’s michael. He wants me to meet him at the front desk to sign those papers, so I’ll be right back.

Claire: She seems so caring, kind. Not the kind of woman who’d abandoned a baby. Not the woman I grew up hating. I learned as part of jordan’s training how to read people. But you, I have no idea what you’re thinking.

Cole: Mm. Well, that makes, uh, two of us.

[ Cole sighing ] I got all kinds of crazy things running through my brain right now. And, uh, it’s a mess up there.

Claire: Makes two of us.

Cole: Yeah. I think maybe the primary feeling is guilt.

Claire: What do you have to feel guilty about?

Cole: I grew up with a mother who had mental illness.

Claire: My grandmother, eve.

Cole: Yeah. And she was pretty good about hiding it most of the time. Just enough that I’d forget about her moods. And then, she would go off on a tangent. She’d get all worked up about something that didn’t really seem like a big deal and you start to wonder whether or not it’s you that’s bringing her to this. Or is it really not a big deal? Every family has its quirks and I never wanted that kind of home life for my daughter.

Claire: Yet you named me for her?

Cole: Victoria’s idea. I agreed. You know, someone can have a lot of problems and you can still love them very much. And this whole crazy, nightmarish situation right now is because of my mother and what happened between her and victor and I hate that you had to grow up believing that you were unwanted. Because there’s nothing– there’s nothing that’s further than the truth.

Claire: I know there are no answers. But… why would I not wonder what if I had never been kidnapped? What would my life look like? What would our life look like?

Cole: We all lost so much. Too much to even think about. Hi.

Victoria: Hey. I’m sorry, they’re asking that you and I leave now so that claire can meet the staff and her doctors.

Cole: Well, uh–

Victoria: I promise you, claire. I promise they’re gonna be kind to you. Everybody wants the same thing. They want you to recover from everything that you’ve been through these past years. That’s all they want.

Cole: All right, then. I guess it’s time we go.

Victoria: Okay. Um, I’ll bring you some things by later. Would it be okay if– if I asked you for a hug?

Claire: I guess.

Jack: Tucker recruited you to betray jabot? When– when did this happen?

Kyle: A while ago.

Jack: And you’re just now telling me?

Kyle: Because I accepted his offer.

Jack: What? You’re working for him? You’re– you’re his inside person?

Kyle: Exactly. But dad, it was the only way we could see what he was up to.

Jack: It all makes sense now. That’s why you accepted the coo position. So you could keep tabs on jabot for tucker.

Kyle: No. So it would look to tucker like I was ready to be a spy.

Jack: So– so I– I’m to believe now that this was all an act on your part? That you weren’t tempted at all?

Kyle: I have been playing tucker the entire time.

Jack: You have no idea how much I want to believe that.

Kyle: Whoa. You defend billy bailing, but you suspect my motives? Dad, you can’t actually believe that I would betray you like that.

Jack: You were incensed that I sided with billy for the co-ceo position. I was surprised when you agreed to the lesser role. I thought maybe that was maturity. You can imagine, this gives me a little pause.

Kyle: Well, it shouldn’t, because it worked. I now know tucker’s plan. Type 2 diabetes?

Announcer: The young and and the restless will continue.

Jack: Why didn’t you tell me about this? You should’ve told me the moment he approached you.

Kyle: I knew you would try to talk me out of it. Or maybe not even trust me just like you aren’t trusting me now. Dad, I swear I never intended to help tucker with his coup. I saw it as a way to prove you wrong. To show you that I am worthy of the top spot. That I will always protect this family and jabot. Unlike billy.

Jack: This is a dangerous game you’re playing, son. With tucker mccall.

Kyle: I needed to wait to tell you until I had something concrete. Enough ammo to show you that this is the way to go.

Jack: And you have that ammunition now?

Kyle: Yeah. Tucker was being vague about his strategy at first, demanding some nebulous proof of loyalty. I took a risk, told him I was out unless he showed me what the plan was.

Jack: I’ll say you took a risk. That could have blown up in your face.

Kyle: But it didn’T. Tucker showed me his hand. He wants me to steal a newly developed product from jabot. He’ll fast-track replicating it and then launch it first.

Jack: Hardly the stuff of a major coup.

Kyle: Dad, that’s just step one. Step two is framing a member of the family as the jabot mole. He claimed it’ll be billy or mom.

Jack: But you don’t believe that?

Kyle: No. He’s gonna pin it on me. I’m certain of it.

[ Jack sighing ] Dad– dad I did this for you, for jabot. I swear.

Jack: Who knows what else tucker might have planned to undercut jabot if you hadn’t gained his trust? I’m glad it was you. And you’re right. You just saved us from another tucker mccall double-cross.

Phyllis: Well, I am flattered that, um, you see what I have to offer.

Tucker: Anyone who doesn’t is a fool.

Phyllis: I’m also astounded that you’re doing this. Why are you doing this? I made it clear we don’t like each other. I mean, I’ve certainly made it clear that I hate you.

Tucker: Crystal.

Phyllis: Okay. And why would you trust someone like me?

Tucker: So my philosophy is you hire the best no matter what. Even if you think they’re gonna stab you in the back.

Phyllis: How exactly does that work?

Tucker: Let’s say, for the sake of example, that you were to accept my offer. The fact that I would always be wondering when and if you’re gonna screw me over would keep me on my toes and therefore I would deliver the best results to my company.

Victoria: You know, I, uh, I can’t help but wonder if some of your silence is due to the fact that you’re still angry at claire for helping her aunt jordan and maybe some of that anger is keeping you from being able to feel other things.

Cole: No, no, no. I won’t lay blame on her. She was raised to hate and to hurt us. I mean, she wasn’t– she wasn’t born with this hatred. She’s been jordan’s victim since the day she was born.

Victoria: Well, okay then. Well, maybe I’m the one that’s holding on to my anger.

Cole: No, no, no. You got to know her as claire before you found out she was baby eve, all grown up. You got lured in. You watched her and jordan nearly kill your whole family.

Victoria: But she’s just– she’s in so much pain. And she’s been that way for so many years. That troubled young woman is our daughter. Jordan is pure evil and she needs to be held responsible for everything that she did to us. Claire included. (Man) mm, hey, honey.

Kyle: Dad, not telling you all this sooner was the hardest part.

Jack: You’re sure he’s not on to you? That he he still thinks you’re loyal?

Kyle: Oh, I’m convinced. I sold him that fact. Dad, you’re right. My anger was real when you didn’t give me my old job back. And tucker sensed it, that’s why he tried to enlist me. But it worked in my favor. And tucker underestimated one thing.

Jack: What’s that?

Kyle: What it means to be your son. When he told me he was going after jabot, everything fell into place. My perspective shifted. I realized I’ve been selfish and that family means everything to me.

Jack: Tucker never knew what he was up against when he was dealing with the abbotts. I cannot believe he’d want to steal one of our products.

Kyle: Oh, no. We should let him.

Jack: Explain that.

Kyle: Tucker trusts me. So, let’s use it. Turn his plan to our advantage.

Jack: Go on.

Kyle: Okay. I give tucker a product. I mean, not a real product or you know, something we’ve shelved for whatever reason. We let them break the bank trying to replicate it. Then, we nail him for corporate theft.

Jack: That, plus releasing the news of his role in mccall’s scandal and cover-up will destroy any chance he has of a fresh start at glacade.

Kyle: Oh, we won’t just ruin his new business. We will destroy his reputation in the corporate world. Tucker mccall’s career and credibility will be over.

Phyllis: Surrounding yourself with backstabbers. It’s not very smart. It’s not good business. It’s not logical. It’s not very tucker mccall.

Tucker: It’s worked for me so far. So, what do you say? You want in on the ground floor?

Phyllis: I wouldn’t work for you if you were the last guy on the planet.

Tucker: Hm.

Phyllis: How many years salary is that?

Tucker: One.

Phyllis: That’s one year salary?

Tucker: Mm-hmm.

Phyllis: Well, ’tis the season. So, what’s going on? What are you up to?

Victoria: Oh, my parents are here. I’m too exhausted to have them join us. Would you just back me, please?

Nikki: Oh, victoria, I’m so relieved to see you. I’ve been trying to reach you.

Victoria: Yeah. We were at the hospital. We were getting claire settled.

Victor: Oh, how did that go?

Victoria: She seemed really scared and vulnerable.

Cole: Uh, victor. Any updates on the hunt for my aunt?

Victor: No, cole. Not so far, but I promise you, she will be found and she will be brought to justice.

Nikki: Your father’s taking me out to dinner so we can get our minds off of it for a bit. Would you like to join us? Or, we could go back to the ranch if you’d like?

Victoria: Oh, thank you, mom. Really. But cole and I could use a little more time alone to process everything if you don’t mind.

Nikki: No, of course.

Victoria: And dad’s right. You should enjoy a nice meal. You know, put aside some of the drama from the last couple of days.


Nikki: Are you sure you don’t want to go back to the ranch?

Victoria: Mom, like I said. No, thank you.

Victor: Come, my sweetheart. Table is waiting for us. Nice to see both of you.

Cole: Nice to see you as well.

Nikki: If you need anything.

Victoria: Yes, you’ll be my first call.

Cole: They sure do love you.

Victoria: Uh, yeah. Sometimes, a little too much.

Cole: Oh, is that a thing?

Victoria: What I mean is sometimes they just are a little over-involved.

Cole: Yeah. Well, I don’t know. But you know, I have to say, seeing your parents again after all of these years, and– and under the stressful circumstances. I’m just really touched by how concerned and attentive they are. I guess that’s how a real family works.

Kyle: So, what’s next?

Jack: I told you I had made a decision about the co-ceo role. That was 30 minutes ago and I had decided against giving it to you.

Kyle: And now?

Tucker: And now because of you, we know how tucker is coming after us and it has made me reconsider. Keep in mind though, if we stick with your plan, tucker has to believe that you’re still striving for the top. You can’t have the job yet. Yeah, it has to look like you’re ready to turn your own family for it.

Kyle: So, no promotion. Billy left, but I’m still out in the cold.

Jack: Yeah. That’s the way we have to play it, for now. You keep up your act. The information about mccall’s scandal is ready to go. It is the first punch. I guarantee it will knock the wind out of him. While he’s doubled over, we will set him up for corporate theft.

Kyle: It’s a perfect one-two punch.

Jack: And we take tucker mccall out for good.

Tucker: I’m about to acquire a very sensitive and lucrative new product for my company and I need an internet security system. Firewalls around firewalls. Of course, when I hear the word firewall, I think phyllis.

Phyllis: I’m gonna take that as a compliment.

Tucker: You should. And by the way, that figure, that’s just the starting point.

Phyllis: Oh, well, I mean, I would never take the first offer. I would have to negotiate, you know. People never offer what they’re really willing to pay and that is from my self-help book. Um, how to build a firewall, phyllis summers.

Tucker: Yeah. Very good. Think about it. You know, where I’ll be.

Cole: I mean, I’m not really sure how I feel about it yet. Or what I think of all of this.

Victoria: I know. It– it’s– it’s been a shock, but we have to make some decisions. Look, I know that you have a life and you have a career outside of genoa city. I know that you were in L.A. Researching a new book.

Cole: Yeah. But this has obviously thrown a big wrench into that.

Victoria: Well, yeah.

Cole: Actually, I’m not going anywhere. I’m staying right here in genoa city.

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