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Hi. Lucy. Mwah. It’s good to see you. You — you, too. Thanks. Oh, thank you. Um… oh — oh, thanks, I-I — I got it. Okay. Oh, uh… hey, no wine? Uh, well, I thought I’d wait to order until laura and martin joined us. Oh. Right, right. Well, you know, I just don’t think that martin and laura, uh, would mind, deny us a pre-dinner cocktail. So, uh, you know, I know I could really use one. It’s been quite a rough day… week, month, year. That’s a long time.

[ Chuckling ] Yes. Yeah, looks like, uh, scott’s had a bad day, as well. Before you say it, I know the decent thing to do is to invite him over. Good god, no.

[ Exhales deeply ] I miss you so much, luke. I saw you looking at that snow globe, tracy. But don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone we saw you showing some christmas spirit. Brook lynn, why have you not responded to my texts? I was christmas shopping with chase and leo and violet. Oh, yes, that’s right. Of course, your phone doesn’t work in the proximity of small children. I stop looking at it when I’m celebrating the joy of the season. Well, you and I have a business meeting tomorrow morning to figure out how this arrangement with deception works. But tomorrow’s christmas eve. I am well aware. But now that you’re gonna be my business protégé, you’re gonna have to change your priorities. What’s that? It’s true, dad. I’m going back to work at deception. But this time, it’s gonna be different. This time, brook lynn’s gonna be the boss. Lois, did you know about this? Yeah, I did. And I think it’s great.

[ Knock on door ] Oh. Hi. Nina, what — what are you doing here? I thought we were meeting at rice plaza to watch donna and avery in the living nativity? No, I know, I know, I just needed to see you in private because, um, I needed to see you without sonny and the girls. Oh. Why? Well, ava, my dear friend, I need your help before my whole world comes crashing down. Daddy, do I look okay? You look amazing. Hey, dad. Hey, donna.

[ Chuckles ] Are you here to watch me and avery? Of course I am. You’re going to be an amazing lamb. Avery’s a shepherd. Well, I can’t wait to see you both. You excited to be part of the living nativity? Cyrus: I am, too. Is that the guy you’re investigating? Yes. He is the new head of the wsb. Really? Because he told me he was a security consultant. Wait, do you know him? Yeah. John brennan. I mean, he’s been here in the diner a few times. Matter of fact, he was here a half hour ago. Did he say where he was going? No, no, he got a phone call, and he took off. So, my interpol contact’s going to be here in 20 minutes. You sure you can trust this guy, huh? What? Yeah. Absolutely. No, I’m confident that whitney’s on the up-and-up. It just, uh, wouldn’t be a stretch for the head of the wsb to request interagency cooperation and make all that evidence disappear. Not this time. Brennan’s been trying to ruin my life for months… …but that all changes tonight. He’s going down.

[ Sighs ] Sorry. Um, it’s just scott’s been pushing me to travel with him, um, to florida at christmas to see serena and the manatees.

[ Both chuckle ] Christmas with your daughter. What’s wrong with that? Oh, nothing. Nothing. I’m very tempted. It’s just that scott didn’t bother to tell serena about his plans, and, um, I found out she has a brand-new boyfriend. You know, first christmas and all. I just — the two of us go — fortunately, for me and serena, scott saw reason and decided not to make the trip. Ah, well, I’m sure it’ll be nice for you and martin to spend the holidays together. Yeah. Yeah. Together. Oh, wait. Ned is blackmailing you, too? Yeah, it’s like a line is forming.

[ Chuckles ] Okay, so if I don’t tell ned information on aurora, he’s going to go to sonny and tell sonny that I’m the one who reported carly and drew to the sec for insider trading. Ugh. Well, then I guess you better find some information that ned would find useful. Ava, ava, I don’t have access to the inner workings of aurora. And let’s just say in the perfect world, I magically come up with something and I tell ned and then michael finds out, he’s going to retaliate and tell sonny. See? This is an impossible situation. Yeah, it is. It is. And I feel for you. I really do. But, nina, I have problems of my own, you know?

[ Sighs ] I’m going to be one of the wise men. Melchior, I believe, though we won’t be wearing name tags. I-I’m just on my way to pick up my crown and robes. Yeah, you’re not coming anywhere near my little sister. It’s alright, michael. I’m taking care of it. Y– but you knew about this? Yeah. I’m watching cyrus like a hawk. No robes or crowns for you today. Sonny, be reasonable. It’s a christmas pageant. Michael, do me a favor. Can you take donna to the nativity, please? Let’s go. Okay, I don’t understand. What is the harm in me participating in the celebration of the holy season? Celebrate on your own. You’ve already been replaced.

Et tu, brother? The name is melchior. Hey, hey. Please don’t make a scene, okay? No, I-I’m — I’m just surprised. I mean, martin’s been averse to christmas pageants ever since, what, second grade when you tripped on the robe and knocked over the manger.

[ Chuckling ] Oh. I’ll make sure I watch my step this time. Cyrus, will you do this for me? I’m asking you not as the mayor but as your sister. I wish you all the joys of the holiday season. That’s what I call a christmas miracle. Let’s just be grateful he decided to play nice for whatever reason. Thank you, laura, for making the wise man swap. Yeah. Well, looks like the other kings are gathering over there. Perhaps you should join them. Yeah, let’s all say a prayer that I don’t trip over something and this is over before we know it. Remember, lucy and kevin are waiting on dinner for us. Yeah. Hey, do you think cyrus really knew that donna and avery were in the living nativity, or is it just a coincidence? I’m not sure, but I’m not taking any chances. Like I said before, I don’t think cyrus killed austin, but I’m not going to trust him anywhere near anybody I care about. Oh, this looks…

[ Buttons beeping ] Ava jerome, you bought another gun? No, I didn’t buy it. It just — it appeared. I found it in a drawer the day I moved in, along with an ominous note saying, “you never know when you’ll need it.” So someone’s stalking you. Yeah, or trying to frame me. And they’re getting bolder. Brookie, what are you thinking? You know, tracy, I am going to need brook lynn all day tomorrow for last-minute christmas details. Unless, of course, you would like to help. There are cookies to bake, there are presents to wrap. And then of course, I got everybody matching P.J. Sets. And I hope I got you the right size. I can move the business meeting to december 26th. The pajamas — that’s a hard pass. Aw. Matching P.J.S? Really, ma? Got rid of tracy, didn’t it? Lois, have you lost your mind? How can you, of all people, be happy that our daughter is giving up music to be a corporate executive? Oh, ned, use the good sense that god gave you. Obviously, there’s an angle. What angle? Well, brook lynn isn’t going back to deception to work for herself. She’s going back so she could try to outsmart tracy and make things right for her friends. Wait, did brennan say why he was in port charles? He just said that he was a security consultant here on business. He never said he was the head of the wsb, but, I mean, why would he? Did he say how long he was planning on staying? He said he’d be here for a little while. I mean, he was a little bit flirtatious, and he seemed harmless, but do you know different? Um, look, I don’t have all the facts, but if you see him again, keep your distance and call dante.

[ Sighs ] You know, if forsyth hadn’t come after that report, I don’t think I would have even realized I still had it. It had been stuck in that trunk for decades. But brennan sending forsyth is — is kind of like he dug his own grave.

[ Sighs ]

[ Door opens ] We’re closed. Got time for one more?

You are too compassionate for your own good, and…you always have been.

[ Chuckles ] Okay, I’ll bite. What do you mean by that? Um, well, you really don’t understand that we are completely surrounded by cutthroats and thieves. And sometimes, just sometimes, you really need to look out for number one. Just an observation, but it seems like you’re talking about something specific. Care to share?

[ Chuckles ] Quartermaines. Mm. You realize they never change their spots.

[ Chuckles ] In fact, you probably know tracy stole the company from me. But now guess what she’s done? She’s given brook lynn a job at my company. A job. Brook lynn. This is — this is the very woman who stole all the proprietary information on my deceptor so she could give it to her grandmother, which allowed tracy to file this pernicious lawsuit against us. Is

it possible that you’remore hurt than you are angry?

[ Sighs ] I’m angry. Oh, doc, I’m so angry. I’M… but you’re right. I’m also very, very hurt at the whole betrayal. I trusted her. I — I let brook lynn in on the team, and she turns out to be worse, really worse than her grandmother, even more than I imagined. Well, I’m glad that you’re getting these feelings off your chest rather than keeping them bottled up inside. How do you do that? You’re always… such a good listener. And thank you for letting me vent. You’re welcome. It’s what I do.

[ Laughs ] Uh, you know…

[ Sighs ] Just a thought, but isn’t it better if brook lynn is in the office every day, rather than you having to deal with tracy day in and day out? Ah, good point. I guess — I guess I could rise above it, sort of. Maybe try to make the best of a bad situation. Wow.

[ Sighs ] Can’t believe my ears. You’re gonna roll over and let tracy win? Do you really think I would be encouraging our daughter to work in an office instead of following her dreams if there wasn’t a hidden agenda? Ma’s been nudging me for weeks to pretend to give in to tracy. Once tracy hands over the company to me, then I can hand it back to maxie and make things right. Mm-hmm. If you think your grandmother will make this easy, you are in for a very rude awakening. I know exactly what I’m in for. I either have to convince granny that I am totally on board by making her completely comfortable enough to give me controlling interest, or, due to our close proximity, I’ll have to dig something up in order to blackmail her with. Hm. Spoken like a true quartermaine. Not that that’s always a good thing, but, in this case, she would be blackmailing for a worthy cause. As long as your grandmother doesn’t figure it out and turn the tables. Ned, are you doubting our daughter? Absolutely not. So, do you still think it’s nikolas sending you these notes and that? Well, who else? I left him for dead, nina. He’s not gonna let that go. But why would he send you a gun if nikolas’ plan is to attack you? Oh, or — or to frame me. For all I know, this is the gun that killed austin. So you think he’d go that far, that he would come all the way here to kill austin just to frame you for murder? I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t know what to think anymore. I mean, for months, I thought that — that nikolas was dead, and I thought that I was the one that killed him. And then I thought that I could trust austin, and that was clearly a big, fat mistake! Okay, you know what we need to do? We just need to calm down a little bit. I know, nina. I just don’t have anybody to talk to about this, and my head has been spinning since austin died. I know. Okay, I think you need a distraction. Why don’t we go to rice plaza? Yeah, no, that’s a good idea. I think seeing avery in that living nativity would make me feel a whole lot better. Yeah.

[ Chuckles ] Alright, you’re all set. Thanks for fixing it. Yeah, of course. Will I get to see wiley and amelia on christmas? Yeah. Can we hang stockings together? That’d be great, but, actually, I think you’re gonna be at mom’s on christmas eve. Daddy says you’re going to church with him and mama nina on christmas eve. Yeah, yeah, uh, me and, uh, wiley and amelia and willow and, yeah, dad and nina. Daddy says this is gonna be the best christmas ever now that mama nina’s a part of the family. So, how are you holding up, laura? Uh, still worried about charlotte. You know, physically, she’s on the mend, but, emotionally, she’s struggling. I think she’s old enough to, you know, benefit from therapy. Oh, yes, I agree. What about anna? Have you spoken to her? She’s very hard to get in touch with. She blames herself for what happened with charlotte. It was a terrible accident. Yeah, we know that, but anna, she just blames herself. Anna: The irony is that brennan had covered his tracks so well, nobody even realized he was implicated in the report. He’s kind of just brought this on himself, you know?

[ Cellphone ringing ] Sorry. Yeah. I should take this. Sam, what’s going on? Sam: Brennan’s in town. Carly saw him at kelly’S. He must have come into town to take care of anna himself. I’m here with anna right now. Can you call the pcpd, tell the desk sergeant what’s going on? Okay, I will. Dante, be careful. Always. We got to get someplace less exposed. Look who’s back. Apologies. Uh, that call pulled me away before I could even put in an order, and now you’re closed and I’ve missed my chance. You can stay. You sure? Yeah, yeah, the, uh, cook has gone home for the night, uh, but I can heat up some meatloaf. It won’t be fancy or anything. That’s okay. Simple works for me. You’re very kind.

Do I have to explain it to you? I took tracy’s deal for maxie and for sasha’s sake. And besides, 49% of a viable company is a whole heck of a lot better than 100% of nothing. Yeah, but you gave away your elq tie-breaking vote. I did no such thing. I did not. It was extorted out of me by tracy. If I had not given up my precious share of elq, she would have blown the whole deal. And then maxie, sasha, and I would have all been completely bankrupt. So you’re just going to let tracy trample over the — the company that you built? Absolutely not. I have just begun to fight back. It doesn’t seem like it, lucy. No, what it seems like is you rubbing salt in the wound, so maybe it’s time to head home, scott. Alright, kevin, I’m not gonna have to justify and take flak for doing my job. I don’t even know what that means. I’m not gonna apologize for representing your wife’s criminal brother, cyrus. Or for representing elizabeth. I just don’t know why liesl — she just won’t give me a second chance.

[ Exhales slowly ] Lucy. Stay. But aren’t you gonna go after scott? I don’t care about scott. I care about you. Besides, I want to watch this. Dirty martini — top-shelf vodka. No such thing as too dirty. Go away. Well, well, tracy, as you can see, my coat was here. So if I’m going to bother you, then I suggest you vamoose. Nothing you do has any effect on me at all. Fine. Fine.

[ Scoffs ] Alright, I’m gonna go and see avery, and I’ll catch up with you later, okay? Okay. Hi, sonny. Oh, hey. Laura, it’s nice to see you guys. Rice plaza looks amazing. Oh, thank you. Yeah, I’m very proud of our town.

[ Chuckles ] It’s really good to see you, but I have some things that I need to attend to. Oh, yeah, yeah. Alright. Hi. Why are you so late? Well, ava and I, we had some girl talk. Why? Did you miss me? Always. Mm. Martin, I understand you’ve had to learn your wise man duties on the job. Well, I was a last-minute substitution.

[ Chuckles ] What is that monster doing here? I don’t want him anywhere near avery. Don’t worry. My dad already took care of it. Good, ’cause I don’t believe that man’s conversion for a second. Don’t be ridiculous, sonny. Austin is not responsible for what his cousin did. Mason was just following orders from his mysterious boss. His boss is cyrus renault. I know cyrus is as dangerous as he ever was. Well, I’m glad you’re okay with meatloaf, although it’s going to take a while to heat up. Well, I hope I’m not putting you out. I should just come back another night. It’s okay. It’s okay. I mean, I haven’t finished closing down the kitchen yet, so I’ll just be right back. It’ll just take a minute. Oh, my phone. Uh, is this it?

[ Sighs ] I see you know my secret. Hume: Devane, there’s no way out. Give me what I want, nobody else gets hurt. That’s not brennan. Are you willing to add detective falconeri to your long list of collateral damage? I want to talk to brennan. I’m here to help you before this all gets worse. I hear your latest shooting victim is out of the hospital. Charlotte cassadine? A child? Really? All because of something that happened in the ’80s? Let’s end this now. He’s right.

Dad, I can’t let granny push me around. The only way to deal with tracy is to face her head on. Uh-huh. Sadly, it took me a lot more years before I learned that particular lesson. Look, and I know that working back at deception will temporarily take me away from my music career, but I will not let down my clients, okay? I will work 24/7. I will do whatever it takes to make sure that granny is out of maxie’s company. Maxie’s company? Yes. What about lucy? Lucy has made it perfectly clear she won’t work with me. Oh. Well, it sounds like you’re facing an uphill battle. I’m not scared. Nothing is going to stop me from making this right. Anna: Don’t shoot. I’m coming out. Okay? Putting the gun down. I-I know where the evidence is. Alright? It’s in a safety deposit box, and I-I have the key right here. Slowly. Yeah. Super slow. Toss it to me. So, you know, brennan’s just tying everything off right now. Forsyth’s dead. Don’t you think you’re gonna be next? I’m not worried. I earn my keep. Oh, I’m sure that’s what forsyth thought, too, but brennan only keeps people that are useful around him. Everyone has a sell-by date. Don’t you think yours is up? Okay. Dante, you got him. What are you doing here? I’m checking on you. Are you okay? Yeah, we don’t know who this is. His name is roman hume. Works for pikeman. Really? Okay, where’s brennan? Wait. Wait. Make me a deal. Not a chance, man. No, we need to find brennan before he realizes we’ve got his lieutenant. I think I may know where he is. Guess we should clear the air. Not really. If you would have told me you were the director of the wsb, I would have thought you were a liar and crazy. I’m curious how you figured it out. I looked it up on the internet. There’s many john brennans, but only one director of the wsb. I clicked the link, and your picture popped up. Anyway, I’m gonna go heat up the meatloaf. Hume said that your former son-in-law was involved. It’s falconeri, right? The connection’s in there somewhere. How do you know dante? Well, I’m the director of the wsb. If there’s something that I want to know, I know it. Just as I made it my business to know all about sonny corinthos, his operation, people he holds dear. There’s just one thing that I don’t know. What am I gonna do with you? Michael. We need to talk. In private. Avery looks adorable. I know, doesn’t she? Yeah. Oh, she has been talking about her costume for weeks.

[ Chuckles ] Ah. And she’s taking her role so seriously.

[ Both chuckle ] I-I-I know this is a difficult topic for both of us, but, um… do you have any more information about nikolas’ whereabouts? I don’t, unfortunately.

[ Sighs ] Do you think you’ll keep looking for him? I wanted to stay in europe and keep looking, but then I got that call from valentin about charlotte, and I knew I was needed at home. And also, kevin convinced me that nikolas will come home when he’s ready to face the people he left behind. Alright. What do you want? Well, ned knows that I’m the one who tipped off the sec. Okay, w-what does that have to do with me? Well, he wants information on aurora to use against you and drew, and if I give him that information, then he will keep taking the blame. You don’t know anything about aurora. What was ned thinking? Well, he thinks that I will find a way. That is why I’m talking to you. You need to help me get ned off my back. Okay. Why would I do that? Because, michael, think about it. This is like blackmail 101. If ned tells sonny, you will have nothing to hold over my head. If you want me to continue keeping my distance from my daughter and my grandchildren, you will help me out. See, I only kept quiet to protect willow. She’s gonna be devastated when she finds out what you did, but you know what? Maybe it’s just best to get it all over with. Alright, alright. I’ll play your game. If ned tells sonny the truth, then guess what. I’ll tell carly the truth that you knew that I was the real informant this whole time. And you never said anything.

[ Laughter ] Why are you so jumpy? Do you really need to ask me that question? First of all, we still don’t know who killed austin. And then there’s the fact that nikolas is alive, and he’s out there somewhere. I can only assume he’s plotting his revenge against me. Wh at are you not telling me?Something else happened? Donna: Did michael come back with the cookies? Uh, not yet, sweetheart, but he’ll be here any minute. So, donna, are you having fun with avery? You girls aren’t too cold, are you? No, we’re having a great time. But only one thing can make this christmas even better. What’s that, sweetheart? I want to open presents with avery for christmas, but avery has to be with her mom. Can ava and avery come over to join us? That’s a stiff one, tracy. How come you’re drinking alone? Why do you care that I’m drinking alone when you’re clearly doing the same thing? Well, I don’t know. I just figured that you’d be at the mansion with the servants and your family. ‘Course, they don’t like you any more than I do. Have you been overserved?

[ Sighs ] Maybe you should go home before you embarrass yourself further. Alright, tracy, I’m gonna raise the white flag right now. You know, I-I-it wasn’t that long ago, tracy, that I was your lawyer, and I got you out of that mess. They thought you killed that guy. But his assistant had done it. And then, remember, we got hot and heavy. I don’t know what you’re talking about. That doesn’t sound like something I’d do. I…can’t believe you’d forget the — the look on lee and gail’s face when they came in, they caught us going at it on top of my desk. That look was priceless. The only thing I remember was them asking me why I was slumming with you?

[ Sighs ] So you do remember. Correction. I’m trying

not to remember. What’s with the high hat all of a sudden? You’re the one that was married to luke, that no-good criminal jackass.

[ Sighs ] You have seriously miscalculated. If anything happens to me — I know all about your mobster ex-husband. I’m talking about the navy seal boyfriend. But sonny will kill you, too. Oh, yeah. You know, I was really starting to like you, carly spencer. Now that I’ve seen how you operate under duress? I like you even more. Sadly, we seem to be the victims of rotten timing. Get the hell away from me! Freeze! Hands where we can see them.

Donna, sweetheart, I know that you want to be with your sister on christmas, but — but your family is so big, and — and holiday gatherings can be tricky, you know? Yeah, that — that’s a great idea. Uh, why don’t you go ahead and let the grown-ups talk? Go try to find avery at the nativity? Yay! Yeah?

[ Chuckles ] Oh. Sonny, I-I know that the girls want to be together on christmas morning, but — but I-I know that the situation is prickly. And, please, don’t — don’t do this for me. Oh, I’m not doing it for you. I’m doing it for my daughters. Oh. Right. Yeah. Of course. Well, we won’t stay long. Right. ‘Cause I know this is your first christmas with nina as — as husband and wife. And I wouldn’t want to intrude on that. Oh, I-I really don’t think nina would mind at all. I mean, we’re gonna have so many christmases ahead of us. I can explain to my mother what I did and why, but can you do the same thing with my father? Okay, okay, I’m sorry. I-I shouldn’t have said that. Listen, it doesn’t have to be this way. Michael, willow and sonny, they don’t need to know. Can you just make up something about aurora so I can pass it on to ned? It helps both of us if sonny never finds out. Okay. Fine. I’ll take care of ned. Our marriage may not have worked out, ned, but we sure did raise one hell of a daughter. Agreed. Hm. What’s going on? What did I miss? Mm. Um, you didn’t miss anything. Your mom and I were just having a nice conversation. Nice conversations and quartermaines do not go together. Ah, but I am not a quartermaine. We were just talking about how much we love you, brook lynn. Aww, is that all?

[ Chuckles ] Mm.

[ Police radio chatter ] Dante, how did you know to come here? It was sam. She told me about the conversation you had about brennan. Thank you so much. Yeah. Of course. I’m just glad we got here in time. This is the evidence that brennan’s been desperate to get hold of. What’s the significance of the wallet? Okay, if you pull back the lining, and you look in there, there’s a sequence of numbers. Could be a swiss bank account. Yeah? Thanks. Long time, huh? You think they’ll invite frisco back to clean up your mess, ex-director brennan? Well, at least you’ve been exposed as a double agent. Now everyone knows who you really are. That’s right. But my past can’t come back to hurt me anymore. You almost killed a child. What have you got left? I have myself. Good luck, then. You’ll need it. Rotten timing. Uh, so, back there, you, uh, looked like you were ready to risk your life for mine. If it had come to that, I would have. Brennan’s right about one thing. I won’t allow anyone else to get hurt because of my mistakes. As if on cue. Scott baldwin can get under someone’s skin unlike anyone I’ve ever known. You know, I’d say I just wasted some premium vodka. But when a better use comes along, you go with it. I’ll send you the dry-cleaning bill. Kevin: Lucy. Lucy. Don’T. Whatever you’re thinking, whatever you’re scheming, I promise you it will not end well. Who? Me? I don’t know what you’re talking about, doc. You know, you really do worry too much.

[ Door closes ] Hey. Hey. Hey. Was that tracy quartermaine I just saw storming through the parking lot? Yes. Really? Yeah. So good to see you, but, um, I thought martin was coming with you. Ah, I’m so sorry, lucy, but martin is still participating in the living nativity at rice plaza. Oh, well, that — that’s great. You know, when you asked him, I did encourage him to do it. I just didn’t think it would go so late. Yeah, I’m sorry about that. I’m afraid that he’s not gonna be able to join us for dinner. Here’s the cookies. You did a great job in the living nativity. Can I share them? Yeah, of course you can. Oh, that is so sweet of you to offer. I did work up an appetite as a wise man. Hi. Hey, I was just about to look for you. Yeah, I’m so sorry. It’s just there was a minor crisis at the metro court, but I handled everything. You okay? Yeah. Everything I could possibly ever want is right here. Turns out serving as a wise man’s more arduous than I thought. Although, it does offer you a rather unique perspective on the living nativity. Donna, you did a stellar job tonight as our lamb. You did. Better behaved than the angels. Yeah, there was a tussle in the back. I think there was a dented halo. Yeah? But you knew exactly what to do, didn’t you? You made your way to the back of the manger. You filled in the gap.

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