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Finn: Let’s focus on the positive. Eric made it through the procedure.

Brooke: Thank god.

Ridge: He flatlined in recovery.

Bridgit: But ridge, he came back.

Ridge: Back. Is this– he may not call it that. I don’t know. Okay, fine. Walk me through it again.

Finn: Look, the procedure was going well. There was no adverse reactions from eric. I was just about to close him up when–

Bridgit: Finn, something’s wrong. Dad just started bleeding. You got to get this bleeding under control.

Finn: I couldn’t stop the bleeding.

Bridget: I thought we were gonna lose him right there on the operating table.

Finn: But bridget and I were finally able to stop the bleed. Eric stabilized and we took him off to recovery. And that’s when he crashed. Eric was gone.

Bridget: But he came back. These things just happen sometimes.

Ridge: These things just happen sometimes? He’s fighting for his life on an operating table. That shouldn’t have happened. I allowed it to happen.

Steffy: Dad, granddad’s alive. And once he recovers–

Ridge: If he recovers, steffy.

Finn: Ridge, I’m not gonna lie. Eric’s condition is critical.

Ridge: I know. He’s on a breathing tube. He’s got wires coming out of him.

Brooke: Ridge, he’s going to pull through this. We have to believe that.

Luna: Did you get any sleep last night?

Rj: No.

Luna: Thinking about eric?

Rj: Yeah. I prayed he makes a full recovery.

Luna: Well, um, what does– what does finn say?

Rj: He’s being realistic and he sounded grim, honestly. And we almost lost him last night. You know, he might not fully come back from that.

Luna: I am so sorry, rj. I know how much you love eric.

Rj: Yeah, I just can’t imagine going on without him.

Luna: Hey, well, there’s a good chance we might not have to do that. Look, I know that– that eric had to put up a good fight last night, but finn was able to start the experimental treatment and I don’t know, that could maybe help bring eric back home to us.

Rj: You know what I love about you?

Luna: What?

Rj: Your positivity.

Luna: Don’t worry, I got enough for the both of us.

Rj: So, um, are you having any second thoughts?

Luna: What? About last night?

Rj: Yeah.

Luna: No. You?

Rj: No, absolutely not. Hey, I’ll say it again. I love you.

Luna: I love you too.

Zende: Ahem! Okay to come in?

Rj: Yeah, you work here too.

Zende: I was just at the hospital.

Rj: How’s granddad?

Zende: No change. Still critical.

Luna: Were you able to see him?

Zende: Just through the window. He was there with donna, I didn’t want to interrupt them.

Rj: I feel terrible for her. I mean, they just got back together again, and now this.

Brooke: Yep. We’ll see you in a bit. Well, that was donna. She’s grabbing some things at the house so she can camp out here with eric.

Bridget: Aunt katie just texted, she’s on her way too.

Brooke: Why don’t you go home and get some sleep? You’ve been up all night.

Ridge: You know, I’ll get some sleep when dad wakes up. If he wakes up. He’s in there being kept alive by machines because of me.

Steffy: Dad, you did the right thing. Yes, granddad may have some challenges ahead, but if he comes back to us, it’ll be worth it.

Brooke: There’ll be a second chance.

Ridge: There’s no guarantees. Right, doc?

Finn: Look, I understand that this is terrifying and you feel guilty for not following eric’s wishes, but there were variables here that he was unaware of. One of them being this treatment. He has a chance now.

Ridge: There’s also a chance that he could die with a tube coming out of him. Sorry. You should just let him go peacefully. At bombas we make the comfiest socks, underwear, and t-shirts that feel good and most of all do good. Because when you purchase one, we donate one to those in need. Visit bombas.Com and get 20% off your first purchase. Bombas. Give the good.

Zende: I just don’t even understand a moment’s hesitation on ridge’s part about letting finn administer it. Instead, he wanted to take granddad off life support.

Rj: Okay. He didn’t want any of this. My dad didn’t ask to be granddad’s medical power of attorney. When he found out he was, he just wanted to do right by him. And what was that? What– what did granddad want? He didn’t want any heroics. He didn’t want to be hooked up to any machines. What about that is so hard for you to understand, man?

Zende: Well, could you have done it? Pulled the plug on your own granddad?

Rj: I don’t know. I don’t know, zende. I don’t know if I could have done that. This isn’t about me. This is about granddad trusting dad to make the right decision, okay.

Zende: Eventually. Lucky for us.

Luna: Hey, guys, this is a really difficult time for your family and for anyone who loves eric, but we have to remember what eric said to us. Remember? Be good to one another.

Zende: Okay. Thank you. But I’m still just trying to wrap my head around how ridge could be so cold. I mean, so heartless.

Rj: Cold and heartless? Are you being serious, right? Do you think he was being cold and heartless when he made the most tortured decision of his life? He wanted to do right by his dad. He wanted to do what he wished, which was no heroics, no machines. He didn’t want his dad to suffer, zende.

Zende: Yeah, none of us do. But to end it like that? To take him off the machines? To take away granddad’s only chance of recovery.

Rj: First of all, he said yes to the experimental treatment, so I don’t even know why we’re having this conversation. And second of all, if he would have done that, if he would have turned off the machines, I think it would have been an act of mercy. I think it would have been an act of love because that is what granddad wanted. That was what he wished for. And if my dad fulfilled that, he would have been honoring his father.

Ridge: It’s not fair, you know. Should’ve just let him go.

Brooke: Death isn’t the only possibility here. This treatment could give him a shot at getting his life back. How could you not take it?

Steffy: Brooke’s right. Granddad didn’t know there’d be another option after his disease took over. His wishes might have been different.

Finn: Exactly. Look, I knew the clock was ticking. I tried to beat it. I wanted to be able to present this treatment to eric so he could make the decision. I was just too late.

Bridget: Wait, hold on. That better not be blaming yourself for any of this. If my father survives, it will be because of this.

Ridge: This is not about survival.

Bridget: Ridge–

Ridge: No. It’s about quality of life. You know it is. You know what he wants. You know what he wants that to be and if he doesn’t have it, he doesn’t want to be here. You know that. There’s no guarantees it’s gonna be like that. That’s what you said.

Finn: Yeah. Guarantees are rare in my line of work. This treatment could work.

Bridget: Well, forgive me if I want to be selfish and I want my dad to stick around. I’m really grateful that you made that decision. I would have made the same choice.

Steffy: Same here.

Brooke: Stop being so hard on yourself. Everything you’ve done is out of love for your father ever since you found out he was sick.

Ridge: You know what I keep thinking about? He passed over. Maybe that’s what he wanted. Maybe he was at peace there. What do we do? We– we– we did this treatment. Pulled him back in. Treatment that we don’t even know if it’s gonna work. Here’s what we do know. This man is stuck in his body in there. He’s trapped in it. Maybe for the rest of his days. Because of me.

Steffy: You must be exhausted. You’ve been nonstop ever since my grandfather was brought in.

Finn: I just want to see him pull through.

Steffy: Yeah.

Finn: How are you holding up?

Steffy: I mean, it’s been a lot. Pretending that we didn’t know my grandfather was dying and then he just collapses right in front of us. We almost lost him. But now, there’s hope. Because of you. I– I can’t believe you’ve been working day and night trying to find a way to save my grandfather.

Finn: I just wanted to help, you know? Give it a shot. I just wish I would have figured it out sooner.

Steffy: What matters is that you’re giving my grandfather another chance. And we couldn’t be more grateful.

Finn: I just hope I’ve done enough to give eric back to you. Your family. Healthy and– healthy and whole.

Steffy: Yeah.

Luna: Hey, guys, this is an emotional time for everyone, okay? We should be supporting each other.

Rj: Listen, I– I don’t want to argue with you, but I’m not gonna allow you to make judgments about my father without defending him. I’m not gonna let that happen.

Zende: No. Fair enough. I’ll keep my opinions to myself.

Rj: Great.

Zende: I’m just so worried about granddad.

Rj: Yeah. So am I. I really hope this– this treatment works.

Zende: And nothing will be better.

Luna: Yeah, guys, this is the positivity that we need, okay? We just have to picture him strong and vital, just like he was when he was working on the collection.

Zende: I hate to think of it as unfinished. It should be out there in the world. One last masterpiece from the master.

[ Phone chiming ]

Ridge: You didn’t have to come all the way back here. I know you’re gonna be at the hospital with donna.

Brooke: I’ll go back there. I just want to make sure that you’re okay. I know that you’re struggling with the decision that you made.

Ridge: I just had to be here for a minute, you know. When dad comes back– when he comes– if he comes back, what if he’s not the same person? I just want to be here in this office. He spent the best years of his life here. And now, he’s in a hospital bed. And you know, I– I think about it all the time. Did I make the right choice? Letting finn do what he’s doing.

Brooke: Yes, you did. You are giving eric a second chance. Think about it ridge. When he comes back to us, he’s going to be so happy.

Ridge: Yeah?

Brooke: Yeah.

Rj: Hey. I got your uh, text. Is there any change with granddad?

Ridge: No.

Brooke: I’m gonna leave you two. If you need me, I’ll be at the hospital.

Ridge: Okay.

Brooke: Bye, honey.

Rj: Bye.

Brooke: Love you.

Ridge: It’s kind of nice walking in here, huh? Seeing how concerned everybody is. Everybody loves your granddad. But I gotta think, maybe they’re concerned about something else as well.

Rj: What? What do you mean?

Ridge: This company is the most important thing in your granddad’s life?

Rj: Definitely. What– what are you getting at?

Ridge: Well, in his absence, we got to find a way to keep it going. I’m gonna do that and I want you by my side. Rich chocolate candy and creamy caramel. That’

Finn: Okay. Um, thanks for the update. Call me if it does. No change in your grandfather’s condition.

Steffy: So, is that good or bad?

Finn: Unfortunately, only time will tell. I mean, it– it’s frustrating. I mean you’d think I’d be better at waiting by now. But, well, eric isn’t just another patient. He’s– he’s your grandfather. He’s– he’s family.

Steffy: Ever since we found out that my grandfather was sick, you– you’ve been working away trying to save him. And I love you so much for that, but it’s out of your hands now. Know that you’ve done everything in your power to try to save him. And I’ll never thank you enough for that.

Zende: You said you were always into fashion?

Luna: Yeah. Ever since I was a little girl.

Zende: What lit the spark?

Luna: Uh, my mom’s magazines. I mean, most of them would feature lifestyles that we could only dream of, but that was okay because my mom and I were dreamers. She loved art and music, but I gravitated more towards fashion. I mean, I taught myself about all the different designers, but forrester creations is the house that spoke to me the most.

Zende: And here you are.

Luna: Yeah. I mean, I still have to pinch myself. It was crazy just knowing that I was in the same building as eric forrester, but being able to help him put together a new collection? I mean, that’S… this experimental treatment has to work, zende.

Zende: We’ll do what you said and keep sending him love and light and positivity.

Luna: Yeah.

Zende: You know, it’s so touching how much you care about him.

Luna: Well, yeah, you can’t know eric and not love him.

Zende: True that. Granddad, I mean, he was always topping himself. He was still on a roll. I mean, look at this. This is exquisite, even unfinished.

Luna: He was constantly sketching, right up until the party. But he’s always full of ideas.

Zende: I intend to do whatever it takes to finish granddad’s collection.

Rj: What are you saying?

Ridge: Well, you know, better than anyone what this collection means to dad. It might be his best one. It may also be his last one. So, if it is– if this is his swan song, I wanna make sure everyone hears it.

Rj: So, what do you– you– you’re saying you just want to take what we have now and you want to display it somewhere?

Ridge: No. No, I don’T. I– I wanna finish it. I wanna finish his vision.

Rj: That’s admirable.

Ridge: Yeah. You think it’s worth doing?

Rj: Well, yeah. Absolutely.

Ridge: Me too. So, here’s the problem. I don’t know his vision because I wasn’t in the room. You were. So, what do you think? Father and son, you want to finish this collection?

Rj: Yeah.

Ridge: Yeah?

Rj: Yeah. Absolutely.

Ridge: You and me.

Rj: You and me, yeah.

Ridge: Okay. You and me. We’re gonna make granddad proud.

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