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Harris wakes up in bed with Stephanie and wonders what he has done..

Nicole joins EJ in the living room of the DiMera Mansion and tells him that she’s going for a walk around the lake to get some fresh air. EJ offers to go with her but Nicole assures that she will be fine on her own as she is feeling a bit better this morning. Nicole admits last night was hard but says now that she knows their baby is at peace, she is at peace too. Nicole says she will be back soon and kisses EJ. EJ tells her to have fun and sits down with his phone as Nicole exits the mansion. Nicole stops and looks at the spot where she and EJ scattered the ashes and thinks back to last night.

Eric and Sloan are woken up by Jude crying. Eric starts to get up but Sloan stops him and says he did all the changing and needs his sleep. Sloan decides taking Jude for a walk might put him to sleep so she brings him to the stroller. Sloan tells Eric that she will stop by the bakery for coffee and donuts. Sloan then takes Jude and exits as Eric tries to go back to sleep.

Leo sleeps on a park bench until he’s woken up by kids throwing something at him. Leo complains that they ruined a great dream where an evil demon was about to get her comeuppance. Leo declares that she will get it in real life because Sloan has it coming and it’s going to come on hard.

Sloan walks through the town square with her baby Jude until she gets a call from Leo. Sloan asks what he wants. Leo responds that he wants her head on a platter. Sloan says she’s with the baby and can’t talk right now. Leo remarks that she means she’s with Nicole’s baby. Sloan repeats that it’s not a good time. Leo warns that it will be much worse if she doesn’t listen. Leo knows she already knows that Dimitri was sent to super max, so he doesn’t know when or if he will see him again. Sloan says she’s really sorry but there’s nothing she can do in a federal prison. Leo argues that she should’ve done something before he was sent there because she promised that if he turned himself in, she would have the most serious charges dropped. Sloan tells Leo to stop yelling and asks what he wants from her. Leo says he already told her that he wants money and power which still won’t make up for the fact that he’s not with Dimitri, so he will hate her for the rest of his life. Sloan gets that he’s upset but says she needs time to figure things out. Leo threatens to put it out to the world that the baby’s real parents are Nicole and EJ. Sloan pleads with him. Leo warns to get him everything he requested or he will make sure she is suffering the same pain that he is suffering right now. Leo then hangs up.

Marlena and Roman sit together at the Brady Pub, talking about how they’ve never seen Eric so happy. Marlena calls it wonderful to have a new grandchild. Roman jokes about going through the toy store daily. They relate to scrolling through pictures of the baby. Marlena talks about having so much to look forward to. Marlena knows they were skeptical in the beginning about the relationship since Eric had broken up with Nicole and they had their concerns about Sloan, but she thinks they are going to do all they can to make this relationship work. Roman states that they are a family now, so he hopes they can for the baby. Marlena hopes they can really enjoy the happiness that a new baby brings.

Sloan gets baby Jude to fall asleep. Sloan looks through her purse and realizes she left her wallet at the Bakery. Sloan leaves Jude in his stroller and goes back to the Bakery to get her wallet. After she walks away, someone appears in black gloves and steals the stroller. Sloan returns and begins to panic, shouting for help as someone stole her baby.

Harris gets upset by a text message which wakes up Stephanie. Stephanie wakes up confused, questioning what happened. Harris tells her that they can talk later as he has to go to the police station because there’s been a baby abduction.

Eric is woken up by a phone call from Sloan, who tells him that the baby is gone. Sloan cries that someone took him after she took her eyes off of him for five seconds. Sloan tells Eric that she’s in the town square and someone stole their baby boy.

Marlena tells Roman that she wonders how Sloan will handle everything with her career. Roman states that he can’t see Sloan giving that up as she’s very ambitious and driven, but raising an infant is a very demanding job. Marlena gets a call from Eric and says they were just talking about him. Eric informs her that Jude has been kidnapped.

EJ remains at home when he gets an alert on his phone about another missing baby.

Rafe and Harris walk through the town square. Rafe says he’ll get Sloan’s statement while Harris interviews witnesses. Sloan cries for Rafe to help her and explains that she left her baby in the stroller as she went in to the Bakery for five seconds and when she came back out, he was gone. Sloan cries asking where her baby is as Rafe hugs her. Eric then arrives and hugs Sloan, asking what’s going on. Sloan explains that she went back to the Bakery to get her wallet and questions what kind of mother leaves her baby. Eric tells her to calm down and answer Rafe’s questions. Rafe asks if she saw anyone nearby. Sloan cries that she didn’t and says she was on the phone with a coffee in her other hand so she was distracted. Sloan talks about how Jude had just went to sleep she didn’t want to wake him up and left him alone. Harris comes over and says he interviewed a few people but they didn’t see anything. Harris asks if Sloan has any idea who might have done this. Sloan claims she doesn’t know anybody. Eric asks to talk to Rafe so they step aside. Eric tells Rafe that he hates to even think it, but brings up Nicole once taking Sami’s baby. Rafe says he will head to the DiMera Mansion now to talk to her.

EJ calls Nicole and leaves a message, saying she must be having a nice walk as she’s been gone a long time. EJ suggests they have brunch when she gets back and asks her to check in as he’s getting a bit worried.

Stephanie comes downstairs at the Pub and sneaks out the back door which Leo sees as he enters the Pub with the baby stroller. Leo calls that interesting, questioning why Stephanie would spend the night at the Pub.

Stephanie runs in to Tripp in the park and tells him that she had a rough night and did something really stupid. Tripp asks if she wants to talk about it since his shift doesn’t start for awhile. Stephanie calls that kind of him but says it’s kind of fuzzy so she doesn’t want to get into it. Stephanie adds that she has a massive headache and a wicked hangover. Stephanie asks if Tripp has a cure to recommend. Tripp brings up a smoothie that Wendy swears by but Stephanie feels that will make it worse. Stephanie says that’s enough about her stupidity and asks how Tripp has been. Tripp says he’s been good and working long hours. Tripp mentions that Steve told him that she was moving back in with he and Kayla. Stephanie complains about Steve telling everyone everything. Tripp points out that he is her brother, so he should know these things. Stephanie agrees and apologizes as she just feels awful about it. Tripp asks what made her move out of her place with Chad since Steve didn’t give him the details on that. Stephanie informs him that Chad was insanely jealous of her ex, Everett, who came to Salem, sort of to find her but also for a job at the Spectator. Stephanie explains that she and Everett started working together and Chad didn’t like that, so he bought Gwen’s half of the paper just to fire Everett. Tripp calls that pretty extreme and crappy. Stephanie says for her, it was the last straw.

EJ answers the door at the DiMera Mansion to see Rafe. Rafe asks if Nicole is there and says he’s called but it’s gone straight to voicemail. EJ informs him that she went for a walk and asks how he can help. Rafe mentions the kidnapping which EJ says he saw the alert. Rafe informs him that it was Eric and Sloan’s baby that was taken from the town square. EJ is shocked and says they just saw them last night. Rafe asks if he has any idea when Nicole will be back. EJ says he’s not sure but questions if Nicole is a suspect in the kidnapping. Rafe says he’s just trying to find the baby. EJ questions if he thinks Nicole is capable of this when they just scattered the ashes of their baby last night. EJ states that for the first time, Nicole is at peace and went to give Eric and Sloan a gift last night, to say sorry for the pain she caused. Rafe says he’s glad she’s at peace but he still needs to talk to her. EJ argues that Nicole doesn’t need this right now as she’s been through enough already and declares that she had nothing to do with the kidnapping. EJ yells at Rafe to go find the actual culprit and leave them the hell alone.

Sloan and Eric meet Roman and Marlena at the police station. Sloan asks them not to judge her as she knows she shouldn’t have left her baby alone. Marlena encourages that no one is blaming her and she doesn’t want her to blame herself. Marlena says the important thing is finding the baby and that should be everyone’s focus right now. Harris sits with Sloan and says they will be posting photos up everywhere. Sloan doesn’t understand how a baby just disappears and cries that she turned her back for just a few seconds. Leo then arrives at the station with the stroller. Sloan can’t believe it was him. Leo then claims that he just found the stroller in an alley but there was no baby inside. Leo claims he wishes he had found her baby since she’s his lawyer and got him out of jail, so he owes her everything.

Rafe understands that EJ has been through his own personal Hell in losing his son but clarifies that he’s not accusing Nicole of anything and just needs to talk to her. Rafe tells EJ to just be rational and that he’s just doing his job. EJ says okay but points out that Nicole is not around. EJ remembers putting a locator on her phone and uses it to find out where she is. EJ then discovers that her phone is still in the house which means she left it and that’s why she’s not answering his calls. Rafe points out that Nicole’s car is still in the driveway which EJ notes doesn’t make sense since she said she was going to the lake and she would’ve had to have driven there. Rafe points out that the lake is next to the town square. EJ repeats that Nicole did not kidnap that child. EJ asks where Nicole would’ve taken him without a vehicle. EJ tells Rafe to focus on trying to find Nicole instead. EJ wonders why she left her phone and where the hell she could’ve disappeared to.

Tripp tells Stephanie that he’s so sorry for what she’s going through. Tripp questions Chad feeling so threatened by Everett that he’d resort to getting him fired. Stephanie doesn’t think Chad would be as threatened if they weren’t already having serious problems. Tripp didn’t know that as they seemed so happy together. Stephanie responds that they were, but Chad’s still grieving Abigail and still thinks of her as the love of his life. Tripp knows that had to be very tough on her which Stephanie confirms. Stephanie adds that she just found out a couple days ago that before the accident, Everett was going to propose and bought an engagement ring for her, so when he came to Salem, he thought he’d put it on her finger but she was with Chad. Tripp asks if now she thinks she and Everett might get back together now that she and Chad have broken up or if she’s hoping that she and Chad can work things out.

Harris thanks Leo and says he’ll have the stroller dusted for prints. Harris tells Leo to let him know if he remembers anything to help find the baby. Leo remarks that he’s so sorry about this turn of events and says he’ll be praying for all of them as he leaves the station. Sloan claims she needs to go freshen up, so she exits. Eric tells Roman and Marlena to go home and rest, but Roman doesn’t think they will rest much until they find the baby. Marlena encourages Eric to stay positive as she hugs him. Eric says he’ll keep them posted if he hears anything. Roman encourages that they will find the baby as he hugs Eric. Roman and Marlena then exit together.

Sloan confronts Leo in the interrogation room, accusing him of stealing her baby to get her to concede to his blackmail demands. Leo questions how that makes sense when he brought the stroller in. Sloan argues that he’s trying to deflect suspicion from himself. Leo insists that he brought the evidence in so that the child could be found. Leo adds that if Sloan really thought he had the baby, she would’ve told the police that and explained what his motive would be, but she couldn’t do that because then she’d have to admit it’s not her baby and her entire world would be blown up. Sloan declares that she’s done talking to him. Leo remarks that she’s not fit to be a mother, calling her mean and selfish. Leo adds that maybe he does know where the baby is. Sloan demands Leo tell her. Leo asks why he should tell her when he asks and asks but doesn’t receive. Sloan asks what he wants. Leo says a place to live would be nice along with a boyfriend and savings account. Leo warns that all he has is her dirty little secret which he can blow out of the water any time he chooses. Leo tells her that the clock is ticking and then storms out.

EJ tells Rafe that the servants are searching the house for Nicole’s phone but there’s no sign of it yet. Rafe adds that he made some calls and she didn’t take public transportation. EJ notes that her clothes are still there. EJ knows Rafe is thinking it’s too much of a coincidence that Nicole and the baby went missing at the same time, especially given Nicole’s history. EJ insists that someone must have taken Nicole to get to him, suggesting Clyde Weston or Ava. EJ tells Rafe to find his wife and bring her back to him. Rafe assures that he’s doing his damndest and decides he’ll try to have Wendy geo locate her. Rafe says he’ll be in touch and exits. EJ wonders where Nicole could be. EJ then looks over at the tunnels and wonders if it’s possible, so he goes to enter the secret passage.

Stephanie tells Tripp that she’s really worried about Chad’s kids, Thomas and Charlotte, as she loves them so much and they already lost their mom so suddenly and tragically. Stephanie says they didn’t love her in the same way, but she knows she was like a mother figure to them. Tripp tells Stephanie that she has to do what feels right for her and no one else. Tripp knows the kids will be really sad for awhile but encourages that they will be okay. Tripp goes over Stephanie finding out that Everett hadn’t ghosted her and planned to propose, but she stayed with Chad. Stephanie assures that she loved Chad and that she would be fickle to fall out love with him and in with someone else. Tripp asks if she’s talked to Chad. Stephanie explains that he came to see her last night but Alex was there and Chad jumped to the wrong conclusion and acted like a jerk, so she left the two of them there. Stephanie thinks back to kissing Harris. Tripp asks her what happened. Stephanie says she had too much to drink and that’s how she ended up in the state she’s in. Tripp says Chad showed up so he must have had something to say and asks if she wants to know what that was. Tripp suggests she call Chad and talk to him. Tripp says they are both really good people and seemed to have something great going on, so he encourages her not to throw it away so easily. Stephanie thanks him for the brotherly advice. Tripp wants her to be happy and tells her to take care of herself which means no drinking tonight. Tripp says he has to get to work as they hug. Tripp then walks away. Stephanie then pulls out her phone and calls Everett. Stephanie asks how he’s doing and says she hoped they could grab a coffee.

Rafe returns to the police station and tells Harris that there’s no news on the baby and no luck at the DiMera Mansion while now Nicole is missing. Harris asks if he thinks Nicole took the baby. Rafe says he would suspect that but her car is still at the house along with her clothes and her phone.

EJ goes down the tunnels to the wine cellar searching for Nicole.

Sloan paces in the interrogation room and thinks back to arguing with Leo on the phone. Sloan tells herself that Leo took the baby to blackmail her, so now she has to tell them the truth as she exits the room. Eric tells Sloan that he was getting worried and asks what’s going on. Sloan tells Eric that there is something she needs to tell him.

EJ enters the wine cellar and finds Nicole with the baby. Nicole tells EJ that she’s so sorry as he hugs her.

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