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Bridget: Finn. Finn, something’s wrong.

Finn: He’s hemorrhaging. I need the cautery pen. He’s already lost enough blood as it is.

Bridget: Hold on.

Finn: Damn it. Increase T.X.A. To 500 milligrams go again

Bridget: Finn, it’s not working.

Finn: I’m trying to find the source. Can you clamp?

Bridget: Clamp.

Nurse: Vitals are dropping.

Bridget: Dad, stay with us. Stay with us. You’re gonna be okay.

Finn: Can’t stop the bleeding.

Nicholas: Pressure’s dropping.

Finn: 10 mg of ephedrine.

Nicholas: Okay.

Bridget: Just keep going. Just keep fighting, dad.

Nurse: Patient is hypoxic and tachycardia.

Finn: Come on, eric. Come on, eric.

Bridget: We can’t lose him. Finn, we cannot lose my father

Thorne: They almost lost him.

Donna: Don’t worry, he’s going to make it through and then they come. And everything’s gonna be okay.

Ridge: I only did what I thought dad would want to do for himself.

Steffy: We know.

Brooke: Eric trusted you with this, ridge. This is a huge responsibility. It would have been difficult for any of us to make that decision.

Thorne: No, brooke, I don’t think donna and i would have hesitated to tell finn to try the surgery. To try anything for that matter.

Ridge: You heard him right?

He had made his peace.

Donna: Because he didn’t know, ridge. He didn’t know what finn was working on. He didn’t know that there was a way out of this.

Ridge: A way what? I’m sorry, dad may never be the same again. ‘Cause if you’re willing to do anything. You’ve gotta be prepared for anything, maybe we should’ve just let him go.

Bridget: We gotta get this bleeding under control.

Finn: I’m trying.

Bridget: We can’t sustain this.

Finn: We are not giving up.

Bridget: We cannot lose my father, finn.

R.J.: What is it? Why are you being so shy? Show me.

Luna: I don’t know, it’s just– it’s weirding me out. Because I wanted to do something nice, okay? And in the moment I thought it was, but now I just– I don’t know,

R.J.: Just show it to me. I don’T…

Luna: I wanted you to have something. It’s just, it’s a– it’s a really special memory.

R.J.: Of what?

Luna: I know that your grandfather is fighting for his life right now at the hospital. So I just– I hope that you don’t think this is inappropriate. I–

R.J.: It’s not at all. Thank you. Thank you.

R.J.: When did you take this?

Luna: Right before the fashion challenge. Um, I don’t know. You and your grandfather were just so in sync. I just wanted to capture the moment. I didn’t– I didn’t realize at the time how– how special this photo would end up being.

R.J.: No, this is… this was a really special moment. Thank you. You always seem to know exactly what I need. It’s okay.

Steffy: Look dad, I know you’re struggling with this. But it isn’t good to second guess. You did the right thing.

Ridge: Did I? Or was I just too much of a coward to give him what he asked for?

Steffy: I have faith in my husband. His ability as a doctor. I really believe granddad is going to pull through.

Donna: I really hope so. Because I don’t know what I’d do if he doesn’T.

Thorne: And I am not ready to say goodbye.

Brooke: Well, steffy’s right. Eric is in good hands. And bridget is in there watching over him too. So we need to just focus on that. Just stay positive. There’s nothing else we can do for him right now. So, at least we can do that, right?

Donna: Yeah.

Nurse: His vitals.

Finn: We see.

Nurse: I’m calling for extra support.

Bridget: Keep fighting, dad.

Finn: His numbers are too low.

Bridget: Come on, dad. You can do this. You can beat this.

Finn: Come on, eric. Pull through this.

Bridget: Clamp.

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R.J.: I’m glad I got this time with him. Helping him. You know, with his collection. Thank you for capturing this. Seriously.

Luna: Yeah, I can make a copy if you want. And I can frame it for your grandfather. And we can give it to him once he gets out of the hospital.

R.J.: That’d be awesome.

Luna: Yeah, you two made quite a team.

R.J.: We did. We did. You know it was fun. And then it got even better when you came along. For sure. It was– that was fun. Wasn’t it? It was– it was fun being in– in granddad’s living room and you know working on that collection, right?

Luna: Yeah. It’s something I’ll remember for the rest of my life. But you wanna know what my favorite part was?

R.J.: Yeah?

Luna: It was getting to see you rise to the challenge. I mean, you really came through for your grandfather.

R.J.: Yeah, I like– I– I tried. I did– I did my best. I– I– you know, the whole experience definitely helped me find the inner designer, I guess. That I have, I don’t know… it really helped me find my calling.

Luna: Yeah. I think so too.

R.J.: You know, I didn’t, um… I didn’t really feel like I belonged before. Here, especially, you know, I didn’t really feel like I had a sense. Or– or a purpose and then I– I met you and everything’s really clicked in since then. Seriously. I don’t really feel like that was uh… that was an accident.

Donna: Why is this taking so long? Why?

Thorne: That could be a good sign, though. Or a bad one.

Brooke: Hey, I said we’re thinking positively and I meant it.

Thorne: Well, in terms of signs that can’t be good.

Donna: Oh my god. I hope something–

Steffy: They could be headed anywhere.

Ridge: Excuse me? Is there something going on in the O.R.?

Nurse: There’s been a complication.

Donna: Complication? What do you mean? Complication?

Nurse: Some unexpected bleeding. All I know is–

Thorne: Will he be okay?

Steffy: Is he gonna make it?

Nurse: Dr. Finnegan and dr. Forrester are doing all they can. I’m sure one of them will be out to update you soon.

Ridge: This is exactly what I didn’t want. Is this how it ends? Dad struggling and fighting on an operating table.

Nurse: The pressure’s still dropping.

Finn: Let’s add norepinephrine.

Nicholas: On it.

Bridget: I need an extra set of hands here. Here. Put pressure right there. Right there. Put it– put it in. Take the suction. Do you see it?

Finn: That’s it right there. Clamp. Let’s get a clamp. Clamp it. Right there.

Bridget: Got it. Got it, got it.

Finn: Right there. Fine. There you go.

Bridget: I think we got it. Oh, thank god.

Finn: Nice job.

Bridget: You too, doctor. I never thought we were gonna get that bleeding to stop.

Finn: Well, you’re the one that did it. All right. Let’s go 3-o suture. Let’s close him up and update everyone.

Bridget I– I know there are no guarantees. But this would have never ever happened without you. I know that. Thank you for trying to save my dad’s life.

Finn: I couldn’t let eric give up. He’s too important to us all. We’ve done our part. Now we wait, the rest is up to him.

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Luna: Is this okay?

R.J.: Is what okay?

Luna: Um, well, I’m– I’m just an intern here. And I know how lucky I am to have my foot in the door. Especially at forrester. I mean, seriously, I know how much of a big deal this is for me. I just… I don’t want to do anything that’s gonna jeopardize my position here or– or my future career. You know, I– I wanna be the best intern that I can be. So I guess I just, um… I, sometimes– I get concerned.

R.J.: What? What are you concerned– are you concerned about us?

Luna: Um, when I look at you I just want you to be kissing me and holding me and just never letting me go. Look, I’ve– I’ve never had a serious boyfriend or anything like that. You know, I– I always just I– I– I stayed focused on school and I, I figured that, you know, if I waited the right guy would… you’re the right guy, R.J.

Bridget: Great job, dad.

Finn: Five star patient.

Bridget: Yes, sir.

Nurse: I’ll take him up to recovery. I know you guys have family you wanna see.

Bridget: I appreciate that. Thank you very much.

Finn: We gotta be careful, bridget. Not to make promises. Yes, your dad survived the surgery but I don’t want to undersell how difficult his recovery might be.

Bridget: I agree. I agree. There are no guarantees here. I’m just so grateful he got his chance now. We could have lost him today. We’ll see you really soon, dad. Right now, we have some good news to go share.

Finn: Okay. Great work, everyone. All right. Thank you.

Bridget: Thank you.

Thorne: Unexpected bleeding? What does that even mean?

Steffy: Whatever’s happening, finn can handle it.

Brooke: Eric will survive this. He will.

Donna: I– I just pray that we get to see him again.

Ridge: I hope so.

Steffy: Finn, we heard something went wrong.

Thorne: Is dad okay? Did he pull through?

Donna: Please tell me he’s still with us.

Finn: There was a complication but we handled it. Actually bridget was the one who was able to stop the bleeding. But eric survived the surgery.

Steffy: Oh, my god.

Bridge: Dad pulled through.

Donna: Thank god

Bridget: All the credit goes to finn. You should see him in the operating room. He’s exceptional.

Ridge: So he’s– he’s fine? He’s not in danger anymore?

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Luna: God, I’m making such a fool out of myself. This is not about me. You’re worried about your grandfather

R.J.: You– you are not making a fool out of yourself. Thank you for being here for me. Okay?

Luna: Are you kidding me? I’m the one that should be thanking you. I mean, you’ve taught me so much about the fashion industry.

R.J.: And you’ve taught me something so much more important.

Luna: What’s that?

R.J.: How to love someone in a way I haven’t before. I mean, I– I love my family. I love my parents, but this… this is really new to me too. And I– I– I never wanna lose it. Ever. What?

Luna: Ditto.

R.J.: Ditto?

Luna: R.J., Please. Okay? I’ve– I’ve never expressed my feelings like this or opened myself up like this. Okay? I’m trying.

R.J.: Okay.

Luna: Oh. I remember the first moment that I saw you. I was walking into the forrester estate and you turned and you looked at me and I swear to god. I mean, I think I lost my breath for a second. Just your smile and your eyes and just the kindness in them. And I still feel this way whenever I’m around you. Like, seriously right now, I’m struggling to breathe. Um, I don’t– I don’t know what they call it. Actually, I do. I love you.

Ridge: Wait and see. That’s all you got for us?

Steffy: Dad.

Finn: Yeah. Ridge, we wait. We hope and we pray that after this surgery, eric makes a full recovery.

Bridget: We send him love and light. That’s all we can do

Bridget: Dad, stay with us. Do not– finn.

Stephanie: Eric, sweetheart? Hello. I’ve missed you so much. Eric, it’s going to be alright. It’s going to be okay. Everything’s going to be fine. Everyone’s been praying for you. Oh, my god, I can’t believe this. Home, sweetheart. You’re here. You’re home. You’re safe. You’re home. Oh, my god, I can’t believe this. Home, sweetheart. You’re here. You’re home. You’re safe. You’re home.

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