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Chad sits in the town square with his tablet on the Spectator article about there being no new leads in the kidnapping of Sarah’s baby. Chad calls it unbelievable that they’ve ran the same story five times with nothing new to report and declares they have to do better. Alex walks through the town square and stops when he sees Chad. Alex approaches and tells Chad that he knows he was avoiding him in the gym this morning and that he obviously doesn’t want to talk about it, but he just wanted to say he’s sorry about he and Stephanie.

Steve and Stephanie are on their laptops at home. Steve decides it’s time for a break and that he’s going to take a walk to get some fresh air. Steve invites Stephanie to join him but she says she has a lot to do. Steve knows she doesn’t want to talk to him about what happened with Chad. Steve knows she was hoping that Chad was the one and says that he and Kayla were too. Steve tells her that she gave it a good go, put her cards on the table, and told Chad the commitment that she expected. Steve declares that Chad didn’t deliver and if that’s not going to change, then moving out was the right thing to do. Steve tells Stephanie that she deserves someone who will give her exactly what she wants and needs.

Eric walks past the Brady Pub with baby Jude in his stroller. Eric talks to Jude about where his great grandpa Shawn used to take them fishing nearby and they will do the same one day. Jada comes out from the Pub with a box and runs in to Eric.

EJ sits with Nicole in the park and tells her that Leo Stark darkening their doorstep was the last thing either of them needed. Nicole thinks back to Leo suggesting it wasn’t true that he couldn’t bring her son back. Nicole wonders what Leo could have possibly meant about their baby, saying he didn’t die. EJ remarks that he doesn’t believe whatever Leo meant because he’s bad news, so he figures Leo was just trying to exploit their grief. Nicole questions how anyone could be so cruel.

Leo goes Sloan’s apartment. Sloan questions what kind of trouble he got into after just getting out of jail yesterday. Leo informs her that he was assaulted and humiliated because of her. Leo declares that this is all Sloan’s fault.

Chad tells Alex that he’s so full of it, not believing that he’s sorry about he and Stephanie. Alex clarifies that he’s sorry that Stephanie got hurt and asks what Chad did. Chad responds that it’s none of his business. Alex questions why Stephanie moved out. Chad insists that he didn’t do anything and tells him that it’s because her ex has been lurking around Salem and admitted that he wants her back, so he refused to tolerate that. Chad then reveals that he bought Gwen’s half of the Spectator and fired Everett. Alex calls that ruthless and guesses he thought they wouldn’t find out he was behind it. Alex points out Stephanie being smart and Everett being an investigative reporter. Alex thought Chad learned that the jealous caveman routine isn’t what Stephanie is in to. Chad doesn’t want to hear Alex’s take, feeling he’s just going to swoop in. Alex tells him to relax as he’s with Theresa now. Chad remarks that it’s never stopped him and he might could even get another threesome. Alex questions the whole town knowing about that. Alex states that he doesn’t want Stephanie and that Chad does, but screwed it up, so he tells him not to take it out on him. Chad admits that he is taking it out on him and apologizes. Chad admits that he blew it and the only person he can be mad at is himself.

Stephanie tells Steve that she knows she did the right thing, especially how Chad treated Everett and how he was willing to turn Everett’s life upside down out of jealousy. Stephanie argues that Chad had no reason to be jealous as she told him multiple times that she wasn’t interested in getting back with Everett because she was fully committed to her relationship with Chad. Steve assumes that she still loves Chad. Stephanie calls that not relevant at the moment. Steve argues that it’s always relevant because if she loves Chad and he did what he did because he loves her and didn’t want to lose her, then maybe she could give him another chance.

Jada comments on Eric having his hands full and congratulates him. Eric thanks her and introduces her to Jude, which Jada calls a sweet name. Jada tells Eric that she’s glad things worked out for him and that Jude is a very lucky kid. Jada says she’s very happy for him. Eric thanks her and asks about her box. Jada reveals that Rafe asked her to move in with him. Eric assumes that means she said yes.

Nicole tells EJ that she can’t help but wonder what Leo would have to gain by telling them that their baby is alive. EJ says who knows what scheme he is cooking up with Dimitri. EJ points out that Leo is desperate with no job, home, or income and the love of his life was just put away for the better part of a decade. EJ is sure that Leo was just trying to extract some cash from the DiMeras. Nicole guesses that must be it. EJ calls it a horrible timing to give Nicole false hope when she just accepted the truth. EJ asks if Nicole isn’t wavering on that anymore. Nicole assures that she saw it in black and white with the DNA test, but she can’t stop herself from wondering if there couldn’t be anything to what Leo said.

Sloan questions Leo saying it’s her fault that he got in to a fight because she got him out of going to prison. Sloan calls that a stretch. Leo responds that he got clobbered because he had an attack of conscience and was willing to do the right thing and make a huge sacrifice. Leo reveals that the love of his life told him Sloan’s dirty little secret about Nicole’s baby.

EJ is sure there is no truth to whatever Leo was trying to tell them. EJ brings up that Leo was recently incarcerated and facing felony murder charges for their baby’s death, so if there was any chance he was alive, Leo would’ve sung like a canary then. EJ informs Nicole that after she left, Leo snuck back in through the underground tunnels and he had to punch him in the face just to get rid of him. Nicole says she’s sorry he had to deal with that. EJ admits it didn’t do his blood pressure any good. EJ complains that he knew he shouldn’t have agreed to the deal with Sloan to get Leo free because he doesn’t deserve to be free and Nicole doesn’t deserve to have to see him around town. Nicole insists that she’s fine. EJ questions her being upset. Nicole admits that she saw Eric and the baby right before EJ got there. Nicole says it’s too much for her but she is happy for Eric. Nicole adds that she can’t help but feel compelled to want to do something for Eric and Sloan because she feels terrible for what she put them through. EJ argues that she is the one who has been through hell. Nicole decides she’s going to the town square and she’ll be right back. EJ offers to go with her but Nicole says this isn’t something that he can help her with as she then walks away.

Sloan claims not to know what Leo is talking about. Leo informs her that Dimitri told him everything, starting with how he gave her Nicole’s baby to bring to the hospital. Sloan argues that Dimitri promised her. Leo says that Dimitri told him that if he used it against Sloan, she’d give him anything in the world to keep him quiet. Leo states that he delivered the baby and it changed him forever. Leo then reveals that he tried to tell EJ and Nicole the truth but EJ threw him out, punched him, and wouldn’t believe a word out of his mouth so he never got to say that their baby is alive. Sloan thanks God but Leo tells her not to thank God yet. Leo declares that he’s here now because fate is telling him that he should use what Dimitri told him to blackmail the hell out of Sloan.

Jada informs Eric that she hasn’t given Rafe an answer about moving in with him but she’s just getting rid of things in case she does decide to. Eric is glad things are going well with her and Rafe. Jada responds that she hopes to keep it that way, mentioning that she hasn’t lived with anyone since her ex-husband and he knows how that ended. Eric says it was really good catching up and wishes her the best. Jada wishes him the same.

Chad talks to Xander on the phone, saying he knows Everett is a great editor-in-chief which is why he hired him back. Chad states that restoring the reputation of the Spectator is important to him too because it was important to Abigail. Paulina approaches so Chad hangs up and asks what he can do for her. Paulina responds that he and Stephanie can both do plenty.

Stephanie tells Steve that for now, she just wants to focus on work and doing some things that she’s been putting off like friendships she’s neglected. Steve calls that a good plan and assures that she can stay for as long as she likes because he’s happy to have her. Steve hopes she makes peace with whatever decisions she makes about where to live and about Chad. Steve says he’s going to take his walk and he’ll see her at dinner. Stephanie tells him that she will cook. Steve hugs her and says he loves her. Stephanie says she loves him too. Steve then goes to leave right as Alex shows up at the door. Steve guesses he’s not there to see him.

Chad tells Paulina that there is something he should tell her but Paulina goes ahead and explains that she wants to hire SJPR as her leads for her campaign if they can juggle it with their other projects in Salem. Paulina adds that she was just about to call Stephanie before she saw him. Chad suggests she just call Stephanie directly, so Paulina asks if something is wrong. Chad reveals that Stephanie moved out and they haven’t really had time to discuss the status of their business relationship yet.

Steve tells Alex that he was just on his way out. Alex asks if it’s okay if he speaks with Stephanie. Stephanie assures that she’s got this. Steve advises her to stay strong as he then exits. Stephanie tells Alex that she was just telling Steve that she just wants to focus on work now and some stuff that she’s been neglecting. Alex assures that he wasn’t trying to come win her back and reminds her that he’s dating her cousin. Stephanie jokes about Alex playing the field. Alex clarifies that he came to return her water bottle that she left at the gym which Stephanie admits that she was looking for.

Leo tells Sloan that he owns her now, so she is going to obey him like a well-trained hound and give him whatever he asks for if she wants to keep her son. Leo declares that Sloan is first to get Dimitri out of prison. Sloan calls that impossible. Leo demands she make it possible. Sloan argues that she already got him the best deal possible and had the most serious charges against him dropped which Leo says is not enough. Sloan asks if he wants money, a job, or a place to live. Leo says he’ll take all of the above and he’s dead serious. Leo threatens to write a detailed story about how Nicole is her baby’s real mother. Eric then comes home with Jude and questions what the hell is going on here.

Paulina is sad to hear about Chad and Stephanie. Chad admits he screwed up and he tried to fix it but it was too late, so she moved out and just gave the key to their neighbor, Alex. Chad is sure she knew that would be icing on the cake. Paulina says she’s hardly in a position to give relationship advice since her husband doesn’t remember a thing about their life together, but they are still trucking along. Paulina asks what Stephanie is saying about all of this. Chad responds that he got the message loud and clear that she doesn’t want to talk. Paulina argues that she does want to talk since she loves him and that Chad needs to make it clear that he’s very sorry for whatever he did. Paulina tells Chad to go do something about it.

Stephanie tells Alex that she appreciates him returning her water bottle but she has work to do. Alex stops and says he should tell her that he ran in to Chad earlier and he told him what happened. Alex says that for what it’s worth, Chad knows that he was an ass and he thinks he’d really like to apologize if she was willing to hear it. Stephanie responds that she’s not. Stephanie declares that the only person he should be apologizing to is Everett. Alex says maybe at some point, but assures that Chad understands what he did was wrong and he regrets it as he obviously loves her. Alex adds that Chad looks really miserable over what happened. Alex says he hates getting in between but remarks that it looks like Stephanie is kind of miserable too, so he asks if he’s sure this is what she really wants.

Steve runs in to Jada at the Pub. Jada hugs him and thanks him for inviting her to dinner recently but says work has been crazy. Steve tells her that she has a standing invitation and asks how she’s been doing. Jada claims she’s fine but Steve says she can talk to him and asks what’s on her mind. Jada then admits she’s having a rough day.

Nicole returns to EJ in the park with a shopping bag that she says is not for her.

Eric asks if Leo is upsetting his wife. Leo says he was just leaving and comments on their miracle baby. Leo tells Sloan that they will talk soon as he then exits. Eric tells Sloan that he told her taking Leo’s case would be nothing but trouble and questions what he wanted.

Steve sits with Jada and asks if she wants to talk about it. Steve jokes that he’s a pretty good listener even if his daughter doesn’t always think so. Steve assures that he’s here for Jada too and she can come to him anytime. Steve asks what is bothering her. Jada responds that she saw Eric earlier today and met his baby. Jada assures that she’s happy for him, but it brought back a lot of memories. Jada thinks she’s just emotional today in general because it’s the anniversary of her dad’s passing which Steve remembers. Steve calls Marcus his first best friend and says it was them against the world for a lot of years, so he could never forget this day. Jada thanks him and says he has no idea what that means to her.

Stephanie tells Alex that she just told Steve that she is sure she made the right decision and her only regret was not getting to say goodbye to Thomas and Charlotte as she loves the kids and she knows this will be hard on them. Alex questions if that’s her only regret. Stephanie thanks Alex for bringing her water bottle and repeats that she really has to get back to work. Alex then agrees to leave. Stephanie goes to walk Alex out but drops her bottle on her foot and hurts herself. Alex goes to help her sit down right as Chad arrives and remarks that it didn’t take them long to pick things back up.

Leo walks through the town square and looks at the donation bucket. Leo comments that he doesn’t even have two cents and wonders where he goes from here.

Sloan complains to Eric that Leo came demanding she get a better deal for Dimitri when she already did the best she could. Eric asks why she’s so rattled. Sloan claims that she just missed him and Jude as they took longer than expected. Eric admits they ran in to some old friends on their walk in Jada and Nicole. EJ and Nicole then show up at the door. Nicole asks if it’s a bad time.

Jada thanks Steve for being there for her and says she doesn’t want to keep him from lunch. Steve responds that he didn’t come for lunch but to see her as he knows how tough these anniversaries can be, especially around the holidays. Jada recalls buying her dad a Christmas present before he died and she found it while cleaning out her closet upstairs. Steve reveals that he still has a keychain that Marcus made for him when they were kids and calls it one of the only things he still has from his childhood. Steve jokes about the trouble that they got in to as kids but says Marcus was always trying to follow the rules while he was leading him down the wrong path. Steve is not surprised that Jada ended up on the side of law and order. Steve wants Jada to know that her dad would be so proud of her. Steve hugs Jada as she cries.

Stephanie can’t believe Chad would think what he’s thinking and declares that she has to get out of here. Alex offers to drive her to the hospital but Stephanie says she will drive herself and storms out. Chad guesses that wasn’t what it looked like which Alex confirms. Alex explains that Stephanie dropped her water bottle on her foot and thinks she broke her toe. Alex and Chad then decide to have a couple beers.

Sloan tells Nicole that it’s not a bad time and that Eric just told her that he ran in to her. Nicole comments on seeing how big the baby was getting and assumed he would be outgrowing his newborn clothes. Nicole presents them with a Santa shirt that she got for the baby from a store window. Nicole knows this doesn’t make up for what she put them through. Eric calls it very generous and thanks her. Sloan thanks her as well. EJ tells Eric that he appreciates him letting them drop by unannounced as Nicole really needed to do this to show that she was healing and moving on. Sloan and Nicole watch over Jude and comment on not waking a sleeping baby.

Leo calls the prison and finds out that Dimitri has been moved to a super max facility which upsets him. Leo angrily hangs up and declares that he knows Sloan did this, so now he’s going to blow up her world.

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