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Finn: Ridge, you have the medical power of attorney appointed by eric. And I can’t imagine how hard this is for you, but you are the one that’s gonna have to make this decision. So, do we go all out and try to save eric? Again, with no certainty of the outcome. Or do we transfer eric to comfort care and let him go?

Ridge: I love my dad so much. Too much to put him through all this. We gotta let him go.

Donna: Huh?

Finn: That’s your decision as eric’s medical power of attorney?

Ridge: Let me ask you something. What– what are you suggesting is experimenting on my dad. Cleansing his blood and giving him the transplant?

Finn: It’s– it’s a lot to absorb my–

Ridge: You don’t know if it’s gonna work. There’s no guarantees. That’s what you said. So, he might just die on the table?

Donna: No.

Ridge: Or be hooked to machines for the rest of his days?

Donna: Or maybe he could just pull through, ridge.

Steffy: Dad, the procedure could be a success.

Brooke: He is still alive, ridge. And maybe we have a chance to keep him that way.

Donna: I’m begging you. I’m begging you. If you love your father, you would give him a chance.

Ridge: If I love my father? Is that what you said? I don’t want to put him through any more pain. I want him to go peacefully.

Zende: Why haven’t we heard anything about granddad? Anything from thorne or bridget?

Hope: No, not yet. But I– I don’t think we should bother them right now. I wanted to give them a little bit of time.

Zende: It feels like we’re being left in the dark here.

Carter: We’re not in the dark. For all we know, eric is still alive and god willing, he still has time left.

Hope: But at the same time, I think we should be realistic and just prepare ourselves. I mean, you heard bridget. She’s not sure that there’s much that can be done for him now.

Zende: I don’t believe that. Granddad doesn’t quit. He’ll fight until there’s no fight left in him.

Thomas: Unless there is no fight left in him.

Zende: One of granddad’s latest sketches. Eric forrester’s full creative genius on display.

Hope: Well, whatever happens to him, I mean, his work and his legacy will live on.

Carter: Ah. I can’t stop thinking about your dad, thomas. It’s a difficult position ridge can find himself in.

Thomas: With granddad giving dad full medical power of attorney?

Carter: If a decision needs to be made about eric’s future and he can’t make it himself.

Hope: I suppose that decision falls on ridge.

Donna: Let me get this straight. Finn is offering your father a way out and you are refusing to– to even consider it?

Ridge: I did consider it.

Donna: Oh, no. No, you didn’t consider it long enough if this is your answer, ridge. What?

Steffy: Dad, if granddad has any chance at all, we should be fighting for him. We can’t just let him die.

Ridge: Steffy, that’s– that’s not– my dad made it very clear to the people that knew about his condition that when the day would come, he didn’t want any– any extraordinary means. Am I right about that?

Donna: It’s not fair.

Ridge: Am I right about that?

Donna: Yes.

Ridge: He wanted to live his life until he couldn’t and then go.

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Thomas: Okay. So, if granddad never mentioned anything about this to dad.

Carter: The medical power of attorney?

Thomas: Yeah.

Carter: No, he knew ridge would have a million questions.

Zende: Questions granddad wouldn’t want ridge asking.

Thomas: Right. But granddad always wanted the focus to be on living, not dying, and that’s something I respect the hell out of. But if granddad never regains consciousness, if they say that there’s no hope for him, then this is probably what they’re discussing right now.

Carter: Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that.

Thomas: I just– I can’t fathom my father having to make this kind of decision. Having medical power of attorney and having to decide whether his father lives or dies.

Zende: We can’t let granddad die. We owe it to him to fight for him.

Hope: Okay, I agree, but it has to be a life worth living. A healthy fulfilling life. One that we know eric would want to live.

Steffy: Finn, tell my dad again. Tell him about the treatment.

Ridge: Experimental treatment.

Steffy: Finn, do you think you could save my grandfather?

Finn: Okay. Look, I– I just wanna make something clear. I am not just speaking as a doctor here, but as steffy’s husband and a member of this family, who all love eric.

Donna: Yes, we know you and you wouldn’t be telling us about this life-saving procedure if– if you didn’t believe in it.

Finn: Well, ridge is right. It’s an experimental procedure and there are numerous risks involved.

Brooke: We understand that, but what donna is trying to say is–

Finn: No, look, that being said, yes, I believe that this could make a change in eric, all right. I’ve been working on this ever since I found out about his diagnosis. But, and donna, this is a very big but, I would be giving you all false hope if I told you this treatment would assure eric the quality of life that he is accustomed to.

Ridge: Are you hearing that? Quality of life. My dad was very specific about the quality of life that he wanted.

Donna: What? So– so– so– so what? That just means you’re going to give up, ridge? What? Are you just gonna stand there and play– play god and dictate whether your father lives or dies?

Ridge: That’s really unfair.

Donna: Is it?

Ridge: I get you’re heartbroken. Look around for a second. You think you’re the only one? You’re not. You think I like this? You think I wanna do this? I don’T. I wanna go home with my dad and have a drink with him. Have a nice martini with him. But I can’t do that. You know why? Because he’s hooked up to 10,000 machines in there. If he were out here looking at himself, he wouldn’t want this either. But he doesn’t have a voice. But he gave me a voice. And I don’t– I don’t want this for him. I know this is hard. Not just for you. I want him to go. I don’t want him to be in pain anymore.

Steffy: Dad, I hear what you’re saying. No one wants granddad to suffer. But think about finn and me. We were shot. We were left to die. If it weren’t for you. If it weren’t for every–

Ridge: Steffy. Steffy. That’s not the same thing. Grandad’s not a young man anymore.

Donna: Okay. Fine, fine. His odds aren’t the best. But– but he has a chance, ridge. And if we just ignore that, the chances, he’s–

Brooke: Nobody is ignoring anything. This is difficult for ridge. He’s in a dreadful position.

Ridge: I’m gonna go see my dad.

Thomas: This office always meant so much to granddad. It’s where he built his empire. It’s where he made his mark. It’s also where he kept a jar of jelly beans. It was called a secret stash. Top right drawer. And it was only there for me and my sisters.

Hope: Well, it looks like it’s right back where it belongs.

Thomas: Yes. I always get the blue one.

Zende: I don’t think I’ve seen granddad happier than when he reclaimed his office after the fashion challenge. He looked so proud to be back behind his desk.

Carter: Yeah. And getting his beloved stapler back.

Hope: Eric forrester shaped the course of fashion.

Zende: And our lives. Mine for sure. I’m a designer because granddad believed in me.

Carter: Boy, did you shine, zende. You’ve made eric very proud. The whole family has. And we could see just how much at the party, right?

Thomas: He’s proud of you too, carter.

Carter: I owe eric so much. He’s a man none of us want to lose.

Ridge: This isn’t right. All these tubes coming in and out of him. What is– what– this is– it’s breathing for him? This is what’s keeping him alive? That thing? Dad wouldn’t want this.

Eric: When the time comes, I want to go naturally and peacefully. Promise me that, my son. Promise me that.

Ridge: It’s time. It’s time to say goodbye.

Hope: Eric is and always will be very, very special to me, but he is your grandfather and I know how difficult this must be for you.

Thomas: You know, ever since I found out granddad was dying, it didn’t seem real. I mean, I– I– I know he’s not gonna live forever. But this is too soon.

Hope: It always is when you lose someone you love.

Thomas: Yeah. He was, uh, he was always there for me, you know. He always wanted the best for me. That doesn’t mean he didn’t scare me straight a few times because– because he did, but I never doubted whether he loved me or wanted the best for me and… and now, just thinking he might not be around…

Hope: I know it’s not the same, but you have me. I’m here for you, thomas.

Donna: I don’t know if you can hear me, honey bear? You’re so strong. You’re so strong and you’re such a fighter. And I’m gonna fight for you because you can’t fight for yourself right now.

Brooke: Donna. Look, I’m not sure I agree with ridge on this, but we all know how much he loves his father. And he’s just trying to do what he believes is best.

Donna: Don’t you tell me what is best for eric. Don’t you dare? I have been with him 24/7 now for months. For months! And I know what he would want. He’d wanna be with his family. He’d wanna be here right now with us. He would want to finish his collection with rj. That’s what he would want.

Steffy: Dad, I think donna’s right. I think that’s what– what granddad would want.

Ridge: I agree. Donna is right. But who’s offering that? Not finn. He made it very clear there are no guarantees. It could end just like this, or worse.

Steffy: That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try. If there’s a chance, we should be doing everything we possibly can to keep him here.

Donna: God, just, please. Listen to your daughter if you’re not going to listen to me, ridge. Please. Please.

Ridge: I am listening to you. I’m listening to all of you ’cause I’m trying to figure this out, so help me. My dad collapsed today. And if it hadn’t been for doctors and paramedics, he wouldn’t be here right now and he was okay with that. He made his peace with that. Now, you told me I was trying to play god. What are you doing? This experimental treatment? Isn’t– isn’t that playing god? Modern medicine is amazing. It saves lives. But what if that life doesn’t want to be saved? My dad doesn’t want this. He told me he didn’t want it. He told you he didn’t want this. But here we are. Finn, I– I love that you’re part of this family. I love that you’re trying to change the course of something, but I don’t want you using my dad as some human experiment. I don’t want him to suffer. And what did you say? You said– you said you’ve been with him 24/7 for months? I’ve been with my dad forever. You know what I want? I want him to leave this earth with some dignity. Don’t you? That’s my decision.

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