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Jack: Jill, you haven’t weighed in on this yet.

Billy: What do you say, mom? I mean, this is the best and– and honestly, the only way forward to defeat a common enemy.

Diane: It has to be all of us against him.

Jack: We’re all in this. Thick as thieves.

Jill: Wow. I am really shocked. No, I truly am surprised at you people talking about conniving and plotting and scheming against tucker.

Billy: That’s the general idea. Yeah.

Jack: If we work together, we are unstoppable.

[ Jill chuckling ]

Jill: Well, it’s about time. It’s about time that you idiots came and struck gold.

Billy: She’s insulting us. That means she likes it.

Jill: Listen, when we hit him, it’s gotta be painful, it’s gotta be relentless and it’s something that he cannot recover from. And I know exactly where it’s gonna hurt the most.

Tucker: You’re so funny. You think you’ve got a poker face. You don’t believe me?

Mamie: I wish I had a reason to.

Tucker: I’m a different man now.

Mamie: Well, change is good, but that doesn’t mean that was before me. It’s an improvement. You look to me like a man who’s got revenge on his mind.

Tucker: Now, the idea of revenge just doesn’t seem as sweet to me anymore. I mean, anybody can light a match and burn everything down. No. What I have in mind is profoundly different than most people have come to expect of me.

Mamie: But please don’t leave me in suspense.

Tucker well, as satisfying as the thought of total annihilation was for a while and how it helped put me to sleep at night, I found myself obsessed with the idea of building something, something new. I think it’s time for me to be more productive and put something– something good out into the universe and that’s where I wanna focus my energies.

Ashley: Wow. I’ll believe that when I see it.

Danny: Bueno suerte.

Daniel: Hey, do you want some help?

Danny: No, no, I got it. No worries. So, uh, anything exciting going on here tonight?

Daniel: Yeah. No, you’re looking at it. Gonna be a party of one. Just scrolling for updates on the fire surrounding mattie’s campus.

Danny: Oh, yeah, I heard on my way over that it’s 80% contained.

Daniel: Eighty?

Danny: Yeah.

Daniel: It’s better than the last I heard. Still dangerous though.

Danny: Is lily on her way to california?

Daniel: Yep. Nothing was gonna stop her from being with her little girl. You know how it is. Your kid needs you. They’re in trouble. Nothing else in the world is more important.

Phyllis: Hey, cricket. Hey. Look at you coming in for a beverage at this hour. Most people are winding down, but not you. What you up to?

Christine: Well, I suppose any number of things, but, uh, right now I was just hoping for a quiet moment alone to pick up my tea.

Phyllis: Oh, I understand that. I understand that. Probably contemplating your future if there’s any truth to the rumor that you’re vacating the D.A.’S office.

Christine: It’s truly fascinating. It– it boggles my mind.

Phyllis: Yeah. Yeah, that the rumor mill finally got it right this time.

Christine: No. You think what I do is any of your business. Lactaid is 100% real milk,

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-During an asthma attack,

Christine: Why are you prying?

Phyllis: I’m not prying. It’s just interest and care in a fellow human. That’s all.

Christine: Well. Now, that doesn’t sound like you at all. So, what are you up to? And whatever it is, I have to say, I really don’t like it much.

Phyllis: Well, um, I just noticed that you and danny have gotten closer. That’s all.

Christine: And why does that concern you?

Phyllis: Well, it concerns me because if you’re part of danny’s life, then you are part of my son’s circle and in turn, part of my life, you see. I don’t love that, but I am trying to make peace with it and become the bigger woman. That makes sense to you, right?

Christine: I mean, yeah, in your own unique way, yes. But why are you even assuming that I’m becoming more involved in danny’s life?

Phyllis: Oh, it’s just a vibe I’m picking up. That’s all. And I’ve just seen little hints of it around town. But your secret is safe with me. But are you becoming closer to danny?

Christine: Yeah. Just not a topic I’m willing to explore with you.

Phyllis: Great. No problem. No problem. And I understand, I mean, no sense in pining over paul, you know. Just rip off that band-aid. I get it and I admire your ability to move on.

Jill: Now, listen, I’ve been hearing some things about this european fragrance company that apparently ashley and tucker bought before they were married.

Jack: Yeah, we’ve heard about that too. Glacade.

Billy: Jack and I assumed it was the foundation of their new corporation.

Diane: One that could stand toe to toe with jabot.

Jill: Oh, as if.

Jack: Until ashley pulled the plug on it.

Billy: Talk about a vote of no confidence. Just like their marriage.

Diane: I thought tucker abandoned that company to focus solely on jabot.

Jill: Well, apparently he changed his mind because he has been funneling money into it.

Jack: Of course he has. Oh, god. Why didn’t I see this? This is his plan. This whole thing. He orchestrated this entire plan. It wasn’t just creating turmoil and family trauma for kicks and giggles. No, this is carefully curated chaos. And we played right into his hands. He doesn’t want to own jabot. He wants to destroy it from the inside out.

Ashley: Hi, mamie.

Mamie: Ashley. So, you heard what the man said?

Ashley: That he wants to be a productive member of society. Yeah, I heard that. Do you believe him?

Mamie: Take him at his word? Which is worth less than nothing? No. However, if he does manage to redirect his energies towards something positive, well, then I guess we just have to wait and see.

Tucker: You don’t think I’m capable?

Mamie: Oh, now there’s the rub. I don’t know what you’re actually capable of. You see, my family means everything to me and I will fight to the death to protect them. So, if you’re not telling the truth about this change of heart, I’d start saying my prayers if I were you. Well, you two have a good rest of the night. And, uh, you take care of yourself, honey.

Ashley: Okay.

Tucker: Mamie.

Ashley: Do you mind? So, if you’re interested in sharing this new pathway to productivity and positivity, I– I’d like to hear about it.

Tucker: Nothing would make me happier because you are intimately involved.

Rsv is out there.

Diane: You’re right, jack. Of course, this was part of tucker’s plan. Throw jabot into chaos. Destabilize it with infighting and backstabbing.

Jack: Once he saw us spinning out of control, he would use glacade as the instrument of our destruction.

Billy: You shouldn’t be surprised. This is what he does.

Jill: He is such a bastard.

Jack: Then, we have to find a way to stop him.

Diane: No wonder he’s been so smug.

Jack: Oh, yeah, no matter what happened, he had a fallback. If he succeeded in taking us down, well, his company was on top. We’d be in splinters at the bottom trying to dig our way up.

Billy: Which we cannot afford to happen.

Jill: Well, in this economy, who can?

Jack: Even if he fails. Look, he still has a company that could one day, down the road, rival ours. I don’t mind friendly competition. This, this is underhanded.

Diane: Well, it’s typical tucker.

Billy: Okay. But how is my mom and chancellor involved in this scheme?

Jill: Maybe he’s moving on two fronts. He takes down jabot and then he goes after chancellor. I’ll tell you though, his reasons, they don’t worry me. How we’re gonna fend him off, that worries me quite a bit.

Jack: We have to render that company worthless. A stark reminder that he flew too close to the abbotts.

Billy: Woo. Watch out. Jack’s getting mythological.

Diane: Yeah. What we need is a weapon.

Jill: We need a great big stick.

Diane: Well, yes, that’s the metaphor, but we need–

Jill: No, no, no, no. I’m not being metaphorical. I want to hit him with a great big stick.

Billy: You know what? We don’t need a weapon. We don’t need a stick to go after tucker and take him down. We already have one.

Ashley: What part could I possibly play in your future?

Tucker: You encouraged me to pursue glacade, which at one point was a vision we shared. Until you had a change of heart, if you recall.

Ashley: Right. And you’ve been plotting revenge, as I recall?

Tucker: I’m making healthier, better choices now. Instead of revenge, I’m cultivating a sense of purpose.

Ashley: I know that look.

Tucker: What look?

Ashley: That one. You want to conquer the world.

Tucker: No, my goals are slightly more modest than that. I do have plans though and they begin with glacade.

Ashley: Right. You want me to sell you my 50% of the company.

Tucker: Right.

Ashley: Out of the goodness of my heart?

Tucker: That is what you agreed to. And my lawyers right now are drafting an offer, which I think you’ll find quite generous.

Ashley: And what am I to do with all this generosity of yours?

Tucker: Whatever you want, ashley. There are no strings attached here. It will just be a clean break. Which is what you want, right?

Ashley: What are you up to?

Tucker: Oh, god. You just can’t do it. You can’t believe that I’m trying to change my ways, can you?

Ashley: I guess I can’T.

[ Danny humming ]

Daniel: Oh, you shouldn’t have. Hey, uh, what kind of snacks did you have in those bags? Um, you know, lily’s out of town. Just a couple of bachelors home alone. You wanna crack a couple of cold ones? Watch a game? I don’t know.

Danny: I’m sorry. Um, when was the last time we ever, you know, cracked cold ones and watched a game?

Daniel: I don’t know. I’m– I’m just trying to think of, you know, something that a father and son would do. Come on, give me a break. I just, I’m excited to spend some quality time with you.

Danny: And that’s what makes this so awkward.

Daniel: Makes what so awkward?

Danny: Well, uh, the groceries aren’t snacks.

Daniel: Okay.

Danny: I’ve come to borrow your kitchen.

Daniel: The whole thing?

Danny: Only for a couple of hours. I’m, uh, I’m making my pasta sauce.

Daniel: No?

Danny: Yeah.

Daniel: No? You’re gonna make the sauce?

Danny: Yeah.

Daniel: You’re gonna make the romalotti ragu? You’re gonna make the sauce and you’re so paranoid about the recipe, you won’t even write it down because you’re scared that I’m gonna find it and I’m gonna outdo you with it?

Danny: Yes. Yes. That is the one. And it’s better than your aunt gina’s, I guarantee you that.

Daniel: We only make that for special occasions. Why are you making it tonight?

Danny: And this is where it gets really awkward. Okay. The dinner is not for you. It’s for christine.

Daniel: Oh. Oh? You’re making christine the sauce?

Danny: Yes.

Daniel: Is this a date?

Christine: My relationship with danny is none of your business.

Phyllis: Oh, so it is a relationship?

Christine: I didn’t say that.

Phyllis: Well, you just said that. You said my relationship with danny, blah, blah, blah.

Christine: Okay. Well, that’s not what I meant.

Phyllis: Oh.

Christine: Come on. What is going on? Why are you so curious about danny and me? Ah, wait a second. Is that a little green in your eyes? This has nothing to do with me being in daniel’s life and by extension, yours. You’re just jealous.

Phyllis: Christine, listen, danny and I, we’re friends. I mean, we’re co-parents and that is the truth and nothing but the truth.

Christine: Well then, I’ll give you nothing less and I’ll say this once. My relationship with paul is over. Things with danny are, yeah, worth my time and attention. Are we gonna be more than friends? I don’t know. Maybe I’ll have a little more clarity after dinner tonight.

Phyllis: Well, that’ll be fun. What? Pizza and beer with two friends.

Christine: No. Actually, all clues are pointing toward a home-cooked dinner, which I’m very excited about. Apparently, he’s gonna make something, uh, unforgettable.

Phyllis: Ah, he’s gonna make the sauce. That’s what he’ll make. I love that sauce, it’s incredible. Well, bon appétit. – Hi, I’m steve.

Daniel: You know what, dad? I think it’s about time you and I had the talk.

Danny: Really?

Daniel: Mm-hmm.

Danny: We’re doing this now?

Daniel: Oh, yeah. Sit, come on. I’d take you outside for a quick game of catch, but, you know, it’s already dark out.

Danny: Yeah. And that’s an onion.

Daniel: Very perceptive.

Danny: Okay. Let’s get this over with. What do you want to know?

Daniel: You and christine, you guys are on special pasta sauce level. I wanna know how we got here.

Danny: I don’t know. We’re friends. And we’ve been getting, you know, closer the last little while.

Daniel: Ever since she got back from portugal?

Danny: Yes. And lately, she’s had a tough time with this, you know that. Breaking up with paul and she’s a wonderful person. I hate to see her sad.

Daniel: So, you’ve been there for her?

Danny: As a friend, lending an ear.

Daniel: Okay. Friends. Yeah. So, this is just dinner with a friend. It’s just pasta with a pal.

Danny: We’ve kissed.

Daniel: No.

Danny: Yes. I– I don’t wanna hear anymore, okay? You know, way too much as it is, all right? Hey, you know, this is moving in a really nice direction and now that you know everything, can I please borrow your kitchen tonight?

[ Daniel exhaling ]

Daniel: Couple of crazy kids like you two, how could I say no?

Danny: Oh, you’re wonderful. I really appreciate it. You’re awesome. Yeah.

Daniel: Oh, hey, onion.

Danny: Onion. Yes, of course.

[ Mellow piano music ]

Michael: Buy you a drink, gorgeous?

Ashley: You know, there’s a couple of things about our time together that I regret, but acquiring glacade is not one of them. Very solid company. And with the right leadership, it has a lot of potential.

Tucker: Wait. Wait a minute. Are you doing a 180 now? Or are you just trying to drive up the price?

Ashley: Maybe I changed my mind.

Tucker: You just want it now because I want it.

Ashley: I’m not that petty. And glacade will fail if it doesn’t have the support of a large corporation like jabot. It needs me to survive.

Tucker: I can build it up from nothing. I’ve done it before.

Ashley: It’s going to take a miracle.

Tucker: Well, it might be nothing but bones and a dream not, but I can make it breathe. I just need to give it the attention and the time it needs. I can do it. I– I just need somebody to believe in it. I could turn it into gold.

Jill: What weapon are you suggesting that we use against tucker?

Billy: The truth. And before you shoot me down, just hear me out for a second, okay? Because the truth is tucker is heavily involved in a cover-up with one of his artists and illicit behavior with underage girls. We know that information–

Jill: He did what?

Billy: Yes, mom. It’s disturbing and it’s covered up.

Diane: We found out from adam.

Jack: Yes, he was digging for dirt.

Jill: Well, he sure found it, didn’t he?

Jack: Yeah. Pretty disgusting, isn’t it?

Billy: So, we take that to the french board of directors and any business partner he has in glacade and they will send him up the river seine without a paddle in a heartbeat. He will be done, okay? What do you think?

Jill: Billy, I am so proud of you. That takes a special kind of cunning. Yes, the truth will set us free from tucker. Okay. Okay. Who knows what time it is in paris? Where do we start here? Should we take it to the press? Should we call a meeting?

Jack: Hold on. Hold on, first things first. We run this by ashley and get her blessing. After all, half of this company we’re talking about decimating belongs to her. I’ll see if she’s free.

Diane: In the meantime, we need to keep tucker distracted.

Jill: Oh, would you mind terribly if I handled that?

Diane: Why? Are you going to hit him with a big stick?

Jill: Oh, well, um, I’m not gonna rule that out, but I think I have a better idea. So, leave it to me. Oh, this is gonna be fun. When you have chronic kidney disease…

Announcer: The young and the restless will continue. Whheen she’s y your evhierything.

Michael: Do you remember when you were dead? Of course not. How could you? During that time, I would have given my left foot to sit and be with you for five minutes. And now here you are, I mean, heartbeat and everything. Free martini.

[ Phyllis laughing ] I can’t even get you to talk. What did I do wrong?

Phyllis: You abandoned me.

Michael: Never.

Phyllis: Yes, you did. I came back from the dead, but you ghosted me.

[ Michael sighing ]

Michael: Forgive me. I came home from singapore for thanksgiving with gloria thinking that all her problems were in the rearview mirror, only to find that she had them tucked away in her carry-on.

Phyllis: Mm. Carrying on as she does.

Michael: Yeah. Well, I had to drag myself back to the other end of the globe just to clean things up. You don’t believe me? You want to check my passport?

Phyllis: No. I don’t need to do that. It’s just difficult for me when you’re not here because nobody really understands me here. You know, I’m taken out of context when you’re not here. You get me.

Michael: You’re feeling lonely.

Phyllis: What?

[ Michael chuckling ] I’m glad you’re back.

Michael: That makes two of us. What’s going on? Talk to me.

Jill: So, that’s the bare bones of the plan. We can work out the details as we go. What do you think?

Diane: I don’t know. Do you think it’s enough of a distraction?

Jack: That depends. Do you think you can convince tucker that you’re sincere? That it comes from the heart and not all artifice?

Billy: Yeah, I’m not sure about that. I’m– I’m just saying. I mean, you– you– you aren’t the best at concealing your true emotions. I know in the past when we haven’t seen eye to eye, you always have a little tinge of disappointment and it’s always there. I can see it. I think we all can. I’m just brave enough to say it right now.

Jill: Has it ever occurred to you, billy, that it’s because I love and care what happens to you? That sometimes I can’t control my emotions about you. But in this case, tucker is no friend of mine. There’s no love lost.

Diane: Okay, jill. We need to make sure that he trusts you.

Jill: Oh, I’ve been playing this game a lot longer than he has.

Jack: She’s right. In fact, some would say she’s been jockeying for position her whole life.

Jill: Okay, jack, you’ve got grievances. Care to elaborate?

Jack: Well, there’s your trying to poach billy out from under jabot. You want to shed some light on that?

Jill: You broke my heart. Both of you.

Billy: Mom, at the end of the day, don’t you want me to be happy?

Jill: Yes.

Billy: Okay.

Jill: I would prefer you to be happy with me. However, if you would like to continue working with this end of the family, there’s not much I can do about it. Is there?

Billy: Okay. But if we do this correctly and we take down tucker, I don’t need to be your sidekick.

Jill: Oh, billy, there was so much more to it than that. I didn’t want you to be my sidekick because you’d have my back. I could pay somebody for that. I wanted you to work with me ’cause you’re my son and I wanted to build something beautiful and important and durable with the person that I’ve poured my heart and my soul into. And isn’t that exactly what you want, jack? You want family and business together?

Jack: More than you know.

Ashley: Well, this is an unfortunate turn of events.

Tucker: A week ago, you couldn’t wait to unload this company on me.

Ashley: I changed my mind. I saw the potential and it’s vast.

Tucker: You just– you can’t let me have the smallest part of anything, can you, ashley? You hate me that much. And you have everything you could possibly want.

Ashley: Almost.

Tucker: Well, you said it yourself. Jabot’s a powerhouse. You want to try something new, do it there.

Ashley: Yeah. Well, I’m not gonna change my mind, tucker, all right? I’m not gonna sell my half the company. It’s nothing personal.

Tucker: No, it’s nothing personal. Of course. Well, so much for that state of civility you thought we could achieve. I guess I’ll have to fight you for it.


Phyllis: I’m really trying to be good. I really am. I’m– I’m doing it, you know. I don’t know how much more I could take. Everybody sees me as a pariah that’s never gonna change. Or some ticking time bomb ready to go off. The thing that kills me is that my– my kids hate me. I mean, they treat me like somebody that they would try to avoid if they saw me walking down the street, you know.

Michael: Just because you managed to stay out of prison doesn’t mean you weren’t gonna pay for what you did. You know that, right?

Phyllis: Yeah, I know that. I know. Thanks. Yes. Yes. Shunned and shamed by my friends and neighbors.

Michael: It takes a village.

Phyllis: Hey, this isn’t funny.

Michael: Not in the least.

Phyllis: No, not in the least. So, don’t make jokes. Why are you smiling?

Michael: Because I remember a time when you would have given up and said, “what’s the point?” And done your level best to live down to their low expectations of you. But look at you. You actually want to be better. Not because of them, but because of you. My best friend is growing up.

Phyllis: Shut up.

Michael: Yay.

Phyllis: Sh.

[ Michael laughing ] Don’t make jokes. I’m so sad.

Michael: I’m sorry.

[ Both laughing ]

Phyllis: You know one thing I don’t get?

Michael: Hm?

Phyllis: Is karma. I guess this is my karma. I hate karma. Okay, listen, I’m not perfect. I know I’m not perfect, but I do not understand how it is that diane and christine get to move on. Why do they get to move on? I’m suffering, but they are being forgiven. And they are happy. And they get love. Why can’t I have nice things too? Why can’t I have someone who looks at me and believes in me? And supports me. And trusts me. And loves me. I deserve that.

Christine: Daniel?

Daniel: Hey. Come on in.

Christine: Well, thank you.

Daniel: Mm-hmm.

Christine: Ugh. It smells so good in here. I cannot believe how a smell or a taste can bring back such good memories. But you’re probably spoiled. I bet your dad cooks for you like this all the time.

Daniel: Yeah. You know, now that you mention it, nope. Never.

Christine: Well, I hope that means you’re joining us?

Daniel: I– I actually have, um, there’s this thing and you know how it is. Um, but the two of you have a lovely evening.

Christine: You too.

Daniel: Can you please save me some leftovers?

Christine: Yes. Bye.

Daniel: Bye.

[ Danny humming ]

Danny: You’re here.

Christine: Yeah. I hope not too early.

Danny: No. No, you’re, uh, you are right on time.

Billy: All right. I’m gonna take off. I’ve got a lot of homework to do.

Jack: Okay. You know your assignment, right?

Billy: I know exactly what to do. Find out as much information about tucker and ashley’s company as I can.

Diane: But don’t do anything drastic. Just poke around.

Jack: Yeah. Yeah, she’s right. Don’t make any moves against the company until we clear this with ashley. She’s technically a half-owner.

Billy: Speaking of ashley, do you think there’s a chance that she has a plan of her own?

Ashley: Well, I’m always up to something, aren’t I? So, what plan do you all want to discuss? Glacade? Imagine if you could get ahead of your ibs-c

Phyllis: What is that?

Michael: It’s water. Drink it. It’s good for you.

Phyllis: I am not drunk.

Michael: I know, but you’re depressive and I don’t like where you’re headed. Drink it.

Phyllis: Thank you.

Michael: Okay. First off, one can never hope to achieve true and total enlightenment by feeling sorry for yourself or hating other people’s happiness. It’s kind of the opposite of what we’re going for.

Phyllis: Okay. Remind me, what are we going for?

Michael: You can’t compare your journey to other people’S. Everybody has their own lessons to learn and their own challenges to conquer. Your path is your path. And what you got to do is keep your eyes forward, do good and put more love into people’s lives. And that love will be rewarded.

Phyllis: I’d like to believe that.

Michael: Well, think of all the great things that have happened recently. No prison. Debts paid. Your children–

Phyllis: Hate me.

Michael: Well, yeah, they might be a little skittish. Look, they’ve been through a lot. It’ll take some time, but you’ve got a second chance. Do something with it. Find the thing that you love and grab onto it with both hands. Good in, good out.

Phyllis: Okay. I will work on beautifying my life and creating my own path. I will work on it. You are brilliant. Clink. Clink.

Christine: That was far and away the best dinner I’ve had in years.

Danny: Really? Well, you know, thank you because gina, I mean, she still thinks that her pasta is better than mine. I think she’s delusional.

Christine: Yes. She’s delusional.

Danny: Yes. Thank you.

Christine: That sauce is perfect. Now, I– I don’t know. Maybe there were a few more layers this time. A little more complexity. I– maybe I’m just imagining it. I don’t know.

Danny: No, it’s uh, it’s like it’s telling a story. You know, it, uh, staying up late at night talking, celebrating. Absorbing the richness of success. And then you have this deep, savory flavor.

Christine: Exceptional.

Danny: You get the best ingredients, you mix them together and I don’t know if it’s magic or just meant to be, but when it’s right, you wind up with something remarkable.

Christine: I like how you can tweak and adjust the elements. Little things can change. Time can add more depth, but it’s still the same. But better.

Danny: The same, but better. I like that. One second.

[ Gentle music playing ] Shall we? We have a whole dance floor here. Come on.

I’ve been thinking

about you for a while now

I know I said goodbye

but if you’ll listen

just hear me out ’cause

something I could hardly say

is what I really wanna do

here it goes

I wanna start again with you

there’s no saying

if we’ll make it

but I think

it’s a chance worth taking

Tucker: So, that purchase agreement I asked you to draft.

Teresa: You’ve kept me busy lately. Which agreement are you talking about?

Tucker: The one between me and ashley abbott for that company in france.

Teresa: That wasn’t a simple document to draw up.

Tucker: Well, too bad because I need you to parse through it with a fine toothcomb.

Teresa: What am i looking for?

Tucker: A surefire way to kick her ass to the curb. I want her out. I want to be sole proprietor.

Teresa: That won’t be as easy as it sounds.

Tucker: I don’t really care. I’ve made you a very rich woman to do that, which is not easy. Figure out a way to make it happen because you and I both know I can find someone who will.

Jack: I know this isn’t easy for you to talk about, but–

Ashley: What? You think that tucker is secretly shoring up glacade?

Billy: Yes, exactly.

Jack: Do you think he’s funneling money into the company to use it as a weapon against jabot?

Ashley: One hundred percent. He’s actually coming up with a generous offer to buy my half of the company even as we speak.

Diane: What’d you say?

Ashley: Well, initially, it was my idea. I thought if I could distract him with glacade, then tucker would keep his hands off of jabot and chancellor. But then I realized that he was up to something and it has to do with that company. So, today I told him I changed my mind about selling my half of the company. I just wanted to push him a little bit, you know, to see how much he wants glacade. And boy, he wants it bad.

Jack: But not to go out and start something new?

Ashley: No, no, no. He wants to use it as a wrecking ball against jabot.

Jack: And you are going to sell to him?

Billy: Ash, we have a plan.

Diane: With a little help from our friend, jill.

Ashley: Oh, what now? Jill’s my friend too?

Jack: She’s our friend on this. We are all working together to shut tucker down once and for all.

Announcer: Next week on the young and the restless…

Sally: Do you really think that we can hit the reset button?

Adam: I’m sure as hell willing to try.

Abby: Please don’t tell me that you’re feeling like rehiring your cousin was a mistake.

Cole: Claire’s pretty freaked out about being in jail.

Victoria: We told her that we would find her a lawyer.

Michael: You want me to defend her?

Jordan: It won’t be long now, eve. The high and mighty newman family will get exactly what they deserve. Every last one of them.

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