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Bold & The Beautiful Transcript


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[ Relaxing music ]

Ridge: Hey. You sure you’re all right?

Eric: Yeah, I’m all right.

Thorne: Come on, dad. Let me help you sit.

Eric: No, I don’t need to sit. I don’t wanna sit. Why would I want to sit? Look at this. Look at this beautiful family surrounding me. Everybody showed up to– to entertain an old man’s wish to have a party, and the significance of which I just– I don’t think you can really understand.

Steffy: But I think we do. We all do. Oh, granddad. Tonight is very, very special. Very special. One that we’re always gonna look back on and, um, ah– oh, wow. This is really amazing, isn’t it? All of us gathered here? I know the one thing that means most to you is this: Your family.

Eric: Mm.

Steffy: And we feel the same way. It’s hard not to with you as our leader. You’re always gonna be our leader… here at your home and at forrester. So, tonight, we celebrate you. We love you so much. Cheers to you, granddad.

Eric: You too.

[ Steffy sobs ]

[ Steffy, and eric chuckle ]

Finn: I know. Thanks for getting back to me. Okay. Bye-bye.

Li: Still here?

Finn: Yeah, just a bit longer.

Li: You should be at eric’s party.

Thomas: Steff– I know– I thought you were gonna let him know that we–

Steffy: No, no, no, I would never do that. I just wanted granddad to know how much we value him, how important he is.

Hope: You did great. And I think eric was very, very moved.

Steffy: Thank you. You don’t think he caught on?

Ridge: No, you’re doing a good job hiding it.

Brooke: It couldn’t have been easy.

Steffy: Oh, my god, I think I’m gonna lose it.

Ridge: Hey, don’T. Stay strong, all right? Tonight’s about laughter. It’s the least we can do for him.

[ Background chatter ]

Li: Well, it’s one thing to be fashionably late, but you should head over. I know how much you respect steffy’s grandfather.

Finn: Oh, I do… tremendously. I’d do just about anything for him. Eric’s a remarkable man.

Li: Yeah, he is, isn’t he? I wonder if he knows how blessed he is to have such a loving family. I’m envious. Eric has so much to live for.

Eric: I’m so glad the two of you came to this party.

Bridget: Of course we did.

Eric: I know it, uh– it couldn’t have been easy, so…

Thorne: Oh, please, you know I never pass up a party. Matter of fact, you should throw these more often, dad.

Eric: Maybe I will. But until I do, uh, when you go home, I want you to remember… I want you to remember how much I love you. Okay?

Bridget: Of course, we will, daddy.

Eric: I just wish we had more time.

Bridge: Dad…

Eric: I wish we had more time together.

Thorne: So do we.

Eric: Yeah.

[ Eric chuckles ] Now, you go and fill up. Fill up. You’re– you’re almost empty. Go on. Go on.

[ Bridget chuckles ]

[ Eric sighs ] Carter.

Carter: Ah.

[ Carter chuckling ]

Eric: How you doing?

Carter: I’m good. I’m good. You know, days like this, I just feel very… grateful, you know, that I landed here, in los angeles, at forrester. Eric, you’ve always included me. You made me feel welcome.

Eric: You’re family, you know. You’re family.

Carter: Eric, I can’t tell you the ways you changed my life. Your forgiveness. You’re more than a boss, more than a friend. You’re like A… a surrogate father to me.

Eric: If it was up to me, it wouldn’t be surrogate.

Ridge: You okay?

Carter: No. It was the hardest thing I ever had to do.

Katie: Hey.

Donna: Hey, uh…

Katie: How you holding up?

Eric: All right, I guess. You know, this whole, um… this whole party is a little– it’s a little more emotional than I thought it would be. And it’s almost as if everybody here, uh… I mean, in spite of the fact that it’s only the three of us and– and rj and luna that know about this… um…

Katie: How long are you gonna keep it that way, eric?

Eric: Well, I’m gonna…

[ Eric coughing ]

Donna: Hey.

[ Eric coughing ] Um…

Eric: As long– as long as I can. As long as I can.

Donna: Why– why don’t i get you a glass of water, okay?

Eric: No, you know… why don’t you make that a, um– an extremely dry double martini?

[ Katie and donna chuckle ]

Donna: You’re kidding.

Eric: All right. A glass of champagne would be good.

Donna: I guess you earned it. A little–

Eric: A little?

Donna: A little splash.

[ Donna chuckles ]

Katie: “A little splash.” You asked the wrong logan.

Thomas: It’s– it actually is interesting because it’s weird. I can’t believe that you convinced granddad that you didn’t win.

Ridge: Well, why can’t you believe that? His designs were amazing.

Brooke: Yeah, but you did win the fashion challenge.

Donna: Are you kidding me?

Brooke: Donna.

Donna: What? Eric– eric didn’t win?

Brooke: Shh.

Donna: You did?

Ridge: Yeah.

Donna: Oh, my god. He can never find out, okay? He can never find out that he didn’t win that fashion challenge. Feeling sluggish or weighed down? It could be a sign that your digestive system

Eric: You know what I’m looking at here? I’m looking at the future of forrester creations.

Luna: Oh, wow. Yeah, these two for sure, but I’m honored you’d include me.

Zende: Granddad has seen many interns come and go over the years, luna. I’d trust his instincts.

Rj: Yeah. It’s funny, actually. He’s never been wrong. Not– no, not even once.

Eric: Uh, a few times.

[ Luna and rj chuckling ] But hardly ever. We’re so lucky to have you here. Thanks for coming.

Luna: Thank you.

Eric: And you…

[ Rj chuckles ] I appreciate your talent. You’re growing up into a really wonderful, responsible young man. Good for us. And zende… I never stop being impressed by you and your– your talent and how you have risen above such adversity. I’m so happy to call you grandson. I’m proud of you.

Zende: It’s all thanks to your influence. You have been the best mentor, the best teacher, not just at the company but for our family.

Eric: Well, the success of a company is not, uh, just one person. It’s a– it’s a– it’s a team effort. I see this team right here. I see it can go very far together. I predict great things for the two of you.

Donna: I– I don’t even understand. You– you said that eric won. Oh, but you never– you never showed us the receipts.

Ridge: I wanted him to go out on top, behind his desk, running his company.

Donna: Okay, I agree, but he– he’s a smart man. He’s– he’s gonna eventually figure this out.

Hope: Nobody– nobody wants that. We will continue to keep this secret.

Donna: Come on.

Brooke: You have to agree what ridge did was beautiful.

Donna: Great. Yeah. It was beautiful. It was– it was kind and it was selfless, but… what– what if he finds out? Do you know how painful that will be for him, to know that this was all just a lie? My god. You cannot let him know that you gifted this to him. Please. He’ll be furious. And in his condition, who the hell knows what it’s gonna do?

Eric: Hey, you two. I’m so happy that both– both of you are here. I’m so happy.

Thomas: I don’t think I need to tell you how, uh– how important you’ve been in my life — not just my life, everyone’s life.

Eric: I see great things in your future. Great many good things. Don’t take any of them for granted, okay?

Thomas: Mm.

Eric: And you, look at you.

[ Hope chuckles ] So, uh… so lovely and so smart. You’re really brooke’s daughter, aren’t you?

[ Donna and hope chuckling ] And so aptly named. A wonderful reminder that, uh, as we go through life, we must never lose hope.

Hope: Well, if there is something I have learned from having this name, it is to never, ever give up. Even in the darkest of times, always have hope.

Eric: Yeah.

[ Hope and eric chuckle ]

Eric: Sweet girl. Sweet girl. Love you, buddy.

Thomas: Love you too, buddy.

Eric: Mm, me too. Mm.

Donna: Thanks.

Eric: Hmm.

Donna: Um…

Eric: Oh, look out.

[ Donna chuckles ] Jewel of the forrester family.

[Steffy and eric chuckle ]

Steffy: Jewel?

Eric: That’s how I think of you. That’s how stephanie always thought of you too. Hmm.

Steffy: I may have inherited her name and… some traits, good and bad. But the things I’ve learned from you, the inspiration you’ve given me… you’re always gonna live through me. I’m always gonna feel your presence. Always. I love you. Granddad, I love you so much. So much.

Eric: I love you too.

[ Steffy sobbing ]

Brooke: Could I get in on one of those hugs?

[ Steffy and brooke chuckle ]

Eric: Oh, yeah.

Brooke: Yeah?

Eric: A lot of hugs right here especially. Come here.

Brooke: Oh.

Eric: Mm.

Brooke: Mm.

Eric: We’ve, uh– we’ve been in these trenches together for a long time.

Brooke: You’ve just always been there for me. You have. It’s incredible. I want you to know that. You’ve always been my champion. So much.

Eric: I love you too.

[ Steffy sobbing ]

Brooke: Could I get in on one of those hugs?

[ Steffy and brooke chuckle ]

Eric: Oh, yeah.

Brooke: Yeah?

Eric: A lot of hugs right here especially. Come here.

Brooke: Oh.

Eric: Mm.

Brooke: Mm.

Eric: We’ve, uh– we’ve been in these trenches together for a long time.

Brooke: You’ve just always been there for me. You have. It’s incredible. I want you to know that. You’ve always been my champion. And you were always the first to root for ridge and me. You know that?

Eric: Yeah.

Brooke: Yeah.

Eric: Now…

Donna: Yeah.

Eric: …You and ridge are gonna, uh, lead this company and this family into the future.

Brooke: Oh, I love you.

Eric: Me too. I love you too.

[ Brooke chuckles ] All right, everybody, uh, just a minute. Give me a minute.

[ Donna chuckles ] Uh… I just want to say something before we all go our separate ways. I want to acknowledge– heh– this angel by my side and on my shoulder. I love you.

Donna: I love you.

Eric: And, uh– and this man, my son. We’ve, uh… been battling each other and competing with each other all these years. But we’ve also been, uh, admiring each other, and… loving each other. And, uh… not a bad designer. Not the best designer.

[ Laughter ] No, no, no.

Brooke: Hm.

Eric: I beat you in the fashion showdown. So, you’re not really the best designer, but, uh… I think winning that was more important to me than maybe it should have been. But I did win, so there you are. Right? I did win, right,ridge? Carter? You told me I won, ridge. Was that a lie? Did you lie to me? Why would you do that? Why would you do that, ridge? Why would you lie to me about something… so important to me?

[ Eric grunts ] You lied to me. Well… that’s about the nicest thing anybody’s ever done for me.

[ Eric sniffles ] Thank you.

[ Brooke sighs ]

[ Eric chuckles ]

[ Eric and ridge laughing ]

[ Katie chuckles ]

[ Steffy chuckles ]

[ Eric and ridge chuckling ]

[ Eric coughing ]

[ Brooke and steffy gasp ]

[ Background chatter ]

Bridget: Dad!

Eric: Donna. Donna.

Donna: I’m here.

Eric: It’s okay. It’s my time. I’m– I’m at peace with it. Be kind to each other.

Ridge: Dad? Dad!

[ Donna sobbing ]

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