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[ Keys jingle ] Okay. For doing this. Oh, I wouldn’t miss it.

[ Keys jingle ] Okay. Violet: Daddy, is that you? It sure is. Don’t come in until I tell you to. Okay. You can come in now! Look at our tree! Violet picked it herself. It’s just what I wanted.

[ Chuckles ] Molly. Hey, wait. Wait, wait. Wait for what? Are we sure we really want to do this? You’re having second thoughts? Let’s call it an abundance of caution. Sometimes life doesn’t give you time to think things over. You make a snap decision, and then you live with the consequences, right? But we can take a moment to review and re-evaluate. Where are you going with this? Some clichés exist for a reason. You are the smart davis daughter. Sam is the resourceful one. Kristina… is the impetuous one. Ar e we 100% sure thatwe want her to be our surrogate? Hello. Uh, is charlotte here? She’s with laura. Helps her to spend some quality time with her grandmother. Oh, yeah. Yes, that’s — that’s perfect. Really. She’s A…wonderful presence in her life, and so empathetic. She’s lucky to have her. She’s got a dad, too. What can I do for you? Nothing. I just came by to give you an update. On? The arsonist that set fire to my house. It wasn’t charlotte. This is a disaster. I know, right? Not one inch of this entire gigantic house has been decorated for christmas! Flight attendant: Ladies and gentlemen, we are approaching the atlantic coastline and should soon be turning south for the final leg of our journey. We anticipate landing in an hour. We are pleased to offer you a light snack… [ Sobs ] …Complimentary beverages, and cocktails for our first-class passengers. An attendant will be coming through the cabin shortly to take your order.

Lila would be so upset. She would have reginald and the — reggie who? Oh, reggie. He was the butler when ned and I were married. She would have reggie and the entire staff decorating this house by the first of the month. Everything would be out, except for a few things that came out on christmas eve. I’m thinking of a specific train set that alan was very fond of. Train set, huh? Oh, yeah. Yeah. It was, um… it was a family heirloom given to him by his grandfather, who was in railroads. What, like — like an engineer or something like that? No, no, no, no, no. Grandpa — great-grandpa quartermaine, he owned railroads in upstate new york, going into canada, and this particular train set was an exact replica of one of his trains. And alan — oh, alan, he was so proud of it. Well, why wouldn’t he be? Yeah, but by then it was an antique, so it only came out on christmas eve. But everything else, everywhere else, there were wreaths on the doors, there was a garland going all the way down the staircase, everything by december 1st. I cannot believe that you were not more on getting decorations in here. I… your family’s house. Your father’s garage was like a-a christmas wonderland. Your own apartment! I know. Come on! I could tell your room from the street just by walking by and looking up. Lois… I still enjoy christmas decorating. When — early on in my marriage to ned, monica and i sort of, uh… clashed over the christmas decor. She wanted a fresh tree. I had put up something a little more… effusive. Mm. She made it very clear that this was her house, it was her choice, so you know what? I just let it be. Mm-hmm. I let her take the lead on the christmas decorating. Okay, and I appreciate the sensitivity, but we can’t leave this house bare while we’re waiting for monica to come back from a medical conference. Okay, then let’s go for it! Yeah? Yes. Okay. Alright. But if my vote has any weight to it, I’m gonna say… I would appreciate an actual tree as well. I can do natural. Look at my fingernails. Don’t make me… okay, but if we’re gonna do this with the port charles pioneers, we got to get moving. Okay. Let’s go. The tree looked lonely. It wasn’t as pretty as the others. And if I hadn’t picked it, it might not have been picked at all. Yeah, you know what, sweetheart? I think… I think you chose the perfect tree. The whole point is that it’s not perfect. Mm-hmm, but I think it’s perfect for us. Elizabeth: I agree. You’re really getting into the spirit of christmas. And I promise you, we are going to make this tree look spectacular. Mm-hmm. And the first step is putting on the lights. Who’s going to do the honors? Daddy. Yeah. Daddy. Right. How about a nice cup of hot cocoa first? Tj, from the moment we decided we wanted to have a baby, we have faced nothing but setbacks. Sometimes I think the universe is trying to tell us something. Maybe you and I aren’t meant to have children. I-I never said that. So, you do want to have a baby? Absolutely. So do I. Because anytime I think about giving up, accepting that we aren’t meant to have kids, I-I get this pit in my stomach. I mean, that’s why I was crying in the park when kristina found me. The thought of never having a family with you broke me. I’m so sorry, mol. But that’s when everything started to shift. I mean, think about this. I’m never in the park in the middle of the afternoon. I’m in my office or in court. What are the odds that I’d be there and so would kristina? A-about a million to 1. I mean, that’s — that’s got to be fate, right? Like, fate that my sister would find me. Fate that she’d offer to carry our child again. And I have no interest in fighting fate. I can feel it in my heart. This is the right thing to do. And I’m 1,000% sure about kristina. Then so am I. Okay, let’s — let’s do this.

[ Chuckling ] Okay. Molly, tj, hi. Come in. What brings you guys over? This is more of a sister thing, so I’ll let molly explain. Spill it, sister. I am about to officially ask you for a huge favor. One that will dominate your life for the next nine months. Yes, I’ll be your surrogate!

[ Laughing ] Are you sure? Are you kidding me? I have never been more sure of anything in my life. Oh!

[ Both laugh ] Well, charlotte has always denied burning your house, but she lies about a lot of things. She didn’t lie about this. How can you be so sure? Forensics. Csi collected some scraps of fabric from the hedges around my house, and they all tested positive for the accelerant that started the fire. And they lifted some dna, which matched someone that isn’t your daughter. Oh, thank god. Yeah. It’s a relief, yes. I-I didn’t want to think that she’d gone that far. Why didn’t i believe her? Why didn’t I have faith in my own daughter? You said there was a dna match. Who’s the arsonist? I can’t tell you that.

the whole point is that it’s not perfect.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Sighs ]

[ Groans ] Hey, dad? You okay? Yeah. I’m fine, fine. Yeah? Yeah. Just sat down a little more quickly than I intended.

[ Chuckles ] I really want this to be a good christmas. One to remember. Okay. Cocoa’s ready! Here you go. Take a cup. Oh, wow. Here you go. Oh, my goodness. Yep. Oh, hey, you want the big one? It’s okay. No, take that one. Drink yours fast, daddy, so we can put up the lights. Okay, well, listen, you — you and elizabeth did such a great job making the cocoa, it’d be kind of a shame just to gulp it down. Oh, don’t worry, I can make more. Ah, okay.

[ Knock on door ] I’ll get it. Hey! Merry christmas! Happy decorating!Merry christmas. Get in here. We bought a few extra things. How are you? Good to see you. Hi! How’s it going? Yay! More decorations! Brook lynn:

[ Laughing ] Yes! Hey. How are you with christmas lights? Just wanted to let you know that your daughter is not responsible for the fire at my house. Okay, wait a minute. If there’s a dna match, that means that the arsonist is in a database somewhere. So, who is it? I can’t share that information with you. Why not? Is it classified? I-I don’t know. I would imagine that someone, somewhere considers it classified, yes. Well, I’m not talking to them, am I? I’m talking to you. So who burned your house? It’S…need-to-know. You don’t need to know. Why do I not need to know that? I don’t understand. Really? That astonishes me that you fail to understand, because I feel that I made myself quite clear the last time we saw each other. I can’t tell you who burned my house down because I don’t trust you.

[ Dramatic music plays ] Mols, you were so emotional the last time I saw you. I wasn’t sure if maybe upon thinking about it more, you might not want me to be your surrogate. Life’s been a roller coaster since I found out I can’t get pregnant. And when andrea miscarried, tj and I were devastated. I could quote you the medical statistics on the odds of a miscarriage, but… none of that prepared us for when andrea told us that she lost our baby, or having to tell molly. When andrea miscarried, I… I realized that I needed to do some real soul-searching. For the first time in my life, something that I really wanted wasn’t going to come to me because I was smart and prepared and willing to work hard. I felt entitled to being a mom, like whenever tj and I were ready, whenever it fit into our schedules, I’d get pregnant and we’d have a baby nine months later. But when that couldn’t happen

[Voice breaking] Because of me… because I am basically infertile, I just — I jumped right in to finding a solution. Solving the problem — I can do that. So I found andrea to be our surrogate, and she got pregnant, and everything was going according to plan. Until it wasn’T. And it’s only now that I realize that I have to do the thing that scares me the most. I have to accept that I am not in control… and ask for help. Ahh! Ohh! Well, at least we made a start. Yes, I will get the other garlands and the wreaths from the florist, I guess. I’m so glad we got the tree from pc pioneers. Oh, yeah. Me too. So good. It makes you feel so good knowing that you gave back to the community. And those kids in their uniforms — so cute! It makes me think of little dante when he was that age. Was he a pioneer? Uh, no, he was not. But that was not for my lack of trying. I signed him up, I took him to the first meeting, and that kid had jumped out the window and escaped before I even got my car out of the parking lot.

[ Gasps ] No! Yes. Hand to god. I got a call from the troop leader. He was apologetic, beside himself. I said, “calm down.” I went and checked the corner lot, and who was there playing baseball but little dante falconeri?

[ Laughs ] I swear to you, lois, I wanted to grab that kid by the back of his hair and drag him home. Aww! And then I said, “you know what? Who am i to dictate his dream?” You know, if my kid wants to — to play sandlot baseball and dream of a career in the major leagues instead of learn the fundamentals of camping, like, who am I to say? Aww! He’s my kid, and I should support him. So that’s what I did. Oh, vivi. You know what? That has always been one of my favorite things about you. You just take people as they come and you love them for who they are. You never try to make them who you think they should be. Well, it’s a fine line sometimes, you know. With your kids, you — you got to accept them… mm-hmm. …But you also got to provide some guidance, so… mm-hmm. Yeah. It’s like being A… a carpenter and a gardener. That’s the difference. I don’t follow. Oh, okay. So, a carpenter builds a house based on his plans, right? Uh-huh. The wood has no say. But a gardener, it’s different because he raises what he has. You know, he may tend the soil, fertilize it, pull the weeds, give it water, a little bit of love. But he doesn’t plant a pine tree expecting it to grow into an oak. He just raises the very best trees that he can. Well, you’ve definitely done that with brook lynn. Aww. She is a spectacular young woman, really. Aww. Thank you so much. And, you know, you did a pretty good job with dante and leo as well. Well, we’re both very good gardeners. That we are. Oh, my god. Cody’s gonna be here with the tree any minute. We got to get up to the attic and get the christmas tree ornaments! Let’s do this!

People always say that I’m generous… and humble.

[ Chuckles ] But what I never realized is that the person who’s giving is in charge. Like, they’re deciding when and how much. And hopefully they’re doing good, but they are the one in control. And we all know how much I love to be in control. You’re being way too hard on yourself. Asking for help means giving control to someone else. And that would be hard for me under any circumstances, but it is excruciating when the person I’m asking for help is someone that I treated unfairly. Well, if you mean me, you’re forgiven. Not that there’s anything to forgive. Well, how about the fact that I was a total witch the first time you offered to be our surrogate? I didn’t really think it through. I-I didn’t really understand what was at stake. Molly and I were both pretty raw in those first weeks. Neither one of us made an honest effort to see where you were coming from. Yeah, but especially me. I mean, I-I’ve realized that my reaction back then had a lot less to do with you and a lot more to do with me being messy and irrational. Two things that I try to avoid. It hurt that you can carry a child and I can’t, and that it would be easy for you. It just doubled down on my pain. Which makes no sense, I know. Please. I wrote the book on being messy and irrational. And if you would have taken me up on my original offer, it would have been a huge mistake. We weren’t ready. As painful as it was going through this process, it made us ready. You know, I am ready and I want to do this. Thank you. I’m so lucky to have you as my sister. And as my surrogate.

[ Chuckles ] I am the lucky one. I really do want to be clear about this. You lied to me. And because you lied, I-I had no idea that the intruder in my apartment was your daughter. You’re right. You’re right. I take full responsibility. But you withheld information, too. You’re far too good an agent to shoot at point-blank range without a confirmed target. You were gunning for somebody that night, weren’t you? Charlotte got in the way. Well, I guess we both have to live with that for the rest of our lives, right? Wait, wait. I’m sorry. I wish I had told you. I didn’t tell you that charlotte was stalking you because I was afraid. I was afraid that if you knew, that… you’d leave me, that you’d end our relationship. Why would I? I mean, I don’t know that, that I would have ended the relationship. But we’ll never know, becauseyou didn’t give me a choice. You didn’t tell me the truth, so I couldn’t make my own decision. Well, it’s too late for us. But it’s not too late for your — your daughter. You know, you need to focus on her and get her the help that she needs. Okay, everybody cross your fingers. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait! Violet, come here. If you make a wish the moment before the christmas lights come on for the first time, it’ll come true. So get your wish ready. Brook lynn: Okay.

[ Laughter ] I knew it would be beautiful.

[ Laughter ] Oh-ho!

[ Laughs ] Oh, my. Wait. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. What? What… what does this — this remind you of?

[ Laughing ] What do you think? How about st. Finbar’s our sophomore year? Oh, my god. Sister joanne claire was so mad when she realized it was us sneaking into her office and moving around her pictures of the saints. We would swap peter and paul, peter and paul, peter and paul. Oh, man. She got us, though. Detention, and we had to decorate the entire auditorium for christmas all by ourselves. We were there until 3:00 A.M. Well, 3:17, but who’s counting? Oh, and when we came out that morning and our parents were waiting for us… I don’t think I’ve ever seen my mother so angry. But my father, he was disappointed. And somehow, that was so much worse. I know, I got a speech all the way home. I can still hear it. “Your cousin connie would never do anything like this.” Because your cousin connie never stepped a toe out of line. Although, I got to say, I wished I had followed your cousin connie, because I was grounded. I was grounded with a 5:00 P.M. Curfew until the following april. And by the way, you were supposed to be grounded, too. I was grounded, technically. Mm-hmm. Do you remember my bedroom window? It was a joke. I know! You snuck out of that room so easily, it might as well have been on the ground floor. Yes, right out the window and out to the nightclubs in the city all night long. Oh, your poor parents. Honestly, I think back, lois… honestly, I really feel bad for all the worries I gave them. But you know what? At the time… mm? …I really enjoyed myself. Yeah, you did.

[ Both laugh ] Okay, I grabbed the tree, I got some garland. Where do you want them? Well, I am so glad you asked. Flight attendant: Ladies and gentlemen, please bring your seats completely upright and fasten your tray tables. Kindly make sure that your belongings are safely stowed under the seat in front of you. We will be coming through the cabin to do a final check as we prepare for landing. Damn you, luke spencer. I miss you.

I don’t think you’re in any position to tell me what charlotte needs right now. She needs counseling. She was stalking me for months. That is not normal behavior. You saw the letter from victor. You know that her actions were not malicious. Maybe not, but they are unquestionably illegal. She thought she was protecting me. She thought that you were a threat. You’re not doing her any favors by making excuses for her. You’re enabling her. Anna, she was manipulated by a master manipulator. Victor exploited her love for her father, her need for a family. She thought that you were dangerous. And then, of course, when he released your file and the world knew that you had been acting as a double agent — oh, don’t throw that in my face, please. I’m not. But you can’t refute it. It was true. She thought she was protecting me. Think about that. A teenage girl standing against a master spy. So, we can say what we will about my daughter, but she’s not a coward. She did what she thought she had to do. And what, you’re proud of her? I’m appalled at what she did. But I’m proud of her courage. I’m proud of her determination. I’m sickened that victor twisted her for his purposes. Well, he didn’t tell her to write the word “murderer” on my door. Or break into my hotel suite and trash my clothes and write a threatening message on my mirror. Charlotte came up with that all on her own. I can’t believe this is actually gonna happen. Sometimes the universe finds a way. All I know is I’m grateful, ’cause this feels right. Okay, okay. I think it’s high time the expectant parents celebrated up.

[ Both chuckle ] Mama q, could you hand me some wire, please? Yeah. Here you go. Thank you. I have been meaning to ask you, why do you call olivia mama q? Well, she’s dante’s mother. What else would I call her? If you say “zia,” I will murder you right there where you’re standing. I’m just sayin’! What’s a zia?

[ Laughing ] Now that the tree is lit, we can start hanging ornaments. Uh, before we get to the real decorating, brook lynn and i have an announcement to make. Can you announce fast? We need to decorate. Violet! This may be important.

[ Laughs ] Don’t rush them. Uncle chase, brook lynn, I apologize. Please take as much time as you need. Thank you. I think you should do the honors. Okay. Dad, finn, violet, elizabeth… brook lynn has agreed to be my wife, and we are getting married. Ohh! Yay! Oh, what?! Yes! That’s amazing!

[ Laughter ]

To the baby to come. No child will ever be more loved and more welcome. Hear, hear. Hear, hear.

[ Chuckles ] Mm… it’s ginger ale. Gotcha.

[ Laughter ] Not that there’d be anything wrong with drinking right now. Are you jump-starting a healthy new lifestyle, or is this the only thing with bubbles that you had in the fridge? Ah, both. I had a-a friend bring a really nice bottle of champagne over, actually, but it doesn’t last very long in this house. Maybe I should get an early start and — and indulge in all the caffeine and alcohol while I can. We — we know that you’re giving up a lot. It’s well worth it. To you, kristina, and this… to this expanding family. Cheers. Cheers. It’s true. Victor never told charlotte how to stalk you. I imagine she got that off the internet, from some book — you “imagine”? I mean, did you question her about this? I’ve not interrogated my teenage daughter. No. She’s been traumatized. She’s recovering from a gunshot wound. I’m aware. She needs time to heal. She needs her father to stop making excuses for her. You’re not protecting her, valentin. You can’t keep blaming victor for what happened. Victor’s to blame. Yeah? If she had been arrested for the crimes that she committed, what was she gonna plea? “My dead grandpa made me do it”? It doesn’t matter what victor wrote to her. It doesn’t matter what lies he told her. Charlotte is responsible for her own actions, and you have to make her understand that. And you have to get her the help that she needs before she does something irrevocable. Congratulations, bro. Thank you. Oh! Hey. Congratulations, brook lynn. You are an incredible young woman. Aww. You are a lucky man. Oh, I’m the lucky one. No, we both are. I wish you both a lifetime of love. Did you give brook lynn a ring, uncle chase? You know, violet, I did. But I, um — I kept it hidden as to not ruin the surprise. Finn: Ohh! Do you want to see me put it on her finger? Yes, please.

[ Laughter ] Alright. Wait! You’re supposed to go down on one knee. Oh, he did, when he asked me to marry him. Can’t you go down on one knee again, uncle chase? I want the complete picture. Finn: Me too! Me too! Ohh. Of course I can. Alright. Yeah! Aww! Daddy, when are you gonna get aunt elizabeth a ring? Uh… it’s time to decorate the tree! Yes, the…tree.

[ Sighs ] So, what’s so bad about being called a-a zia? Well, nothing. Or — or everything, depending on your circumstances.

[ Laughs ] I still don’t get it. Okay. Zia means “auntie,” right? Which could refer to your mother or your father’s sister. Or — or your sister-in-law. Uh-huh, or it could be a distant cousin or any female relation. But it could also be a term of affection. Or — or someone, a woman that you are close to, but you’re not actually related to. But there is a generational aspect to it. It’s for somebody older. For example, you would never refer to my brookie as zia. Right, but I — I could call you zia?

[ Laughs ] Uh, no. He’s got you there, though. No, but — I don’t mean — okay, hold on one second. Because technically yes, but absolutely no, you cannot. I would prefer it if you continued to call me lois. Totally understand, lois. Aww, honey, this tree looks so beautiful. It does. It’s so nice having you here to help out. Hey, it’s my pleasure.

[ Sighs ] So… how do you like working for the quartermaines? I really, really like it. Yeah, it’s the first place in a long time that feels like home.

[Dee p breath]

[ Speaking italian ] Ohh! Ahh! Cody, you know what? Thank you so much, sweetheart. We could not have done this without you. Oh, yeah, no, and you get extra points for patience. That was a lot of fun, you know. Learned a new word. Not that I’ll ever call either of you “zia.” Yeah. And it got me into the spirit of the season. I might even… yeah, I might grab a tree for the stables. Well, ladies, thank you for a fun time.

[ Both laugh ] Oh, my, oh, my, oh, my. Oh, you know what? Hm? I got to say… this looks a lot better than the auditorium at st. Finbar’S. Yeah?

[ Laughing ] You know.

[ Both laugh ] Charlotte needs to know that what she did was wrong and that she can’t solve her problems by breaking into people’s houses and writing threatening messages. I agree. Charlotte needs limits. Oh, limits… she’ll get them. She needs counseling, and she’ll have that, too. But we have a big problem. Victor convinced charlotte that you were dangerous. And you shot her. So in charlotte’s mind, victor was right. I hope you get through to your daughter and that you get her to understand that victor was never right about anything. Anna, wait. I’m sorry. So am I.

[ Door closes ]

[ Muffled sobs ] That is one gorgeous tree. Mm-hmm. Might be the best tree I’ve ever seen. It certainly is lovely. You were right, brook lynn. When you make a wish on a christmas tree, your wish comes true. Mine already did. What did you wish for, sweetheart? Is it okay to tell? Absolutely. I wished for this to be the best christmas ever. And it is. Our tree is beautiful, uncle chase and brook lynn are getting married, and I have a present for all of you. What kind of present? Stay here. I’ll be right back.

[ Chuckles ] Any idea what this is? Ah, could be beaded necklaces… uh-huh, uh-huh. Acting kind of secretive there, bro. Sure you don’t have any idea what this present is? I can neither confirm nor deny. Finn: Uh-huh. I’m going to sing a song that I wrote myself, and uncle chase will accompany me. Gregory: Uh-huh!

[ Guitar plays ]

When there is no light we will shine, shine, shine when the darkness falls I’ll be by your side if you don’t mind I really wanna shine with you you I wanna shine with you you I wanna shine with you do you remember that night when the stars were bright? And the moon was above shining in your eyes if you don’t mind I really wanna shine with you you I wanna shine with you you I wanna shine with you you I wanna shine with you you I wanna shine with you

[ Applause ] Whoa! Brava! -That’s amazing. -Whoo! Whoo-whoo! Okay. So what happens next? We’ll talk to our fertility specialist, let them know that we have a surrogate, and are ready to move forward. And once we have a more concrete timetable, we’ll get back to you about scheduling, but we’re hoping it’ll be soon. The sooner the better. Now that we know what we’re doing, there’s no point in waiting around. Thank you so much. I will be grateful to you forever. It is my great honor.

[ Chuckles ] Okay. Bye. Bye. This — this… this is really happening. We might just get our miracle after all.

[ Laughs ]

[ Laughs ] We do good work. Mm. Sister joanne claire would be proud.

[ Chuckling ] True. We got a lot of house to go, but these two rooms look beautiful.

[ Door opens, closes ] They do! Tracy: No. No, no, no, no, no. This will not do. Not at all.

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