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Lucy: Dad, I love it. My new room is awesome.

Heather: That might be the coolest bedroom I’ve ever seen.

Lucy: I mean, the colors, the bedding, the cool lamps. I have to call sally spectra and tell her she rocks.

Daniel: I’m sure she’ll appreciate hearing that you think she rocks. She put a lot of time and effort in this place. I can text you her info if you like?

Lucy: Yeah. Cool. Um, I can’t wait to sleep in my new bed. So, when can I move in?

Nate: Lily. Dining alone?

Lily: Um, I just finished a lunch meeting. What’s going on?

Nate: Uh, nothing much. Look, I’m glad I ran into you. Uh, since thanksgiving, I’ve been wondering if you and devon have given any more thought about my uh, coming back to work at chancellor-winters?

Lily: Uh, we haven’t decided yet.

Nate: Okay. But you agreed to give me another chance if aunt mamie came clean about what tucker was really up to, his true agenda, and she did that.

Lily: Yeah. We said we’d consider it. Which is what we’re doing.

Nate: I don’t understand. What’s there left to consider?

Lily: Well, devon wants to talk to victor and get his side of the story of why he let you go.

Nate: You still don’t trust me. So, devon’s going to see the man who just fired me for a reference. Gee, lily, I wonder how that’s gonna turn out.

Lily: Nate, we just want to make sure have the whole story. I’m sure you can understand that.

Nate: What I understand is you’re not giving me a fair shake. What more do I have to do to prove to you that I’ve changed? I am a new man. Why is that so hard to believe?

Victor: Oh, nicholas left?

Nikki: Yeah. His bandages were bothering him. I think he’s in more pain than he’s letting on.

Victor: Well, he’s not the only one.

Nikki: What do you mean?

Victor: My sweetheart, why don’t you sit down and rest. Okay? You want me to get you a soda?

Nikki: No, no, no. I’m– I’m fine.

Victor: My baby, what that jordan woman and claire did to you is absolutely unconscionable, okay? I mean, I hope they lock them up and throw away the keys.

Nikki: I get terrified all over again just thinking about it.

Victor: And I was terrified that I’d lose you.

Nikki: But you didn’T. And you are the reason why I could stay strong. Keep my focus. I heard your voice, victor. I heard you telling me to keep fighting. Stay strong. Fight, fight, nikki fight. That’s what you said.

Victor: That’s right. I would never let anyone hurt you, okay?

Claire: You?

Victoria: Hello, claire. Ma, ma, ma-

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[ Phone chiming ]

Victor: Well, I’ll be damned.

Nikki: Oh, my god. This is very disturbing.

Victor: So, cole and victoria have gone back up to oregon to confront that claire woman in prison.

Nikki: I really don’t like the idea of victoria going face-to-face with that girl again. I mean, what is she thinking? This– no good can come from it.

Victor: Well, they might think that she really is their daughter.

Nikki: It can’t be.

Victor: It’s a disturbing possibility. My baby, when I think of what that claire woman and that jordan woman did to you by pouring alcohol into your system. What does that do to your sobriety?

Nikki: Victor, I’m fine.

Victor: But, sweetheart. You sure this will not drive you back to the bottle?

Claire: The guard said I had a visitor. I thought it might be my aunt.

Cole: Well, it’s gonna be a while before you see her again.

Claire: I don’t understand. What– what are you doing here?

Victoria: We need more answers.

Cole: We want to know what more you can tell us.

Victoria: How long have you known about this? How old were you when your aunt told you that we were your parents? Or did she just reveal that information to you recently?

Claire: What’s the point? Why– why do you even care?

Cole: Obviously, we’d like to know if there’s even the slightest possibility it could be true.

Claire: And then what? If you suddenly believed me, how would that change my situation? Would I suddenly have parents who embraced me? Who loved me, accepted me into your lives?

Victoria: Claire.

Claire: No, really. What difference would it make? Would you see me as a victim? Would you use your influence and power to help get me out of this situation? Is that the point? Because I’m not even sure that’s something I’d want.

Lily: Look, nate, I can see how hard you have worked to turn things around, okay? But you have to admit, this latest news about victor and newman enterprises is a bit troubling.

Nate: I thought I adequately explained myself, lily. I was only looking out for victor and the company and somehow, my concern was taken all wrong.

Lily: I know. We just want to hear the other side. That’s it.

Nate: And you think devon’s gonna take my word over victor’s?

Lily: You don’t even know what victor’s gonna say.

Nate: I’ve got a pretty good idea. My god, lily. I thought the man was suffering from some sort of debilitating sickness. At least, that’s what he wanted us all to believe.

Lily: I know. You told us that he was pretending to be ill.

Nate: Yes. He played it like he was losing his mind. It’s revolting to put on a charade like that, especially on your own family. Lily, they were really worried about him. And so was I. And I was looking to get the man help and to protect the company.

Lily: And get victoria back in the ceo chair.

Nate: That was a by-product of trying to get victor the help I thought he needed. How the hell am I the bad guy in all of this?

Lily: Well, I guess it only comes down to one thing then.

Nate: What’s that?

Lily: What was your true intent? Was it really helping victor? Or was it helping victoria get her old job back? I mean, be honest, nate. Where was your strongest allegiance? Wowwww…

Nate: Come on, lily. That’s really not a fair question. I’m not sure I can even answer that.

Lily: In my mind, you just did. If you really cared about victor, his mental state would have been at the forefront of your mind, not returning victoria to power. In my mind, there’s no question where your priority should have been.

Nate: Then, I guess I’m wasting my time even asking for any consideration.

Lily: Nate, come on. Don’t be like that. We’re trying to do the right thing here.

Audra: Hey. Are you all right?

Nate: I’ve been better. Just gotta get out of here. You want to join me?

Audra: Sure.

Daniel: So, you want to move in today?

Lucy: Yes.

Daniel: I thought we agreed on the weekend.

Lucy: The weekend’s too far away. Can’t I just go get my stuff and move in this afternoon?

Daniel: Oh, the weekend is too far away?

Lucy: Yeah. It’s like a year.

Daniel: Wow. I guess it is, isn’t it? Um, yes, sure, you can move in. I mean, it’s fine by me if it’s okay with your mother.

Heather: Oh, you’re putting it on me. Um, you’re that anxious to abandon me, I see. Just like that?

Lucy: No, I’m not abandoning you. I’m just taking a little vacay before we move into our own place in a few weeks. I mean, why would I let a cool room like that go unused.

Heather: Fair enough. I’ll help you pack a few things.

Lucy: Thanks, mom. And dad, don’t forget to text me sally’s number.

Daniel: I won’T. And use a coaster if you put that tea down!

Heather: She’ll be fine. I haven’t seen her this happy in a long time. I take that as proof positive.

Daniel: Of what?

Heather: That moving back to genoa city was the right decision.

Daniel: You know, I appreciate you putting our daughter’s needs first, but what about you? Are you happy that you made the move?

Victor: My baby. Come here. I can only imagine what you’ve gone through. I want you to know that I’ll be there for you.

Nikki: Just knowing that I have your love and support, that’s all that I need. I don’t want to drink, but I’m going to go to a meeting this afternoon.

Victor: I’m very glad to hear that.

Nikki: Those two women wanted to destroy me, but I won’t give them the satisfaction. I’m going to fight this with everything in me.

Victor: Just know I’ll be there every step of the way for you, okay? Come here, my baby.

Victoria: That’s why we’re here. We want to find out if maybe– maybe your story could be true. Because if it is, I mean, you’d be just as much a victim as we were.

Claire: And then you’d help me?

Victoria: We would certainly, um, consider it. But we’d need some sort of proof. I mean, we need something concrete to go on here.

Cole: Did she ever show you any kind of documentation? Birth certificate, hospital records?

Claire: What would that prove?

Victoria: Did she ever perform a dna test? Or did she just repeat her same narrative over and over again until it just sunk in and you– you simply believed everything that she said?

Claire: You think you can come in here and tell me I’ve been gaslighted from the day I was born? That my whole life is a lie.

[ Claire sighing ] I don’t accept that.

Cole: Claire, it’s possible that it was so ingrained in you that even when you were old enough to question its validity, it didn’t occur to you to verify it. And no one could blame you if that’s the case.

Claire: Is that what this is about? Finding someone to blame?

Victoria: This is about getting some answers, all right? And so far, you haven’t given us any. So, come on, claire. Come on, how about giving us some answers?

She found it.

Victoria: Listen to me, claire. I know how traumatic the events of the last few days have been for you. I know how you’re feeling right now because I’m feeling the exact same trauma.

Cole: Your whole world’s been turned upside down. And you’re sitting here in jail facing kidnapping and attempted murder charges.

Victoria: Is it possible that you were so under your aunt’s influence that maybe you thought to yourself that these terrible things had to be done? That they needed to be done? I mean, maybe it was possible that your aunt was grooming you to– to believe that you deserved retribution and revenge for the parents who abandoned you when you were just a baby.

Cole: Maybe she was programming you all along. To get you to help her with her vengeance against nikki and victor for what she believed they did to her sister, eve.

Victoria: Is that possible, claire? Because if it is, there’s a way out for you. Yes, that’s right. There is a possible way to be forgiven for this.

Claire: What’s that?

Victoria: There’s the truth. Honesty, understanding. Please help us understand what happened.

Claire: I was five when aunt jordan first told me the truth about my parents.

Victor: Devon. Nice to see you.

Devon: Mr. Newman, great to see you too. Thank you for taking–

Victor: To what do I owe the pleasure? Please take a seat.

Devon: For sure. Sure, sure. Um, I’m, uh, I’m here because I wanna get some information about a former employee of newman enterprises.

Victor: Uh, who’s that?

Devon: Nate hastings. I wanna know why you fired him.

Victor: I see.

Devon: He wants to come back and work for lily and me at chancellor-winters and we want to know if he’s being honest with us. And I’d like to be able to believe him, but I’d also like to be completely informed before we make any kind of decisions.

Victor: All right. I understand and I will tell you what I know.

Audra: So, are you gonna tell me what has you so agitated or are you gonna make me guess?

Nate: Devon’s meeting with victor. Apparently to get confirmation from the man himself on why he fired me. I guess devon decided he couldn’t take my word for it.

Audra: Well, you told him the truth, I hope?

Nate: Of course, from my perspective. But it’s obvious he’s not ready to welcome me back with open arms.

Audra: So, are you concerned that victor will make you out to be some sort of opportunist?

Nate: At the very least.

Audra: Mind if I offer you a piece of advice?

Nate: Be my guest.

Audra: Stop playing the martyr.

Nate: Excuse me?

Audra: Look, I’m just telling you how I see it. And I think you’re being a bit disingenuous.

Nate: And then, what exactly do you mean by that?

Audra: You wanted victoria to have power again, didn’t you?

Nate: I can’t believe this. You’re making the same assumption victor and lily made. I only suggested victor go away and get medical attention because I was concerned about his health and looking out for the company.

Audra: Look, I don’t doubt that you cared about victor, but I’m willing to bet you didn’t hesitate to take advantage of the situation and not just for victoria’s sake, but for your own benefit too. Hey, that’s okay. You know, just own it, lean into it. You’ll gain much more respect that way than trying to excuse your behavior.

Heather: It’s very sweet of you to be concerned about me, but, I mean, I have to wonder why.

Daniel: Look, heather, no matter what happened between us in the past, I am always gonna want for you to be happy.

Heather: Well, then you’ll be very glad to know that I am very happy I moved here. Yeah. I, um, I thought I had outgrown this town, but genoa city feels like home to me.

Daniel: I guess that’s why they say there’s no place like it.

[ Heather chuckling ]

Heather: I have so many fond memories here and recently, I’ve also had pretty positive meetings with the chancellor-winters legal team too.

Daniel: I’m sorry. Did you get the job?

Heather: Oh, no, no, no. I– I’m– I’m cautiously optimistic that it may possibly work out. It feels like a good fit and everything seems to be falling into place.

Daniel: That’s good. And, I mean, it’s so great to have you and lucy here, you know.

Heather: Yeah. And it was a pretty smooth transition for lucy. I mean, thanks to you. I mean, your help and your support have been invaluable. And, uh, I don’t– I don’t think I really knew what to expect, so.

Daniel: Did you think it was gonna be weird between the two of us?

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Announcer: The young and the restless will continue. Are you still zillowing for the perfect house?

Daniel: Lily. Hey. I am so glad you stopped by.

Lily: Yeah. Oh, hi.

Heather: Hi. It’s so sweet. You have your own key.

Lily: Yeah. Well, it’s, you know, convenient since I live in the building. Um, I actually made you a set of keys for my apartment.

Lucy: Oh, lily. Hi. Don’t you love my dad’s new digs? And my room is the coolest spot in the whole place. Oh, mom, I need your advice. You have to check out my closet. I’m gonna need more clothes to fill it and shoes, lots of shoes.

Heather: Lots of shoes.

Daniel: You know, there are times where she sounds way too much like phyllis.

Lily: Well, let’s hope it stops at clothes and shoes.

Daniel: Yeah. Let’s hope. This is a pleasant surprise.

Lily: Yeah. Well, I didn’t think that lucy was moving in until the weekend, so I guess surprises all around.

Victor: Let me put this as tactfully as I can. I’m glad you came to me. And I’m sorry to have to tell you that your cousin cannot be trusted. And I thought you would have learned that the first time you had to go around with him.

Devon: Well, he’s claimed to have changed and he said that he’s understood that what he did was wrong.

Victor: He’s about as ambitious and ruthless as they come.

Devon: Really?

Victor: Yeah.

Devon: Because he said that you just misunderstood his intentions and that he was just trying to do what he thought was right to protect you and victoria and do good by the company.

Victor: Really? He fed you that lie as well? Let me tell you something. The moment he noticed weakness in me, he jumped.

Devon: But what– didn’t you have your family concerned about your mental state? Like, was that difficult to put them through that?

Victor: No. Why would that be difficult? I’d do anything to protect my company and my family.

Devon: I understand that, but who are you protecting it from? Nate?

Victor: Yeah. I’m telling you, don’t you trust that guy. I’m warning you. Family only goes so far. Only covers so much.

[ Phone ringing ]

Nikki: Hello. Hello? Who is this?

Claire: At first, she would just mention it every now and then. How she couldn’t understand how any parent would walk away from a sweet little girl like me. Then, as I got older, she’d remind me how lucky I was that she’d taken me in when my parents didn’t want me. Aunt jordan nurtured my resentment and pain ’til it became my only reality. Abandoned. Only aunt jordan cared for me. Loved me. And I asked myself, every day, what could make my parents hate me so much that they’d never want to see me again. How could they just pretend I didn’t exist?

[ Claire sniffling ] I was homeschooled until I was a teenager. I guess aunt jordan didn’t want me around all the kids with moms and dads and normal families, so my first real experience with school was a very strict, all-girls prep school. Aunt jordan drilled into me the fear of being outcast and– and ridiculed if I ever told the truth about my family, so. How embarrassing to have been abandoned by the powerful newman family. So, she– she convinced me to adopt a– an alternative story.

Cole: A story she made up for you.

Claire: She told me to tell everyone that my parents had been killed in a car accident and my great aunt had taken me in. It wasn’t hard for my damaged psyche to just take that in and adopt it as my reality. It was easy. A seamless background to present the world. But I was consumed by all the bitterness.

Victoria: You didn’t question any of it?

Claire: No. I never saw any proof. I guess maybe on some primal level, maybe I didn’t want to see any. I just feared that seeing the truth, with hard evidence, it would break me. It would destroy whatever defenses I’d managed to build up to protect myself from the hurt that I carried.

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Claire: You’re asking if I’ve stopped believing aunt jordan’s story? How– how could I just let it go when it’s all I’ve ever known? It’s all I have.

Cole: I can understand. My mother suffered from mental illness and I know how difficult that can be when you have just the one parent and they’re not telling you the truth.

Claire: How could someone make up such a story? Who would do such a thing? There are so many easier ways to exact revenge on someone. Why wait a lifetime and– and poison a child’s mind? It– it– I mean cultivating and– and training that child to believe such a massive, evil lie.

Victoria: Claire, you’re right. You’re right. You need to find out some answers. You need to know at least who you are and what happened.

Claire: I know who I am.

Victoria: Okay. I understand. I know you’re scared. But don’t you think it’s way past time that you found out the truth? Would you at least agree to a dna test? That way, I mean, we would have concrete proof, one way or another. Don’t you want to know if cole and I are really your parents?

Claire: Yes. But only if you help me. Please help me.

Nikki: Oh, devon. Hello. It’s always nice to see you.

Devon: Great to see you too, mrs. Newman. How are you?

Nikki: Oh, I’m fine, thank you. Victor, I’m sorry, I didn’t know you had company.

Victor: Well, devon is here to ask me some questions about nate hastings. Apparently, nate would like to be rehired at chancellor-winters.

Nikki: Oh, really? Well, I hope you told him the man’s a snake.

Devon: Oh, he did. But, uh, I thank you both. And I appreciate your candor on this because since nate is family, it’s been more complicated, as you can imagine.

Nikki: Yes, we certainly can. You stay away from nate hastings.

Devon: I will. I will keep that in mind. Lily and I have a lot to consider, but thank you both again.

Victor: You’re welcome, devon. And I’m glad you came by and I hope I could be of some help.

Devon: Appreciate it.

Victor: Nice to see you, man.

Devon: You too.

Victor: All right.

Devon: Good to see you.

Nikki: You too. Bye bye.

Devon: Bye.

Victor: Everything all right? You look a little piqued.

Nikki: Oh, I, uh, tried to take a nap. It didn’t work out. I just couldn’t seem to quiet my mind and forget all the memories.

Daniel: I asked lucy if she wanted to come by and check out her new bedroom, in case there were any changes she wanted to make to it and she fell in love with it. She asked me if she could move in right away.

Lily: Yeah. That’s great. I mean, how can you say no to that?

Daniel: Right. And I gotta tell you, you know, having her energy in this place, it just gives it a good vibe. She makes my house feel like a home.

Lily: I love that. I love hearing that.

Daniel: It feels like everything’s falling into place, doesn’t it? And heather told me that she had some really good meetings with the chancellor-winters legal team. So, thank you. You’re the one who made that happen. Thank you for putting in a good word for her. The more settled she is, the more I can count on having lucy around.

Lily: Yeah. I’m– I’m happy to help.

Daniel: Are you? ‘Cause I mean, you don’t seem happy. Is something wrong?

Nate: So, you think I was only concerned for my own well-being? You don’t think I was looking out for victor’s health?

Audra: Don’t get me wrong, nate. Look, I’m not condemning your actions by any means. You know, I probably would have played it the exact same way myself.

Nate: I didn’t play it anyway, audra. This wasn’t a game for me or some sort of chess move. I was a doctor. I wasn’t trying to oust victor. I thought he needed help.

Audra: You know, I can guarantee you the victor newman made many similar moves on his rise to the top, so his wrath is completely disingenuous.

Nate: You don’t seem to get my point.

Audra: Nate, I get it, okay? But none of that really matters now, does it? What’s done is done regardless of why. What matters now is what we do moving forward?

Nate: We?

Audra: Look, it sounds like you’re not gonna get a sterling recommendation from the newmans, so your chances of returning to chancellor-winters is slim to none. You know, maybe, it’s time you reconsidered joining forces with me.

Audra: Do you really think devon and lily are gonna truly trust you again? You know, even if they hire you back, what makes you think they’re ever gonna give you the benefit of the doubt? You know, the first mistake you make, you’re gone.

[ Nate sighing ]

Nate: They’re family and in the end, that may count for a whole lot.

Audra: Don’t tell me you really believe that? Or is it just wishful thinking? Listen, the iron is hot, okay? Now, is the time to strike. What’s it gonna take for me to convince you, huh? Just come, join me. You know, somewhere you’ll be admired and listened to and respected.

Nate: It’s tempting. But really, audra, everything you say is tempting.

Audra: It’s a gift.

Nate: All right. Let’s see where devon and lily stand. If they don’t value family as much as I do, then I’m in.

Daniel: Come on. What’s wrong? Talk to me.

Lily: No, nothing. It’s– it’s just been a trying day.

Daniel: Busy?

Lily: Yeah. I had a tense conversation with nate.

Daniel: Tense? I thought feelings were easing up between the cousins. I mean, everything seemed fine at thanksgiving.

Lily: Yeah. I thought so too. And I know mamie wants us to work together, but I don’t know if nate is as changed as he’s trying to make us believe. He was a pompous ass to me at society.

Daniel: So, what are you going to do?

Lily: I don’t know. I don’t want to let mamie down, but I don’t know if I can work with nate. So, devon’s trying to figure things out and I guess we’ll decide then.

Daniel: Mm. Well, I wouldn’t beat yourself up about it. I’m sure things will work themselves out and you and devon, you’ll make the right decision.

Lily: Yeah. Thanks. Anyway, I have some meeting this afternoon, but maybe, do you want to grab some coffee right now?

Daniel: Ooh, yeah. No, I think that can be arranged.

Heather: Daniel? I’m sorry. I– I didn’t mean to interrupt. It’s just that um, lucy, she has a question for you about her room.

Daniel: Sure.

Heather: You need to approve something.

Daniel: Yeah. Okay. I’ll be right back.

Heather: Uh, lily, I– I– I hope you don’t feel too put out by lucy moving in. It all happened very fast.

Lily: No, please. Of course not. I mean, I know daniel’s really missed her, so I’m happy she’s here.

Heather: Good. And please don’t worry about me either because I’m going to try to stay out of everyone’s way and, uh, not step on any toes.

Cole: There’s not a whole lot we can do. The charges against you are pretty serious.

Claire: But I know everything about the newman family. I’ve spent years following everything that you do. You’re rich and powerful enough to fix anything.

Victoria: No. It doesn’t quite work like that. But I promise you, we will do what we can.

Claire: No matter how the dna comes out?

Victoria: When is the arraignment?

Claire: I, um, I don’t think a date has been set yet. I don’t have a lawyer. I met with a public defender, but I don’t want her. I was kind of waiting for my aunt jordan. I didn’t think she would just leave me here. I’m kind of counting on her to get me a good lawyer.

Victoria: Your aunt jordan is in a lot more legal trouble than you are, so I wouldn’t count on her coming to your rescue. In fact, I doubt that she’s gonna surface anytime soon.

Claire: Abandoned by the only parent I’ve ever known.

Cole: Why don’t I look into arranging a good lawyer for you. And then maybe, you can make bail.

Claire: Oh, thank you. Thank you.

Cole: Okay, but there’s something you need to do for us.

Victoria: And it’s a deal breaker. We need that dna test.

Victor: Well, sweetheart, I’m headed to the kitchen. Would you like something?

Nikki: Mm. Yes. Could you get me some tea, please?

Victor: Oh, my baby. Mm. I’ll get you some tea.

Nikki: Thank you. Ever wonder why kit kats are so delightfully crispy? And over-the-counter items? So, if you have medicare and medicaid, call the number on your screen now and speak with a licensed humana sales agent. If you’re eligible,

[ Phone ringing ]

[ Distorted music playing ]

Nikki: Who is calling? Why are you calling me? I know that song. But where?

Tucker: Nate, there is no information that is not available for a price. If you don’t know that by now, maybe I should reconsider my opinion of you.

Nate: Well, you seem to be under the impression that I care about your opinion.

Tucker: Nate, like I said, I admire the hell out of the play. Really. Of course, I would admire it even more had you pulled it off. I love the idea of victor in a straitjacket. You know, drool coming down his chin bouncing off rubber walls. But hey, a for effort.

Nate: On that note, I gotta be going.

Tucker: No, no, no,. There’s– that’s– god, you’re sensitive, aren’t you?

Nate: Tucker.

Tucker: Thought you were a player.

Nate: If you have something to say, just say it.

Tucker: Well, I wonder if you should stop wasting your time and your talents in all these wrong places. I know that audra has offered you a role in this new venture we have in the works.

Nate: This– what is this we?

Tucker: Me and audra, or is it audra and me? I always forget the right grammar. Anyway, I was on the fence about her idea of including you, but this move you made with victor won me over, so we are putting together a team of people who are not afraid to get their hands dirty and it seems like you’re that kind of man.

Nick: Nate tried to get rid of my dad and clear a path for him and vic. It’s as simple as that.

Lily: Well, it sounded more complicated than that. Apparently, your dad was pretending to be mentally unstable to set a trap for you guys?

Nick: Everybody knows my dad is a master gamesman.

Lily: I mean, if that’s how you want to put it, but I mean, I think what your dad did was horrible.

Nick: My dad felt like somebody on his executive team wasn’t loyal and turns out, he was right.

Lily: Okay. So, even though nate has been a doctor for most of his life, you don’t think that maybe he really did think that it was the best option to send your dad away for treatment?

Nick: There were other options available that didn’t include shipping my father off to some inpatient facility and any doctor would have known that.

Lily: But maybe he was trying to protect your dad and newman enterprises?

Nick: I can’t believe you’re defending him.

Lily: I’m not trying to. I’m just thinking that maybe you guys were a little quick to assume that his intentions were bad.

Nick: And maybe you’re too quick to assume that his intentions were good. Nate was the one who had the most to gain from this. Can’t you see that?

Lily: Okay. Let me ask you this then. Do you think the punishment fits the crime?

Nick: What do you mean?

Lily: Well, I mean, if you or victoria or adam did the same thing, would your dad have fired you on the spot?

Nikki: My name is nikki and I’m an alcoholic. I haven’t been here in some time, but I see some familiar faces. It’s nice. Some of you have heard me share about a recurring nightmare that I used to have, where I would find myself at a bar ordering a drink or hiding a bottle of vodka in a purse in my closet. Now, the details always changed, but the panic was the same. I would wake up in a cold sweat and my heart would be pounding and I was terrified that I had lost my sobriety in a weak moment to… well, last night, I had another one of those nightmares and when I woke up, I realized it wasn’t a dream. It was real.

[ Nikki sobbing ] My four years, 11 months, and 21 days of sobriety is over. And the most infuriating part is that it wasn’t my fault. I know– I know that sounds like an alcoholic’s excuse, but I was literally forced to inject vodka against my will. And I– I– I know this sounds absolutely outlandish, but I was kidnapped by a deranged, evil woman who– who knew my history and she injected alcohol into my system through an iv. And when I finally came to, I had that feeling of being mind-spinning drunk. And I’m so scared that the monster who used to control my every waking thought and action, those tormenting voices in my head, that the demon has awakened. And you need to know this. I didn’t take the first drink. But the second and the third, I took those. I see your faces. I- I– I– I know what you’re thinking. I mean, I– I hear myself making all these excuses, but the– the disease doesn’t care. It’s pointless. The disease doesn’t care how it happened. It just feeds on it and it screams for more. I am terrified. I cannot go down this road again. I won’T. So, I am here. I know it’s time to get humble again and just focus all of my energy on not taking a drink. For a day, for an hour. A minute at a time. This new charmin ultra soft smooth tear

[ Loud, distorted music ] Oh, my god. God help me.

Nick: Look, my dad set a trap to try and shake out any traitors and the answer is yes, if any of his children tried to pull what nate did, we would have been fired on the spot. Nate tried to stage a coup by taking advantage of my dad’s supposed mental incapacity.

Lily: Yeah. But usually, people orchestrating a coup are trying to install themselves. I mean, nate was trying to reinstate victoria.

Nick: No. The only reason nate wanted to reinstate victoria was so that he could return to being her second in command. It was a power play.

Lily: Okay. Well, thank you for your honesty.

Nick: You did ask for my opinion. Personally, I think you dodged a bullet with nate the first time. I have no idea why you would invite that kind of threat back into your business.

Devon: Yeah. I’m concerned about the same thing.

Nick: What’s up, man?

Devon: How you doing? We need to talk.

Nick: Yeah. I gotta go. Uh, I’ll leave you two to talk.

Lily: Um, have a speedy recovery.

Nick: Thanks. See you guys.

Devon: See you, man. What’s that about?

Lily: Oh, I don’t know. It’s a mystery injury. He didn’t want to talk about it. Um, how did it go with victor?

Devon: Oh, it was, um, illuminating. Nate has definitely burned bridges at newman. And it seems like, uh, nick feels the same way.

Lily: So, where does that leave us?

Nate: I wasn’t aware that audra’s new business venture included you.

Tucker: And now that you are?

Nate: It changes everything.

Tucker: Really? ‘Cause as far as I’m concerned, if you think about it, my involvement doesn’t matter at all. Eyes on the prize and all that kind of stuff.

Nate: Oh, it matters to me. And frankly, I don’t like your connection to audra or to my aunt mamie.

Tucker: See, I love that. That attitude right there. It’s like, “you better watch your ass, tucker.” It’s terrific. That’s the kind of edge that I wouldn’t want you to lose. Anyway, uh, if you come to your senses, you know where to find me. Thanks for the drink.

Nate: We need to talk about your offer, audra. Immediately.

Nick: Dad.

Victor: Hi, son. Please close the door.

[ Nick grunts ] How are you holding up?

Nick: Uh, still got some pain, but it’s manageable. I’m far more worried about you and mom.

Victor: Join the club. So am I.

Nick: I just hope she doesn’t, you know, try and go into denial about how traumatic this was. She cannot keep this bottled.

Victor: Yeah. I know she’s aware of it though, you know. She is at an aa meeting right now as we speak.

Nick: Oh, that’s– that’s great. Hey, have you heard from vic lately? She’s not returning any of my calls or texts. I cannot believe she’s going to confront that con artist.

Victor: Well, your sister and cole went up to oregon to find out if claire is their daughter.

Nick: Seems like the wrong way to go about this. I mean, going and visiting with this woman who tried to kill us. Who’s to say she’s not gonna keep playing mind games with them.

Victor: Well, your sister’s a very smart lady. She’ll figure it out.

Nick: Yeah, I hope. Hey, could you tell me a little about eve howard? I know she was cole’s mother, but I never heard much about her.

Victor: I’d rather not talk about it, son.

Nick: Dad, I need to know what we’re dealing with.

Victor: Suffice it to say that eve howard tried to kill me the way that jordan tried to kill me.

Nick: Poison?

Victor: Yeah. Hm. In fact, she almost ruined my first wedding to your mother. She had escaped from a loony bin. Showed up at the wedding.

Nick: It sounds terrifying.

Victor: Putting it mildly.

Nick: Well, if claire and jordan share the same traits, we were lucky to get out of there alive. Have you had any progress in tracking her down?

Victor: None, so far.

Nick: We have to find that woman and get her behind bars.

Victor: We certainly do, but you know, my boy, what this has taught me, again, is how important it is that we all stick together as a family.

Nick: Yeah. My dry eye’s made me a burning,

Announcer: The young and the restless will continue. 12 days of gifting

Lily: I don’t know. I’m– I’m torn. Nate is right too. You know, victor did set him up.

Devon: Yeah, but what does it say about him that he fell into a trap like that?

Lily: I just think there has to be some validity to his argument. Like, he used to be victor’s doctor. He cared about him. What if this power play to reinstate victoria came second to his concern for victor?

Devon: It could have. Sure.

Lily: I mean, he was a doctor. He always put his patients first. We never questioned his motives.

Devon: Yeah. That’s the problem though. He’s not a doctor anymore and when he got into the corporate world, he changed. He lost his damn mind.

Lily: Maybe he’s found it again?

Devon: And we were just starting to make progress on putting the past behind us and then this had to happen.

Lily: I know. Aunt mamie really wants us to work together again.

Devon: Well, regardless of that, we have to take our company’s stability into consideration because we have enough on our plate dealing with whatever tucker has planned, trying to get jill out of the picture. Do we really want to invite another threat in?

Audra: Nate. What’s so urgent?

Tucker: Hi, nate.

Nate: Why didn’t you tell me he was here?

Audra: Oh, well, you didn’t really give me the chance. You know, you invited yourself over and hung up before I could say anything.

Tucker: We were just discussing you.

Nate: You neglected to mention this fabulous new venture of yours involved him.

Audra: Would you mind giving nate and me some privacy, please?

Tucker: Yeah. I like him. He’s got potential. A lot more than that other guy you’ve been hanging out with.

Audra: Noted.

Tucker: Have fun.

Audra: So, what did you want to discuss?

Nate: Cut the act, audra. What the hell are you cooking up with tucker? And why did you keep his involvement a secret?

Victor: So, tell me about the meeting.

Nikki: Well, it’s been a while since I’ve been there. There were some familiar faces. They were supportive.

Victor: Well, that’s nice.

Nikki: I shared.

Victor: Good.

Nikki: It was nice to do it in a safe space, but it brought up feelings that I’m not used to.

Victor: Ah. Such as?

Nikki: I just hate that I am facing this again. I mean, my alcoholism was a thing of the past. But claire and jordan have taken that away.

Victor: Sweetheart, they won’t, they can’T. You’re stronger than either of them.

Nikki: I know, but darling, it’s not about them. It’s about the disease. It’s like a cancer that was in remission. And what if it’s back?

Victor: My baby, you mustn’t think like that.

Nikki: Darling, you don’t know what it’s like.

Victor: No, I don’T. But I want you to know that I’ll be here every step of the way. I will help you, okay? You’re the strongest woman I’ve ever known. A mystery!

Nikki: I appreciate your faith in me and I will try my best to live up to it.

[ Phone ringing ]

Victor: Who was that?

Nikki: Just work. Nothing important.

Victor: What’s got you rattled?

Nikki: I’ve been getting these phone calls from an unknown caller and when I answer the phone, nobody is there. Just this music playing.

Victor: Oh, well, maybe it’s just a robocall.

Nikki: No, no, no, no. There’s something very unnerving about it.

Victor: Well, sweetheart, the next time it says unknown caller, just don’t answer it.

Nikki: I don’t know. It seems like it might be all tied up to this whole mess.

Victor: When did this start?

Nikki: Earlier today. And then, I got another one after my meeting.

Victor: Maybe it’s that jordan woman trying to get into your head.

Nikki: Well, if it is, she is succeeding.

Victor: What does the music sound like?

Nikki: Um,

[ Nikki singing the tune ] Uh, I can’t sing it very well, but does that sound familiar at all?

Victor: No, I have no clue. Never heard that.

[ Nikki sighing ]

Nikki: Well, I think you’re right though. I– I think that it is a clue and if I could just remember what the song is, maybe I would understand why jordan or someone is tormenting me like this.

Victor: It just occurred to me. I have an idea.

Lily: All right. So, I guess we turn nate down. Aunt mamie is gonna be disappointed.

Devon: Yeah, but I think that she’ll understand when we tell her why.

Lily: Yeah.

Esther: Okay. I thought that you might like some cookies. It’s my recipe.

Lily: Yeah. Tempting. Thank you.

Devon: Thank you very much.

Esther: Of course. You know, it is so great to see you two getting along so well. I mean, I was so upset when things were tense at chancellor-winters. And I know that mrs. C. Would be so happy to see that you mended fences because family was so, so important to her.

Lily: I know. I know. We’re happy to be working together again too.

Esther: Now, if nate would be back with you guys, then everything would be perfect.

Devon: Mm. Actually, you know what? It’s funny you say that because we were just discussing the possibility of him coming back.

Esther: Oh.

Devon: So, but thank you for bringing the cookies.

Esther: Sure. Oh, I can take a hint. I’ve got other customers to attend to.

Lily: Okay. Thank you.

Esther: You’re welcome.

Lily: I mean, we can’t hire nate back because mamie and esther want us to.

Devon: No. No, we can’T. You know. Although I have to admit, it does bug me that nate keeps falling so damn low.

Lily: Well, maybe we can help keep him on track.

Devon: I don’t know if cutting him slack is the way to go. I think that he might need to keep falling before he learns his lesson.

Lily: Or maybe, we’re the only ones who can save him from himself.

Audra: You know, I think you’re overreacting. Tucker is merely a useful means to an end, for both of us. His involvement is purely financial.

Nate: Audra, if you want me on board, you need to tell me right now what exactly this new venture is. With details this time.

Audra: This isn’t gonna work if you don’t trust me.

Nate: My trust went out the window the second I found out tucker was behind this. What are you talking about?

Audra: Then, why are you asking me for specifics? It sounds like your mind’s made up. Tucker and I are making a move on a company.

Nate: A hostile takeover.

Audra: Okay. Don’t sound so judgmental. It’s no different than what you and victoria had planned for chancellor-winters.

Nate: Yeah. And you know I regret doing that.

Audra: Okay. No one is asking you to be part of the takeover, okay? You come in after the fact.

Nate: Tell me more.

Audra: Tucker is targeting the company for personal reasons. He wants no part in the day-to-day. That’s where I come in. I will run it and I will build the team I want.

Nate: Well, that’s funny. Tucker made it seem like he was the one calling the shots on assembling this team. You might need to get your management hierarchy straight.

Audra: Hm. Well, you know, I’ve worked with tucker in the past and he has no interest in details. He’s more of a big picture kind of guy.

Nate: You said his interest in this company is personal. It’s chancellor-winters, isn’t it? He’s going after devon and lily’s company the way he wanted to when he first came to town. That’s why you didn’t want to tell me. Do you actually think I’d go along with that, audra? Wow.

Audra: Okay. Just calm down. We’re not going after chancellor-winters. Tucker is protective of devon’s place there, so he’s not about to do anything to hurt his son.

Nate: Then it must be jabot. He wants to hurt ashley and the abbotts. Wow, your silence speaks volumes.

Audra: That’s tucker’s agenda, okay? Mine is to take something good and make it remarkable.

Nate: By destroying the abbots?

Audra: Okay. Suddenly, you have a conscience? Where was that when you were booking victor a one-way ticket to lake geneva?

Nate: Audra, I am not this mercenary you and tucker or the newmans try to make me out to be.

Audra: Even so, what are the abbotts to you? Huh? It’s not like you got many other options.

Nate: Maybe I do. When migraine strikes you’re faced with a choice.

Esther: Okay. Here they are. Oh, it just warms my heart to see all of you together.

Devon: Oh. Well, actually esther, would you mind getting us some refills?

Esther: Of course. Got it.

Devon: Thank you. Appreciate it.

Nate: Well, I see you’re both here. I hope that’s a good sign and that you’re ready to discuss my proposal.

Devon: That’s why I texted you.

Nate: Is there anything to discuss or have you already made a decision?

Lily: We have. I think you should sit down.

Nick: Uh, hey vic, it’s me. Um, I’m really worried about you. Dad filled me in about eve howard and I get it. Uh, I understand you need to get to the truth about claire, but you gotta keep your eyes open. Jordan is still out there and these women are dangerous, so just call me as soon as you get this, okay? And please, please, please, please be careful.

Victor: Hey, my friend. Can you do me a favor? If– if my wife hummed a melody to you, could you maybe play it and then identify the song for us?

Pianist: I’ll do my best.

Victor: Okay.

Nikki: Okay. It’s, um…

[ Nikki humming ]

[ Piano playing along ] That’s it. What is that called?

Pianist: It’s a piece from the swing era. It’s called “kitty’s bounce.”

Victor: Hm. All right. Thank you.

[ Piano playing ] What’s the matter, my baby? I thought you were happy to identify it.

Nikki: It’s a number I used to dance to, back when I did that sort of thing.

Victor: I’m sorry, my sweetheart. Is it that jordan woman?

Nikki: It must be. She’s trying to rile me. Bringing back memories of my– of my stripping. She’s trying to break me, victor.

Victor: My baby. We won’t allow her to get to you anymore, okay?

Nikki: I mean, it’s not that I’m embarrassed by it. I– I– I know where I come from, but– but this is so disturbing. I worry that this is just the beginning. Oh, god. Please stop that. I– I can’t listen to anymore.

Pianist: Of course, mrs. Newman.

Victor: My baby, I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry that I pushed you to have to remember that.

Nikki: This woman that I have never met before knows how to get to me. I mean, it is like eve all over again. Wreaking havoc.

Victor: And I promise you, it’s not gonna happen. I won’t allow her to do that. Come here. I’m sorry, my baby. I’m so sorry.

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