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Dimitri remains in his motel room, looking at the photos he and Leo took as ghosts on Halloween. Dimitri can’t believe he’s doing this but decides that Sloan is right that if he wants to free Leo, he has to turn himself in. Dimitri never thought he would sacrifice himself for another person, but declares that’s how much he loves Leo. Someone then knocks on his door. Dimitri questions who the hell that could be. Dimitri says he was careful so it couldn’t be the cops, but a voice calls out for him to open up, saying he knows he’s in there.

In the interrogation room, Sloan announces that she just spoke to Dimitri and he’s willing to turn himself in if EJ drops all charges against Leo. EJ questions where the hell Dimitri is if she just spoke to him. Sloan calls that irrelevant but EJ argues that it is if she’s harboring a fugitive. Sloan denies harboring anyone since Dimitri is her client and repeats that he’s happy to turn himself in if EJ just signs some paperwork. Leo can’t believe it as he was certain that Dimitri was halfway across the world by this point. Sloan tells Leo that he’s not helping his case. Sloan then asks EJ if they should take this conversation outside.

In the town square, Chanel instructs Tate to just fill out the application and they will find something for him. Tate thanks her. Chanel says she’s going back to the Pub but Tate stops her and says she can’t go back yet. Chanel asks why not. Tate thinks back to Holly telling him that she would forgive him on the condition that he help her break up Johnny and Chanel. Tate then tells Chanel that there is something he needs to tell her.

Johnny questions Holly telling him that Eric agreed to a DNA test to help prove his baby is not their brother. Holly admits it’s bizarre while Johnny calls it sad and says he feels so bad for Nicole and EJ as this is going to crush Nicole when she finds out. Holly suggests maybe it’s still for the best. Johnny agrees that now this will force Nicole to face reality.

At the hospital, Nicole tells Eric that can’t believe that she’s about to have proof that this is her baby. Eric says they should know soon. Nicole says that her heart is beating so hard right now. Nicole then apologizes to Eric for going on about how excited she is to get the results and only thinking about herself which is nothing new. Eric thanks her but says it’s okay. Nicole disagrees because if it turns out that it is her baby, that means he’s not Eric’s. Nicole says she’s been so caught up in her own loss that she didn’t even think about what this is doing to him. Eric understands she is grieving and says she doesn’t need to worry about him. Nicole disagrees and says that he’s been so kind to her and always puts others before himself. Eric wants her to have peace of mind. Nicole asks what about him since she knows how much he’s always wanted a child and to be a father, so she should know more than anyone what this is doing to him. Nicole thanks him for allowing them do this DNA test. Eric responds that it’s not actually hard for him because he doesn’t believe his baby is her son.

EJ and Sloan exit the interrogation room. EJ clarifies that he has no interest in making any deals with Dimitri while they have Leo in custody. EJ points out how unreliable Dimitri has proven to be and asks what makes her so sure that he would even show. Sloan calls it her gut instinct and insists Dimitri will be there. Sloan argues that EJ knows this is a good deal and that Dimitri is the big fish here, not Leo. EJ admits she makes a good point since Dimitri was the one behind the wheel, so he’s the one who should pay the price for his son’s murder. Sloan responds that she’s afraid murder is off the table.

As the knocking on his door continues, Dimitri looks out the window and worries that the cops found him. The man outside the door calls out that he’s not the cops but he will call them if he doesn’t open the door. Dimitri then answers the door to see Leo’s ex, Darius Rose. Darius reminds Dimitri that they met before and they were both in drag. Dimitri assures that he’s never done drag. Darius brings up Dimitri pretending to be Agent Graham. Dimitri then remembers him as Jackie Cox from Arizona. Darius tells Dimitri to show him a little respect because he is his ticket to freedom.

Holly tells Johnny that her bracelet looks really cool on him and she’s so glad he likes it. Johnny calls it special and thanks her. Johnny adds that they have a few minutes before Chanel comes back and there’s something he wants to talk to her about, but Chanel can’t find out. Holly gets excited and says she’s all ears.

Chanel asks what Tate needed to tell her. Tate says it’s about why he asked for this job. Chanel remembers him saying he’s paying back damages he caused at school. Tate says he wasn’t being truthful and that Brady is making him pay back everything he makes at the Pub while he thought this second job could be a way for him to make some cash for himself. Chanel questions that being what he had to tell her and says she doesn’t care what he does with his money as that’s none of her business. Chanel jokes that as long as he doesn’t open up a rival bakery, they are good. Chanel says she should get back to Johnny but Tate stops her and says the oven looks complicated so he asks her to show him how it works. Chanel tells him to just fill out the application and then they will go over everything, if she hires him. Chanel then walks away to head back to the Pub. Tate begins texting Holly.

Nicole questions Eric not thinking it’s possible that his son could be her baby and asks if that’s because she’s crazy. Nicole asks if he’s just trying to placate her. Eric tells her that he’s been talking to Marlena and she said that after a loss like that, it’s natural that her mind could take a leap. Nicole tells Eric that he’s wrong as her mind is not playing tricks on her. Nicole insists that she knows the child that she carried for months. Eric tells her that he’s not her son. Nicole argues that Eric wasn’t there when he was born as he got there after the accident and after the baby was taken from her. Nicole says Eric didn’t hold him or see his first breath while she did and she insists that this is her baby.

EJ questions Sloan saying no murder charge when she just said Dimitri is turning himself in. Sloan says not for the baby’s death and argues that EJ knows it would be difficult to make felony murder charges stick. EJ asks what exactly Dimitri is confessing to then. Sloan suggests there’s a whole host of crimes that could put Dimitri away for a very long time. Sloan warns EJ not to press his luck as Dimitri is not going to plead guilty to murder. Sloan adds that he can’t be held accountable for what happened to EJ’s son. Sloan calls it a wonderful outcome for all and tells EJ to take the win. EJ agrees to go draw up the papers and walks away.

Dimitri questions what Darius is talking about as far as being his ticket to freedom. Darius tells him not to play innocent and says he’s been keeping tabs on him and Leo from Canada. Dimitri questions him stalking them. Darius says when he found out there was a cash reward on Leo, he came down to Salem to track down Leo and found them going through the town square on Halloween. Dimitri questions how he knew it was them since they had bed sheets over their heads. Darius remarks that he’d recognize Leo anywhere, but before he could rat him out, that bastard got himself caught. Dimitri assures that Leo will be released as soon as he turns himself in. Darius calls that a giant mistake and declares it as the very last thing that Dimitri should do.

Sloan returns to the interrogation room and excitedly informs Leo that it’s all set and that EJ is drawing up the papers as they speak. Leo instead tells Sloan to tell EJ to shred the papers because he doesn’t want the deal. Sloan questions what he means and argues that he’s talking crazy. Sloan tells Leo that he signs the papers and he’s a free man. Leo complains that Dimitri won’t be and would go to prison which he doesn’t think he could handle. Leo says the very thought of it makes him want to cry or bite his nails. Leo cries that he’s very anxious. Sloan tells him to calm down and think rational. Sloan points out that Dimitri wants to do this for Leo and is determined. Leo questions if Dimitri is willing to go to prison so that he could go free. Sloan confirms that Dimitri insisted on it. Leo can’t believe it as no one has ever done anything that selfless for him before. Sloan states that he obviously loves him very much. Leo declares that he can’t let Dimitri sacrifice his freedom for him. Sloan knows it’s not ideal but says if somebody loves him this much and wants to give him a gift like this, he should accept it.

Darius tells Dimitri that he doesn’t need to turn himself in because he can help get him out of here which Dimitri questions. Darius says he can guarantee Dimitri a safe trip to Canada. Dimitri questions why Darius would help him instead of turning him in and getting the reward. Darius remarks that he only wanted the reward for Leo, who he calls a creep and questions why Leo has Dimitri’s heart. Darius says the reward is now worthless to him, so he’s offering to help Dimitri because he loathes and detests Leo for good reason. Dimitri brings up that they were married. Darius complains that he’s still suffering from PTSD from their marriage and asks if Leo never told him about their marriage. Dimitri confirms he never went in to detail. Darius explains that Leo was supposed to get him a green card but he ended up deported when Leo fell for their mark, Dr. Craig Wesley. Darius declares that they had the perfect scam going and Leo ruined it. Darius argues that Dimitri may think that Leo loves him, as he did once too, but insists that Leo is playing him like he does everyone else. Darius declares that while Dimitri is sitting in prison, Leo will have moved on to his next mark. Darius asks why Dimitri would take the fall for Leo when he could set him free?

Holly asks what Johnny wanted to talk to her about without Chanel. Holly gets a text but ignores it. Johnny then informs Holly that he and Chanel’s wedding anniversary is coming up. Holly thought they were divorced. Johnny says that never should’ve happened and since they’ve been lucky enough to get a second chance, he wanted to do something to celebrate their wedding day so he hoped Holly would be willing to help them out. Holly asks why her. Johnny says that she knows them both pretty well and he could use a woman’s touch, so he thinks she’d be the perfect person to plan this surprise. Holly then agrees to help and asks when they start. Holly puts her hand on Johnny’s hand as Chanel then returns to the Pub. Johnny greets her and asks how it was at the Bakery. Chanel tells him it was fine and mentions that Tate was hellbent on checking out the ovens for some reason. Holly then checks her phone and sees her text from Tate, telling her to abort because Chanel was on her way back. Johnny jokes with Chanel that as long as Tate wasn’t checking her out. Holly remarks on her text so Johnny asks if it’s drama with her friends. Holly says it’s something like that. Johnny then gets a call from his sister Sydney and steps away to answer. Chanel then tells Holly that she’s glad they have a minute alone because she knows all about her crush.

Eric asks Nicole how he could’ve ended up with her son. Nicole suggests his wife probably stole him which Eric questions. Nicole brings up what happened to Eli and Lani’s twins and how a psycho nurse rolled Abe out of the hospital without anyone noticing. Nicole suggests Sloan could’ve had someone on the inside to take the baby without anyone looking. Eric calls that far fetched. Nicole argues that if she’s capable of it, so is Sloan. Nicole says instead of speculating on how all of this happened, they’ll just wait for the DNA test and then the truth will come out. Eric says they can agree on that. Nicole thought Kayla was putting a rush on the results. Eric says he will go check with her. Nicole thanks him and says she’ll stay and watch the baby but Eric says no and decides he will take the baby with him.

Leo tells Sloan that he’s never been so conflicted in his entire life. Leo talks about how if Dimitri does this for him, he’ll never see him again because Dimitri would be behind bars. Leo then decides he will do it. Sloan tells him that he’s making the right choice and says she will text Dimitri now. Sloan first gets a call from Eric. Eric says he knows she’s busy with a client but there is something she needs to know. Sloan asks what’s going on. Eric informs her that he’s at the hospital. Sloan asks if everything is okay with the baby. Eric says he’s fine but reveals that he asked Kayla to run a DNA test on him so they can prove to Nicole that he’s not her son, which shocks Sloan.

Holly questions Chanel knowing about her crush. Chanel tells her not to play dumb with her. Holly asks where this is coming from and asks if Tate said something to her. Chanel says no and she doesn’t have to get defensive because it’s very obvious whenever they and Johnny are together. Chanel declares that she’s seen it with her own eyes that Holly is smitten. Chanel gets that he’s a great guy and they’ve been spending so much time together. Chanel thinks that Holly knows they could never be together because Johnny is way too old for her, he’s her stepbrother, and he’s taken by her. Holly claims to not know what Chanel thinks she’s seen but that she’s way off base because she doesn’t have a crush on Johnny. Chanel asks why she asked if Tate said anything then. Holly then claims that it’s because she has a crush on Tate.

Dimitri questions how Darius’ plan will work if he says yes. Darius informs him that a friend is waiting with a car, so all he has to do is say the word and they are off to the Canadian border. Dimitri reminds him that there is a state wide manhunt out for him, so they will recognize him. Darius tells him not to worry as that’s all taken care of and presents him with a dress and a wig. Dimitri wonders why he’d go through all this trouble for him. Darius declares it’s not for him, but against Leo. Darius complains that he gave Leo some of the best years of his life and taught him every trick he knows in the sack. Dimitri tells Darius that he’s so sorry about what happened between he and Leo, but says he knows Leo, he loves him and knows that Leo loves him. Darius argues that Leo used to love him too but he betrayed him and left him for another man, so he deserves to get screwed just like he did him. Darius declares that the best place for Leo to get screwed is in prison.

Sloan questions Eric running a DNA test on their child. Eric says he tried to tell her but she took off before he could. Sloan calls it a completely unnecessary medical procedure. Eric assures that it’s not hurting him and there’s no harm at all. Sloan argues that he’s letting his ex-wife think he believes her ridiculous theory. Eric says he agreed to the test to prove to Nicole once and for all that their son is not her son. Sloan argues that they shouldn’t have to prove anything to anyone, especially Nicole. Eric insists that it’s a good thing because Nicole will finally have to face the truth and declares that they both know how the test will come out. Eric tells Sloan that he has to go as the test results could be ready any minute. Eric says he loves her and hangs up. Leo asks Sloan if everything is okay. Sloan responds that she has to go which Leo questions. Sloan says it’s an emergency. Leo asks about his deal. Sloan tells him that when EJ shows up with the paperwork, he signs it and Dimitri shows up, he’s a free man. Leo questions not having his lawyer present for this. Sloan tells him that all he has to do is sign the papers but if she doesn’t leave now, her life is over as she hurries out of the station.

Darius asks Dimitri if he’s going to be his plus one or if he will let himself be cuckolded. Darius argues that Leo doesn’t have a loyal bone in his body. Dimitri then gets a text from Sloan, informing him that EJ took the deal, so he can free Leo if he turns himself in. Darius argues that he hasn’t signed anything yet, so he can still back out. Darius asks if he’s really going to sacrifice the best years of his life for Leo or if they are going to drive off together. Darius asks him what it’s going to be.

Chanel questions why Holly was so concerned that Tate might have said something to her if she has a crush on him. Holly claims that she told Tate not to tell anyone how she feels and that Tate said his dad won’t let him have much of a social life which includes dating. Tate then arrives at the Pub and greets them. Chanel tells Tate that they were just talking about him. Holly tells Tate that she was just telling Chanel about her crush on him and how his dad won’t let them be together. Johnny comes back over and says that Sydney just wanted an update on how EJ was doing. Johnny then asks what they are talking about.

EJ returns to the interrogation room and says that everything seems to be in order but questions where Sloan is. Leo says that she had to step out on an emergency. EJ assumes that Leo wants his lawyer to look over the papers before he signs but Leo says just this once, he’s going to trust a DiMera and signs the papers. Leo asks if that means he’s free to go. EJ says once his boyfriend shows up which he doubts. Dimitri then arrives as Leo comments on EJ having little faith.

Darius dresses up in drag with the wig and dress and declares that it was worth a try but remarks that it looks better on him anyway as he then exits the motel.

Holly tells Johnny that she was just telling Chanel about her crush on Tate but that they can’t be together. Johnny says he’s sorry to hear that. Holly says that Brady won’t let Tate date because of what he did at his school. Tate responds that it’s not true and that they can date. Holly asks what about his dad. Tate says he doesn’t care what he thinks anymore and puts his arm around Holly.

Sloan goes to the hospital and finds Nicole in Kayla’s office. Sloan asks where Eric is. Nicole responds that Eric went to go get the test results and comments on how Sloan ran over here. Nicole asks if she’s afraid the jig is up. Sloan claims not to know what she’s talking about. Nicole tells her to save it, arguing that Sloan thinks she outsmarted her but she’s been through this before and the truth is going to come out. Eric then enters with the baby, surprised to see Sloan. Sloan declares that she had to come here because he has to put a stop to this immediately. Nicole points out that Sloan is refusing to go along with this because she knows the truth is coming out. Sloan complains that she never gave her consent to put their baby through a DNA test. Eric tells Sloan that he’s sorry but it’s a little too late for that as he’s got the test results right here.

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