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how does ace have so much stuff? I know. We never truly know what we have until we have to put it in boxes. I mean, how is all of this going to fit into our new place? Ah, well, if it doesn’t, you can always leave some of it here. I mean, that way, it’ll be here for you when you come to visit, which I’m hoping you’re gonna do often. I know I don’t say this enough, but I’m really grateful for everything that you’ve done for ace and for me. I’m gonna miss you. Both of you.

[ Door closes ] We’re closed. Then you ought to lock the door. When the restaurant’s closed, that means the bar is no longer serving, so just…

[ Chuckles ] Hm. Well, I see your newfound devotion to the lord hasn’t dulled what is meant to be your wit. I-I wasn’t joking. And I am busy. So since you’re not here for the cuisine, maybe… no, no. I came here for a little bit of your wisdom, cyrus. Well, I am but a simple man of god, but if I can help you on your way… I only have the one question. Austin gatlin-holt is dead. Why’d you kill him? Sorry. Did I overstep? Did you not notice me kissing you back? Oh, I noticed. Good. Glad to know I still got it. I just — I didn’t mean to ambush you like that. The last thing I want is to make you uncomfortable. I’m not uncomfortable. In fact, it’s the exact opposite. Hey. I’m really glad you could make it. Thanks for having me over. So, uh, tell me, how are you doing? Okay. You know… um, robert surprised me for thanksgiving with emma. Had a visit from emma.

[ Gasps ] Wonderful. Yeah, it’s lovely. She’s so smart, you know. She’s studying… dark matter and subatomic something or other. I really don’t understand any of it. Oh, well, as long as she’s not majoring in the didgeridoo, we can count our blessings.

[ Chuckles ] Yeah. Yeah. She’s back at school now. Could really use a friend. You’ve come to the right place. What’s that? This is literally the key that could help us find out who’s after anna. Hume: It’s all here. Trust but verify. Hm. It’s too bad corinthos didn’t take the money. It would have been so much easier if we could have just… paid him off. Curtis: Thank you for seeing me. For you, anytime. Want a drink? No, thanks. Got to stay sharp. I understand. What do you want from me? Specifically, names. Who would have a reason to take a shot at you at the metro court?

Everything that’s happened, maybe a visit to berkeley to see robin? Oh, yeah, she’s gonna want to know everything, and I-I don’t want to… well, you can talk to me. Oh, god, felicia. I shot a kid. No, no. Wait. What is it literally a key to? A public locker at the train station. The M.E. Found a key on this guy named jameson forsyth, who was killed in a hit-and-run. Sounds deliberate, actually, because forensics said the vehicle that hit him didn’t even slow down. Okay, well… what does that have to do with anna? He and anna were in the wsb together back in the ’80s, and she had evidence against this guy forsyth. Up until recently, it vanished. Hume: How long will you be in port charles? Oh, as long as it takes to set up operations so that pikeman can ship merchandise to canada for… further international distribution. You’re gonna handle it in person? Ah, when you want a job done right and all that… learned that the hard way with forsyth. I also need to clean up

that mess since he failed to handle anna devane. Understood. But, uh… won’t an extended absence be a problem for the director of the wsb? There are seven people who might want me gone. I’ve looked into all of them, and so has the pcpd. Nothing? Well, let’s just say the case is still open. You talk to anna about this? Not yet. ‘Cause her list of people — of enemies are just, like, as long as mine. Harder to track down. I knew this was gonna be difficult from the start. I got to know who put me in this wheelchair. You think you can do better than the police? I was a P.I. I’ve done undercover work. And I’m not juggling a dozen cases. I understand that. If I were you, nothing would stop me. Thank you for understanding. Who’s at the top of your list? Dr. Gatlin-holt is dead? When? How? Two shots. Close range. Shortly before thanksgiving. Well, that is a tragedy. And you are a callous woman. At least I’m not the one who killed him.

You did that, didn’t you? W– even if I had been responsible for austin’s death, why would I tell you? Hm. That’s okay. I expect you to deny it. Then why ask the question? Just to see if I believe the answer. And? Do you? Well, you didn’t answer it. And before we get to what I believe, let’s talk about what i know, shall we? And I know, for example, that you ordered austin’s cousin mason to kidnap me so that austin would testify about your fragile health and the judge would grant you early release from pentonville.

Now look at you. You’re a free man. And how did you repay austin for giving you your life back? By taking his? You don’t think I’m doing the wrong thing by moving out, do you? Esme, if I thought you were doing the wrong thing, honey, I-I would never have cosigned the lease. Well, maybe that was a really bad decision on your part. I couldn’t be more proud of you, really, that you took a stand to create an independent life for yourself and for your son. Really? Because now — now that it’s all happening, I feel terrified that I’m just gonna blow it all. Ohh. Sweetheart. I think that’s a good thing. I do. I think it’s good because you’re going to be careful, right? It’s the people who think they know everything who fall on their faces.

[ Both chuckle ] Well, terrified and careless have their fair share of failure. Okay. Alright, then. Let’s, uh — let’s say for a moment that it’s a mistake. Well, then, you can always come right back here and move back in because my home will always be a nice, soft landing place for you and your son. Thank you.

[ Chuckles ] That’S… incredibly reassuring. Sweetheart, I have watched you grow into a competent and self-sufficient single mom. You know? So now believe me when I tell you. You got this. Kristina: Honestly, blaze, I had no idea you might be gay. Yeah, well, there’s a reason for that. The way my life is, I can’t be open about it. And I know — I totally understand if that’s offensive to you. I personally have so much respect for people who are out and proud. In fact, I’m more than a little jealous of them. It’S… but for me, that’S… it’s not an option. Okay, well, first of all, I’m not offended. Your sexuality is — it’s just that. It’s yours. And how you choose to express it and when, that is up to you entirely. So don’t ever feel like you have to defend yourself to me. Everyone’s on their own journey. Thank you, kristina. I can’t tell you how much it means to hear you say that.

No, I did not kill the good doctor. Now, maybe austin didn’t tell you, but I paid for him to go to medical school. I supported him during his residency. So forgive me, but news of his passing is a loss for me. Yeah. You’re positively bereft. Now that I’ve answered your question, would you mind returning the favor? Have I accepted jesus as my lord and savior? Did you kill austin? Because from what you told me, you have many reasons to do so. Certainly more than I do. You did it. And now you’re trying to shift the blame. Would you like to speak with my manager? To report a murder? To check my alibi. You see, I’ve worked past closing every night since I got this job, so I have an alibi. Do you?

[ Door closes ] I’ve never been in a long-term relationship. And part of it’s my career. I’ve seen so many artists wreck the good thing they had, break the heart of someone that didn’t deserve it or get theirs broken. And the person they left behind moved on. You know, for me, it’s just… for me, it was easier… safer… to put my focus on my career. But, blaze, do you really think that your fans would have a problem with your sexuality? I’m not sleeping at all, really. Um, and when I do, I-I have these nightmares of just pulling the trigger. And then when I wake up, it’s always the same. I just… I realize that it wasn’t a nightmare. You know, it — it happened. What happened was a tragedy. But charlotte survived. Oh, I don’t know what I would have done if… anna, what happened? I know you. You’re a professional. You wouldn’t shoot first and ask questions later. Well, I did. Why? What made this time different? I’d convinced myself that this enemy of mine from back in the wsb was the person that was after me, you know, that he’d been stalking me and harassing me and… burned my house down. And when I got back to maxie’s apartment that night, I thought he was the one inside waiting for me. Because I had no way of knowing it was charlotte. You know? Valentin didn’t tell me. That’s the thing about being director. Only a few people need to know where you actually are at any given time. You can run the wsb as you see fit. Hm. Once I was able to oust frisco jones, the rest was easy. Anyone who might have been an obstacle has been transferred to a very out-of-the-way station, demoted, or left the bureau altogether. I’ll have to fly to london now and then to keep everyone on their toes, but, uh… everything else, I can pretty much do remotely. Speaking of obstacles, who is our priority? Sonny corinthos or anna devane? Both.

Hello, cyrus. Laura. W– what a surprise. Yeah. I just saw ava leaving. Your former daughter-in-law stopped by to pay me a visit. Apparently, I’m quite popular this evening. Anything I should be concerned about? With ava? No. She is a troubled soul, though. Always in search of absolution, it seems. It’s what comes with a guilty conscience.

[ Chuckles ] Believe me, I know. Anyway, enough about me. What brings you here so late? Was this linc’s idea? Was he afraid that being queer would conflict with the whole pop-star image he was trying to create for you and that that then would alienate your fan base? Linc didn’t know. Oh. There goes my theory. Yeah, it’s not something I could ever tell him. Not that he cared. He would have gone right on harassing me regardless. But I never wanted to expose anything personal about myself. Well, it’s good that you never have to deal with linc again. But if it’s not that you’re worried about what the public would think of you, then… if I came out now, I’m pretty sure I would turn off some fans, but it’s 2023. I’m — I think most of them would accept me. Unfortunately, my very catholic family absolutely would not. So, what kind of evidence are we talking? Anna told me she had the hard copy of a report from a-a mission, an op that went sideways. It incriminated forsyth. Well, I mean, that shouldn’t be a big deal. The wsb probably has hard copies and digital copies on file. Yeah, but they wanted to bury that report, and anna wanted to keep it, a hard copy of it, so she couldn’t be scapegoated into being the reason why the op went bad. She had it with her the night she shot charlotte. She obviously was distracted with charlotte, so when she went back to check her bag, the report was gone, so was any corroborating documents that went along with it. Then forsyth’s body turns up, and the M.E. Finds a key in his shoe. Okay. So the report’s in the locker. Most likely, but I won’t know until I check. What does anna think? Anna doesn’t know yet. Felicia: Charlotte was stalking you?! Yeah. Victor got in her head, convinced her that I was a threat to her father. A-and so she was trying to drive me away to protect him. And valentin knew? Yeah. He knew from the night that she broke into my hotel suite, and he didn’t tell me. Well, why the hell not? Valentin should have known that you would want to be supportive and that you would want to get charlotte help. He doesn’t trust me. I don’t think he trusts anyone because… he himself is untrustworthy.

[ Sighs ] It’s over. I mean, I-I — that is it for us. This whole thing with charlotte, it just…shattered any illusions that I had about him. I’m so sorry. Well, it was a risk going into a relationship with him, but I didn’t have any idea that it would end this badly. It wasn’t your fault. That’s very nice of you to say. I’m the one who pulled the trigger. But there were extenuating circumstances. Who was this person at the wsb that you thought was targeting you? I’m sure you heard about my arrest this summer. Just that it happened and that your time in custody was so brief. Why is that? Well, because, uh, cyrus renault was behind it, even though he was in prison at the time. He managed to — to frame me. Okay, well, if he had the resources to get you arrested, then he could have arranged the hit. Do I think he was behind the shooting? I don’t know. Well, it’s worth looking into. Anyone else? Do you have access to the police investigation? I do. Then you know that the sniper rifle that was recovered was “liberated” from a wsb station in berlin. So you think anna was the target? Not necessarily. If you have chronic kidney disease you can reduce the risk of kidney failure with farxiga. Because there are places you’d rather be. Farxiga can cause serious side effects, including ketoacidosis that may be fatal, dehydration, urinary tract, or genital yeast infections, and low blood sugar. A rare, life-threatening bacterial infection in the skin of the perineum could occur. Stop taking farxiga and call your doctor right away if you have symptoms of this infection, an allergic reaction, or ketoacidosis.

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[ Scoffs ] Excuse me? Well, I visited you in your home, you threw me out. I came to see you in your office. I clearly wasn’t welcome there. Shouldn’t this be a two-way street? I’ll stay clear of your place of business. You stay clear of mine. It’s not really the same thing, though. W-why not? Because you’re the mayor a-and I’m an ex-con whose existence embarrasses you? T-that’s not what I mean. Oh? I mean that I work in a private office, a-and you work in a public gathering place. Well, thank you for that clarification. Now, if you don’t mind, I… I know it’s not an important job, but it’s mine, and I really should get back to it, so please.

[ Sighs ] Okay. I… I’ll go if you want me to. I… I just wanted to say that I think you were right when you said that we’re family and, because we’re family, we should look for middle ground. That’s all I’ve tried to do since the day I realized who you were! Only now, for whatever reason, do you deign to recognize me, begrudgingly, no less, as your brother? It’s a little late. So you know how I went to visit my abuela down in puerto rico when your dad was getting married? Vividly. So, I adore her. Obviously. She’s wonderful and loving. And also deeply old-school religious. And so are my parents and my brothers and sisters and aunts, uncles, and cousins. You get the picture. Yeah, I get it. I have this one uncle who no one talks about. I can’t say with any certainty if he’s gay or not. I haven’t seen him since I was a little girl. Well, have you tried looking him up on social media? I have. So far, nothing. I mean, there’s a bunch of people with the same name as him, but I can’t be sure if any of them are him. It’s been way too long, and none of our family are mutuals, so… yeah, it makes it really hard. Impossible. And even if I did meet him, what would I even say? You know, I-if he is gay… and he came out to my family… he lost them because of it. And I’m not brave enough to risk a loss like that. Revealing your true self, especially to your loved ones, can… it is the scariest decision you can make, but it’s also a necessary one. Right now the only people who know about the key are… me, the M.E., And now you. The M.E. Didn’t put it in the report? Not yet. Okay. And clearly you haven’t gone to check the locker yourself. Also not yet. I don’t know what my approach is gonna be. I mean, if someone’s watching forsyth’s body, I don’t want to lead them to the locker. But why not just tell anna? Well, if you were anna and you found out about this key and the report being in this locker, what are you gonna do? I’m gonna go straight to the train station and open up that locker. Right. Which sounds like a trap. Which could be a trap. Yeah. Yeah. Forsyth was murdered. Whoever killed him… could also be after anna. Right. And I am sure that locker is under surveillance. This whole thing could just be, like, a setup to draw anna out. Ri ght. So why not turn the keyover to the pcpd? Anna: So, years ago, right at the beginning of my career at the wsb, I was involved in this op that got blown. The mission report exonerated me, as it should have, and it placed the blame on the person who had planned and executed the op. As it should have? Well, yeah. My opinion was, yes. And it was the bureau’s position. At least it was at the time. They’ve changed their minds. They did. This agent in question, jameson forsyth, he managed to make himself indispensable to the bureau. So… they buried the report. They did. Yeah. But I kept a copy of it just for insurance, you know? Right. Just in case they tried to pin it on you. Right. But nothing ever came of it. So I kept the report and I just put it away in this trunk that I had full of reports. And I was very fastidious about stuff like that back then. And I put it in storage in england, where it remained for decades. And then a couple of years ago, I brought it out here thinking that I would go through the trunk and… yeah. I just never got ’round to it. Well, you have been kind of busy the past couple of years. I suppose. Anyway, when it was clear that I wasn’t going to ever go through the trunk, I-I put it in storage here in port charles. So when your house burned down, was the trunk still in storage? Yeah. So, after the fire, I thought, “oh, I wonder if there’s something in there that could help me figure out who’s after me.” And so robert helped me bring it to maxie’s apartment, and I went through it. And as soon as I saw forsyth’s name, I just knew it, you know? He would kill to keep that report buried. Hume: I have no preference personally, but, uh, why not eliminate corinthos altogether? Well, that option’s still on the table. But only as a last resort. Corinthos has controlled port charles for decades. Removing him would create a power vacuum. Now, the last thing we need is a bunch of crime families vying for control of port charles and its waterways. Next thing we know, state and federal law enforcement will be nosing around. Exactly the kind of attention pikeman has to avoid to get our merchandise to international buyers. No, we’re much better off securing sonny’s cooperation. Except that hasn’t really worked so far. Well, money hasn’t worked. Sometimes it doesn’T. All that means is we find a different kind… of leverage. You ever heard of pikeman security group? Yeah. Uh, basically corporate mercenaries. And they supply weapons systems. They’ve been in the news once or twice. Well, what hasn’t been in the news is pikeman is in bed, uh, with the wsb. They have some kind of revolving-door arrangement where former wsb agents work for pikeman, and then pikeman personnel work for the bureau. Another connection to anna. And guess what. Pikeman has made overtures to me. I take it you didn’t accept those overtures. Let’s just say it did not live up to pikeman’s satisfaction. So pikeman may have a reason to come gunning for you. Anything’s possible.

I thought about loggingthe key with the pcpd, but… then they’d have access to our files, our records. And this guy was wsb. I mean, they could end up monitoring the case. Oh, they probably are already. And then they’d confiscate the key. Yeah, and if the report is actually in the locker, the wsb is gonna grab it and destroy it forever. Right. Which puts anna in even more danger. Anna devane. Again, professional curiosity. Why is she so important? That’s classified. Understood. That said… I can see how this intel might help you help me. If you think I can be of use.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Knocks table ] Back in the ’80s, anna worked a wsb op that went sideways. Forsyth was the field agent in charge, and he screwed up big-time. And the wsb buried the incident. Of course. But anna was thinking ahead. She kept a copy of the original mission report naming those responsible, including forsyth. And I imagine if this report got out, it would be… embarrassing. Which is why forsyth was supposed to retrieve the report and eliminate anna. Too bad he failed at both. On halloween night, I took the report and a journal that I had supporting it, and I-I took it to show robert. And he agreed with the theory. So then when I returned to maxie’S… …and I saw the door was unlocked, I thought, “oh, no. There’s someone inside my home. Again.” And you thought it was forsyth. Yeah. And if it was him, he was there to…kill me. So I just went through that door with my gun leveled and the safety off. And I saw a figure in the shadow. And… I-I-I yelled, “freeze.” But they didn’T. They turned. And they had what I thought was a weapon in their hand. And…I fired… …thinking it was him. Look, I-I didn’t mean to imply t-that it’s a requirement to come out to your family. It’s just when I decided to come out to my parents, who I know are very different from yours… well, thank you for acknowledging that up front. …I tied myself up in knots over it. And with my mother, you know, it wasn’t so much my sexuality that was the problem. The problem was I was involved with an older woman, which, in hindsight, her concerns were valid.

[ Chuckles ] And if you tell anyone that, I will deny it. Your secret’s safe with me. But… look, you know, with my dad, he is totally old-school and traditional. My dad and i are incredibly close. You know, even at times when I felt like my mom and i weren’t that close, my dad has always been there for me. And… I was afraid, terrified that if I revealed my true self to him… he would reject me. Clearly he didn’T. Did he come around eventually or…? He accepted me right from the beginning. You might not think that a devout catholic and a “legitimate coffee importer” might be that open-minded. But his love and his support for me allowed me to truly explore who I am. All my life, I have bent over backwards for my family, for parents who were never satisfied with anything I ever did! My mother won’t even accept money from me unless it’s funneled through my brother first. Every single cent that has gone toward her care has come from me. As soon as I heard that spencer had been sentenced to pentonville, I went out of my way to be sure that he’d be protected. Not that he ever asked for my help. But because he’s your grandson! That makes him family! And that’s what family does! So you and martin and my mother can continue to treat me like I’m less than dirt, but I know, and, more importantly, god knows, what’s in my heart. And that is more than enough for me.

I’m really happy for you, kristina. I am. But me and mine… we’re not there yet. And I don’t know if we ever will be. I respect that. Really? You don’t think I’m a coward? You? No. Have you met you?

[ Chuckles ] You’re kind of amazing. Yeah, I kind of am, aren’t I?

[ Chuckles ] As far as coming out to your family, if and when that is what you decide to do, that timing is totally your own. But whatever you need from me, you’ve got it. Thank you, kristina. Of course. And for the record… you’re pretty amazing yourself. I am. I’m sorry, cyrus. You’re absolutely right. I have no idea what family means to you. But I do know that — that — I hope that… every single doubt that I’ve had about you is wrong. And thank you for keeping spencer safe. That’S… that’s what we do. And as far as the rest of it goes, could we just — I don’t know — just wait and see? I’ll take that as a down payment on a future apology. I look forward to giving it to you. Alright then.

[ Chuckles ] Okay. Oh, oh, laura, if, uh — if you don’t see me around in the next week or so, don’t worry that I’ve fallen into my old ways. I’ll — I’ll be visiting my mother. Oh. Good for you! Yeah. Please — tell her I give her my best. I will. Yeah. I, uh — I missed her while I was in prison. Hm, yeah. Even if she didn’t miss me. Bye. Uh… got it? Yeah. [ Chuckles ] See you around? Yeah. You bet. I don’t understand why they would work so hard on pinning this up on anna if it happened in the ’80s. Maybe there’s someone implicated in the report besides forsyth. And maybe that’s why forsyth is dead — because he knew who that someone else was. So the only person who knows about the report is the person who was in on the op. And that person is anna. She’s the only remaining witness. Whoever wants to bury that report wants to bury her, too. Do you think he’s still after you? I think he was. Was? Yeah. Um, when I returned to maxie’s apartment after the shooting… um, someone had been there and they’d been through the trunk and they’d taken everything pertaining to forsyth and the op. It was all gone. And shortly after that, forsyth turned up in the port charles morgue. He was a victim of a hit-and-run. He was found on the side of the road. And there was no indication that the vehicle ever even slowed down. Murdered? Yeah. I mean, that’s what it looks like. I bet you forsyth died because of something that is in that report. Our team went through forsyth’s hotel room, his luggage, his car. We gave you everything we found. The last message from forsyth was that he had the report, so…he either lied about having it or he left it somewhere as insurance, which means that report is still out there somewhere.

[ Hands clap ] Like a ticking bomb. What if you were the intended target and they wanted to lead the investigation away from that assumption? If you’d been hit by a wsb rifle, investigators could claim that that gun was bought on the black market and no one will connect it to pikeman. I’m not ruling anything out. I just — I want to be clear. I don’t know for sure if pikeman tried to kill me, but I don’t see a reason why they would try to kill anna. That we know of. But to find out, I’m gonna have to start back at square one… and see where this trail leads.

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