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[ Dramatic music ]

Hope: I think a dual marketing campaign could be beneficial for both hope for the future and the foundation.

Steffy: You wanna dip into their ad budget?

Carter: It’s something to consider, but, hope, you do realize this shift in priorities is only temporary? I mean, it’s only in– I’m sorry, ridge. I was only talking about eric’s collection.

Ridge: It’s okay. You’re not the only one thinking about his prognosis.

Steffy: How long do we have to keep up with this charade?

Ridge: He doesn’t want anyone to know he’s sick.

Steffy: He’s dying. So what are we supposed to do? Just have a party and pretend like everything’s okay?

Ridge: Well, he hasn’t set a date, so maybe we can change his mind.

Katie: This is crazy. You can’t throw a party today.

Brooke: Honey, you said yourself, eric passed out last night.

Donna: Yeah.

Katie: Did he lose consciousness?

Donna: He, um– he just collapsed into my arms.

Brooke: I’m sorry. You must have been terrified.

Donna: Honestly, I didn’t even know what was happening. I mean, he’s on this chaise lounge and– and suddenly he’s on the floor, and I– I ran over, and called his name, and– and nothing. And I just thought that this is it, this is it. This is how I lose my honey bear, it’s over.

Katie: But you didn’t, he’s– he’s okay.

Donna: Yeah, I– I mean, he’s– he’s not okay. He’s– he’s taking in oxygen. It just– it just makes it easier for him to– you know, easier for him.

Katie: He’s struggling.

Donna: Yeah, I– I moved him over to the guest house because, um, you know, there’s no stairs. It’s just easier. I– I really have to get back to him, I really do.

Brooke: Okay. Okay. We’re gonna call the caterers, and we’re gonna postpone this for another time.

Donna: No, no, you– you need to call everybody and tell them that the party’s happening today.

Katie: You can postpone this party until eric has a chance to recover.

Donna: He might not, katie. He hasn’t said it yet, but– but maybe there’s a reason why he’s so anxious to move this party up, okay? I– I really just have to get back to him right now.

Brooke: Okay, just tell him we’re thinking about him.

Donna: Okay. I will.

Katie: You can’T.

Donna: Oh, I’m sorry, I’m–

Katie: But we are going to pray for him whether he wants us to or not.

Donna: Thank you, so you’ll– you’ll tell everybody that it’s happening.

Brooke: Donna–

Donna: No, stop. Please. Please, for me. For the man I love. Look, do this for eric. Do it for him, because… this could be his last request. Okay? So, please, we cannot let him down.

Ridge: Well, maybe there’s still time to talk dad out of this celebration.

Hope: I don’t know. He seems pretty set on it.

Ridge: Maybe get rj involved.

Carter: Get him to convince eric to conserve his strength.

Steffy: If rj could have talked him out of it, he would have. I– I can’t just do this. Plaster a big smile on my face, and toast to a future when we know that granddad doesn’t even have one. I don’t think we need a big flashy event. We don’t even know how much time granddad has left.

[ Door opens ]

Eric: Hey.

Donna: Hey, I just, uh, brought you a few things over that I thought you might need from the house.

Eric: That’s okay. I’m not dead yet.

Donna: Eric, please, I– I told you that that’s not funny, it’s–

Eric: Yeah. All right. I’m sorry. You’re right. It’s not funny. I was just imagining the farewell party for me tonight.

Steffy: I don’t understand. Granddad’s a fighter. Why isn’t he fighting now?

Carter: Steffy, eric’s signing these documents doesn’t mean he’s giving up.

Steffy: Seems pretty clear to me he’s planning to die.

Hope: And also wants us to throw him a party. I don’t know, he seems a little scattered.

Steffy: Okay, so everyone knows what’s going on. Hope, carter.

Ridge: Zende. He kept asking me why he wasn’t the one working with granddad. He has the experience, he has the training. I didn’t want him to feel like he did something wrong, so I told him.

Steffy: Oh, my gosh. This is getting out of hand. The whole design team knows?

Hope: How long until someone slips up, and eric finds out that we’ve been lying to him this entire time?

Ridge: He’s not gonna find out, but it’d be a lot easier if we didn’t have this party. Hey, I texted you. You– you were at dad’s house, right? How is he?

Brooke: We didn’t get to see him.

Katie: He was resting in the guest house.

Ridge: The guest house? Why?

Brooke: It’s safer for him to be on the first floor right now.

Katie: He fell yesterday.

Carter: He what?

Ridge: Is he all right? Is he hurt?

Brooke: Uh, no. He’s okay. I mean, donna did say he’s on oxygen right now.

Ridge: He’s on oxygen?

Katie: Not full time. Just as needed. But things are kind of in flux, so he shouldn’t be going up and down stairs.

Steffy: Okay. That’s it.

Ridge: We can’t play this game anymore. Pretending that he’s okay. He’s in bed with oxygen? We’re not having this party.

Brooke: Ridge, come on. I know how you feel. I’m worried too.

Katie: But this party is happening. According to eric, this party is happening this afternoon.

[ Eric coughing ]

Donna: Eric, eric, please you need to rest, you– you shouldn’t be hosting a party tonight.

Eric: No, we can– I can. We will.

Donna: If you do, you know that everyone is gonna know that something is wrong.

Eric: No, no, I feel better. I feel– I feel better already.

Donna: If you wanna call your– your family, and have them come over, fine. If you– if you want to tell them the truth, then that’s fine.

Eric: No. No. I– I don’t– I don’t want this to be a wake. I want it to be a celebration. I don’t want them to be sad. Donna, look, I’ve– I’ve– I’ve had– I’ve had some time to reflect and to think about myself as an artist, as– as a father, as a man. And I– I wanna share that with them. I wanna share that with all of them. One– one last soiree.

Donna: Yeah.

Eric: Did katie tell them it’s tonight?

Donna: Yeah.

Eric: Yeah. I don’t want anyone to know about this. The house is ready?

Donna: Yeah, I just have, um, a few more things to do. Are you sure you wanna do this, eric?

Eric: And the house? That– that wonderful big old house. Where so many wonderful things have happened. My whole life and weddings and– and holidays and– and parties. Brooke and ridge met in that house.

Donna: [ Laughs ] Oh, yeah. They did.

Eric: I’ll be moving to another beautiful house soon. Beautiful crystal castle in the sky. I’m not afraid to look forward to that. It doesn’t scare me. But I really wanna be able to look back right now, and look back and– and– and remember things. And experience the things I did.

[ Emotional music playing ]

[ Crowd applauding ]

Eric: Today is mine, ridge.

Ridge: Grand finale, right?

Eric: My grand finale. That’s right. It’s been an incredible journey. I wouldn’t change that for anything. For anything.

Ridge: What do you mean this party is this afternoon?

Katie: People are setting up as we speak.

Brooke: It’s all arranged.

Steffy: Except telling the guests.

Katie: Well, donna wants us to spread the word.

Steffy: Well, donna has to talk granddad out of this.

Ridge: Is she pushing this?

Brooke: No. No, this is eric. He is determined to go through with this party.

Hope: Yeah, but why does it have to be today? Like–

Katie: I think he feels like he’s running out of time.

Brooke: And he could be.

Ridge: Well… if this party’s today, I gotta make some phone calls.

[ Phone beeping ]

[ Line ringing ]

[ Phone ringing ]

Thorne: Hey, big brother.

Ridge: Thorne, how are you?

Thorne: Well, I’m great. I’m looking forward to seeing you.

Ridge: There’s been a change of plans. Where are you?

Thorne: I’m at the airport. I’m flying into houston to visit some friends before coming into la.

Ridge: Well, you have to come to la right away.

Thorne: Why?

Ridge: Because the party is this afternoon.

Thorne: No, I spoke with dad before I booked my flight, ridge.

Ridge: Well, he changed his mind, the caterers are at the house right now.

Thorne: Ridge, kristen, felicia and rick are still on safari. There’s no way they can get to la today.

Ridge: I know that. I know. It’s not ideal, but just tell me you can be here.

Thorne: Well, yeah. I’ll change my flight now.

Ridge: Good. Dad’s gonna love seeing you.

Thorne: Ridge, what’s going on? Something seems off here, man. Why the rush?

Ridge: I’ll tell you when you get here.

Thorne: All right. I’m on my way.

Brooke: So, thorne’s coming?

Ridge: Yep. He’s gonna be devastated when he hears about dad.

Eric: I am– I am a lucky man.

Donna: Lucky that you have such good taste in women.

Eric: [ Laughs ] It’s true.

Donna: But I’m not just talking about the logans, you know.

Eric: No?

Donna: No.

Eric: You– you’re my love.

Donna: And you are my love. You changed my life forever, eric. But this party tonight, it’s not just– it’s not just about us. It’s about everyone that you love, everyone that’s special to you. And some of them will be here tonight, but some of them won’T. And I can think of one in particular that you have probably been thinking a lot about lately. Stephanie had a bigger impact than anyone else in your life, eric.

Eric: Can never forget about stephanie.

Donna: [ Chuckles ] Oh, she was a complicated woman. Strong and, um, judgmental, but fiercely devoted to you and your family.

Eric: She’s gonna have a lot to say to me when I see her.

[ Both laugh ] But I have my angel… right here with me. The most beautiful angel. My perfect, caring, loving donna. Stay with me to the very end. Yeah?

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Ridge: Well, thorne changed his flight, he’s on way to la.

Steffy: Okay. A shame that kristen, rick, and felicia can’t make it.

Ridge: Well, dad knows where they are, he still changed his plans.

Steffy: As he clearly feels as though his days are slipping away.

Carter: The fall yesterday must have really shaken him up.

Hope: Okay, but what I don’t understand is why is donna going along with this, I–

Katie: Because eric is the love of her life. This might be his last wish. But it’s not easy. I mean, she’s terrified of the toll this will take on him.

Steffy: But we’re supposed to just pretend?

Brooke: It’s what he needs us to do.

Steffy: But can you really do that, honestly? Because I– I don’t think I can.

Katie: You can. You love him enough. You can.

Steffy: This is hard. I–

Ridge: It is hard. We gotta do it. He wants a regal, elegant, forrester affair, and that’s what I’m gonna give him. Get dressed up and smile the last smiles on our faces, and give him joy and happiness. Celebrate the best man we know. We have to.

Eric: I wish all my children were gonna be there.

Donna: You’re gonna see them, eric. Just maybe not tonight.

Eric: Yeah.

Donna: Yeah.

[Eric laughs ]

Eric: They’re my blessings. My children, grandchildren, my great-grandchildren. I’m so proud of them. But you… my beautiful, funny, smart… wonderful donna. You make my whole life… an adventure.

Donna: Eric…

Eric: And we’re not gonna get another year together. We’re not. But we made– we made the most of what we had, didn’t we?

Donna: We’re just gonna have to make every single minute that we have together count. Okay?

Eric: Such a wonderful adventure, you and me. Yeah?

Donna: Yeah.

Donna: It is about time your handsome face hung above the fireplace.

Eric: Wow.

[ Chuckles ] Look at that. So many memories. So wonderful memories that I can’t, uh– that’s what hurts so badly. That I don’t get to have any more with you. I want more. I love you, donna.

Donna: I love you so much, eric.

Eric: Come here. Come here. I love you. I love you so much.

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