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Ava sits at the Bistro until Stefan startles her. Ava questions how he got in since the Bistro has been closed since Gil died. Stefan informs her that Clyde made sure he had the keys to the kingdom and reveals that Clyde wants the Bistro back open ASAP. Stefan adds that’s not happening because he’s not moving Clyde’s drug money through the Bistro. Ava remarks that at least Clyde isn’t having them sell drugs. Stefan questions if she’s saying just laundering the money is cool. Ava clarifies that she hates having any involvement in it but questions what choice they have. Stefan declares that the only way out of this mess is to kill Clyde.

Rafe goes to the police station and asks Harris about EJ cutting a deal with Leo Stark. Harris responds that he doesn’t have the details but reveals that Dimitri just showed up to turn himself in which surprises Rafe.

In the interrogation room, Leo signs his deal with EJ. Leo asks if that means he’s free to go. EJ says once his boyfriend shows up which he doubts. Dimitri then arrives as Leo comments on EJ having little faith. Dimitri announces that he’s here to turn himself in, so EJ has to let Leo go.

Eric enters Kayla’s office with the baby, surprised to see Sloan. Sloan declares that she had to come here because he has to put a stop to this immediately. Nicole points out that Sloan is refusing to go along with this because she knows the truth is coming out. Sloan complains that she never gave her consent to put their baby through a DNA test. Eric tells Sloan that he’s sorry but it’s a little too late for that as he’s got the test results right here. Nicole suggests opening them right now to prove that child is her son.

Rafe questions Dimitri turning himself in. Harris tells him that he said it was all for love. Rafe calls that a win. Harris hopes that gives Gabi peace of mind, knowing that the guy who tried to kill her is going to be put away. Rafe adds that it will also put a dent in their case clearance rate. Rafe informs Harris that the 5 kilos they seized were stolen from the evidence room. Harris asks if he thinks it was someone from the inside. Rafe says that’s obviously the first concern, especially with drugs, as there was no sign of forced entry. Rafe suggests maybe it wasn’t a cop and that he can’t help but think it might have had something to do with Harris’ keys going missing.

Ava questions Stefan wanting to kill Clyde Weston. Stefan brings up Ava being in the mob and asks when she gets squeamish about taking somebody out. Ava reminds him that she just did someone in. Ava brings up when Jake DiMera worked for their family, he was the last person they sent out. Stefan argues that he’s not his brother and he will do anything and everything to keep his wife safe. Stefan states that Clyde threatened his wife and he would say he’ll live to regret that but he won’t. Ava agrees that she would do anything to protect her son but feels that taking out Clyde from the outside would be damn near impossible. Stefan asks who said it would be from the outside. Stefan suggests he go to the prison to let Clyde know they disposed of the evidence. Ava asks if he’s just going to shoot him. Stefan says if meets up with somebody on the inside, he does the job for them and their hands stay clean. Stefan reveals that he has somebody in mind.

Dimitri tells EJ to release Leo but EJ says he’s not going to release either of them. EJ asks why he should when he has them both now. Leo argues that they had a deal. EJ rips up the paper and says not anymore. EJ declares that he’s going to prosecute the hell out of them for the death of his son. Leo points out that he just dropped the felony murder charge. EJ responds that he has a long list of charges that he can file against both of them.

Nicole orders Eric to open the envelope. Sloan argues that she never agreed to this so it’s not right. Eric argues that if she wasn’t running out the door, he would’ve explained things to her. Sloan complains of taking the baby out in to the cold and exposing him to hospital germs because Nicole is refusing to accept reality. Nicole argues that it’s a simple test and it’s already been done. Nicole says it’s so obvious why Sloan is freaking out and that she can see the fear in her eyes. Nicole declares that the truth is about to come out and show that it is her baby.

Ava assumes Stefan has a lot of friends in prison. Stefan says just Vivian’s henchman, who helped her bury people alive. Stefan adds that it’s not exactly outside of his area of expertise and Ivan will do anything to keep Vivian happy. Stefan says all he has to do is make a phone call to Alamainia which is Vivian’s home country. Stefan states that Vivian won’t be returning to Salem any time soon but she won’t hesitate to call Ivan to eliminate Clyde. Ava responds that she doesn’t like the plan and thinks it’s a big mistake.

Rafe brings up that Harris had a copy of the evidence room key on his keychain which Harris confirms. Rafe notes that the drugs would be missing at the same time as his keys. Rafe suggests maybe someone lifted the keys, who wasn’t a cop and didn’t have access to the evidence room. Rafe states that this means the case will likely be thrown out and the drug dealer will be back on the streets.

Dimitri argues that EJ can’t do this as the deal was signed. EJ points out that he didn’t sign it while Dimitri says that doesn’t matter as it’s legally binding. Leo points out that Dimitri went to law school. Dimitri argues that Leo has met the stipulations and hasn’t done anything wrong. EJ points out that Leo helped Dimitri flee the district. Dimitri argues that he’s here now and tells EJ to take him or he’ll make sure he leaves with nothing.

Sloan complains that she doesn’t have to take this from Nicole and she’s taking her baby. Eric stops her and says they’ll just open the envelope and put everybody at ease. Sloan says fine and tells him to go ahead. Nicole then opens the envelope and reads that the DNA analysis reveals there is not a match. Nicole doesn’t understand as she is sure that the baby is her baby. Sloan says she tried to tell her. Eric says he’s sorry but Nicole questions if he really is. Kayla enters and apologizes for the delay. Eric says it’s okay as they opened the envelope and got the results without her. Kayla is sure they didn’t want to wait any longer and asks if there’s anything she can explain further. Sloan calls it self explanatory while Nicole questions if Kayla is sure there wasn’t a mistake and that she tested the baby’s DNA against her DNA. Kayla responds that they actually didn’t.

Ava tells Stefan that she wants Clyde off their backs as much as he does, but she’s not sure this is going to work out like he thinks because Clyde has a huge network of people that work for him. Ava feels those people could still come after them if he takes Clyde out. Stefan argues that they won’t because Clyde is the head of the operation, so without him, the threat is eliminated. Ava sees his point but wouldn’t count on a washed up valet being able to take out Clye. Ava worries that if Ivan screws up, they are screwed and Tripp and Gabi will be dead. Ava states that Clyde needs to keep his operation running and he won’t hurt Gabi or Tripp as long as they keep him happy. Stefan feels that’s a hell of a gamble and that Clyde’s demands are going to get more unreasonable. Stefan worries that as long as Gabi is in prison, she is not safe. Stefan says he is focused on getting Gabi out, but as long as Clyde is involved, they’ll be looking over their shoulders for the rest of their lives. Ava reluctantly agrees and declares that they need to come up with another way to get rid of Clyde.

EJ questions Dimitri planning to make sure he gets nothing when he already has him. Dimitri points out that he’s not under arrest and hasn’t confessed or signed anything. EJ reminds him that he’s in the middle of a police station, surrounded by cops, so he can’t just stroll out. Dimitri calls it highly unlikely that EJ can make this case stick without a confession. Dimitri tells EJ to just handcuff him now, accept what he’s offering him, and take the win.

Harris tells Rafe that he just started the job, so he would feel awful if the dealer went free because of his screw up. Rafe jokes that he’s going to take his badge and suspend him, then tells Harris to stop beating himself up as they don’t know anything for sure. Rafe suggests focusing on the positive that they got Dimitri. Harris agrees that’s a big fish. Rafe wonders what is taking so long. EJ comes out of the interrogation room and tells Rafe to go book Dimitri.

Nicole questions Kayla not testing the baby’s DNA against her DNA. Kayla clarifies that the lab couldn’t get enough DNA off of Nicole’s toothbrush, so one of the lab techs pointed out that they still had a sample from EJ so they used that instead. Sloan reminds Nicole that there was no question that EJ was the father of her baby, so it doesn’t matter if they used her DNA or his. Sloan adds that if it was their baby, the results would’ve come back positive. Nicole cries that she was sure and asks how she could be so wrong. Eric repeats that he’s so sorry but Nicole yells at him to stop saying he’s sorry because he knew he’d be taking the baby home and just did this test to appease her. Nicole angrily congratulates the new parents and then tearfully says goodbye to the baby before storming out of the office.

Stefan asks if Ava has any other ways to get rid of Clyde. Ava is surprised he doesn’t, feeling the DiMeras would have someone better positioned than Vivian’s henchman. Stefan explains that he’s never been involved in that part of the business, so anyone affiliated would be involved with EJ which is too risky. Ava asks if Vivian has anyone else. Stefan asks about Ava’s connections since she ran an entire crime syndicate. Ava reminds him that she walked away from all that to prove to her son that she was turning her life around. Stefan asks how that’s going now that Clyde has her doing all of his dirty work. Harris arrives and asks if he’s interrupting something. Stefan claims he was just filling Ava in that he purchased the Bistro and some of the changes he wanted implemented. Harris thought Stefan would be running DiMera Enterprises. Stefan says he won’t be running the Bistro as that’s what Ava is for. Stefan claims he scooped up the Bistro really cheap after the former owner died and he loves the food. Harris asks how Ava feels about that. Stefan says she doesn’t have any say. Ava says she doesn’t have a problem. Harris asks if she can quit if she feels not treated right. Ava responds that she won’t quit but hopes that Stefan won’t take any risks out the gate that they both might regret.

Rafe handcuffs Dimitri and tells Leo that he’s free to go. Leo asks for a chance to say goodbye. Rafe gets a text so he gives Leo five minutes and exits the room. Leo hugs Dimitri and talks about his sacrifice and how he loves him so much. Leo can’t believe Dimitri would do this for him. Dimitri admits that he almost didn’t.

EJ goes home to Nicole at the DiMera Mansion. EJ informs Nicole that he had to let Leo go, but the good news is that Dimitri has turned himself in. EJ adds that he had to drop the felony charges but Dimitri is still going away for a very long time. EJ knows it won’t bring their baby back but at least someone will answer for what happened. Nicole responds that she doesn’t care because she thought their baby was alive but now she knows he is not and she has no choice but to accept it.

As Eric and Sloan return home, Eric notes that the baby is still sleeping and asks if Sloan is mad. Sloan confirms that she is and questions why the hell Eric would humor Nicole and allowing her to think there was a possible truth to her pathetic fantasy that their adopted son was her baby. Sloan adds that would mean she was some depraved baby snatcher who took the baby from Nicole’s arms and questions if Eric thinks that’s true. Eric says of course not, at least not until Sloan freaked out about him having the test results and remarks that it was almost like Sloan was hiding something. Sloan can’t believe he’s accusing her of hiding something and calls that really hurtful. Eric apologizes and says she’s obviously upset with him. Sloan confirms that she is and argues that if anyone was hiding anything, it’s Eric doing a DNA test without her knowledge. Eric insists that he was trying to tell her but she had to rush out because of her client. Sloan remembers her client while the baby wakes up crying so Eric goes to check on him. Sloan grabs her phone and calls Rafe to check in. Sloan thanks him and calls it a relief as she hangs up. Sloan then informs Eric that Dimitri turned himself in, so Leo is free. Eric calls that great news and congratulates her. Eric apologizes about the DNA test and says he just thought they could help Nicole find closure so they could all move on. Sloan sees now that Eric was right and apologizes for overreacting. Sloan decides it’s actually better this way as Nicole can finally accept that he’s their baby. Eric points out that they can’t keep calling him their baby, so he thinks it’s time they find a name for the little guy. Sloan agrees and they kiss.

Nicole tells EJ that she tried to let it go but she couldn’t. EJ asks what she means. Nicole explains that Holly suggested a DNA test on the baby to see if he was really theirs which surprises EJ. Nicole says that Eric agreed so he brought the baby to the hospital. EJ questions why he didn’t know about this. Nicole admits that she didn’t think he would like it and he was busy. Nicole thought Eric believed her but says he didn’t and was just trying to get her to accept reality that it wasn’t their baby and he was right because the test showed that he’s not. Nicole cries that she feels like they lost their baby all over again. Nicole can’t stop thinking that her baby was dying while she held him on the side of the road and cries that she should’ve known. EJ encourages that she couldn’t have known and there was nothing she could have done. Nicole insists that when she held Eric and Sloan’s baby, she had an overwhelming feeling that he was her baby and questions what kind of mother doesn’t know her own child. EJ calls her a wonderful mother who has suffered a terrible, tragic loss and tells her not to beat herself up. EJ declares that they both now have to accept that their child is gone and they will get through it together as he hugs her.

Stefan assures Ava that he won’t be reckless with the Bistro and won’t take any risks that they will regret. Ava says that’s good to know. Stefan says he’ll be back to discuss the new waste management plan. Ava tells Harris that Stefan wants to try composting. Stefan tells them to have a good day as he exits. Ava tells Harris that this is a nice surprise. Harris says he thought seeing her would lift his spirits which Ava questions. Harris informs Ava that some critical evidence went missing from the police department and it could be his fault as it looks like the wrong person may have gotten their hands on his keys. Ava is sorry but asks how that’s his fault. Harris says that’s what Rafe said but he can’t help beating himself up over it. Harris recalls last time he had his keys, was unlocking the desk to get the recorder to record Ava’s statement about Gil’s death. Harris asks if Ava has any recollection at all as to what he did with his keys after that.

Dimitri explains to Leo how Darius Rose showed up at his door. Leo questions how he found him. Dimitri says he apparently has been stalking them and offered to take him to Canada, even bringing a drag costume. Leo questions why he would do that. Dimitri says it was something about screwing Leo over because Leo screwed him over and got him deported. Leo calls him a creep and asks why Dimitri didn’t go with him. Dimitri says because he loves him and that’s why he’s here giving up his freedom for him. Leo complains that he’s relieved but also heartbroken and guilt ridden. Dimitri points out that Leo was also willing to do the same thing for him. Dimitri adds that he did try to kill Gabi and Stefan plus he assaulted Kayla and Jada while Leo was just there to help. Leo worries that EJ is going to put him away for a very long time. Leo adds that he did talk to Sloan about making sure visits were in the deal. Dimitri credits him always thinking ahead. Leo then remarks that he might end up in prison right beside him. Dimitri assures that won’t happen. Leo asks what if EJ goes back on the deal or reinstates the felony murder charge. Dimitri repeats that won’t happen. Leo asks how he can be so sure. Dimitri then reveals to Leo that they didn’t kill the baby. Leo talks about it being linked to the accident that was their fault. Dimitri then repeats that they really didn’t kill that baby. Leo asks what he’s trying to say. Dimitri then informs Leo that Nicole’s baby is still alive.

Ava apologizes to Harris but says she didn’t notice what he did with his keys. Harris guesses he just left them on the desk when he took her home. Harris wants to think the police station is a secure place but guesses somebody could’ve grabbed his keys. Ava encourages him not to be so hard on himself. Ava offers to help take his mind off of all this, pointing out that they haven’t had their first date yet as they kiss.

Stefan walks through the town square and calls Vivian to tell her that he needs her help.

Sloan and Eric sit down to discuss baby names. Eric says that she brought up Eric Jr. but mentions he was named after an Uncle Eric who wasn’t the best namesake. Sloan accepts no Eric Jr. then and asks if there are other ideas. Eric asks what she thinks about Jude. Sloan mentions the Beatles song. Eric talks about St. Jude and how he’s been praying to him recently which Sloan understands. Sloan thinks they both thought their chance to be parents had passed them by. Eric points out that now they are both mom and dad, so he’s grateful to God for what he’s given them. Sloan thinks Jude is the perfect name as they hug.

Leo questions what Dimitri is talking about and shouts that Nicole’s baby is alive, asking why he wouldn’t tell anyone if that’s true. Dimitri tells him to keep quiet. Leo asks how he’s supposed to keep quiet when he delivered that baby. Rafe then returns to the room and informs Dimitri that it’s time to go to prison. Dimitri tells Leo that he’s everything to him and tells him to be good to himself as Rafe escorts Dimitri out.

EJ hates to think Nicole is suffering this loss all over again. Nicole calls it his loss too and says she knows that instead of wallowing in her grief, she should be grateful for all her blessings. Nicole says it’s not like she’s childless since she does have a beautiful daughter, but she fell in love with that little boy that she held inside for all those months and gave birth to. Nicole says she already had a deep connection with him, even if it was just for a moment before he was taken from her. EJ says he knows even without holding or seeing him as he felt that connection too. EJ suggests they go lay down upstairs. Nicole thinks back to holding her baby after giving birth and then agrees to go upstairs with EJ.

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