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[ Relaxing music ]

Eric: Oh, donna, I have so much to do and so little time,

Donna: Eric, I– I really wish you wouldn’t think of it that way.

Eric: I have to. I– I can’t– I can’t waste a minute. I can’t, I mean, I– I don’t even really know how many minutes I have left. Oh, stop it you two. I don’t want this. I don’t want these– these long faces. I don’t want sadness in here, okay? I’ve had this wonderful life and it’s– it’s not over yet and I have to– I have this collection to put out and I have this wonderful party to throw. The kind of grand soiree that this family hasn’t seen in a very long time.

Thomas: You can’t be serious.

Brooke: Now?

Steffy: Granddad actually said he wants to throw a party.

Rj: He doesn’t want to. He’s doing it.

Carter: As you can imagine, I was taken aback by the documents eric sent over.

Ridge: What do– what documents? What are you–

Carter: Ridge, the revised will naming you executor and the amended medical power of attorney.

Ridge: But I can’t do this. How do I do this? How do– how do I make–

Carter: Okay, ridge. What the hell is going on?

Brooke: What is eric thinking?

Steffy: Throwing a party at a time like this?

Rj: Well, that’s the whole point.

Thomas: Okay. So, how did the topic of partying even come up?

Rj: Well, he was talking about his– his life and– and you know, it ending, but it wasn’t in like a morbid or depressing way. He was just talking about how he doesn’t want tears or sadness. He– he wants a celebration, the perfect joyous ending.

Katie: I know you probably don’t want my opinion, but I’m going to offer it up anyway. I think that under the circumstances, maybe a party is not such a great idea.

Eric: You know what? I agree with you. It’s not a good idea. It’s a great idea and I love it. It’s a great idea because it was my idea.

Donna: Eric, you’re not well.

Eric: Yeah, thanks for reminding me, donna.

Donna: No. What I mean is that you have enough on your plate doing this new collection.

Eric: If I don’t do what I want now, when? Now, I want to finish this collection and I want to do this one last wonderful party for our family. And remember, we’re a closed shop here. We’re the only ones who know about this. I don’t– rj and luna and us. No one else has to know what’s going on with me, right? Okay.

[ Eric coughing ]

Carter: Look, I’m not trying to jump to conclusions, but it’s not hard to connect the dots. So, what’s going on? You can tell me.

Ridge: He doesn’t want anyone to know. Not even me, his own son. But you’re family, so you deserve the truth.

Carter: No, no, no, man. That can’t be true.

Ridge: Yeah, I wish it wasn’T.

Carter: Eric… he’s dying? I can’t, I gotta go see him.

Ridge: No.

Carter: I have to.

Ridge: No, you don’t have to. It’s not what he wants. He doesn’t want anyone to know. That’s why you’re only finding out about this now. Rj’s been helping him and he had these tremors and his hands weren’t working, so rj was there for him and they created this collection together.

Carter: That’s a hell of a burden on rj.

Ridge: Nothing was too much for him because he talked to brooke and then they told me.

Carter: That’s why you let eric think he won the fashion challenge.

Ridge: He needed that. He needed some validation. He’s gotta know that he– that he’s relevant because he is relevant. As long as he’s alive, he’s– he’s relevant.

Carter: How are you holding up?

Ridge: What, pretending that I don’t know? I am great. That’s what he wants. We have to respect that.

Carter: I don’t think I can pull that off.

Ridge: Oh, I know you can pull that off. ‘Cause you have to. Not for me, carter. For him.

Eric: Katie. Uh, do me a favor, will you? Just, uh, get everybody in here in here, in this room. I want everybody in the family to know that there’s a wonderful party in their immediate future.

Katie: So, you’re really going through with this?

Eric: Oh, yes, with great enthusiasm. You too.

Donna: So, does that mean you’re ready to tell everybody the truth that you’re–

Eric: What? That I’m– that I’m dying? Donna, it’s okay. You can say it. It’s the truth. Okay.

Carter: Eric, he, um… he always accepted me, right from the start. Was always caring and kind, supportive… even when I didn’t deserve it. And as you know, he took a big chance on me because I didn’t have much corporate experience. But he believed I could do the job. I can’t tell you how much that means to me.

Ridge: No, I get it.

Carter: Thank you for telling me.

Ridge: Listen, I– I know you love my dad, he loves you. Hey, you gotta keep this to yourself.

Carter: I’m not saying it won’t be the hardest thing I ever had to do, but if it helps ease eric’s journey, you can count on me.

Ridge: Thank you, brother.

Carter: I’m sorry.

Ridge: Oh, man, me too.

Rj: Hey.

Ridge: Hey.

Rj: Carter.

Ridge: Ah, he’s family, I had to tell him.

Carter: Eric– he, uh– he sent over these– these documents. The revised will and amended the power of attorney.

Steffy: Granddad’s actively preparing for his death.

Ridge: Yeah.

Brooke: I still can’t believe this is happening.

Carter: There has to be something we can do for eric, right?

Thomas: Yeah, you can, uh, you can show up at his party.

Ridge: His party? What are you talking about?

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Ridge: Dad’s serious?

Rj: He’s very serious. This is what he wants. He wants a gala event that he can attend that celebrates his life.

Steffy: Except we can’t know that that’s why we’ve been called together.

Ridge: Okay. So, we just kind of pretend. Right. That’s what we’re doing? How is this helpful for him at all? Meaningful in any way?

Brooke: Well, we have to plaster on these phony smiles and pretend that everything is okay.

Ridge: All right, great. So– so we’re just gonna have a party, have drinks and– and eat and pretend that everything is fine. How– how are we supposed to do that?

Steffy: I know. It’s ridiculous. What– what rj said. It’s what granddad wants.

Thomas: I think it’s actually inspirational.

Ridge: What?

Thomas: We’d all be so lucky to go out like that.

Carter: He has a point, ridge. And you do too. We all love eric and we’re losing him and… it’s natural we’d want to hold on to him for as long as we can, but you did something very admirable. You told your dad he won the fashion challenge when he didn’T.

Thomas: Yeah, you gave that to him.

Steffy: Probably gave him more time, dad.

Brooke: It was a gift and now we can give him another gift, show up to his party and give him the night that he wants so badly.

[ Phone chiming ] Oh. It’s, uh, it’s katie. Eric wants to see us.

Ridge: All right. Put on your game faces. Pretend that everything is perfect.

Donna: I understand your desire to live life as much as you can, but you heard the doctor, eric. He wants you in the hospital.

Katie: To run more tests.

Eric: No, no, it’s not what I want. This is what I want. I want one last party. A wonderful party full of fun and laughter and wonderful memories.

Donna: Oh, eric.

[ Knocking ]

Eric: Good.

Ridge: Hey.

Eric: Good. Come in, everyone. Just– just fill up the room. Yeah, that’s what I want. Uh, I’m so glad– I’m glad you’re here. Thanks for coming.

Brooke: Yeah, katie texted me, said you wanted to see all of us, so…

Eric: And what a wonderful sight you are to see.

Ridge: You like being behind the desk, don’t you? Showing us who’s boss.

Eric: Don’t sell yourself short. You did a wonderful collection. It was, uh, it was pretty impressive, I gotta say.

Ridge: Not impressive enough, was it?

Thomas: We are all humbled by you, granddad.

Steffy: And inspired.

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Eric: As wonderful as it feels for me to sit behind this desk again, to stand here like this, it’s where I belong, it’s really not what it’s about. Not about me. It’s about the future. About the young generation full of energy and, and wonderful ideas to take this company from now into the future for decades to come. I couldn’t be more proud.

Steffy: You have no idea how much that means to us.

Thomas: I completely agree with you. I mean, being an artist or– or running a business, I mean, we learned that from you and dad, obviously.

Ridge: Everything I gave you, I got from this guy.

Brooke: And you’ve been so generous to our logan family as well. Our lives would not be the same without you here.

Donna: Certainly not mine.

Carter: Or mine.

Rj: You touched a lot of people, granddad.

Katie: In deeply profound ways.

Steffy: We love you so much.

Eric: We, uh, we don’t take time to say that to each other very often. We get all busy during our lives and we forget to tell each other how much we care about each other and so, that’s what I’m doing now and not very well either.

Carter: You know, I’d like to, um, to jump on that, eric. Uh… you took a chance on me, gave me a place here at forrester, a seat at the family table and, uh, I just wanna thank you for that.

Eric: No, we needed you here. You’ve been a wonderful addition to this company and to this family.

Ridge: All right. What is happening here? We’re all busy. You brought us in here for, what, some love fest? Okay?

Eric: Yeah. Thank you. Thank you. Uh, the fact is an explanation, I’ve had a few moments of, uh, real clarity lately and I think it’s time for us to have a celebration, a party. A party for all of us full of– full of love and laughter. So, are you coming or not?

[ All laughing ]

Ridge: Yeah, sounds perfect.

Thomas: We’ll be there.

Rj: Sounds like a blast.

Carter: Wouldn’t miss it.

Eric: Okay. Donna and I will get back to you with all the details and we’ll let you know when– when everything is starting.

Donna: Okay, I think you’ve had a full day.

Eric: We’ll dance. We’re gonna dance?

Donna: Yes, we’ll dance. But we’re gonna go home now. Okay. All right.

Eric: Be lots of champagne.

Ridge: Yes. Okay.

Eric: Lots of it.

Ridge: Sounds great.

Eric: Don’t be late.

Rj: I will not. I’ll see you.

Ridge: So, we’re having a party.

Thomas: Okay. Uh, I guess it’s time to figure out how to throw a party.

Katie: Donna and I tried to talk him out of it, but he was determined.

Carter: How are we supposed to pull this off?

Brooke: Brought tears to my eyes just hearing him talk like that.

Ridge: You know what I want to hear from him is the truth, so we can deal with this as a family.

Rj: This is how he wants to handle it, dad.

Steffy: I wouldn’t go along with a stupid charade for anyone. But if this is what granddad wants, then we’re going to dress up and we’re gonna have a party and we’re gonna make it a night he will never forget.

Ridge: Okay.

Eric: Did you, uh, you think anybody saw my hand shaking?

Donna: Nobody reacted.

Eric: Ah, good. I mean rj or katie, it’s okay, but nobody else. I don’t want–

Donna: I know, I know. How’s your hand feeling now?

Eric: Fine. It’s fine. Ridge asked me, uh, what we’re celebrating at this party and I said, “gratitude.” I’m just so… I’m so grateful to have you in my life, yeah?

Donna: Oh, eric. Really, uh… we finally got together, didn’t we? It became kind of a circuitous route, but we’re here.

Donna: We did. And stephanie, I was with her all that time. She was wonderful. She was strong and powerful and a wonderful partner and a great– a great mother to our children, really, but she… she wasn’t that easy to live with.

Donna: I can’t imagine that she was, really.

Eric: She was. And brooke. Being married to brooke. We– we had two beautiful children together and i just never really felt that… that the marriage was a permanent thing. I felt like I was on borrowed time. That her– her love for ridge would– would win out.

Donna: It always does, doesn’t it?

Eric: It does eventually, yeah. And there were other women. You were one of them, but our timing wasn’t right then. But now, now it is. I’m so happy. I have you– you– your love and your grace and– and your warmth and your laughter fill this house.

Donna: I’m the lucky one. You– you finally came back to me.

Eric: I did, didn’t I? Here– here I am. I’m so lucky to have you and I’m so grateful. And I– I– I– I– I– um… I don’t take you for granted. I don’T… I feel so… I feel safe. I feel safe with you in these last days of my– and I’M… I’m scared, donna.

Donna: What?

Eric: I’m scared.

Donna: Eric.

Eric: I’m scared, donna.

Donna: Stop. No. Don’T.

[ Eric mumbling ]

Donna: Eric, please. Don’t– are you okay?

Eric: Sit down.

Donna: Are you okay?

Eric: I want to sit down.

Donna: Okay, sit down.

Eric: I want to sit down. I’m okay, I’m okay.

Donna: Are you okay?

Eric: Yeah.

Donna: Are you okay?

Eric: Yeah, I’m okay.

Donna: Uh, I’m going to get you some water.

Eric: All right. I’m sorry. I’m scared, donna.

[ Metal clattering ]

Donna: Eric! Oh!

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