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 Oh, there she is. How’s my girl? Okay. Just okay? You can do better than that. Where’s your main squeeze? Chase? No, your other main squeeze. Yes, chase. I don’t know, ma. He’s probably halfway to canada by now after grandma’s tirade on marriage.

[ Sighs ] Okay. Home sweet home. Come in. Alright. Hold, please, while I secure the necessary provisions.

[ Glasses clink ] Alright. Oh.

[ Chuckles ] Molly, I didn’t mean you had to actually stand in one place. Oh. Molls, come here.

[ Chuckles ] Talk to me. What happened? No, I just — I’ve realized I’ve never been here before. Thank you. Okay. Give me the lay of the land. Is this a “just because” dinner, or are we celebrating a special occasion? Well, that depends. On? Whether you deem the calm before the storm special. Here you go. Thanks. Yeah. Hi. Welcome to kelly’S. Can I get you something? I certainly hope so. Hume would have sat there and waited for you if we’d have let him. Is he alone? Just him and his briefcase, which I can only assume was full of cash like last time. Okay, let’s hear what pikeman has to say. Okay. I’m officially freaked out. You sounded frantic. Come. What is going on? This arrived in the mail today. What? Oh, what is it? See for yourself.

[ Exhales sharply ]

[ Exhales sharply ]

I take it it didn’t go well with the hospital lawyer? What was her name again? Dede clark. Dede. Yeah. No, it went fine on the… on the surface. She’s talked a lot about cooperation. She implied that we’re all in this together, fighting this malpractice suit, and that I could do my part just by answering all her questions. But underneath? The more questions that she asked, the clearer it became that gh’s plan is to sacrifice me and save themselves. That cannot be true. It is. How? Think about it. Whenever we hang out, you always come over to my place, or we meet up at mom’s or sam’s or a restaurant somewhere. Never here. You have never been to my apartment? Wow.

[ Chuckles ] That is weird. Uh…well, welcome. Thank you.

[ Chuckles ] For the record, it’s not like I’m throwing parties or entertaining or anything. No, krissy, I know. I mean, my kitchen is essentially a barren desert, so it’s just easier to go out. You don’t have to defend yourself. Don’t I? Molly, you are my sister and you haven’t even seen my apartment. I hope you know that it’s not intentional. No, I don’T. It’s not on purpose or anything, because that is not the case and… hey, stop. …You now have an open invitation. Seriously, anytime you want to come here, day or night. Careful. I might just take you up on that. Good. You better.

[ Chuckles ] “Tirade” is a bit of a stretch, and canada is not that far away. Honey, don’t you think you’re being a little overly dramatic? No. After some of the things that grandma said to chase, I can’t even go there. It was mortifying. Well, it’s a good thing to know that nobody ever died from embarrassment. And, you know, it didn’t seem to bother chase all that much. He was being polite. Or maybe he was just seeing gloria for exactly who she is. Yeah, a meddling italian grandmother whose views on modern relationships are stuck in the 1800s. Exactly. Chase and I have never even discussed marriage. We just moved in together. Indicating that marriage is probably the next step. We are nowhere near that step, and that’s a-okay by me. Good to know. It is good. I just said that. Chase and I are perfectly happy the way things are. Lois: You made it!

[ Exhales sharply ] I’m in port charles on business and, uh…I got a craving for a burger. The concierge of my hotel recommended this place. Oh. You must be staying at the metro court. You know it? Yes, I know it well.

[ Chuckles ] Oh. And if I inquired somewhere else, would they also recommend kelly’s? Absolutely. Kelly’s is a port charles institution, and we have the best burgers in town, if I do say so myself. Wild guess — you work here. I own the place. Third generation. So, how do you like your burger? Is this real? It’s as real as it gets. Austin is dead. Oh, my god. How? He was shot to death in pautuck. Oh, look. It’s a port charles postmark. Could have been sent by anybody. Was it just the picture? Uh, no. No, it came this, um, sweet little note. What? “You’re welcome.” I-I don’t understand. Join the club. Well, clearly, the — the killer wrote this. Oh, my god. Well, they just assumed that you’d be grateful austin’s dead? That’s my guess. You have to take this to the police. What? No. Nina, no. Th– that is the last thing I’m gonna do.

[ Exhales sharply ] Before hume gets here, how long did you tail austin? Uh, only while that nanny was working for you. Betty? Anyone call you on it? A couple of times at the hospital, I was asked what I was doing there, but I always had a cover. Did you rough him up? When ava disappeared, I questioned austin. Right. He stonewalled. I put him in a headlock and told him if ava wasn’t found, I’d be back for him. Okay, that could be a problem. Austin was murdered, and if anyone saw you threaten him, they could assume that you did it.

Dante has already been out here to question me. Why? Because of austin? Oh, nina, there is so much you don’t know. Then fill me in. Do you remember when you walked in on sonny and me having a tense conversation? It was a few months ago. Yeah. I asked you what was going on, and neither of you would tell me. I was being blackmailed. Over what?

[ Sighs ] When nikolas went missing… I had every reason to believe that he was dead. Define “every reason”. I thought I killed him. Oh, my god! Ava! It was an accident. He came here. He was in a rage, a-a-and he — he was threatening to disappear and — and take avery with him. I mean, I had to do what I had to do to stop him, and I-I grabbed a statue, and I hit him. I-I just wanted to stop him, that’s all, but he fell, and he stopped moving, and i panicked. I thought he was dead. Well, thank god you were wrong. I was — I was trying to hide his body when austin found me…

[ Exhales sharply ] …And he told me that he would help me cover it up, and then the body disappeared, and it was austin’s cousin, mason. He claimed that he had it, and he said that he would bring it to the police if I didn’t do everything he told me to do. Wait, wait. Wait. So, austin’s cousin mason was blackmailing you because you killed nikolas, but he wasn’t actually dead? Yeah. But mason wasn’t acting alone. It turns out austin was working with him. That was it. After questioning austin about ava, I never went near him again. If the cops decide that you’re a suspect — and that’s a big if — you say you’re not talking to anybody unless my attorney is present, and that includes my son, dante. Understood. I take care of my people. If you get picked up, you’ll have the best representation. I appreciate that. But let’s hope that doesn’t happen because the less attention the cops pay to you, the more valuable you are to me. There you go. Tell me what you think. Don’t spare my feelings. I want to know the real deal. Mm-hmm. Oh. Mm. Talk about the real deal. Yeah? This is delicious.

[ Laughs ] It’s full of flavor. It’s perfectly cooked. Oh, come on. Oh, that’s great. Well, you enjoy your dinner.

[ Sighs ] Not again. You can’t be out here. Don’t call the cops. I’ll go. That’s not what I mean. It’s too cold. You need to come inside. So, do you want to tell me what happened? Shoot. What? I had a folder at the park. It’s filled with really personal information. Um… I got it. You did? Yes. I picked it up from the ground when we were leaving. Thank you. You are a lifesaver. Of course. What’s in it? Oh, you totally don’t have to share that. Um… it’s 100% your right. No, it’s fine. Open it. Okay. Surrogate candidates. Uh… I don’t understand. Is there something wrong with them? Something wrong with me.

[ Chuckles ] Hey. Watch it. That’s my sister you’re talking about. I have this whole folder of potential new surrogates, and tj has no clue I’m even looking at them. Thank you for the wine. It’s very thoughtful of you. Do you want me to open it? Is the pope catholic?

[ Chuckles ] You pour while I work. Deal. Uh, do you have a corkscrew? Oh, yeah. Coming right up. Got it. There you go. Thank you. You’re welcome. So, what were you ladies talking about? You. Blaze. Uh — [ Clears throat ] You. You and blaze, and how you guys used to sing together and now she sings alone. Speaking of which, what — what do you think of her new song? Hello? I’m — I’m sorry. I got distracted. It is amazing that you can do all that with those nails. Oh, chase, there is nothing I can’t do with these nails. Finn, you have to separate the hospital from the hospital’s lawyers. Sure, it may be a good legal strategy to use you as a scapegoat, but portia and terry would never, and I’m sure the board would follow suit. Yeah, I don’T… I don’t know, elizabeth. I don’t know anymore, you know? If the muldoons can prove that the hospital knew that somehow I was negligent and they turned a blind eye, the hospital would be liable for damages. So… martin thinks that gh’s best plan is to say that I was negligent, but that I acted without the knowledge of the hospital. But you weren’t negligent, and you’re going to explain that to a jury when you testify. They’ll have to be sympathetic to you.

[ Chuckles ] Really? Have you met me?

Apparently my testimony alone could tank the case. Says who? My lawyer. He said it a bunch of times. Oh, that’s ridiculous. Mm. Is it? If martin grey doesn’t believe in you, fire him. I think he does believe in me, but he’s also a lawyer, and good lawyers, they — they point out the landmines. I mean, this — this case at its core, it’s about a grieving family who are looking for answers. And really, can you blame them? No, of course not. So, it’s possible the jury will feel that way, too. And it’s possible to have empathy for the family and recognize that their loss wasn’t your fault. I don’t know. I just feel like the minute I get on the stand, the jury’s sympathies are going to be with the muldoons, and the only way that I can win them over is to get them to, you know…like me. Well, you did it with me, and I’m a way tougher sell. A bunch of strangers — cakewalk. You see, I know I’m supposed to take that as a pep talk, but all I heard was…you like me.

[ Chuckles ] Very much so. Are you sure you don’t need any help? No, you just sit back and relax and enjoy the wine, which is very good, by the way. It’s delicious. Thanks. I got a guy. Mm. You got a wine guy? Yeah, it’s true, and his recommendations are always on point. Good to know. And I’m very glad that the two of you could join me for dinner. Thank you for the invite. Yeah, well, it gives me a chance to get to know you better, and to apologize for all things gloria. What? Get out of here. No, no, no. I mean, not really apologize. ‘Cause god knows I love my mother, but I do know she can be a bit much. A bit? But she means well. My mother is a romantic. She’s in love with love, you know? And for a woman from her generation, if you’re in love, you put a ring on it.

[ Chokes ] Mm.

[ Exhales sharply ]

[ Exhales sharply ] When I was contacted by the matching professional to start looking for a new surrogate, I was so eager to get things going again. But tj felt differently? When I told him she wanted to meet, he said it was too soon. Too soon for who? For him. For us, I guess. He’s — he’s not ready to get back on that roller coaster again. How do you feel about that? Deflated. Frustrated. I mean, this whole thing is hard enough, but to not be on the same page as your partner… anyway, I ran into dr. Navarro leaving the hospital, and she was so kind and steady, and — and she really put things in perspective. Okay, well, don’t leave me hanging. What did dr. Navarro say? Basically that the risk of miscarriage is the chance you take, right? Like, no matter who’s carrying the child. But when you weigh that against the chance of actually having a baby, I mean, so many people have had success through surrogacy. I want to be one of those people. So, I took the meeting alone. Was it productive? It was, ’til mom showed up. I’d rather stay out here. I don’t like being around too many people.

[ Exhales sharply ] Well, at least let me bring you something to eat. Really? Yes. Of course. That’d be great. Thanks. Okay, I-I’ll be right back. And if you change your mind, the door is open, okay?

[ Exhales sharply ] I didn’t know austin very well, obviously, but he seemed to really care about you. Well… I thought so, too. Yeah. I thought austin was somebody I could trust. And so, when — when he tried to convince me that he was being coerced, that he didn’t want to help his cousin, that he was trying to get me out from under the blackmail, I believed him. But nikolas wasn’t dead. And I’m convinced that austin knew it all along. I just don’t get it. What was his end game? Per usual, in this underworld at least, all roads lead back to sonny. Well? Pikeman needs you to facilitate another shipment. I thought I made myself clear. I don’t do anything for pikeman unless you tell me who the shooter was at the metro court. We’re not the police, mr. Corinthos, or the wsb. Pikeman is a manufacturer. One who exports merchandise through my channels. And we’re willing… …to pay double this time.

Did mom try to discourage you from trying again? No. No, she was typical mom. Wants whatever I want. Okay, good. But when I told her I took the meeting without consulting tj.. hey, technically, you did consult tj. You know what I mean. Yes. Okay. Go on. She just said that whatever tj and I choose to do, we have to make that decision together. But I just… I have this sinking feeling that tj might never be ready. So, I went to the park to clear my head and I ran into willow and amelia. Ooh. Not ideal. It was nice, actually. Willow was really sweet, and I got to hold the baby. That wasn’t hard for you? Not at first. It was so amazing to have this tiny little human in my arms. But once I left them, I just — I couldn’t stop thinking about how I might never have a child of my own. I just — I want to be a mom so badly, kristina. Oh, molls, I know. I know you do. I know. It’s okay. I got you.

[ Exhales shakily ] You okay there? Yeah, I-I will be once my ma changes the subject. Oh, in a sec. See — oh, my god, ma. …The biggest thing you could take away from all of this is that gloria obviously likes you, and that’s not an easy feat, because that is not a woman you can win over very easily. And for what it’s worth, I like and approve of you, too. It’s worth more than you know. You make my daughter happy. I can see it in her face. I can hear it in her voice and in the way she moves, and as a mother, that’s all I could ask for. For the record, your daughter makes me very happy, too.

[ Cellphone ringing ] Oh. Hey, guys, I am so sorry. I need to take this. Will you — will you please finish up for me? -Mm-hmm. -Okay. Hello? Yeah. Did you bring your shovel for the hole you’re going to dig, where I will reside for the remainder of my days? Don’t you think you’re being just a little dramatic? Why does everyone keep saying that to me? Do not answer that.

[ Sighs ] Chase, I’m so, so sorry. Why? I’m not. It’s too bad we can’t clone you. I’d have a whole jury box full of elizabeths. Ooh, well, that’s a terrifying thought. [ Chuckles ] Not to me. Okay, truth? Sure. Sometimes you can be a little… abrasive? Guarded? Uh, socially awkward? I was going to say standoffish. Ah, standoffish. At first. Yeah. But once people get to know you, they see what I see. And what’s that? A man of enormous integrity, a brilliant researcher, a dedicated physician, a loving, sometimes neurotic father. Sometimes? A person who really cares, and a doctor who never quits on his patients, and someone who needs a little work on their maple-tapping skills. A lot of work.

[ Chuckles ] Finn, you have saved hundreds of lives, and you have the potential to save so many more. Not if I lose this malpractice suit. Hi. I hope you like grilled cheese. There’s fries in there. I threw in a piece of pie. And here’s a coffee. Thank you. You’re welcome. Is it okay if I sit out here and eat? Yes. Yes, of course. And stay as long as you like. Okay. Whew. Okay. Alright. Can I get you anything else? I thought you were about to run that guy off. Instead, you fed him. How come? What does sonny have to do with any of this? Austin and mason were working for cyrus renault. Does sonny know this? He’s the one who told me. Well, why didn’t he say something? D– are you surprised? Yes! Nina, he doesn’t want you involved. God knows I wish I wasn’t involved. So, cyrus is the one who had you kidnapped? Yes. He wanted austin to testify for him at that hearing at pentonville. Oh, yeah. His hardship release. Oh, my god. So, he had mason take you hostage to guarantee austin’s testimony. Hell of a guy, huh? So, austin did what cyrus wanted. Austin testified to save you. That means you did mean something to him.

[ Scoffs ] Something, maybe, but not enough. Take it back to your superiors along with this message — I’m out. I’m not moving anything else for pikeman for any price. Find another harbor. I’ll relay the message. You do that.

[ Door closes ] You’re going to have an opinion, right, on what I just did. So, w-w-what do you think? I think you made a mistake.

Martin thinks the biggest hurdle is the question of why it didn’t screen muldoon for more tests that may have indicated the presence of cancer. But you told me you wanted to. He didn’t want any more tests done. Yes. Yes. No, I know, and… but, you know, they might say something like I didn’t — I didn’t explain it to him fully or maybe he was open to the test and I just didn’t bother. So, you, what, told him he was fine and pushed him out of your office? No, but they might say I got busy with my research or with other patients. Finn, you would never do that. I know that, and you know that. What if the jury doesn’t know that? All this marriage talk — it’s got to be wigging you out. Do I look wigged out? By the way, I’m fairly certain no one says that anymore. My family just really loves weddings, okay? In, like, a really unhealthy, codependent way. Have you been to a lot of them? Of weddings? Oh, yeah. Between the cerullos and the falconeris, there are too many to count. What are they like? They’re big, loud, enough food to feed an army and the people they’re fighting. Oh, and dancing. Nobody dances the tarantella like my grandma.

[ Chuckles ] Well, I’d love to see that someday. Oh, you will. And — not at our wedding. I-I didn’t mean that. I meant at a wedding. Probably one of my gajillion family members. Is it hot in here? Brook lynn. What? You need to relax.

[ Sighs ] I just feel terrible. Everybody’s all up in your grill. No one’s up in my anything. My grandma has probably already reserved us a church. But you can’t blame her. I-I-it’s all she knows. I mean, from the moment you turn 18, every nonna and zia are asking when it’s going to be your turn. So, from my grandma, I get it, or at least, I’m — I’m trying to. But from my mother, on the other hand, that’s a completely different story. Not to sound callous, but, uh, I can’t imagine it’s good for business to have a homeless man hanging around out front. Mm. Probably not. I did tell him to come inside, but he didn’t want to. So, I just brought him some food. Well, that’s kind of you. Oh, well, we wrap up all the unused food and we send it over to the homeless shelter. So, I would have been feeding him anyway. At least this time, he’s getting a hot meal. Yeah, well, I’ll take the check when you get the chance. Thank you, and, uh, can, uh, you give this to your friend outside? It looks like he could use it. Thanks. Austin came to see me at the gallery the night he died. When I found out that he’d known I was held hostage and he could have gone to sonny, he could have gone to the cops, and he did nothing, he was silent. I was furious. I bet. We fought about it. I told him to leave and he left. And that was the last time you saw him? Yeah. I just don’t have any way to prove it. Well, aren’t there cameras at the gallery? Can’t that prove that you were there at the time that austin was shot? Cameras in the back aren’t working, and that’s where I was most of the night. Okay, well, that is going to be an issue. And, you know, even if the cameras were working, I don’t think it would help me. I mean, that’s why I can’t bring the note and the picture to the cops. They’re just going to think that I hired somebody to get rid of austin. I mean, even dead, that man is still making trouble for me. You think I should have taken the deal? I think it’s better to play along than to make yourself an obstacle that needs to be removed. When I was in afghanistan, there were a lot of these private security groups there. Including pikeman. These are powerful people with connections to all the major intelligence ops. Cia, wsb. If they come at you, it’ll be at a level that you may not have seen before. I appreciate your insight. I’ve already considered all that, and I realized my best move right now is to get out. I don’t want pikeman investing any more in me. I’m betting that they think I’m more trouble than I’m worth and move on. It’s like I’ve lost all self-control. Well [Clears throat] I think that’s a good thing. That I’m a human walking waterworks. Yes, actually. For once, you are allowing yourself to feel what you feel, molly, without trying to edit it or control it. Being a mom is hugely important to you. It’s like I won’t be me if I don’T. That’s really beautiful. Well, not if tj won’t even consider new surrogates. And I won’t have a child without him. I could never do that to him. Come here.

[ Sighs ] Tj will come around, okay? I know he will. And when he does, let me help you, molly. Let me carry a baby for you and tj.

You’re obviously entitled to your own feelings about your mother, but I don’t want you to be mad at her on my account, because I think she’s awesome. You do? Yeah. I mean, you obviously come by your beauty and your spark naturally. Thank you for the compliment and for just being overall amazing. How did I get so lucky? I ask myself that every day. About — about how I got lucky, not — not you, if that wasn’T…clear. How about we just agree that we’re both lucky?

[ Exhales sharply ] Uh…brook lynn. Chase. What would you say are the three most important moments in your life? When I scored jonas brothers tickets in 2010. I’m being serious. Wow. Okay. Um, that’s a heavy question. Just humor me. Okay. Um…the last time I ever saw my great-grandfather, edward, was a big one. The first time I wrote a song. And, uh, when I gained a little brother in leo. I want this moment right now to be on that list. What are you talking about? Brook lynn quartermaine… …will you marry me? Did you, uh… just call me caring? Because you are. I think I know that, somewhere deep down, but I also know I don’t like to be questioned or doubted, and… when I get defensive, I get awkward, and these jurors, they’re not medical professionals and this medical jargon — it’s going to go right over their heads, right, and the only thing that’s going to resonate with them is this man is dead and his family is grieving, and there’s this doctor on the stand, and he’s saying he did everything right. Okay, finn — no. No. What — what if I would have pushed harder for him to get those tests, made him, demanded that he get that colonoscopy? Would muldoon still be alive? No one can answer that question.

[ Sighs ] But what I can tell you is, all we can do as medical professionals is our best, and you did that. I know that. So… so… …we need to teach you how to project that inward kindness outward so the jury will believe you and maybe even like you. Is that even possible? I think… yeah, we got our work cut out for us. I know that you were originally against it when I offered to be your surrogate, and admittedly, I-I hadn’t really thought it through, not fully. Maybe there was a part of me that just wanted to swoop in and be the hero. No, no, kristina, when I said that before, that was my pain talking. I was disappointed and bitter that you could carry a child and I couldn’t, but that was not fair and I’m so sorry. I’m sorry. Molls, I’m sorry that you’re going through this at all, and I’m sorry that you lost your first baby. It isn’t your job to fix it for us. I-I don’t think that it is. Not at all. That’s not the way I see it. Bringing your child into this world is something that I can and truly want to give you, not just for you, but for this baby who is going to be in a family with the most incredible parents. You’re absolutely positive? 100%. No backsies. No backsies.

[ Laughs ] Now I know you mean business. Yeah, I do. Okay. I’ll have to talk to tj about it. We have to be together on this. Of course. But no matter what we decide, it means everything that you’ve offered, kristina. Thank you. I love you. I love you, too. It’s a good plan. End your association with pikeman while they can still afford to cut their losses.

[ Knock on door ] Hey. Frank said I could come in. What’s wrong? I just came from ava’S. Yeah? I know about austin, that he’s dead, that he’s working with cyrus, and more importantly, that cyrus may still be after you. Damn. I — ava, why — she has no business telling you that. No, she doesn’t, really. The person I should hear it from…is you. Well, thank you for coming by, mr. Brennan. I hope we see you again at kelly’s soon. I can practically guarantee it.

[ Pen scratches ] Thanks. Yep. Thank you. Well…

[ Exhales sharply ] We have a problem. Corinthos refuses to move any more of our shipments.

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