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Steffy: Mom, thank you again for all the support you gave me throughout all of this.

Taylor: Well, you are welcome again. You know I’m here for you, always and forever.

Steffy: I do know that. But does take a special kind of person that’s willing to just jet off to Europe with their daughter.

Taylor: Yeah. Jetting off to Europe. I think there are worse sacrifices one could make.

[ Steffy chuckles ]

Taylor: But you know, I would do it again in a heartbeat if, you know, in case–

Steffy: In case what?

Taylor: You know, I– I talked to your dad and, you know, he’s really happy to have you back, of course. But he’s worried. He’s worried about you and the kids. And how safe can– can LA be with Sheila Carter running around?

[ Steffy sighs ]

Liam: In the face? Steffy, she– she punched Sheila in the face?

Ridge: Yeah.

Liam: That is, uh… wow. Damn, girl. I mean, listen, I– I– I understand the sentiment, obviously, but it’s a little risky, don’t we think? I mean the– yes, the punch, obviously, but just going there, just confronting her is risky.

Ridge: If I had known that she was going to the lion’s den, I would’ve stopped her.

Liam: Yes, of course, you would’ve because Sheila is a lunatic. And Steffy doesn’t need more of that in her life. This whole situation, it’s just– you know what I resent? I resent the fact that Sheila is now permanently in Steffy’s life because of Finn.

Finn: Hey, Mom.

Li: Hi. Well, with Steffy and the kids back home, I thought maybe you’d take some time off to celebrate.

Finn: Oh, we’ve been celebrating plenty. Believe me. Never wanna be away from my family for that long ever again.

Li: No reason why you should be. As long as you keep your resolve. I mean it, Finn. Don’t give an inch when it comes to Sheila. Especially now that Liam Spencer has been circling around, waiting for you to slip up. And if you give any kind of opening to Sheila, you’ll lose Steffy. This time, for good.

Finn: I’m being careful, Mom. I’m not losing Steffy because of Sheila. But, changing the subject, have you seen Luna again?

Li: Not much of a subject change.

Finn: Well, I’m just trying to understand why you’re taking such a hard line with her. Yeah. Aunt Poppy did you wrong. Okay, I get that. But why are you taking it out on her daughter?

Poppy: Some things never change. Stuff thrown all over the floor. Am I walking into your place of work or your bedroom?

Luna: Mom, wait, what– what are you doing here?

Poppy: I came to check on my daughter. I’ve been so worried about you, Luna.

Liam: I don’t understand why Steffy would want to be anywhere near that psycho.

Ridge: I do. She wants to set some ground rules and it sounds like she did. Look, I know this is dangerous, but I’m just happy that Steffy and the kids are back.

Liam: That, yeah. I mean… same. [ Scoffs ] Yeah. It’s funny, even when Steffy’s gone for just like a short time, it’s like, uh… it’s like everything feels off. It’s just not– just not as good. The world isn’t as good. Makes me realize how much I, um… need her in my life.

Steffy: Yeah, I know Ead’s worried, but–

Taylor: Mm-hmm. I am, too.

Steffy: I know that. You basically asked, like, a hundred times if it was wise to leave Europe.

Taylor: Oh, come on! A hundred times? It was like 97 times, max.

Steffy: Yeah. Pretty much.

[ Taylor chuckles ]

Taylor: I bet Finn was so happy to see you.

Steffy: Yeah, it was a great feeling. You know, just seeing the look on his face. I missed him so much.

Taylor: I know you did. Let’s talk about the elephant in the room here. Okay? You took the kids and left Finn twice. And I’m– I’m sure Liam is expressing his feelings to you, so… real talk here. Where does it stand with your marriage right now?

Finn: I– is there more going on here? Because it doesn’t seem fair to punish Luna for something her mother did years ago.

Li: I’m not punishing her.

Finn: You told her to leave her internship.

[ Li sighs ]

Li: Because it’s a problem that she’s here, at your wife’s company, mingling with your in-laws. No, no, no. I don’t want you to go through what I did.

Finn: Luna isn’t her mother. Okay? This doesn’t make any sense.

Li: Trust I am protecting you, Finn. The life that you created here in– in Los Angeles with Steffy.

Finn: Yeah. And what a fantastic life it is. If my cousin has the opportunity to be a part of it, why would we not–

Li: Because, it’s– there’s something off about this. I mean, what? Suddenly she’s working at Forrester Creations? And I’m supposed to think it’s a coincidence? My sister’s played me for a fool once, but never again.

Luna: Look, Mom, I know it made you nervous when I started interning here, but I–

Poppy: Rightfully so, turns out. My sister’s been texting me, demanding you quit. She thinks this is her turf. Her son is married to a Forrester. She doesn’t want us to mess things up for her or Finn.

Luna: No, I’m having the best time. And me being at Forrester isn’t hurting anyone. Especially not Aunt Li. Please, Mom, I– I know that you’re just trying to look out for me, but you don’t have to worry. Everything’s gonna be fine.

Poppy: We’re talking about your Aunt Li here. Everything may not be fine at all.

Ridge: You do realize you’re not the only person who misses Steffy when she’s not here, right?

Liam: I know. I mean, you–

Ridge: I’m not talking about me.

Liam: Okay. All right. I hear you. And… yeah, there’s a part of me, a small part of me, that feels for Finn ’cause he didn’t, you know, he didn’t choose any of this. He didn’t pick Sheila to bring him into this world, but you know what? Tough, because she did. And that’s the situation we’re dealing with right now. And it just so happens that she’s obsessed with having this relationship with her son. And guess who she perceives as standing in the way of that? Your daughter. Right?

Ridge: So what’s the answer? What do we do?

Liam: I– I know the answer. It’s just… you’re not gonna like it. We have to convince Steffy to leave Finn.

Taylor: So you and the kids were away for a while and that gave Finn a lot of time to think. So, you know, how are– how are you two doing?

Steffy: Without getting into too much detail, it was a very… romantic homecoming.

Taylor: Okay.

Steffy: There’s no doubt Finn’s commitment to our marriage. None.

Taylor: Good. Good. I’m glad to hear that. You know, I think the world of him, right?

Steffy: Yeah.

Taylor: Despite his birth mother. I do have– I have– I have another question.

Steffy: Okay.

Taylor: Okay. So you know that Sheila may never pay for her crimes, which means, you know, she’s always gonna have this obsession for Finn and wanting him in her life. So… I don’t know, how do you feel about everything now, knowing that being with Finn means having the threat of Sheila looming over you and the kids?

Liam: Okay. He– here’s an undeniable fact. As long as Steffy’s with Finn, she’s in danger. And so are the kids.

Ridge: Okay. Well, I think maybe that’s why Steffy went over to see Sheila and tell her what she wants.

Liam: Yeah, but Sheila’s not gonna listen, right? Sheila’s not gonna just do what Steffy asks. She’s gonna continue worming her way into Finn’s life. And the more Steffy resists that, the more Steffy becomes the enemy. And the more she becomes the enemy, the more her life becomes at risk. Right? There’s– there’s one way out, Ridge. There’s one way out for Steffy. And that’s to leave Finn for good.

Ridge: Let me ask you a question. Do you think that you or anybody could tell Steffy what to do, who to love, what to do with her family?

Liam: No. No. But you come the closest and you have every right to an opinion on this.

Ridge: It’s always been my opinion that Steffy’s gonna make her own decision.

Liam: Yes, she will. And I really hope she makes the decision to leave Finn. I really hope she makes the decision… that it doesn’t have to be this way. And frankly, I hope she makes the decision to come back to me, while she’s at it.

Steffy: I understand the threat of Sheila better than anyone. I can still see it. Barrel of the gun pointing down at me. Sound of it firing. Look, I don’t– I don’t forgive her. And I’ll never forget what that monster put me through. But I can’t just live in fear. I can’t give her that power. So… to answer your question, if I stay with Finn, I– I have to know that Sheila is out there always lurking in the shadows, but she’ll never be allowed back in. Okay? So that I can– I can definitely live with.

Taylor: You know, I was– I was so angry with Finn when it looked like he was welcoming Sheila back into his life. I was– it scared me, Steffy. For– for you– for the kids. Look, I– I– I know that you know what you could be up against with all of that. But honey, you know… I believe in the love that you and Finn have for each other. I really do. And he– he’s proven that he’s devoted to you and only you. God, why does Sheila have to be his birth mother?

Poppy: You know I’m proud of you, right? Despite my concerns.

Luna: Yeah, I know. It’s obvious how much you care. I don’t know. I’m just following my dreams, Mom.

Poppy: Honey, I don’t wanna take away your dreams. But the way your Aunt Li is–

Luna: No, no. I am not cowering to Aunt Li again. Okay? I’m staying here. And stop letting your big sister boss you around. You just have to, like, stand up for yourself.

[ Poppy chuckles ]

Poppy: You make it sound so easy.

Luna: No, it can be. Okay. I have to get these down to the cutting room floor, but how long are you planning on being in town?

Poppy: I’m not sure yet. But I’ll definitely see you again soon. Okay? Now go, do your thing. I don’t want you to get in trouble for fraternizing with the unfashionable.

Luna: Oh, right. Okay. Mom, you’re literally the queen of style. Thank you for coming.

Poppy: I love you, baby. I just want my beautiful daughter to be happy.

Luna: Bye, Mom.

[ Phone chimes ]

Li: What are you doing here, Penelope?

[ Birds chirping ]

[ Knock on the door ]

Steffy: Who is it?

Liam: Hey, it’s me.

[ Steffy sighs ]

Liam: Well, shucks. Totally knew it. Seeing you was the best part of my day.

Li: What are you doing here, Penelope?

Poppy: For the zillionth time, please stop calling me that. I– why is it so hard for you–

Li: You’re Penelope. The name our mother and father gave you. Not “Poppy.” I asked you a question. What are you doing here at Forrester Creations?

Poppy: I came to see Luna. I am so proud of her, li, and all she’s accomp–

Li: You know how I feel about her working here. My son’s wife is Co-CEO of the company. Last thing I need is you and your daughter messing things up for Finn.

Poppy: I am just here visiting, so what could I possibly do? And Luna would never mess anything up for Finn. She’s doing a great job. She got this internship all on her own. Through her hard work and dedication. Everything that you used to nag at me about. You should be proud of your niece.

Li: Proud? That Luna somehow winded up here in the same fashion house owned and operated by my daughter-in-law’s family?

Poppy: A happy coincidence.

Li: I tried to be good to you. I got you the job at the hospital gift shop. How did you repay me?

Poppy: Li, you know that had nothing to do–

Li: I suffered because of it. Your tacky affair with the chief surgeon, a married man. I paid for it!

Poppy: How many different ways do I have to apologize before–

Li: You and your daughter will not interfere my life any longer. More importantly, Finn’s life. I want Luna out of here today. Do you hear me, Penelope? Today!

Liam: May I?

Steffy: Of course. Come in.

Liam: I, uh, I got Kelly, uh, packed up pretty quickly this morning, I didn’t realize until after I dropped her off that she left this behind.

Steffy: Oh, yes. Her new favorite.

Liam: Yeah. So she tells me. Didn’t want her to endure the anguish of sleeping without it tonight.

Steffy: Well, I’m glad she spent the night with you. She missed you like crazy. And I– I know that you called every day to check in, but–

Liam: Yeah, no. But seeing her in person is just better. It’s way better. Uh, listen, she’s not the only one I wanted to check up on. I was concerned about you too. Still am.

Steffy: No need to be.

Liam: Well… Sheila’s on the loose with Deacon, pretending to be a normal, well-adjusted human being when we both know she’s not. She’s a psychopath and an obsessive. And the current object of her obsession happens to be her son. And guess who she thinks is coming between them?

Steffy: Liam, I appreciate your concern. But you don’t have to worry. In fact, I, uh… I paid Sheila a visit. Put her in her place.

Liam: Yeah, no. I– yeah, I heard.

Steffy: You did?

Liam: Your dad told me. Steffy… you’re the most badass chick I know. But it– I wouldn’t go anywhere near Sheila. Much less confront her. I mean, all– this is all– none of this is– is right. I mean, especially not you and the kids living with Finn. I mean, I get that he’s your husband, but he also happens to be a magnet for the most– the most evil, vile person that we know. And… you’re not safe with him. You’re never gonna be. You left him once, you know. You could do it again. We were pretty good together. We had fun. I could… keep you safe, healthy, happy. Just think about… coming back to safety, to sanity, to me.

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