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Stephanie and Everett walk to the park. Stephanie thanks Everett for urging him to open up and for listening, admitting it really helped. Everett hopes that Chad knows how lucky he is as they hug. Chad then approaches and calls out to Stephanie. Stephanie asks what he’s doing there. Chad responds that he was just on his way home. Chad asks if she’s going to introduce him to her friend.

At the Bistro, Tripp gets a lava cake to go from Ava. Ava asks if he and Wendy enjoyed dinner since she’s still getting the hang of running the place. Tripp assures that they did and everything was great. Tripp mentions that Wendy had to step out to try to get a hold of her brother. Gil comes over and tells Tripp that he wishes they could give more of a discount but they are running a tight ship at the Bistro.

Harris runs in to Wendy in the town square. Harris comments on hearing they are going to be working together at the police department. Wendy confirms she’s going to be the head of the I.T. department and that today is her first day. Harris jokes that if her fake passports are any indication of her skills, then they’ll be good. Harris notes Wendy being distracted by her phone and asks if everything is okay. Wendy responds that she’s been texting her brother but hasn’t heard back, so she’s worried because he was kind of having a bad day.

Li Shin is lying face down on the floor of the apartment with a bloody wound in his back. Stefan bursts in to the apartment to find Gabi, holding a bloody knife in shock. Gabi informs Stefan that Li is dead.

Stephanie introduces Chad to Everett Lynch. Everett says it’s a pleasure to meet him. Chad questions how they know each other. Everett responds that he’s her boyfriend which Chad questions. Everett apologizes and claims he misspoke, but he’s still getting used to the idea that he and Stephanie aren’t together anymore. Stephanie explains that Everett is the guy she told Chad about from Seattle. Chad questions him ghosting her. Chad says Stephanie told him all about him and how he straight up disappeared with no explanation, like a coward. Stephanie appreciates Chad defending her but says he doesn’t understand. Chad argues that Everett treated her like dirt and then ran away without telling her why. Everett clarifies that he never intentionally ghosted Stephanie.

Tripp thanks Ava again for dinner. Gil tells Tripp to come back any time as Tripp then exits the Bistro. Ava asks Gil to never speak to her son again. Gil says he was just being friendly. Ava brings up that Gil threatened to kill Tripp. Gil responds that he only did that to keep her in line. Gil warns Ava that Tripp is safe as long as she remembers that Clyde is her boss and she does what he says. Ava talks about everyone being happy at the Bistro. Gil reminds Ava that the restaurant profits are not what Clyde cares about, but that it’s a perfect front for a drug operation. Ava insists that she can run the drug ring and a five star restaurant in her sleep. Gil says she better hope that’s true because if the police ever get wind of what’s really going on, Ava and Tripp will be the ones who pay. Ava tells Gil that she gets it and tells him to back the hell off. Harris then arrives and asks if there’s a problem here.

Tripp joins Wendy in the town square and asks if she got in touch with Li. Wendy responds that she hasn’t yet as she keeps texting him, but she hasn’t heard back. Tripp says it really sucks what Stefan and Gabi did to him. Wendy questions what kind of psycho fakes their own kidnapping to try and blackmail someone. Wendy remarks that it makes her sad because she thought her and Gabi were kind of friends, but she really stabbed her brother in the back…

Stefan asks Gabi how this happened. Gabi asks if he got her voicemail. Stefan confirms that he heard her say she was coming here but didn’t say why. Gabi explains that Li texted her, saying that all the shares he signed over to them were fake and that if she wanted the real ones, she needed to come talk to him, alone. Stefan informs Gabi that Li lied to her because they were real and authenticated in the shareholders meeting. Gabi realizes Li tricked her. Stefan confirms that he used the shares to fire EJ and as soon as the meeting was over, he rushed over here. Stefan states that he knew things would be bad, but he didn’t realize they would be this bad. Stefan then asks Gabi why she killed Li.

Everett explains to Chad that he had just mailed a letter to Stephanie and as he was crossing the street, a car ran in to him and he spent a year in a medically induced coma. Everett says when he came out of it, it took him forever to recover and his memory was really spotty. Stephanie adds that by the time he remembered her, she had moved to Salem and he didn’t have her address. Everett talks about tracking Stephanie down because he couldn’t let her think that he left like that. Chad questions Everett tracking her down to tell her what really happened. Everett admits that he was foolish to think they could just pick up where they left off.

Harris comments that it sounds like Ava and Gil were arguing. Ava says it was her fault for getting too passionate about food and she has to remind herself that Gil is the boss, so whatever he says goes. Gil says he’s not a tyrant and that he has people he has to listen to as well. Harris suggests listening to Ava because she has great ideas. Gil remarks that Ava has a valuable and unique skillset, so he knows she’s going to make this business a huge success. Harris agrees. Gil says he has to get back to his office and exits. Harris questions if Ava likes working for Gil. Ava responds that he’s not so bad. Harris comments that something about Gil rubs him the wrong way.

Wendy thanks Tripp for dinner but admits she feels kind of bad for leaving Li at home by himself. Wendy says that Li doesn’t normally like to show that he’s hurting, but today he didn’t hide how upset he was. Wendy talks about Li losing his shares in the most humiliating way and she knows he wasn’t looking forward to telling their father, but she thinks it’s mostly the hurtful way that Gabi used him. Wendy acknowledges that Li did horrible things to Gabi, but says that he’s finally trying to put the whole obsession behind him. Wendy informs Tripp that Li has been in therapy with Marlena and kind of had a breakthrough as he finally told her that he’s ready to move on with his life, but now she’s just worried that another betrayal by Gabi will cause a huge setback. Tripp notes her being really protective of Li. Wendy admits that they bicker a lot, but he’s her brother and she loves him. Wendy hates that Li is so miserable. Tripp suggests they go home and cheer him up, so they walk away together.

Gabi questions what Stefan is talking about and tells him that she didn’t kill Li. Gabi reveals that she showed up, the door was open, and she found Li like this. Stefan questions why Gabi is holding the knife. Gabi says she doesn’t know as she tried to help him by pulling the knife out of his back, then Stefan showed up and she panicked. Gabi swears to God that is true. Stefan is not sure how smart that was, since her fingerprints are now on the murder weapon. Gabi says she knows but she freaked out and insists that she didn’t kill Li. Stefan assures that he believes her, but the question now is who did stab Li.

Brady, Roman, and Marlena have cake at home. Marlena comments on Eric and Sloan’s wedding being so last minute. Roman points out that they didn’t eat any wedding cake. Marlena guesses they wanted to get to the honeymoon. Roman decides he wants to get home and tell Kate about the wedding. Marlena sends her best. Roman tells them goodnight and exits. Marlena comments on Brady being quiet and asks if he’s okay. Brady says not really. Marlena brings up Brady feeling very optimistic about getting custody of Rachel with the help of his friends, but guesses that didn’t go well. Brady confirms that Stefan and Gabi screwed him over.

Gabi tells Stefan that she has no idea who did this as there was nobody else there when she got there. Stefan worries about if the killer would’ve been there when Gabi showed up. Gabi wishes she never came and complains about her luck. Stefan wonders if it was luck, pointing out that Li lured her here under false pretenses and wanted her here. Gabi asks if he’s saying that Li wanted her here to set her up for his murder. Stefan points out that Li has taken extreme measures before, but admits he couldn’t stab himself in the back so he says nevermind. Gabi decides maybe he is onto something since this doesn’t feel right, so maybe someone is trying to set her up.

Chad questions if Everett wants to get back together with Stephanie. Everett says that came out wrong and assures that he doesn’t want to get back together now because Stephane is with Chad, but that’s what he was hoping for when he thought it was a possibility. Everett tells Chad that he’s a lucky man as Stephanie is such an amazing woman. Chad agrees. Everett talks about how after he recovered, he wanted to find Stephanie and reunite, but now that he knows Stephanie and Chad are dating. Everett adds that Stephanie told him last night that they are living together which Chad questions. Stephanie informs Chad that Everett came over to their apartment before he came home. Chad points out that Stephanie didn’t tell him that part.

Ava tells Harris that Gil is arrogant, bossy, and a pain in the ass but he’s basically harmless. Harris asks if she’s sure since he just seems off. Ava assures it’s nothing she can’t handle. Harris asks if he’s being overprotective. Ava says maybe a little, but it’s nice to have somebody that has her back. Harris points out that Jada said maybe he’s a little jealous. Ava jokes with Harris about that and says Gil is the last person she would ever be attracted to. Harris calls that good to know. Ava asks if Harris came to eat, but Harris says he just came to see her. Harris reminds Ava that he made her a promise and he’s here to make good on it.

Stefan asks Gabi who would want to frame her for murder. Gabi realizes they need to get out now if this is a setup. Stefan agrees but Gabi asks what to do with the knife. Wendy and Tripp then come home. Wendy asks what’s going on and then screams when she sees Li on the floor.

Brady explains to Marlena that Stefan and Gabi were just leading him on to make him believe that they were going to make Kristen look like an unfit parent, but they just wanted her shares of DiMera so they weren’t going to help him with Rachel at all. Marlena says she’s so sorry. Brady admits that Marlena was right since she warned him about trusting them. Marlena can’t believe they lied to him like that and used a child to do it. Brady calls it shameless, but remarks that there’s nothing they won’t do to get what they want. Brady says that they say they want Kristen’s shares, but he thinks they want a majority which means they’ll be targeting someone else. Brady says he pities whoever their next victim is.

Wendy asks Tripp to help Li and questions what Gabi did to him. Gabi says they had nothing to do with this. Wendy questions why Gabi is holding the knife and why she said they needed to get rid of it. Stefan says he knows this looks bad but that Wendy is jumping to the wrong conclusion. Wendy thinks it’s pretty damn obvious that Gabi killed her brother. Tripp then announces that she didn’t, as Li is still alive!

Chad questions Stephanie not telling him that her ex-boyfriend showed up on their doorstep. Stephanie insists it’s not like she was trying not to tell him and that it was just bad timing. Everett tells Chad that it doesn’t matter since now he knows they are in a relationship, he is completely backing off. Chad apologizes for being standoffish and getting the wrong impression. Everett says he totally understands and adds that they just ran in to each other. Chad states that he seems like a very nice guy and that what happened to him is awful. Chad asks when Everett is going back to Seattle but Everett reveals that he’s actually staying in Salem.

Ava asks Harris what promise. Harris reminds her that a few weeks ago, they had a moment where they kissed but decided not to jump into anything romantic until their lives were back on track. Ava jokes that it was uncharacteristically mature of them. Harris states that he is now gainfully employed and reminds Ava that he promised to take her out to dinner when he got a job. Harris then tells Ava that he would like to set up a date with her, if she’s still interested. Harris asks if she wants to change her mind. Ava responds that she’s afraid that her job will end up being a problem because it seems like it will be all consuming and she wouldn’t want her obligations to end up hurting him. Harris insists that he knows what he’s getting in to. Harris says they both got new jobs with crazy hours but it’s not a lifetime commitment, just one dinner and jokes about possibly including dessert. Ava then agrees to the date. Harris suggests tomorrow which Ava says is perfect since it’s her day off. Harris tells her it’s a date and he’ll pick her up at 7:30. Ava suggests she just meet him at the restaurant since she has three roommates and it can get chaotic.

Stefan and Gabi thought Li was dead. Tripp confirms his pulse is weak but he’s still breathing. Wendy tells Gabi to save the act because she clearly wanted him dead. Gabi swears that she found him like this. Tripp yells to call 911 because they need to get Li to the hospital right away.

Chad questions Everett moving to Salem. Everett confirms there’s nothing left for him in Seattle since he lost Stephanie and also his job, so there was no point in staying. Chad asks why Salem. Everett assures it’s not because of Stephanie but a perfect job popped up and they hired him on the spot. Stephanie tells Chad that Everett is going to work for the Spectator. Everett admits he needed the job to start handling his medical bills since being in a coma for over a year was pretty expensive. Everett says he has an early morning, so he’s going to take off. Stephanie wishes him luck. Everett hopes that the three of them can be friends. Stephanie thinks that would be nice. Everett says he’ll see them around and walks away.

Ava asks Harris how he likes working at the police department. Harris responds that he likes it but he got off to a rocky start since he and Jada were tasked with tracking down Leo and Dimitri on Halloween night, but they got away. Ava is sure they’ll get them eventually. Harris calls it frustrating. Ava advises him not to let it trouble him too much since he’s going to be a great cop. Harris thanks her for the support. Harris then gets a text that there’s been a stabbing incident.

Gabi tells Stefan that they should go home and wait for the police to contact them, but Stefan says it’s best if they stay at the apartment so they see they have nothing to hide. Gabi asks if she should wipe the prints off the knife but Stefan says no, reminding her that it’d be tampering with evidence that makes her seem guilty. Gabi worries that she already seems guilty thanks to whoever set her up. Stefan assures her that whoever is setting her up, it’s not going to work because Li is alive and can clear her name.

Tripp and Wendy get Li on a hospital bed in the ER. Tripp tells Wendy to stay back but Wendy says he needs to know she’s there. Tripp tells her to just give them room to work. Wendy tells Li that she is right by his side. Li regains consciousness and calls out to her. Wendy tells him that he’s in the hospital but he’s going to be okay because Tripp is going to take good care of him. Li asks Wendy not to leave him. Wendy promises to stay right by his side, just like he always stayed by her side. Wendy asks if Li can tell her what happened and who did this to him. Li then flatlines and loses consciousness.

Gil returns to Ava and remarks that she and Harris looked cozy, so he hopes she didn’t let anything slip about their operation. Ava mocks him. Gil warns her that if she ever does let anything slip, she’ll be putting a target on Harris’ back along with Tripp’s. Ava assures that she knows the score. Gil tells Ava to come with him because there’s a shipment coming in and he needs her to supervise out back. Ava follows Gil out, leaving behind her phone as she receives a text from Harris, telling her to call him or Tripp before she goes home.

Chad questions Stephanie saying it would be nice for them to be friends with Everett. Stephanie says she was being polite. Chad argues that he doesn’t think it would be nice, but awkward as hell, and that it reminds him of what they just went through with Alex. Stephanie calls this totally different. Chad questions how when Alex lusted after her and so does Everett. Stephanie calls that a crude way to put it. Chad complains that they would love for him to be out of the picture, so they could make a move on her. Stephanie argues that Everett just explained that he was in a car accident and spent a year in a coma, so they could both have some compassion for him. Chad is sure Everett has been to Hell and back, but that doesn’t mean he has to be to pals with the guy, especially when he just shows up and thinks he’s still her boyfriend. Stephanie argues that he doesn’t think that while Chad points out that he just said it. Stephanie states that he apologized for that and that he misspoke. Stephanie questions why Chad is suddenly trashing Everett when he just apologized for being standoffish. Chad remarks that he was being polite. Stephanie asks if he didn’t mean it then. Chad is sorry for everything Everett has been through and he’s sure it’s been terrible, but he’s not going to be charmed by some guy who is clearly still in love with her. Stephanie responds that having someone still in love with her and that thinks she’s the most amazing woman actually feels good. Chad asks if he’s a jerk now because he doesn’t want to beg her to marry him. Stephanie argues that she understands why he doesn’t want to marry her after losing his wife in such a tragic way, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt. Chad apologizes for being so hard on her about Everett and he’s sure it’s very hard for her when he’s been gone and then shows up while she was clearly once in love with him. Chad repeats that he seems like a nice guy. Stephanie responds that he is. Stephanie then declares she’s going home and walks off.

Wendy cries that this can’t be real as she thought Li was going to be okay since they were just talking. Tripp apologizes and says they did everything they can. Wendy can’t believe he’s gone and breaks down crying as Tripp hugs her.

Stefan encourages Gabi that she has nothing to worry about since he’s sure Li will clear her name. Gabi hopes he’s right but she can’t believe she thought Li was dead and she feels so bad because she could’ve got him help sooner. Stefan says it’s not her fault since she was a wreck and couldn’t feel his pulse. Gabi is glad Tripp got there when he did and got Li to the hospital. Stefan assures that things will work out. Harris then arrives. Stefan mentions hearing he’s working for the Salem Police Department now and guesses he’s here about the assault which Harris confirms. Gabi asks if Harris talked to Tripp and how Li is. Harris reveals that Li didn’t make it. Stefan asks if he’s sure. Harris confirms that he just got off the phone with the hospital. Gabi asks if Li identified his attacker before he died. Harris reveals that Li said it was Gabi. Gabi is shocked and says that’s not true. Harris then pulls out handcuffs and arrests Gabi for the murder of Li Shin.

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