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Gabi wakes Stefan up in bed. Stefan asks why she’s in such a good mood. Gabi claims she always is which Stefan laughs at. Gabi then admits that today she’s in an exceptionally good mood because today is the day they put their plan in to action. Stefan declares that they are finally going to get Li Shin.

Li returns to Marlena’s office and thanks her again for seeing him on such short notice. Marlena knows how eager he is to get started on their first formal session. Li declares that he’s ready to do whatever it takes to get over Gabi.

Holly calls Tate and tells him that she had a dream that he was in. Holly then explains that in her dream, she asked Tate to help her get Chanel away from Johnny and then Chanel killed him and tried to kill her for going after her boyfriend. Johnny then walks in to the living room.

Stefan and Gabi talk about revenge being sweet. Stefan asks if Gabi has any ideas on how to make Li’s shares theirs. Gabi reminds him that they pried Kristen’s shares by threatening her with blackmailing over abusing her daughter through manufactured proof. Stefan assures that he’s ruthless when it comes to Li for trying to kill him. Gabi says that Li needs to pay and if they can prove he tried to take Stefan out, they can force him to fork over his shares.

Marlena asks Li to tell her about previous relationships. Marlena then asks if Li did have previous relationships before falling in love with Gabi. Li informs her that he only had one, so Marlena asks about her. Li responds that she was someone he met in high school and he knows it might be silly to call that a serious relationship, but it was important to him. Li recalls spending every moment they could together and they talked about their future plans. Li admits he thought that she was his one true love and they would be together forever. Marlena asks what happened. Li responds that his father found out and that was that.

Tate jokes about Holly’s nightmare being crazy with Chanel killing them both over her trying to get with Johnny. Holly tells him that she has to go and hangs up. Johnny says he’s sorry to interrupt her. Holly says that it was nothing important. Johnny questions her saying some girl tried to kill her. Holly says it was just a dream and claims it was just someone from school that’s jealous of her because she thinks her boyfriend is in to her. Johnny asks if he is. Holly responds that she’s not actually sure. EJ and Nicole then walk in. EJ says they are just the two people they were looking for because they have some news. Nicole then announces that she and EJ are getting married today.

Tate works at the Pub. Eric comes in and greets him, saying he heard he was in town and sees that Brady has put him to work. Eric adds that he’s sorry Tate got kicked out of school and he knows coming to Salem must be a change. Tate admits leaving all his friends was depressing. Eric encourages that he’ll make new friends at Salem High. Tate informs him that he already made one friend, but he kind of wants it to be more than friends.

Holly questions EJ and Nicole getting married today. Johnny calls it big news. EJ feels they’ve been dragging their feet long enough and their baby will be there soon enough. Johnny calls it so great and hugs EJ, telling him he’s so happy for him. Nicole tells Johnny that his blessing means a lot to them. Nicole adds that Holly’s blessing would mean a lot too and asks if she’s okay with this. Holly imagines Johnny telling her that he wanted to be her boyfriend, but now that their parents are getting married, they’re like siblings. Nicole points out that Holly didn’t answer and asks again if she’s okay with them getting married. Holly responds that she actually doesn’t think it’s such a good idea.

Stefan asks Gabi if they should go downstairs for breakfast. Gabi thought they were strategizing. Stefan says he does his best thinking on a full stomach. Gabi suggests coming up with a plan and then she’ll give him a reward which Stefan agrees to. Gabi tells him to start thinking. Stefan states that the best way to get proof that Li was in on the plan to kill him is to get it from one of his co-conspirators. They agree that they can’t get anything from Harris or Megan so Stefan states that they will have to get Li to confess. Gabi assures that Li is not stupid and will know he’s being played, so they’re going to have to be very shrewd. Stefan says it’s good that they know that Li’s Achilles heel is his obsessive love for Gabi.

Marlena assumes Li was keeping his high school relationship a secret from his father. Li confirms that he was afraid of how his father would react because she was working class and his family was not, so he knew that his father would never approve of their relationship but he never expected him to do what he did. Marlena asks what he did. Li explains that one day, she told him that she had to break up with him because her and her family were moving far away and they would never see each other again. Li remembers being unable to breathe in that moment and his father eventually became impatient with his dark mood and lost his temper. Li reveals that his father told him that he was dishonoring him because of a girl that never really cared about him and that’s when he told him what he did. Marlena asks again what he did. Li informs her that his father found a note that he had written to her, so he went to her and offered her a father a well paying job 2000 miles away from where they live and she accepted immediately. Marlena wonders if it wasn’t true and that his father just made up that story. Li admits he doesn’t know because he and the girl never spoke again. Li adds that his father expected him to just get over it and the truth is, he did as he eventually just buried his feelings and never mentioned her name again until now. Marlena asks how it made him feel. Li says he felt powerless as she was the best thing in his life and his father just took her away from him. Marlena imagines he wanted to make sure nothing like that ever again. Li admits at the time, he thought he would never love anyone again and he never did until Gabi. Li talks about feeling the same way for Gabi but he was afraid that someone would take her from him, like Stefan.

Gabi reminds Stefan that she pitched preying on Li’s obsession with her. Stefan points out that Li knows Gabi hates his guts, so he will sense that something is up. Stefan suggests a more unconventional approach involving a certain asset that could nudge Li in the right direction. Gabi asks how they acquire this asset.

Eric asks Tate about the friend he’s met. Tate explains that he met the first day he got to town in the park. Eric says that’s great and asks what she’s like. Tate realizes that he probably knows her and reveals that it’s Nicole’s daughter, Holly.

Nicole questions Holly not thinking it’s a good idea for her and EJ to get married. Nicole notes that it’s getting late and suggests EJ and Johnny start getting ready, so they exit the room. Nicole then asks Holly what’s going on as she thought that she liked EJ. Holly says she does, so Nicole questions why she doesn’t want them to get married. Nicole points out that they’ve been planning this wedding for awhile now and she thought Holly was happy about it, so she asks if something changed. Nicole encourages that she can talk to her. Holly then claims that it’s because of Eric.

Stefan informs Gabi that the asset has already been acquired and should be arriving any minute. Gabi asks how he’s so sure. Stefan responds that he put out feelers and should be hearing back anytime. Gabi asks if he has any idea what they should do while they wait. Stefan thinks he has a few ideas.

Marlena realizes that Li was afraid that Stefan was going to do what his father did and take away his girl. Marlena imagines that Li did everything in his power to make sure that wouldn’t happen which included hiring someone to kill Stefan. Li questions Marlena thinking that everything he did to keep Gabi was because of what happened with his father all those years ago. Marlena thinks his obsessive behavior comes from that early trauma he suffered. Marlena thinks that may be the core of his problem.

Chad calls Stephanie from home and leaves a message, saying he’s sorry to bug her as he knows she had an early meeting but he thought maybe they could talk. Chad tells her to call her back if he can as he hangs up. EJ then arrives. Chad asks what brings him by. EJ says he’s been meaning to stop by for ages and see his new place. Chad jokes about it comparing to the DiMera Mansion. EJ says as long as he’s happy and he would’ve brought a housewarming gift but there was no time as he came on an urgent matter. Chad asks if everything is okay. EJ informs him that his life is about to change for the better.

Nicole questions Holly saying this is about Eric. Holly turns away and talks about how much she always cared for Eric and she loved him as her stepdad. Nicole encourages that Eric is still always there for her. Holly says she always thought Nicole and Eric would get married again one day. Nicole admits that she used to think that too but that’s not going to happen because Eric has moved on with Sloan and she has moved on with EJ. Nicole states that her, Holly, EJ, and the baby are going to be a family.

Eric questions Tate being in to Holly. Tate says she’s great. Eric talks about spending a lot of time with Holly when he was married to Nicole. Tate says he was sorry to hear about their divorce as they seemed like the perfect couple to him. Eric asks if Tate asked Holly out. Tate responds that nothing is going to happen. Eric asks why not. Tate tells Eric that he has to promise not to say anything or else Holly would be pissed at him. Tate informs Eric that Holly is in to another guy who is totally wrong for her and way too old for her. Johnny then enters the Pub.

Li tells Marlena that he hasn’t thought about his past in so long but talking about it has made him feel more free. Li declares that maybe now he can finally be free of the hold that Gabi has had over him. Marlena is glad and hopes so. Marlena tells Li that he should be so proud of himself for having the courage to be so open about his feelings and his pain. Marlena hopes that he continues his therapy and to be as open as he has been today and that he’s determined to drop his destructive behaviors. Li assures that he is determined. Li says he’s just been telling himself that he could get over Gabi on his own, but he knows now that wasn’t true and that he needs help. Li states that today because of Marlena for the first time, he actually thinks he can get over Gabi.

After Stefan and Gabi have sex, Stefan checks his phone and tells Gabi there’s no word yet. Stefan then gets a text and says he has to go pick up the asset.

Eric asks if Johnny needs a table. Johnny says no but he needs a tray of sliders. Eric asks if he’s having a party. Johnny then informs Eric that EJ and Nicole are getting married today. Eric calls that great and notes that Nicole always loved the sliders. Johnny comments that EJ wanted to make sure Nicole had everything she wanted today.

Nicole tells Holly that she knows how she feels about Eric, but in time, she hopes she will have just as close of a relationship with EJ. Nicole asks if Holly can find it in her heart to come to their wedding. Nicole says she doesn’t want to pressure her but admits she’d be really sad if she didn’t come. Holly assures that she’ll be there as she knows how much it means to her. Nicole calls her the best daughter. Nicole says she has to go pick up her wedding dress. Holly offers to go with her but Nicole suggests she go get ready. Holly mentions a black dress but Nicole convinces her to go with the green dress. Nicole tells Holly that she will see her at the wedding and she loves her as Holly heads upstairs.

Chad is surprised to learn that EJ and Nicole are getting married today. EJ calls it nothing extravagant and they just have Johnny and Holly there. Chad asks about Tony and Anna. EJ notes that they are out of town and he’s not on the best of terms with Stefan and Gabi. EJ tells Chad that he would like for one of his brothers to be there and he’d be thrilled if it were him. EJ adds that they’d be delighted to have Stephanie as well. Chad informs EJ that they are not in the best place right now. EJ is sorry to hear that and asks what happened. Chad tells him they got in a fight and he’s not really sure what’s going to happen. EJ asks what the fight was about, then says it’s not his business but Chad says it’s fine. Chad admits that it’s Abigail as Stephanie feels threatened by him not being able to move on like she wants him to and he can’t fully commit to anyone else. EJ says he gets that. Chad says he doesn’t know what the rest of Stephanie’s day looks like but declares he’ll be happy to be there. EJ tells Chad that they can’t have it without him and reveals they want Chad to perform the ceremony which surprises him. EJ says he’s not really religious and jokes that a priest wouldn’t want to step foot in the DiMera Mansion. EJ feels that a justice of the peace is too impersonal and he wants to be surrounded by people they love. EJ tells Chad that he admires him and that he looks at him as a role model. EJ knows they’ve had ups and downs, but says Chad is the type of the man he wishes he was. Chad hugs him and tells him that it would be an honor to marry them. EJ says everything is set and now all he needs is his bride.

Eric sits in the town square, thinking back to Johnny telling him that EJ and Nicole are getting married. Nicole then approaches Eric.

Johnny returns to the DiMera Mansion and tells Holly that she looks great in her dress. Johnny asks her if she’s really not cool with the wedding. Holly says not exactly. Johnny asks why she doesn’t want his dad to marry her mom.

Li exits Marlena’s office at the hospital and then gets a call from Gabi. Li hesitates but answers the call and asks why she’s calling him and what she wants. Gabi claims that she needs his help because she’s been kidnapped.

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