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Recap written by Suzanne

Claire does work for Nikki at the office. They get along really well. Claire is doing a good job, and Nikki trusts her. They have a nice chat. Nikki leaves, so Claire looks around at the photos on her desk, particularly the one with Victoria. Claire glares at that photo. Back in her room, Claire gets out a folder with some photos of Victoria and the Newmans. She glares at them some more.

Adam sees Victor at GCAC. Victor, who’s in a good mood, invites him to sit down. Adam asks him how he’s doing. Victor is doing well and tells Adam that he’s heard from Nate about how well he’s doing, so he’s proud of him. Adam is glad to hear it but complains that Nate doesn’t trust him, so he doesn’t give him many interesting things to do. Adam admits that he can’t blame Nate for it, though. He does confide to Victor that he thinks Nate just wants to keep him under his thumb, and it has nothing to do with business. In turn, Victor confides that he suspects that Nate and Victoria are conspiring to push him out of his job as CEO. Adam believes they would want that, but he doesn’t know if they’re really pursuing that. Victor tells him about a conversation he overheard between Victoria and Nate about Victor “losing his marbles.” At Victor’s urging, Adam admits that it could be possible that they’re working against him. Victor tells him that Nick will come back to the company and keep an eye on them for him. Adam is shocked to hear it and wonders why Nick would come back. Victor thinks that it’s because Victoria convinced him that Victor is losing it mentally. Victor says that it breaks his heart, so Adam offers his sympathy. Victor asks Adam to be his ally, so Adam assures him that he will be. He pledges to Victor that he has his back and is on his team. They shake hands warmly.

Later, Victor and Nikki have dinner. Nikki praises how great Claire is, but Victor is distracted, due to his discussion with Adam. They talk about what happened with Adam. Nikki reminds him how much she hates his plan to figure out whether Adam or Victoria is trying to sabotage him. Nikki points out again that Victoria loves him and that it’s probably Adam that’s working against him. Nikki texts Victoria to come to the ranch for a visit.

Chloe finds Sally at Society, working on her laptop. Chloe hopes that Sally has given up on the idea of getting back with Adam and has made up with Nick. Sally tells her that Nick has been avoiding her. Chloe wonders if Nick just has to cool down a little. Sally is worried that Nick is ending things between them. Nick believes that Sally has unresolved feelings for Adam, and Sally can’t deny that. She tells Chloe that she gave Adam a tongue-lashing for all the ways he’s hurt her, but she also told him that she hasn’t been able to let him go. Chloe isn’t happy to hear that. They discuss it. Chloe suspects that Adam will prey on Sally and break her heart again. Chloe advises her to work things out with Nick.

Nick chats with Sharon about Victor’s recent memory lapses and how he’s been trying to deal with him. She wants Sharon’s psychological opinion, but it’s not really in her field of expertise. She offers to have a chat with Victor to see if she can see what Nick and Vicky are worried about. Nick agrees to set up a meeting. Sharon asks if Nick will have time and energy to focus on their new business, but he assures her that he will. Sharon holds his hand for a second, recounting all the tough things he’s been through lately. Sharon thinks that Nick’s losing Sally has been hard on him, but he shrugs that off. She advises him to deal with any unresolved issues he might have with Sally. He thinks that her feelings for Adam are the problem. They discuss that. Sharon is sorry that things didn’t work out for him and Sally. She wonders if he’s still planning to fund Sally’s new company. Nick hasn’t decided yet, so she suggests that he talk to Sally about that. He thanks her for her advice and phones Sally to meet up. Sally is very excited to hear from him.

Sally goes to GCAC to meet Nick but sees Adam there. They greet each other. He can’t forget what she said. She tells him that they have no future. Nick walks in, so Adam tries to convince her to choose him over Nick. They argue, and he leaves. Sally thanks him for meeting with her, but he tells her that they just need to have a professional conversation about her startup. She thinks this means he’s pulling the plug on her funding. They sit at the bar. He assures her that he’s not taking away the funding. He tells her that he was excited about their relationship, but he blames Adam, and her feelings for him, for their troubles. Sally is very confused, but he can’t keep arguing with her.

Adam goes to Victor’s office and looks around. He pours himself a drink and sits at his desk. He stares at his painting on the wall. Then he starts going through Victor’s desk drawers. He finds a notebook with a drawing of a snake and wonders what it means. He seems alarmed.

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