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Mamie: Nate, I’m so happy that you were able to meet with me. I know how busy you are.

Nate: I always have time for you. Look, I’ve been wanting to take you out since you came back to town, right? Your– your return is a cause for celebration.

Mamie: Oh, I’m not sure that everyone would agree.

Nate: Oh, then that’s on them.

Mamie: Oh, you’re as sweet as you ever were. So, I’m curious about something, and I’m wondering if you might not be able to enlighten me.

Nate: I’ll do my best.

Mamie: What’s going on over at newman? Really?

Nate: Now, why would you ask that?

Mamie: I heard there was a shake up. Leadership changes, unrest, and some shuffling amongst the family hierarchy.

Nate: It’s true, victor is back at the helm. As for the rest, who told you that?

Mamie: I do my research. I keep my ear to the ground. Now tell me, why on earth would you want to be a part of that chaos?

[ Nate sighing ]

Nate: I had hoped we could enjoy our drinks a bit more before you start in on me again.

Mamie: About what?

Nate: Luring me away from newman enterprises. Convincing me to return to chancellor-winters.

Mamie: Families should stick together. Just ask victor.

Nate: Aunt mamie, lily and devon don’t want me anywhere near that company, all right? And I am very happy where I am.

Mamie: I thought that relations had thawed between the three of you, slightly.

Nate: I made advances with my cousins, but I’ve given up hope that they will ever fully trust me again.

Mamie: Time can work wonders. You will do it. I’m sure of it.

Nate: It’s not just the trust factor. I don’t want to be anywhere where my ideas aren’t valued. Where my mere presence is suspect. Where I’d always be waiting for some new accusation to be leveled against me.

Mamie: Well, what can I do to change your mind?

Phyllis: No pithy remark? No snarky comment?

Tucker: What would you like me to say?

Phyllis: Oh, what would I like you to say? I’d like you to say, “phyllis, you’re a genius. Phyllis, you’ve got me. I surrender. You’re correct.”

[ Phyllis chuckling ]

Tucker: You are entertaining.

[ Phyllis laughing ]

Phyllis: I am. I just uncovered your connection to mamie johnson and all you are saying to me is I’m entertaining.

Tucker: Whatever connection I have to mamie johnson is personal and private.

Phyllis: So, there’s a connection.

Tucker: It’s none of your business, phyllis.

Phyllis: Mm, it kind of is, you know? I uncovered that you have some super-secret connection that you didn’t want anyone to know about. I mean, consider me the fly in your ointment.

[ Tucker chuckling ]

Tucker: God, your self-importance is just astounding. As is your ability to conjure something out of nothing.

Phyllis: You think it’s nothing? Oh, okay. I don’t know if jill and devon and lily will think it’s nothing. I’m sure they’ll wonder what your motives are for connecting up with mamie.

Tucker: What is it you think you’ve learned?

Phyllis: Well, something that you are concerned about, obviously.

[ Tucker sighing ]

Tucker: What do you want, phyllis?

Phyllis: I want to know what you’re doing. Did you connect up with mamie so you could take over your son’s company?

Jack: Kyle, everything okay? You seem a little off.

Kyle: Yeah, I’m fine. Um, not the best night, but it’ll pass.

Billy: Sorry to hear that.

Kyle: So, what’s going on here? What are you two talking about?

Jack: Billy and I were discussing the best response to tucker’s latest stunt, planting a listening device in his wedding gift for your mother and I.

Billy: That bonsai tree was supposedly meant to symbolize peace and harmony.

Kyle: I suggested destroying it, but you shot me down. Said you wanted to use it as a weapon against tucker.

Jack: That was my original thought, yes.

Billy: Now, we have another tool that we’re considering using.

Kyle: Oh, what’s that?

Jack: We came across some information on tucker’s recent past.

Billy: Damaging information.

Jack: Career-shattering information, possibly.

Kyle: Does tucker know you have this information?

Billy oh, he’s very aware we have it.

Jack: We tried to use it to have him back off, but his response was to double down and plant a listening device.

Kyle: Then, how damaging could it really be?

Jack: He’s calling our bluff, kyle.

Kyle: So, what’s the next step?

Jack: We drop the hammer on him and make that information public.

Billy: If we expose tucker, we take his power away.

Kyle: Or you could make him more vengeful. Ignite a war.

Nate: Why is it so important to you that I return to work with lily and devon?

Mamie: Well, now that I have a role to play at chancellor-winters, I wanna make sure that I do my part. I wanna smooth over any conflicts between you and your cousins and make sure that we bring the family back together.

Nate: Aunt mamie, you purchased a minor stake in the company. Not enough to wield significant power.

Mamie: Uh, don’t second guess what I can accomplish.

Nate: Hm, I’m sensing there is more to this.

Mamie: I promise, bringing you and lily and devon back together is my motivating factor. It’s tragic what’s happened between you. The way that you’ve drifted apart.

Nate: There’s a reason for that.

Mamie: You three were close at one point and promised to work together at chancellor-winters.

Nate: And that experience didn’t end well. A lot of the blame is on me, and I take full responsibility for the actions I made against them.

Mamie: So, you ended up at newman enterprises and in a very close relationship with victoria newman.

Nate: Victoria is one of the most impressive people I’ve ever met. Insightful, quick, always a step ahead. She and I share a synchronicity that I’ve never experienced at chancellor-winters. We’re aligned in our thinking and our priorities. Yes, uh, I’m sorry for the actions I made against my cousins. And there’s no doubt that I felt stifled trying to work with them. In the end, I had to make a move in order to… achieve my true potential.

Mamie: Is it possible that you just expected too much, too soon?

Jack: You’re right, kyle. It is a risk.

Kyle: Do you really consider tucker to be that much of a threat against us?

Billy: Yes, of course, tucker’s a threat. He’s ruthless. He’s hurt and he’s angry. He’s got time, money, and the inclination to cause real damage to our family and to our company.

Jack: Selling mccall unlimited to newman enterprises more than covers his debt. He’s got a serious war chest and he’s itching to use it.

Billy: And he loves to amuse himself. He finds himself entertaining. I mean, putting a listening device in a bonsai tree? Lame.

Jack: Besides, this is just another smoke screen. Just like hacking into jabot’s finances to set up billy. He thinks if we’re busy putting out fires, we will be distracted enough that we won’t see what he’s really up to.

Kyle: Yeah, I see the predicament.

Billy: I hate him. More and more every day.

Jack: Well, there’s one of him and there’s more of us. As long as we stick together as a family, we can get through this.

Billy: Absolutely.

Kyle: Well, I guess we have tucker to thank for one thing. You two seem to have moved past your conflicts. You’re working as a team again.

Billy: We found common ground. Protecting our family and our family’s legacy is number one.

Jack: And I’m very grateful to have you with me on this.

Billy: Of course, jack.

Kyle: This is good news. I’m glad you two worked things out.

Jack: It’s for the best. Now is the time for us to pull together as a family.

Tucker: Why would you think I would make a move against chancellor-winters? Why would I do that to my son?

Phyllis: Why indeed?

Tucker: Phyllis, what is it you think you know?

Phyllis: Listen, I should tell you I did a deep dive into your online activities recently.

Tucker: Yes, of course you did. To bring something to jack. You’re so desperate for his approval now, aren’t you? You toy with him for years and then he rejects you. Ouch. Hm? Am I right?

Phyllis: Okay, well, you recently transferred some money into a company called lbb. Lbb. They’re out of detroit.

Tucker: Did I?

Phyllis: Yes, you did. Funny thing about it is, it’s mamie johnson’s company. She named it after her sister, lily bell barber.

Tucker: Oh, that’s so cute.

Phyllis: Oh, it’s cute, isn’t it? It’s not the best part, however.

[ Phyllis sighing ] Mamie just announced that she made a sizable investment into chancellor-winters.

Tucker: Yeah, I heard she wants to be more involved with family.

Phyllis: With you as benefactor.

Tucker: Benefactor? Huh.

Phyllis: You’re going after your son’s company, aren’t you? You’re using mamie. Your money went right through mamie, right into chancellor-winters. The plot thickens.

Tucker: You nailed it, phyllis.

Phyllis: Prove me I’m wrong.

Tucker: Why? You’re having so much fun. And I’m sure you need something to brighten your day after the mess you’ve made of your life.

Phyllis: You haven’t denied anything I’ve said, any of these investments.

Tucker: Phyllis, I have been making investments into financial groups for years all over the world.

Phyllis: Yeah, I’m very aware of that. It’s just the timing, the people involved. Jill, lily, devon, I just– I think it’s interesting.

Tucker: I think maybe you should find a hobby.

Phyllis: I think maybe I should talk to devon. See what he says. I’m sure he’d find it odd that you want to play an underhanded role in his company.

Tucker: You still haven’t answered my question.

Phyllis: There are so many. Which one?

Tucker: Well, you don’t really give a damn about devon or lily or chancellor-winters. The only person you give a damn about is yourself. So, why tell me all this? What are you after? How does this benefit you?

Nate: It’s true. I’ve gone through a period of transition over the years, personally and professionally. But honestly, I feel as if I’m finally where I belong.

Mamie: I– I hear what you’re saying.

Nate: Aunt mamie, I feel very happy at newman. I’m valued and respected there.

Mamie: Yeah, but honey, you will never be family there. You will always be the outsider.

Nate: But my opinion matters there. Victor knows what I bring to the company.

Mamie: Now, we both know how victor’s mind works. Even if you were to marry victoria, you would only be the in-law. They would throw crumbs at you to keep you fed, but you will never have true power.

Nate: And you’re saying I would at chancellor-winters? Look, lily and devon might, might forgive me someday, but you’re forgetting something. Someone else is involved. I know you dislike jill, but you keep talking as if she isn’t a part of the dynamic. She is the dynamic.

[ Mamie laughing ]

Mamie: Things change, honey.

Billy: We shouldn’t sit on this. We need to move quickly. I think we release the information we have on tucker asap.

Kyle: How fast?

Billy: First thing in the morning.

Jack: Uh, before we drop any bombs, I want to know we are prepared for the consequences.

Billy: We got this, jack.

Jack: I’m just talking about thinking it through overnight. I’m gonna see you first thing in the morning. This will be the first thing for us to discuss.

Billy: Sounds good. I’ll see you tomorrow.

Jack: Thank you, billy. Appreciate the help.

Billy: Of course.

Jack: So, can i count on your support and your discretion?

Kyle: Whatever you need.

Jack: Look, I am hoping that after we have tucker off our back, you and I can sit down and talk about the perfect spot for you at jabot.

Kyle: No. Dad, there is only one place that interests me and it’s very clear to me now, that’s not an option.

Jack: I know you want to be co-ceo. I’m just suggesting the two of us can work together to find something–

Kyle: Okay, no, dad, dad, dad, dad. It’s not going to happen. Let’s stop pretending that it can.

[ Diane and traci laughing ]

Traci: Good evening.

Diane: Oh, it’s my two favorite fellas.

Jack: Hi.

Diane: Hi. Kyle.

Kyle: Mom, aunt traci. Excuse me.

Traci: Well, that was frosty.

Diane: What happened?

Jack: Kyle still thinks I’m slighting him.

Phyllis: What do I want from you? Leave me alone.

Tucker: You came to me with this.

Phyllis: You harassed me in front of my children.

Tucker: And what did you expect? You’ve been trying to balance jack and me, playing both sides of the game. You kick a hornet’s nest, you’re gonna get stung.

Phyllis: I’m the hornet now. You got that? You pissed me off. Prepare to get stung.

[ Tucker laughing ]

[ Knocking on door ]

Tucker: Uh, do you mind?

Kyle: Why on earth would I consider joining forces with tucker mccall?

Audra: Because one way or another, he will get his hands on jabot. It’s what he does and– and there’s no one else in the world who’s better at it than him.

Kyle: What did tucker offer you?

Audra: The top job.

Kyle: Figures.

Audra: And you running it with me. Okay? Tucker prefers to stay on the sidelines. Hey, he wouldn’t be involved in the day-to-day. Hey, we could run jabot the way it should be run.

Kyle: And all I would have to do is betray my mother and father.

Diane: Kyle, look, don’t be mad at me for following you. We need to talk.

[ Diane sighing ] Your father’s worried about you.

Kyle: He’ll get over it.

Diane: Well, I’m sure you’re confused and frustrated about your place at jabot.

Kyle: Nope. I know what I want and I know I’m not going to get it. Dad’s not gonna replace me with billy.

Diane: Well, give it some time.

Kyle: Hm. Trust me. I saw dad and billy tonight, they are on a team. They’re on the same page. They both need this connection and they’re not about to let it go.

Diane: I’m sorry.

Kyle: Don’t be. I’m not upset. I just see things clearly now.

Diane: Kyle, your father loves you and he cares about you. He values your opinion. You have to know that.

Kyle: I do. And I understand dad wanting to back billy. It’s important for him to see his brother succeed. I get that. They’ve had a rocky past, and they deserve to work together in a better way.

Diane: If that’s possible.

Kyle: They clearly want it to work. And I think they can. It would be selfish of me to take it away from them.

Diane: It’s really– it’s really generous of you. So, what does this mean for your future?

Kyle: I, um, recently got an interesting offer, but I’m not sure if it’s the right move to make.

Diane: And this would be better for you than some other executive position at jabot?

Kyle: Yeah.

[ Diane sighing ]

Diane: I– I just– I hate to see you choose something like that over working with your family.

Kyle: Aren’t you gonna try to talk me out of it?

Diane: No, because you don’t want to hear that. And I know that you have to follow the path that you think is best for yourself.

Kyle: Thank you.

Diane: Yeah. As long as that path doesn’t lead you back to audra.

Phyllis: What are you doing here?

Audra: Interrupting, clearly. My apologies.

Phyllis: What kind of business would you have here so late at night?

Audra: Explain to me how that’s any of your business.

Phyllis: Let me tell you something. I know you. I’ve seen versions of you come and go in this town for years, okay?

Audra: And what am I?

Phyllis: A predator. You chew people up and you spit them out. You use people. It’s no shock that the two of you are close.

Audra: Hm, I’m sensing some hostility, are you?

Phyllis: Yep, I’m hostile considering you are the woman who ruined my daughter’s marriage.

Audra: Listen, phyllis, uh, when kyle came chasing after me, he was already very much done with summer. You know, after she lied to him repeatedly to protect you.

Phyllis: Watch who you piss off in this town. People have really long memories.

Tucker: Well, ladies, uh, I hate to interrupt, this is all very entertaining, but it’s getting late. Phyllis, thank you for stopping by, setting the record straight.

Phyllis: We have an understanding, right?

Tucker: For the time being. Yes.

Phyllis: Good.

Audra: She’s a treat. What kind of an understanding?

Tucker: Hello to you too.

Audra: You know, she was fired up before I even got here. What did you do to make her so feisty?

Tucker: Why is everyone up in my business tonight?

Audra: Well, I’m not thrilled to learn that you still have an ongoing connection to phyllis.

Tucker: Oh, you wouldn’t be trying to tell me who I can and cannot associate with, are you?

Audra: Phyllis loves to cause trouble and if she’s doing it to you, she’s doing it to me by association. You know, she could be a threat to our future plans.

Tucker: I’m sorry, did you say “our?” Have you changed your mind? Are you back on board? Are we a team again?

Nate: I don’t believe I was too ambitious at chancellor-winters, but that’s how devon saw it.

Mamie: Hm, that’s how the friction happened between you.

Nate: Partly. I had big ideas. I wanted to take the company as far as possible, but it didn’t align with devon’s plan.

Mamie: You felt you were overstepping.

Nate: He was conservative with his vision. Wanted to play it safe and lily was caught between us. As well as for the fact that the company also belonged to jill.

Mamie: Isn’t it odd that despite that pesky fact, it’s jill who’s the outlier?

Nate: What do you mean?

Mamie: Jill co-owns an entity that is run successfully by the winters. But she really can’t take any credit for anything at this point. It is all lily and devon.

Nate: Yeah, but I think lily and devon work closely with jill. She is very much a deciding vote.

Mamie: Imagine if I could succeed in getting lily and devon to hit reset and bring you back up into the mix. Oh, boy, you three could be a new power generation.

[ Nate laughing ]

Nate: I don’t see that happening.

Mamie: Don’t underestimate my ability to persuade people.

Nate: Oh, I would never.

Mamie: When I do succeed in making this happen, are you in? Still having bladder leaks? Find a bladder specialist : Are you okay?

Jack: You’re looking at me with those sympathetic eyes. This can’t bode well.

Traci: [ Laughs ] Well, between you and kyle, things were a little tense when diane and I walked in earlier. Were you arguing about something?

Jack: Kyle’s still upset with me for how things went down when he and summer separated. I told him he should step down at marchetti.

Traci: Oh, that must have been really difficult for kyle to hear. I mean, he was going through a painful breakup and I’m sure all he wanted was your support.

Jack: He has my support.

Traci: You’re frustrated with kyle too.

Jack: I feel like he’s losing his footing. He’s making bad decisions, ill-informed choices.

Traci: Okay, well, maybe, he’s just lashing out, you know. At you, at the world, at himself. We’ve all been there.

Jack: I don’t know, traci, I– I want what is best for my son. In this case, I don’t think I can give him what he wants.

Traci: Do you know what that is?

Jack: He wants his old job as co-ceo at jabot.

Traci: Oh, wow, what– kyle wants you to force billy out? Oh, my gosh, you’re right. That does put you in a really bad situation.

Jack: I cannot undercut billy when he’s finally making strides at jabot, I can’T. I– I don’t want to do that.

Traci: Of course not. But kyle, he’ll understand, right?

Jack: Yeah, I don’t know. I’m sure it’s hard to accept a lesser role in a family company where you were once in a position of power. Managing people, taking control–

Traci: Okay, I– I think maybe, for kyle, it’s not so much the role. I think it’s more how he feels he is viewed by his father. Both personally and in business. Think about it, jack. And what do you think kyle really deserves?

Kyle: Can you stop harping on me about my relationship with audra?

Diane: I’m sorry, I just don’t think she’s a good influence on you.

Kyle: First of all, things are over between us. Second, I’m an adult, it’s my life and you need to find a way to trust me.

Diane: I do trust you. And I know that you’re going to do what you want, I just– I just don’t understand why you’d want to be associated with someone like that.

Kyle: Like that? Mom, I can hang out with whoever I want to and I liked hanging out with audra.

Diane: Right, because she distracted you from the pain and anger you were feeling towards summer and everyone else around you.

Kyle: Or maybe, she let me process my stuff, my own way, and didn’t tell me how to feel.

Diane: I’m not trying to tell you how to feel.

Kyle: You know, audra is a smart, fun, who knows what she wants and how to get it. What is wrong with any of those traits?

Diane: Nothing, on the surface, but that isn’t the whole story with her.

Kyle: And you know that how?E, she let me process my stuff, my own way, and didn’t tell me how to feel.

Diane: I’m not trying to tell you how to feel.

Kyle: You know, audra is a smart, fun, who knows what she wants and how to get it. What is wrong with any of those traits?

Diane: Nothing, on the surface, but that isn’t the whole story with her.

Kyle: And you know that how? I mean, what else is there? She used to team up with tucker. So did you. She isn’t afraid to go after what she wants. Why should she be? I think I could learn a thing or two from audra.

Diane: What is that supposed to mean?

Kyle: Don’t worry about it, mom.

Diane: Kyle. Wait.

Audra: I’m very interested in pursuing jabot. I’d like to do whatever I can to help.

Tucker: Fantastic. What changed your mind?

Audra: Well, you were right. Working at newman media isn’t a solid, long-term bet. You know, there’s so much drama with no upside for me, now that I’m no longer in charge.

Tucker: ‘Cause victor promoted the misses, see? Do I know how to call it or what?

Audra: Yes, reporting to nikki is a drawback. You know, she still doesn’t trust me. I don’t think she ever will.

Tucker: It’s because she’s sharp.

Audra: And there’s more. You know, she hired this new assistant and the chick is straight out of all about eve. It’s infuriating. You know, she’s perfect, smart, charming, confident, but appears to know her place. It’s almost creepy.

Tucker: She sounds delightful.

Audra: She’s a climber.

Tucker: So are you.

Audra: At least, I’m transparent.

Tucker: Yeah, unless it doesn’t serve you. I think maybe, you’re jealous that there’s someone else vying for nikki’s respect.

Audra: Look, I have no energy or interest in a power struggle for nikki’s favor.

Tucker: Yeah, because you would lose.

Audra: Could you be any more supportive?

Tucker: Hey, you tell me we’re a team again. I’ll love you forever.

Audra: Yes, I’m over it. I’d rather be where I know I can have control.

Tucker: Okay. But you know, you’re gonna have to pull your weight if this is gonna work.

Audra: Don’t I always?

Tucker: So, kyle abbott, now that you’ve lured him back into your web, were you able to extract any information?

Audra: I have something better. You know, I think I’m this close to pulling him away from his family.

Tucker: What do you mean? Like a betrayal?

Audra: Yes.

Tucker: Don’t get ahead of yourself. You’re good, but that’s a big step for little kyle.

Audra: No, I– I made a strong case and an offer.

Tucker: What kind of an offer?

Audra: A top spot at jabot, alongside me.

Nate: Aunt mamie. Is this a move against jill? A coup to get her out?

Mamie: Nate, please.

Nate: What am i supposed to think? You said yourself that jill’s presence is unnecessary at chancellor-winters. Yet, the idea of getting rid of her is crazy?

Mamie: Oh, now, you’re just exaggerating. All I am saying is that jill will just lose interest, especially if chancellor-winters is soaring.

Nate: The company is valuable to her. She will fight to hang on to it, to keep her place.

Mamie: I know jill better than almost anybody. She likes to spend her money. She enjoys traveling.

Nate: And she can do that while running the company. In fact, she has been, successfully.

Mamie: Well, she hasn’t been married for a while. Maybe, all she needs to do is find a new man.

Nate: You’re not speaking in hypotheticals. You’re looking at options.

Mamie: She has had more than her time in the sun and she knows it.

Nate: There’s more at play here, I can feel it. What aren’t you telling me, aunt mamie?

Tucker: I think you may have overplayed your hand.

Audra: How so?

Tucker: Well, it’s one thing to reconnect with kyle for information.

Audra: Which I’ve successfully done.

Tucker: But it’s another to expect him to outright betray his family.

Audra: Don’t be so sure. Kyle is upset with how his father has been treating him.

Tucker: Hm, daddy doesn’t respect him enough, huh?

Audra: It goes deeper than that. You know, kyle feels pushed aside, slighted.

Tucker: Still, a little angst is not necessarily going to change his entire character, especially for someone as straight and narrow as him.

Audra: You’re forgetting something. You know, he’s ambitious, very much so. It’s the same ambition you and I have.

Tucker: Except we’re smarter.

Audra: Look, believe me, kyle is prime for a reset. It’s only a matter of time.

Mamie: Why, nate? Are you accusing me of something?

Nate: In a word? Yes.

Mamie: I thought you knew me better than that.

Nate: [ Laughs ] I’m sorry. Something isn’t adding up.

Mamie: Well, I don’t know why you think that. And you don’t either. You’re just stalling. You’re trying to avoid my question.

Nate: I’m doing that too.

[ Nate laughing ]

Mamie: Just tell me if you’ll at least consider my offer to come back to your own family’s company.

[ Nate sighing ]

Nate: I’m happy where I am.

Mamie: Now, that’s not a, “no way, aunt mamie. I’m not interested.” At least, tell me you’ll think about it.

Nate: Fine. I will think about it.

Mamie: Oh, thank you.

Nate: I’m still not at all convinced that you can change devon and lily’s mind about this. Sure, we’ve made progress, but I think we’ve gotten as close as we’ll ever be again.

Mamie: Then, I’ll just have to prove you wrong.

Jack: If I’m being honest, I’ve given kyle more than he deserves in business anyway. He shot to the top too quickly.

Traci: And you think this has had sort of a lasting impact?

Jack: Yeah, he didn’t spend the necessary time climbing, building his business skills.

Traci: Okay, so and that’s something that now you feel like he needs to do?

Jack: You know, lately, he and I have separated a bit and it’s made me reflect on his behavior, his– his past performance.

Traci: Distance certainly gives you fresh perspective.

Jack: I really hate to say this, there’s an arrogance there. There’s a sense of entitlement.

Traci: Oh, jack, is it really that extreme?

Jack: I don’t know. I just see a similarity, a cycle of events, a series of bad choices he makes, all of which I disapprove of. Teaming with victor is a perfect example.

Traci: Has he shown any remorse or regret?

Jack: You know, even that has been half-hearted. Perfunctory. It’s not like he’s earnestly searching for what went wrong.

Traci: Then, I think we have to go back to my original question. If you bear all of this in mind, what does kyle really deserve? I mean, where is his place at jabot?

Jack: I think the necessary step is for him to step back. To start from the ground up.

Traci: Even if he’s not happy about it?

Jack: Even if he’s not happy about it, I’m not gonna change my mind about this. It’s time for a reset. It is time for kyle to work his way up at jabot. To pay his dues.

[ Phone chiming ]

Audra: Give it here. You know, you’re right. I’ll never get through to kyle. Except clearly, I have.

Tucker: Ah, that can mean anything.

Audra: [ Laughs ] You can’t give me a win, can you?

Tucker: Proceed with caution.

Audra: Kyle wouldn’t set me up, if that’s what you’re thinking.

Tucker: And yet, it feels like a trap.

Audra: That’s how your mind works, not kyle’S. I’m in total control.

Tucker: Mm-hmm. I’d like to believe that. But I’m afraid you’re going into this with a blind spot.

Audra: Blind how?

Tucker: Have you fallen for this guy?

Audra: What?

Tucker: You’ve fallen before. This would be very stupid. Be a bad idea.

Audra: You don’t have to worry about me.

Tucker: ‘Cause the last thing I want is for our plans to be derailed because of feelings.

Audra: Are you sure it’s me we’re talking about here?

Tucker: Ashley does not factor into this.

Audra: I– I think she does. More than you’re willing to admit.

Tucker: Then, you’re wrong.

Audra: You know, she could still come back. Throw a wrench into everything. Put you off your game.

Tucker: Never gonna happen.

Mamie: Thank you for having a drink with me, nate.

Nate: It was my pleasure. You’re a force, that is for sure. And once again, you’ve given me a lot to think about.

Mamie: That’s a start.

Nate: Good night, aunt mamie.

Mamie: Good night.

[ Nate chuckling ]

Tucker: Miss johnson.

Mamie: Mr. Mccall.

Tucker: How are things in your world?

Mamie: Can’t complain.

Tucker: That’s good to hear. Well, you have a good night.

Mamie: You too.

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