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Rafe and Jada are in Rafe’s office where Rafe is reading Shawn’s letter of resignation. They talk about being surprised as Jada asks what Shawn is going to do now. Rafe states that Shawn is leaving town to be closer to his parents and there’s a great rehab facility out there. Jada says at least Shawn will get the help he needs. Rafe asks what she’s thinking. Jada knows Shawn promised it was just a one night stand with her sister and that it would never happen again, but she still can’t help but feel relieved that they will be very far apart from each other.

Talia finds Belle outside the Brady Pub and assures her that she’ll never have to worry about her dropping in on Shawn ever again. Belle responds that she knows, because Shawn just left town.

Chad sits in the park as he looks at he and Abigail’s wedding photo on his phone and wishes her a happy birthday, calling her still the most beautiful woman he’s ever laid his eyes on. Chad knows it’s been awhile since she’s been gone but he still misses her every day. Chad states that she’s still with him in his heart. Chad says they have a good birthday planned for her as Julie is going to meet him at the cemetery with the kids and he brought her flowers while the kids made a few things. Chad says they will remember the good times and how happy she made them all and how grateful they were for the time they had with her. Chad argues that they should’ve had so much more time and he’s tried to get rid of this anger because he knows that’s what she wants, but he can’t, because every time he thinks about finding her that night, he thinks about how she was taken from them. Chad states that when he thinks about Clyde Weston and what he did to them, he questions how that son of a bitch can live with himself.

Ava then gets a call from an unknown number. She answers and it’s Clyde, who informs her that a little birdie told him that Tripp had an accident at work today but he thinks she should know that it was no accident. Ava questions who this is. Clyde responds that she’ll find out soon enough because they have a lot to talk about. Ava questions why he attacked her son. Clyde says she misunderstood as he wasn’t able to do the deed himself since he’s locked up. Clyde repeats that they need to talk in person so he invites Ava to the prison and tells her to ask to see Clyde Weston. Ava questions why he would attack her son. Clyde responds that he will await her arrival, when all will be revealed and then hangs up. Tripp comes back out and questions where Ava is going. Ava responds that she has to take care of something and she’ll be back.

Talia asks Belle about Shawn leaving town and says she had no idea. Belle clarifies that they are still together and that Shawn just went to spend time with his parents and get the help he needs. Talia questions her not going with him. Belle says it’s none of her business but confirms that she’s staying in Salem. Belle then asks Talia to just stay away from her.

Rafe tells Jada that he knows how upsetting Talia and Shawn sleeping together was for Jada. Jada says Belle is the one really going through it. Rafe blames the alcohol for clouding their judgment but says Shawn realizes he has a problem and is going to get the help he needs. Rafe adds that in the mean time, he’s going to have to find Jada a new partner and since they are understaffed, he’s going to have to hire someone new. Harris then arrives and asks if Rafe has a moment.

Kate and Marlena sit together at the Pub. Kate asks if Belle is okay since she saw her earlier and she seemed off. Kate knows she and Shawn were having problems but she thought Marlena said he was doing okay and that Belle was encouraged. Marlena confirms that she was but then things went from bad to worse and it makes her sad, because Belle has supported and stood by Shawn during his drinking and his depression over his father and grandfather. Marlena then reveals that Shawn cheated on Belle with Talia Hunter.

Belle tells Talia that she doesn’t blame her entirely for what happened as she knows it’s on Shawn, but she knows she can understand why she doesn’t want to be around her. Belle acknowledges that it will be hard to avoid each other, so she suggests they just agree to steer clear of each other forever.

Ava goes to the prison and meets Clyde, asking what the hell is going on. Clyde says it’s a pleasure to meet her. Ava asks why he had her son attacked. Clyde responds that it’s because Ava screwed up his plans. Clyde explains that he’s trying to build a business empire from in prison and they were all but ready to launch when Ava nearly destroyed the entire operation. Ava asks how she did that. Clyde states that he couldn’t run a business from in prison so he needed a partner on the outside and the partner was a less than willing participant, but he found the means to force him to do his bidding until Ava stole his leverage. Ava questions what he’s talking about. Clyde responds that the partner he’s talking about is EJ DiMera.

EJ sits at home reading the article on Susan’s return until Chad arrives. EJ asks what brings him by. Chad explains that Thomas and Charlotte wanted to see Rachel and he thought it would be good for them to have a play date as they just came from Abigail’s grave. EJ acknowledges it as Abigail’s birthday. Chad is surprised he remembered. EJ responds that she was his sister in law and he misses her too.

Rafe asks what he can do for Harris. Harris responds that he was hoping to have a word with him and his assistant said now might be a good time, but he doesn’t mean to interrupt. Jada says she was just about to go grab lunch and exits. Rafe asks Harris what’s up. Harris admits he’s a bit reluctant given the circumstances and recent history. Harris then decides he thinks this is a mistake but Rafe stops him and asks what’s on his mind. Harris tells him he’s here because he needs a job.

Chad tells EJ that he still can’t believe the news about Susan and says EJ must be so happy and relieved. EJ confirms that he is and just wishes Susan could’ve stayed, but she went back to Memphis. Chad envies him since Susan may have gone home, but she’s just a flight away. EJ wishes that was the case with Abigail as he knows today is especially difficult on her birthday. Chad suggests they focus on the good news that EJ got his mom back and hugs him. EJ doesn’t think he’ll ever forget the moment that Harris Michaels brought Susan through those doors.

Rafe questions Harris needing a job and asks if he means here which Harris confirms. Harris knows he may not have experience with law enforcement, but Kate mentioned that the training skills he does have might could be of value to Rafe. Rafe asks if he means training in the Navy. Harris explains that he went to the police academy before the military. Rafe is sure he has quite the skillset and brings up how Harris worked for Megan Hathaway and kidnapped John and Steve. Harris says that’s not what he meant by being qualified. Harris thanks Rafe for his time and goes to leave but Rafe questions why he’s rushing off so fast when he didn’t say no.

Belle asks Talia if they understand that they are going to do everything they can to stay as far away from each other as possible. Belle then walks away. Talia starts crying as Jada approaches and asks if she’s okay. Talia states that Belle has every right to hate her. Jada argues that she has no right to be cruel to her. Jada offers to go talk to Belle but Talia asks her not to because she doesn’t want to cause more trouble and asks her to just leave it. Jada tells Talia that Shawn was complicit in what he did and Belle is going to have to realize that Talia didn’t mean to hurt her. Jada insists that this will get better and easier in time. Talia responds that she knows it will, because she won’t be here.

Wendy comes home to Tripp and says she didn’t expect him to be there. Tripp asks how it went at the unemployment office. Wendy says she filed her claim and then got out of there, calling it the worst afternoon which is why he’s a sight for sore eyes. Tripp says the same after the day he had as they kiss. Wendy questions him being home instead of work. Tripp says he got out of there. Wendy asks about Ava coming back. Tripp hopes it won’t be soon but Wendy is not reassured. Tripp admits he doesn’t know where Ava is but she left in a hurry. Wendy asks if everything is okay. Tripp says that Ava did seem rattled as she said she had to take care of something.

Ava questions what Clyde is talking about in regards to leverage. Clyde reveals that he had Susan on ice in London, so Ava realizes it was Clyde that handed Susan over to Edmund Crumb. Ava questions how he did it from in prison. Clyde explains that an associate of his just happened upon an injured Susan right after the crash and it wasn’t difficult to find Edmund, so he just had her shipped on over. Ava questions him just sitting on her for a year. Clyde admits that finding investors for his business was more difficult than expected but Edmund had no problem keeping Susan under wraps until he had everything lined up, then he was going to use Susan to force EJ to run his business. Ava asks why EJ. Clyde tells her that he and EJ did business together before and last time he was out, he pitched working together again but EJ shot him down, so he found the incentive to force his hand until Ava stole his leverage. Ava says she rescued Susan and questions him trying to kill her son because she accidentally messed up his plan. Clyde clarifies that he didn’t try to kill Tripp and that it was just a warning. Clyde declares that he needs someone to replace EJ and that’s going to be Ava.

Jada and Talia go in to the Brady Pub. Jada asks Talia to tell her everything and asks what she meant by saying she’s not going to be here. Talia responds that she was thinking it’s probably best to go back to California. Jada argues that she’s settled here with a great job at the hospital. Talia says she’s grateful to Kayla for setting that up for her but she still has connections from Stamford and graduated top of her class. Jada encourages Talia not to let Belle run her out of town, arguing that she deserves to be here just as much. Talia is not so sure about that.

Rafe tells Harris that he was just giving him a hard time and says he’s going to have to be able to take that around here. Rafe admits Harris would be an invaluable asset to Salem PD, especially since they are severely understaffed. Harris asks if that means he’s hired. Rafe admits he has to run it by the mayor first, especially since it would be an unorthodox hire, and it might put him back in the headlines. Rafe says as long as the mayor doesn’t have a problem with it, he welcomes Harris to Salem PD as they shake hands.

Chad guesses they are lucky that Harris Michaels blew in to town. EJ supposes that’s true, but says none of this would’ve happened if Ava hadn’t remembered seeing Susan escape the car before it exploded. EJ hates to admit it, but he also has Ava to thank for bringing his mother home to him. Chad jokes about EJ having to eat crow and asks if EJ is actually turning over a new leaf and if he and Ava are square. EJ assures he won’t do anything drastic but he wouldn’t say they are square. EJ states that Ava may have brought Susan back to him, but she’s also responsible for her disappearing in the first place. EJ declares that he lost a year with Susan and he won’t forgive Ava for that.

Ava questions Clyde wanting her to run his new drug empire. Clyde points out that she used to run the Philly mob. Ava calls that a long time ago and says she’s starting over by getting a legitimate job. Clyde says he can get her one as he has connections at the Bistro in the town square. Clyde notes that it will be a front but she’ll look the part and none of her loved ones will know. Ava refuses to do it. Clyde expected her to put up a fight which is why he sent his friend to visit Tripp as a warning. Clyde warns Ava that if she doesn’t do what he asks, then her son’s a dead man.

Tripp tells Wendy that it might be about Harris Michaels since he was there when he came home and they were a little more than friendly. Wendy asks if he thinks something is going on between them. Tripp notes that Ava tried to deny it but says they are planning to have dinner. Wendy talks about the best relationships starting out as friendships like them. They kiss until Wendy notices Tripp’s bandage and questions what happened. Tripp admits he was attacked at work by a patient. Wendy questions not hearing a word about this. Tripp calls it not a big deal. Wendy argues that he got stabbed while Tripp calls it a minor cut. Wendy asks if the guy is facing charges after being arrested but Tripp reveals that he got away. Wendy worries that he’s still somewhere out there and could come back. Tripp assures that he won’t and that it was just some junkie that went nuts and it’s not like he was out to kill him…

Ava questions if she doesn’t agree to help Clyde. Clyde says from his perspective, it looks like she’s trapped. Ava calls that interesting coming from a guy in prison. Clyde thinks he’s proved that he can get to anyone on the outside and his friends would be too happy to visit Tripp on his behalf again. Ava guesses she doesn’t have a choice if she wants to keep her son safe, then she has to run Clyde’s business. Clyde believes she finally gets it. Clyde warns Ava to keep her mouth shut about their arrangement which he doesn’t think should be a problem as she strikes him as someone really good at keeping secrets. Clyde believes this is the beginning of a very profitable friendship.

Harris tells Rafe that he really appreciates this and maybe there’s still a chance he can get a confession from EJ now that he’s working for the Salem PD in an official capacity. Rafe admits that thought crossed his mind but reveals he has something else in mind for Harris.

Jada insists that Talia belongs to be here but she disagrees. Talia asks how she’s supposed to have a life here when she works at the hospital with Belle’s mother. Talia says not to even get her started with Chanel as she thought that would be something but now seeing her with Johnny hurts way too much. Talia calls Salem a failed experiment for her. Jada knows she had a lot of disappointment but she’s still here and she loves her. Talia says she loves her too, but this isn’t just spur of the moment as she’s been thinking about it for awhile now. Talia asks Jada not to try to talk her out of leaving because it’s something she really needs to do. Talia then heads to their room to go pack her bags while Jada holds back tears. Rafe arrives and joins Jada. Rafe knows it’s been hard for her but Talia’s grown up a lot in the last few months, so if she says it’s time to go, then he believes her. Rafe adds that it’s not necessarily forever and maybe she’ll come back. Talia comes back with her bag packed and confirms she booked the last seat on the last flight to California tonight. Rafe hugs her and says they will miss her but he can’t blame her leaving before the Midwestern winter. Rafe offers a ride to the airport but Talia says she has a car coming. Jada asks if she has everything. Talia thinks so but knows if she forgets anything, Jada will mail it to her. Jada jokes that their mom would buy her new things anyway. Jada cries that she’s going to miss her so much and they hug. Jada tells Talia to be safe and she loves her as Talia then exits the Pub. Rafe hugs Jada as she cries.

Wendy looks on her laptop that her unemployment was approved but in order for her benefits to continue, she will need to show meaningful proof that she’s actively searching for a new job. Tripp suggests it could be a bonding opportunity with Ava since she’s looking for a job too.

Harris finds Ava in the town square and asks if she’s okay. Ava says she’s fine. Harris then informs her that he just got a job at the Salem PD. Ava is surprised Rafe hired him but calls that great. Harris admits he couldn’t believe it and reveals that Rafe has already assigned him his first case, as he wants him to find the person who delivered Susan to Edmund Crumb.

Chad tells EJ that he’s going to round up the kids for ice cream for Abigail’s birthday. EJ says his heart breaks for Chad and he may not want to hear this, but EJ wishes he killed Clyde when he had the chance, especially when he’s around Chad’s children after their mother was cruelly taken away from them. Chad responds that he doesn’t mind hearing that because he’s often consumed with anger. EJ calls it a shame that Belle and Shawn showed up last year before they had a chance to take Clyde out as it would’ve been quite fun watching him bleed out in the cemetery.

Clyde looks over the article on Susan’s return and declares that it looks like this is going to work out after all as he laughs.

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