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Daniel: Lucy would like to know if you could stop and pick up some of those brownies from crimson lights and bring them back on the plane to lisbon.

Heather: Would she? Uh, it’s going to be morning when I land there?

Daniel: Well, then I guess it’s brownies for breakfast. I’ll tell her you said yes.

Heather: Okay. So, I guess I’ll be doing a brownie run before I head to the airport. But when I get back to portugal, it shouldn’t take us too long to pack what we need.

Daniel: Well, it might not take you that long. Our daughter on the other hand.

Heather: Yes. Uh, it will be very difficult to convince lucy she doesn’t need to bring every single book, stuffed animal, every single t-shirt. But I can just ship anything she wants later. You know, once we’re settled here.

Daniel: What are you gonna do with your place? Do you have to rent it out?

Heather: Well, my dad really likes it there. So, I’m thinking he’ll want to move into my apartment for now. And he’s been in a hotel the whole time. I feel like he’ll really appreciate an actual home for a change.

Daniel: That’s good. It’s smart. You’ll have somebody to keep an eye on the place while you figure out what to do with it.

Heather: Although, I haven’t asked him lately how it’s going with christine.

Daniel: Are they getting along?

Heather: I don’t know. I’ve stayed out of it.

Daniel: Probably smart.

Heather: Mm-hmm. Anyway…

Daniel: You know, when you come back to genoa city, I might have a place of my own.

Heather: You’re looking for an apartment.

Daniel: I am. I have been keeping an eye on the listings, seeing if there’s anything I might want to rent or possibly buy.

Heather: So, you’re really settling back here.

Daniel: Yeah. I love the athletic club.

Heather: Mint on the pillow every night.

Daniel: Also, can’t beat the room service. But I don’t know, I just I– I feel like I need something more permanent, especially with lucy. You know, when she’s here, I’d like for her to have a space of her own. A room where she can put some of those books, put some of those stuffed animals.

Heather: Yeah, that sounds great. I hate to ask because you’ve already offered to organize lucy’s school, but, uh, when you’re out there looking at real estate…

Daniel: You want me to keep an eye out for you too?

Heather: Yeah. If you wouldn’t mind.

Daniel: It’s not a problem at all.

Heather: Okay. So, just a rental for now. Something that works for lucy and me.

Lily: Hi. Sorry. Did I hear? Are you moving back to genoa city?

Nikki: All right, claire. I think that should do it. Once you finish up those last few things, you can go home. First day for you.

Claire: It’s been wonderful. Thank you, nikki.

Victoria: I’m sorry to interrupt.

Nikki: Oh, no, it’s fine. I want you to meet my new assistant, claire grace.

Victoria: Oh, nice to meet you, claire.

Claire: It’s an honor to meet you, miss newman. I’ve followed your career. Everything you’ve accomplished, it’s so impressive. Brash and sassy, your brainchild is… sorry. Fangirling in the office is probably frowned upon.

Victoria: Uh, but doing your research is always a good thing.

Claire: I’m just– I’m so impressed by everything you’ve done here at your family company. I met your father earlier. He must be so proud.

Victor: All right. Your turn.

[ Nick grunting ]

[ Nick grunting louder ] Boy, oh boy, oh boy, oh boy. Are you pissed off with someone or what?

Nick: I was just blowing off some steam.

Victor: Uh-huh. Now, usually, you go to– to the athletic club. What are you doing here?

Nick: It’s just, uh, old habits, dad. Yeah, I saw adam earlier. He said you confused the two of us. You called him nicholas.

Victor: Nonsense.

Nick: Well, why would he lie? I mean, it’s adam, but still.

Victor: I don’t know. He misheard me.

Nick: All right, cool. It’s just a slip-up. No big deal.

Victor: Yeah, it just– just he misheard me. As simple as it is, okay?

Nick: All right. You’re up.

Victor: And… why would he say nonsense like that?

Nick: I don’t know. Let’s go.

Adam: Sally, it’s me.

[ Sally sighing ]

Sally: Go away, adam.

Adam: Sally, please. Five minutes, that’s all I ask.

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[ Sally sighing ]

Sally: What is it?

Adam: I– I– I wanted to make sure sure that you were all right.

Sally: No, you didn’T.

Adam: What does that mean?

Sally: You were just looking for an excuse to follow me. But look, I’m– I’m okay, all right? So– so, you can leave.

Adam: You were pretty upset earlier at the coffee house. This is about our kiss, isn’t it? About nick’s reaction? Is that why he wanted to deck me in the face when I saw him earlier?

Sally: Okay. You’re not hearing me, adam? Just goodbye–

Adam: Listen to me. I heard you tell chloe that you might not have a business anymore. Do you really think nick is gonna pull funding over a kiss?

Sally: He could, yeah.

Adam: He would never do that to you. Over a kiss? That is so unfair.

Sally: Well, it’s his money. It’s his call.

Adam: Did you tell him that it was my fault? That I kissed you?

Sally: It doesn’t matter anymore, adam? All right. It’s done.

Adam: You know that? He said that he was gonna pull the plug on your business?

Sally: Oh, my god, just stop.

Adam: Listen, do you really think he’s gonna end your business over something that’s my fault?

Sally: Well, he’s gonna end our relationship over it. So, yeah, he could.

Adam: Oh, wow. I– I could talk to him.

Sally: Please don’T. Honestly, just stay away.

Adam: Look, it’s gonna work out, okay? Nick’s gonna– he’s gonna get over it. You sure you’re gonna be okay?

Sally: Yes, of course, I’m gonna be okay, adam. I’m always okay. All right? Everyone just needs to stop treating me like I’m some fragile flower. Like I don’t know, some breeze is just gonna blow me over and uproot me and I’m never gonna recover. Like I don’t know my own mind and I can’t control my own actions because that is not who I am. And you, of all people, should know that. You know the challenges I faced. I told you how I grew up.

Adam: Yes, I do know that.

Sally: I’m not looking for a hero, adam. And I’m done with people thinking that they know what’s best for me.

Nikki: All right, claire, I’ll see you in the morning.

Claire: Absolutely. Thank you. It has been a pleasure to meet you, miss newman.

Victoria: Um, nice to meet you too, claire. So, how is claire working out? You seem to be pretty sure that you found the perfect assistant.

Nikki: Well, today was just her first day, but I think she’s gonna be just fine.

Victoria: That’s great, mom.

Nikki: It is. But I don’t want to talk about my assistant. I want to talk about you. What’s going on?

Victoria: What do you mean? There’s nothing going on.

Nikki: Victoria.

Victoria: Mom, I’m fine.

Nikki: I don’t believe you. You seem rattled. Something has happened. And you know, I’m just gonna keep pushing you until you tell me, so what is wrong?

Claire: Oh, my god.

Nate: No damage.

Claire: I’m so sorry.

Nate: No damage to your tablet.

Claire: Oh, god. Totally my fault. I need to learn that walking while reading is not considered multitasking.

Nate: That is good advice.

Victor: Well, do you remember our first boxing lesson?

Nick: Yeah. It’s when I got back from boarding school in switzerland.

Victor: That’s right. My god almighty. Whoa.

Nick: You told me fighting is not always the best way to solve a conflict.

Victor: Did you find that to be true or what?

Nick: Sometimes, I like fighting.

Victor: Like father, like son.

Nick: Hey, how’s it going being back at the office?

Victor: I love it. Stress and all. I love it. Yep.

Nick: Can you promise me something? That you will not overdo it?

Victor: I promised your mother the same thing, okay? The only thing I regret is that you’re not at the company with me.

Nick: Yeah, I get it. Um, I’m enjoying working with sharon. I think it’s the best place for me right now.

Victor: Yeah, but I honestly think you should be with your family. You should be with the company.

Nick: But I don’t know if it’s best for me.

Victor: Well, but look at– look at how happy your sister is at newman media.

Nick: Um, mom’s the one who’s at newman media.

Victor: Oh.

Nick: Yeah. You made mom ceo of newman media. Vic’s still at the parent company, working as your second-in-command.

Victor: Oh, yeah. Right. Huh. (Man) mm, hey, honey.

Heather: Uh, daniel didn’t tell you? We– we– we talked about it a couple of days ago.

Daniel: We did. However, you didn’t sound all that sure of yourself.

Heather: I– I wasn’t, I– I really– I just made this decision yesterday.

Daniel: I didn’t really feel like it was my place to say anything until heather made up her mind.

Lily: Yeah, no, it makes sense. Um, what made you wanna move back here?

Heather: Lucy hates to be away from her dad, so that was probably the– the biggest determining factor. And then also, after I picked up phyllis’s case and I spent time back here, I realized how much I missed living in the states and genoa city.

Lily: Yeah. But what about your job in portugal?

Heather: Oh, I don’t have a long-term contract there. I made that a stipulation when I started the job and we were moving to a new country. I didn’t– I didn’t want to get trapped.

Lily: Yeah, smart.

Daniel: Yeah. You know, I did mention to heather that you might be looking for someone in your legal department at chancellor-winters. Um, I mean, didn’t you mention that somebody left so they could go run the east coast division?

Lily: It’s not finalized. Um, are you sure you wanna do in-house counsel? Because I thought you liked litigations. ‘Cause I mean, you could go to like a local firm or the D.A.’S office.

Heather: The courtroom isn’t exciting me as much as it used to. And I think I would really enjoy the detailed work of contracts and the excitement of negotiations.

Lily: Right. Yeah, I mean, we are actually down a couple of attorneys.

Heather: I can send you my resume and my recs.

Lily: Well, hold off because I mean, we might have some applications in and I don’t wanna waste your time.

Heather: Yeah. Yeah. Understood. I would enjoy an in-house position. I think it would exercise some new muscles for me.

Daniel: Probably mean more time with lucy.

Heather: Definitely a positive.

Lily: Yeah. Well, I’ll– I’ll look into it for sure.

Heather: That is truly fantastic, lily. Thank you.

Claire: Claire grace. I work for nikki newman. I was at the abbott party, but you probably don’t remember. It was a really quick introduction.

Nate: Yes, I remember now. My apologies. I had a lot of family stuff going on that day, so everything is kind of a blur. Nate hastings. Nice to formally meet you.

Claire: Likewise.

Nate: And I’m glad I didn’t break your tablet.

Claire: That would have been totally on me. But I’m glad it’s still in one piece as well.

Nate: If you’re like me, you’ve got most of your life on that thing.

Claire: Including everything I have to handle for mrs. Newman this week. It would have been pretty bad to lose that on my first day.

Nate: Indeed. So, how are you settling in at newman media?

Claire: It’s amazing. I’m so excited to be here. You know how people talk about finding their dream job?

Nate: And you usually don’t believe them.

Claire: But believe me, I’ve found it. I mean, people have been so nice, so welcoming. The company’s big, but there’s this great sense of togetherness. It’s so down to earth. I heard there’s even an assistant softball league.

Nate: That there is. Do you play?

Claire: No, but I’ll learn. Are you kidding?

Nate: Okay. Well, I am glad to hear you’re settling in at newman media. And it’s very nice meeting you.

Claire: Same.

Nate: I’ll see you around.

Claire: Yeah. Take care.

Victoria: I’m not rattled exactly. I’m– I’m just not having the best day. I had a couple of rough conversations with nicholas.

Nikki: Let me guess. You tried to convince him to come back to newman.

Victoria: We discussed it.

Nikki: And he turned you down.

Victoria: Yes.

Nikki: Well, it’s disappointing, but not surprising.

Victoria: There’s something going on with him. Something with adam.

Nikki: Isn’t there always?

Victoria: Well, I couldn’t get him to talk to me about it.

Nikki: I’ll bet you sally has something to do with it.

Victoria: Oh, yeah, I thought the same thing too. But I’m also worried about dad and the stress of him being back here, now more than ever.

Nikki: Why is that?

Victoria: I ran into adam earlier and he told me something disturbing. He told me that dad called him nicholas by mistake and when adam tried to point it out, dad got angry.

Nikki: Yeah, I know. I heard. Your father dismissed it with me as well. But you know, I mean, we’ve all done that kind of thing. I want to know why adam felt the need to tell you about it.

Victoria: I’m not sure.

Nikki: He’s trying to unnerve you.

Victoria: Mom, you know what? You’re right. Calling someone the wrong name once, it’s– it’s not a big deal, but it’s just very unlike dad. And I’m worried that the stress is really starting to get to him like we feared. And, I mean, I know you’re worried as well. I can see it in your eyes.

Nate: Nikki. Victoria. Sorry to interrupt. Uh, we have that conference call in ten minutes.

Victoria: Oh, that’s right. I was just telling mom what you saw earlier between dad and adam.

Nate: No, victor was just a little confused. That’s all. I don’t think we need to worry about it.

Nikki: Neither do I. I think adam was just grasping at straws for his own reasons. Whatever the hell those could be. I mean, you know how he is.

Nate: Adam’s not above trying to use something like this.

Nikki: Well, I don’t think there’s a reason for any of us to overreact.

Victoria: Maybe. Or maybe we’re not reacting enough. Hi. I use febreze fade defy plug.

Victor: Son, I know who holds what position in my company. I mean, your sister is my right hand and your mother runs newman media.

Nick: Yeah, but you said…

Victor: I said what?

Nick: Uh, nothing.

Victor: Okay. But your sister seems to have a hard time. She needs to accept the fact that she’s no longer in charge.

Nick: You think she’s finally come around?

Victor: Yeah, I think so. Yeah, I think she’s happy with it. With her job and that goes for adam as well. He is, I think, very happy being nate’s assistant.

Nick: Well then, you got what you wanted. I’m glad it’s working out.

Victor: And then there’s you. Let me ask you something. When you were pounding the heavy bag before, you seemed to do it with an enormous ferocity. I mean, what– was that meant for someone? Did you envision someone’s face on that heavy bag?

Adam: Look, I– I would never call you fragile. I mean, you are one of the strongest, bravest, most independent people that– that I’ve ever known, okay? You’re right up there with my mother.

Sally: Okay, please don’t do that, okay? Don’t bring your mother into this, all right? Because it’s just a way to distract me.

Adam: Sally. That’s not what I’m trying to do.

Sally: Really? Okay. Because every single time I think about hope, I think about all the wonderful things that you’ve told me about her and– and how you grew up and what you went through as a kid and how it’s made you into the person you are today and somehow, it lets you off the hook.

Adam: Okay. It- it– it wasn’t that deep, sally, or that conniving. I just was… never mind, okay? I’ll– I’ll keep my– uh, my mother out of this. All that I was trying to say is that I wish that I had half the resilience that you have. But even the strongest people in the world, they need to vent every once in a while, okay? It’s not healthy to keep everything inside.

Sally: Yeah. Except for I’m not, okay? The anger is boiling right at the surface along with frustration and annoyance.

Adam: Good. Sure. Yes. Sure. Come on.

Sally: You really want me to let it all out?

Adam: Yes.

Sally: Really? Are you ready for that? Because you do know that you’re the one I’m mad at, right?

Adam: Come on. Let me have it. But promise me that you’re not gonna hold back.

Heather: Well, I have to get back to packing and head to the airport.

Daniel: Don’t forget.

Heather: The brownies. Yes, thank you. Lucy, she would never forgive me.

Daniel: You’re welcome.

Heather: And a sincere thank you for supporting my decision.

Daniel: I’m all for anything that’s gonna get me more time with my daughter.

Heather: We can all be a family again.

Daniel: We always will be.

Heather: You’re right. It doesn’t matter where we all live, but it is definitely a bonus to be in the same town.

Daniel: Yeah. Look, I’ll work on school and trying to find an apartment for you. And I’ll let you know what I hear.

Heather: I appreciate it. And lily, uh, thank you so much for looking into your legal department to see if there might be room for me.

Lily: Yeah, of course. I will get on it tomorrow.

Heather: Okay.

Daniel: Have a safe flight.

Heather: Thanks. Okay, bye, guys.

Lily: Bye. It seems like her mind is made up.

Daniel: It sure does. You know, I spoke with her about it before. She seemed like she was on the fence.

Lily: So you’re, uh, really okay with this?

Daniel: With heather and lucy moving back to genoa city permanently?

Lily: Yeah.

Daniel: Yeah. Why wouldn’t I be? – It’s payback time.

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Lily: So, is that why you seemed off this morning?

Daniel: Yeah, I didn’t want to get my hopes up about lucy coming back.

Lily: Well, I mean you still could have told me. Did you think I was gonna have a problem with it?

Daniel: No.

Lily: ‘Cause you know, I want you to be close to lucy, right?

Daniel: I know. I didn’t want to ruin a romantic evening by talking about my ex.

Lily: Well, that’s a smart move. But still…

Daniel: So, you are worried?

Lily: No, no, no, not like that. I don’t think that you’re gonna, you know, get back together with heather.

Daniel: Because that’s not an issue. You know that, right?

Lily: No, I know. I’m just worried that you guys being in the same town and co-parenting so closely might bring up old stuff for you.

Daniel: Stuff like what?

Lily: I don’t know. I mean, you know, it could bring up old patterns or– or, you know, you could remember how bad things were and then you feel guilt and regret.

Daniel: Okay, okay. Look, I am not gonna spiral again, that is for sure. And I hate that you feel like you have to worry about me, but I do appreciate you expressing your concerns. I’m just– I’m in a much better headspace than I was when I left savannah and a lot of that is because of you.

Lily: Oh, really?

Daniel: Yes, really. We have a solid relationship. You support me. I support you. Right?

Lily: Yes.

Daniel: My career is great right now. I– I like the path I’m going on. It– it feels like it’s right. My demons, they have been exorcised.

Nick: Why do you think I was picturing someone’s face on the heavy bag? You know what? I know you’re not gonna let this go, so, um, earlier today, I made the decision to not put adam through a wall. But I needed to do something. So, my reward was the heavy bag.

Victor: What has he done to get you so worked up?

Nick: What? Like lately? Our whole history isn’t enough?

Victor: Hm. In other words, you don’t believe him when he says he’s gonna change his ways.

Nick: Not even a little bit. Unlike you, I can’t keep giving him chances. I’m done with it. I think he destroys everything he touches. I mean, he absolutely ruined my relationship with sally.

Victor: Hm. Sorry to hear that.

Nick: Are you? Because I feel like you’ve been waiting to hear that.

Victor: My son, let me be very honest with you. I think you’re too good for her.

Nick: Please don’t do that. All right? She’s a much better person than you ever give her credit for. And this isn’t even about her. This is about adam. Adam doesn’t deserve sally. Never has. Not after the way he broke her heart, but he did it to sharon. He’s gonna do it to sally.

Victor: What’s he doing to her?

Nick: Just this love bombing, obsessive thing. Telling them over and over again that they’re the only thing standing between him and his dark side. It’s ridiculous.

Victor: But maybe he’s right.

Nick: No, he’s not right. Otherwise, he would have made some changes, but he doesn’T. It doesn’t matter. He’s laser-focused on sally right now. Doing everything he can to pull her back in. I will never forgive him for that.

Sally: I don’t need your permission to feel, or do, or think anything, adam, okay? I don’t need your approval or your support or your endless subtle or not-so-subtle declarations of love. Why can’t you just leave me alone? Every single time I am happy and things are going well, there you are to take away my happiness. To make me question myself and to make me doubt my own feelings. We have been doing this dance for a long time now and I am exhausted. I don’t wanna do it anymore. Look, okay. When we first met, we knew that we were kindred spirits, okay? We were outsiders. We were disruptors. We are bold and we are passionate. I saw it in you and you saw it in me. But when I pursued you, you put me off. You told me all the reasons why it couldn’t work. Because I’m toxic and I’m no good for anyone. God. Oh, my god. Where would I be if I had just listened? But I didn’t listen. And then, when you finally, finally let me in, it was amazing. Until it wasn’t and you pushed me away again. Only to immediately try and get me back because you couldn’t stand the fact that I could survive without you.

Adam: Okay.

Sally: And god, thank god. Lucky me, I found nick, who is a good man. He’s– he’s a man who loves me. A man who stood by me when I was having another man’s child, his brother’s child. A man who talks about having his own children with me. I am so, so sick of you getting in my head, okay? You say that you’re my friend, but a friend wouldn’t work so hard to keep me off balance. A friend wouldn’t show me what an entire future could look like and then just rip it away. I was in a really good place. I was working through my grief over ava. And I was happy. Or almost happy anyway. Why did you have to kiss me? Why did you have to say those things? Why can’t you just let me go, adam?

Adam: I apologized. Okay? And I meant it. I mean, why– why– why does this still resonate so deeply for you? Why can’t we get past it?

Sally: Because I can’t let go of you either. My a1c was up here; now, it’s down with rybelsus.

Sally: Oh, damn it. Damn you. God.

Adam: Is that true?

Sally: Yes. Yes, it’s true. Okay? But it doesn’t matter.

Adam: Sally.

Sally: No.

Adam: Yes, it does matter.

Sally: No, it doesn’T.

Adam: You just said that.

Sally: I shouldn’t have said anything, okay? ‘Cause I– I don’t even know why it’s true. It is not good. It is not healthy. It is not logical, okay? And there is absolutely no way I would act on something so wrong.

Adam: Sally, you just said that’s the truth.

Sally: You know what? You should go, go, adam, please. You got what you wanted, okay?

Adam: What are you talking about? I told you that I want you too, okay? So if you love me at all, care about me at all, leave me alone.

Lily: So, speaking of demons… oh, I was gonna make a joke about your mom. How’s she doing at omegasphere?

Daniel: It’s very funny, very funny. Um, I don’t know. I think she behaved. She’s not reporting directly to me. She’s part of this it team and has her own boss, so I didn’t see her all day long, but I– I did not hear any screaming, so…

Lily: Oh, that’s a good sign.

Daniel: Yeah, it is the first day, but still. You know, summer and I were actually gonna have dinner with her later to celebrate the new job. You should come.

Lily: Oh, no, no, no. Nope. Nope. Nope. You can have your mother all to yourself. Does she know about heather moving back to town?

Daniel: I don’t know how she could. I didn’t say anything.

Lily: Lucy?

Daniel: Maybe.

Lily: Well– well, she’s gonna be thrilled.

Daniel: I guess.

Lily: Yeah, of course. Are you kidding? She loves her granddaughter. We all know how she feels about you and heather getting back together. I mean she went to lisbon to try to work her magic.

Daniel: Which she never should have done in the first place and I never asked her to do. And it doesn’t really matter how my mom feels about me and heather ’cause that’s never gonna happen again. You know that, right?

Lily: Yes, of course.

Daniel: Listen to me. Come here. Heather is my past. You are my future.

Lily: Well, I’m your past too.

Daniel: Hm. That’s a good point.

Victoria: You don’t agree with my mother, do you? That I’m overreacting about my father’s behavior?

Nate: I understand that you’re concerned, but people do change their minds and make mistakes, confuse words or sometimes, you know, forget things when they’re under duress.

Victoria: Normal people, maybe, but not victor newman.

Nate: I know you’re not saying your dad’s not human.

Victoria: No, of course not. I’m just saying that I think something’s wrong. I’ve seen it. Adam’s even seen it. You’ve seen it, but you’re writing it off as an accident or fatigue or stress or whatever.

Nate: If your mother’s not worried about it and she spends–

Victoria: No, she is worried about it. I saw it on her face, but you walked in to tell me about the conference call before I could pin her down and get her to admit it.

Nate: Then, you should definitely talk more about it with her. Until then, I think we should go to dinner, relax, talk about nonwork, non-victor-related topics for a while. Deal?

Victoria: All right, deal.

Victor: To be frank with you, my son, I have watched the connection between adam and sally.

Nick: Thank you very much for pointing that out.

Victor: Well, I– I– I don’t mean to, you know, rub salt in the wound, but don’t you think it’s better if you and sally go your separate ways before you become more involved?

Nick: More involved how, dad? I– I love her. I’m in love with her, but adam refuses to respect that.

Victor: But adam and sally are expecting a baby. How can you possibly compete with that?

Nick: Um… dad, adam and– and sally they lost their baby months ago. You know that?

Victor: Oh. Oh, anyway, I gotta get to the office, okay?

Nick: Dad, um, you, okay?

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Daniel: Oh, my god. That thing is huge. Who’s it from?

Lily: It is… “thank you for accepting me as part of the family company. I see great things in our future. Love, aunt mamie.”

Daniel: Hm. Nice. Any dark chocolate in there?

Lily: Hey, hey, hey.

Daniel: Okay. Not nice. I guess I don’t like dark chocolate. Are you still worried about her motives?

Lily: I don’t know. I just find the way that she’s going about this very odd. It’s like why the cloak and dagger?

Daniel: But she’s your aunt? She can’t possibly mean you any harm, can she?

Lily: I don’t know. I don’t know her that well. I mean, nate spent more time with her. She had left genoa city by the time I was born. And then when my mom and I came back from paris, she was busy with the abbotts. So, I don’t know. My mom adored her. She’s very close with aunt liv. So, maybe I have to leave the worrying to jill. I have enough of my own stuff to worry about.

Daniel: Like what?

Lily: Like you and your ex moving back to town?

Daniel: Oh, that’s not fair. Billy lives here. We see him all the time.

Lily: Billy? That’s so different.

Daniel: No.

Lily: Yes, it is.

Daniel: Oh, really? Maybe, I’m just going to have to show you that you have nothing to worry about.

Victoria: You know, everybody sees dad as this god. That he’s immortal or he’s infallible, but he’s not, he’s a human being who’s aging. He’s had multiple medical issues in the past. I know. I know we don’t want to think about the future. We certainly don’t want to say the words out loud, but dad is in a crisis. Even if you refuse to see it.

Nick: There’s nothing to see.

Victoria: Okay. Well, what if you’re wrong and– and we do nothing about it and then it gets worse. Are you gonna be able to live with that?

Nick: Hey, vic.

Victoria: Hi.

Nick: You might be right about dad.

Sally: Didn’t you hear me, adam? You need to leave.

[ Adam sighing ]

[ Sally sobbing ] God.

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