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Eric and Sloan are at home as Sloan finishes a call with Melinda. Sloan tells Eric what Melinda told her about their plans for private adoption and that Melinda can speed up the process once they get their marriage license, which is in the works. Eric jokes that before they know it, they’re going to be an old married couple with a kid as they kiss. Eric says he’s going to run down to the Pub for coffee but Xander shows up at their door. Eric questions what the hell he’s doing there.

Kate goes to the Kiriakis Mansion and greets Rex, who questions what the hell she was thinking by going behind his back to tell Sarah that she needs to set him free. Rex then informs Kate that Sarah took her advice and asked him for a divorce. Kate calls that the best news she’s had in ages.

Sarah sits in the town square, on the phone with Maggie. Sarah thanks Maggie for getting her daughter to sleep after she was up half the night with her. Sarah hangs up and then is shocked to see Susan Banks is alive.

Ava sits at home at Tripp’s apartment when she receives a call from Harris, who asks how her first night out of Bayview was. Ava says she had clean sheets, a knife that actually cuts, and time with her son so it’s Heaven. Ava mentions being glad to hear that Harris found a place above the Pub. Harris says now he just has to find a way to pay rent since there’s not a lot of help wanted from a washed up Navy SEAL, who’s most recent job was as a mercenary/hitman. Ava tells him not to say that about himself, pointing out that he saved her and Tripp’s lives and helped bring Susan home, so she would call him a hero. Tripp comes out from his room and hears Ava on the phone.

EJ joins Susan in the town square. Sarah tells him that this is incredible and asks if it’s really her. Sarah apologizes as she thought she was hallucinating but Susan really is alive. Sarah asks what happened and when she got back. Susan says it’s been all over the news and asks where she has been. Sarah responds that she has a newborn and has been so sleep deprived. Susan calls it wonderful that she has a baby. Sarah repeats that Susan is alive. Susan thanks God and a few very caring humans. Sarah decides she needs to sit down. EJ asks if she’s alright. Sarah sits down and realizes that she’s been so angry at Xander, blaming him for Susan’s death. Susan says now she doesn’t have to be angry anymore.

Eric asks Xander again what the hell he’s doing here. Xander informs him that he has a meeting with his lawyer. Eric argues that Sloan isn’t his lawyer because she would’ve told him, but Sloan reveals that she actually is. Eric questions what Xander did this time. Xander says he happens to be the injured party. Sloan reminds Eric that he was going to get coffee. Eric argues that Sloan should’ve told him which she admits. Eric agrees to leave them to their meeting. Sloan says she’ll see him soon as Eric then exits. Xander comments on Eric being ticked off. Sloan tells him to stop talking about Eric and to tell her why he thinks she can help him win full custody of his daughter.

Rex tells Kate that it’s not the bad news because he doesn’t want to divorce Sarah or turn his back on Victoria, who he calls his daughter. Rex doesn’t appreciate Kate going behind his back to tell Sarah that she’s leading him on and ruining his life. Rex adds that it was his idea to step up and be a father to Victoria. Kate argues that was to keep Xander from finding out the truth, but now he knows. Rex argues that it doesn’t make a difference but Kate says it does. Kate asks if he just thinks Xander is going to step aside and let Rex be the father to his baby. Rex insists that it’s not Xander’s call. Kate argues that Sarah has it hot for Xander and she thinks Rex deserves better. Rex says that’s enough. Kate tells him that she doesn’t like saying these things but the longer the charade goes on, the worse and more painful it will be in the end for him. Kate says she cares about Rex and tells him to take the out that Sarah is giving him by agreeing to the divorce and letting her go.

Harris tells Ava that’s nice of her to say, but he doesn’t think most people would agree. Ava states that he’s a hero to her. Ava then tells him that Tripp is there so she has to go. Harris says he’ll see her around as they hang up. Ava hugs Tripp and wants to make him breakfast to thank him for everything he did for her. Tripp says she’s his mom and she doesn’t have to thank him. Ava points out that if it wasn’t for Tripp and Wendy helping her and Harris get out of the country, she’d be dead now. Ava adds that she’d like to make breakfast for Wendy too but Tripp notes that Wendy already left for a job interview. Tripp praises Wendy, so Ava asks how serious things are between them. Tripp confirms they are very serious and that he’s in love with her. Ava says she’s so happy for him. Tripp then asks how serious it is between Ava and Harris.

Eric goes to the Pub to get his coffee and Harris greets him at the counter. Harris is sure that Eric is heard nothing good about him. Eric asks how Harris knows who he is. Harris explains that Roman just rented him his old room upstairs and gives Eric some pictures he found left in a desk drawer.

EJ tells Susan that it’s great that she’s alive, but that doesn’t change the fact that Xander kidnapped her and she lost a year of her life as a result. Sarah declares that Xander is not a murderer. EJ says not this time. Susan tells EJ to soften his judgment. Sarah says she’s so thrilled that Susan is alive and that she needs to get back to her baby. Sarah adds that she will tell Maggie the good news and walks away. Susan comments that Sarah certainly seemed hit hard by finding out that Xander didn’t kill her.

Sloan brings up that Xander said he wanted parental rights, but now full custody. Sloan reminds Xander that she knows what he has done and Sarah is a doctor. Xander argues that his big sin was killing Susan Banks but she’s alive and well so Sarah can’t call him a murderer. Sloan says that might help with parental rights, but he still kidnapped Susan. Sloan talks about how extreme it would be to take the baby from Sarah now. Xander calls Sarah an unfit mother for lying to him about not being Victoria’s father and putting another man’s name on the birth certificate. Xander adds that Sarah did the exact same thing to Eric and remarks that only a monster would keep a man from their own baby.

Ava tells Tripp that there is nothing between her and Harris but friendship. Tripp mentions hearing her call him her hero. Ava repeats that he is a hero for saving their lives. Ava adds that she knows Tripp doesn’t like Harris. Tripp says they’ve come a long way and acknowledges that he is grateful for everything Harris did. Tripp talks about Ava and Harris meeting in Bayview and everything they went through together. Ava states that they bonded. Tripp asks if she’s sure it wasn’t more than that.

Harris tells Eric that parts of his life have been a blur, but he’s been in treatment with Marlena, who swears that he’s no longer a threat or menace to society. Eric notes that Marlena is usually right about things. Harris tells him that he actually grew up in Salem and he knows people might find it strange that he’s sticking around after everything that went down, but it’s the only place he ever called home. Harris declares that now he’s looking to find out who he is and who he wants to be.

Sloan tells Xander that Eric mentioned something about that but it was vague, so she asks how exactly Sarah kept Eric from her baby. Xander explains that she did the exact same thing and told him another guy was the father. Xander adds that knowing how much Eric wants to be a father, she can imagine what that did to him. Xander says his point is, Sarah has a history of lying to keep men away from their own children. Sloan questions thinking that makes her an unfit mother, but admits it gives them a good play in court especially if they have a male judge. Xander doesn’t want to leave anything to chance and wants Sloan to go for the jugular, declaring that he hates Sarah’s guts.

Rex tells Kate that it’s not a question of him letting Sarah go. Kate points out that Sarah married Rex to fool Xander while Rex married Sarah out of love, so she no longer has any use for him. Kate worries that Rex will spend the rest of his life pining after Sarah. Rex stops her and says she’s not helping. Sarah stands in the doorway as Kate tells Rex to accept the fact that Sarah is never going to feel for him what he feels for her. Kate then turns around and sees Sarah, noting that they were just talking about her. Kate mentions that Sarah told her that she wants a divorce. Kate calls that sad because she knows exactly how hard she tried to save the marriage. Sarah agrees that it is sad. Kate calls it an inconvenient marriage. Rex asks Kate to leave so they can talk. Kate tells Sarah to leave Rex the hell alone as she then exits. Rex tells Sarah that he’s sorry about that but Sarah admits that Kate has a point that she asked so much from him and gave nothing back. Rex argues that they’ve been over this so many times. Sarah then informs Rex that she saw Susan Banks in the town square and it seems like she’s the last person in Salem to know that Susan is back and not dead. Rex mentions seeing the news and he was going to tell her. Rex asks what her reaction was. Sarah brings up that it gives Xander more of a leg to stand on in court. Rex asks if that changes Sarah’s mind about the divorce. Sarah says no and that she thinks Kate is right that it’s time for all of them to move on.

EJ and Susan sit together in the town square. Susan talks about seeing Sarah’s eyes light up when she realized that Xander was innocent. EJ argues that Xander is not innocent and that Susan was one of his victims. Susan urges EJ to lighten up and reminds him that they agreed that he would leave Ava and Xander alone. EJ argues that Ava and Xander are dangerous people who have done terrible things. Susan points out that EJ has too and brings up that Xander felt bad about kidnapping her which EJ mocks. Susan gets suspicious about what EJ is thinking and tells him to swear on her life that he will never harm a hair on their heads. EJ responds that he wouldn’t dream of it.

Eric tells Harris that he’s not the only one trying to figure things out. Harris says it was nice of Roman to give him the room but he does need a job. Eric mentions hearing Roman was looking for help at the Pub. Harris points out that Roman already hired Tate. Kate arrives and greets them. Kate brings up Vivian being arrested and shooting Dimitri. Kate then suggests Harris should go apply for a job at the police station. Harris questions doing that when he was just in a mental institution. Kate points out that they are looking for serious help and offers to give him a serious recommendation. Harris adds that he also just left the country on forged documents while Kate brings up that Harris saved Susan Banks, so he actually gets things done. Harris acknowledges that he and Ava did have some help from Susan.

Susan tells EJ that he better be telling her the truth, because she won’t be there to keep an eye on him which EJ questions. Susan then informs EJ that she’s going home to Memphis.

Rex tells Sarah that if she’s sure about the divorce, he’ll just go back to Chicago and she can send the divorce papers there. Sarah tells him that she’s really sorry. Rex says she has nothing to be sorry about as it was all his idea and he doesn’t want to drag it out. Rex hopes that Sarah won’t get taken in by Xander again.

Xander asks Sloan if she thinks he could win full custody. Sloan admits it will be an uphill battle since Sarah is the child’s mother and doesn’t have a criminal record. Sloan asks if Xander can’t see co-parenting. Xander says not after what Sarah did and if she stays married to Rex. Xander questions what kind of woman can lie to a man she says she cares about and remarks that as far as he’s concerned, a woman like that doesn’t deserve a second chance. Xander then walks out of the apartment.

Tripp asks Ava if she has any big plans for the day while he’s at work. Ava talks about it being the first time she’s had a day to herself in so long. Ava tells him to stop worrying about Harris and how he’s determined to leave his past behind and be a different person. Tripp points out that Ava did become pretty dependent on Harris in Bayview. Ava responds that after the last few months, she’d like to believe she’s finally a different person too.

Eric tells Harris that if there’s anything he can do for him, he can let him know. Harris thanks him and says it was nice to meet him as Eric then exits. Kate insists that Harris should go to the police station and offers to put a good word in for him with Jada, who Kate calls the only competent detective on the force. Harris agrees to think about it and thanks Kate as he then exits the Pub.

Rex asks Sarah if this is goodbye. Sarah says it’s not forever. Sarah hugs Rex as she cries. Rex says he will go pack and say goodbye to Victoria. Sarah thanks Rex for being the best friend in the world. Rex tells Sarah to be happy as he then exits.

EJ complains that Susan can’t leave when he just got her back. Susan reminds him that she has a husband waiting for her in Memphis. Susan jokes that EJ is just as jealous as Edmund was. EJ argues that he’s not about to kidnap her and chain her to the wall. Susan points out that Edmund didn’t do the kidnapping himself. EJ questions who handed her to Edmund.

Xander goes to the Kiriakis Mansion and tells Sarah that he wants to see his daughter. Sarah informs him that Rex is upstairs with her now and asks Xander to have the decency to let him say goodbye which Xander questions. Sarah explains that she asked Rex for a divorce and he agreed, so he’s going back to Chicago. Xander asks why. Sarah responds that it’s because of Xander.

Tripp tells Ava that he’s off to work and to let him know if she needs anything. Ava asks what he wants for dinner. Tripp says to surprise him. Harris then shows up at the door. Ava says they were just talking about him. Tripp tells Harris how grateful he is to him for saving their lives. Tripp then tells Harris that Ava has been through Hell more than once, so she doesn’t need to be dealing with anyone else’s baggage. Ava reminds Tripp that he has to get to work, so he exits. Ava tells Harris that she’s sorry about that. Harris gets that her son is being protective. Ava acknowledges that Tripp knows she’s been known to get obsessive about a guy and then get real stupid. Harris jokes that they might have that in common since he got obsessed with Hope and didn’t tell her that her husband was alive, then by the time he had a change of heart, it was too late. Ava guesses they both know what it’s like to want something so much that they’ll do anything to hold onto it. Harris takes Ava’s hand and they kiss.

Marlena meets Kate at the Pub and tells her that Harris texted her to let her know that he’s happy at the Pub and that everyone has been welcoming and kind. Kate is glad that Harris is feeling comfortable and mentions that Marlena just missed him as he just left. Marlena says she wasn’t looking for Harris and wanted to talk to Kate, to see how she’s doing with Philip leaving town for New York. Kate admits to feeling dread because he’s leaving with Chloe, but she is accepting that it’s his decision and there is nothing she can do about it. Rex arrives with his bag packed. Kate questions if he’s leaving town. Rex confirms he’s going back to Chicago. Kate asks why and argues that just because he’s leaving Sarah doesn’t mean he has to leave Salem. Kate complains that this is hard on her because Philip is leaving for New York with Chloe. Kate says now Rex is coming here to break her heart. Rex tells Kate that he loves her and he knows leaving is making her upset, but she can smile because he and Sarah are getting a divorce like she wanted.

Eric returns home to Sloan and says he knows that he needs to respect her professional judgment, but Xander pushes all his buttons. Sloan says she gets that but notes that Xander told her something that she didn’t know; that Sarah kept Eric from his child. Eric admits that’s not a part of his life that he likes to revisit. Sloan points out that Eric and Sarah get along now and are friends. Eric understands why Sarah did what she did, but the pain of what happened was all because of the result of a lie. Eric admits it’s not easy to forget the pain she caused him and everyone. Sloan looks worried as Eric hugs her.

Xander questions Sarah asking Rex for a divorce because of him. Sarah explains that she realized Xander was going to make her life a living hell as long as Rex was with her. Xander admits he wasn’t expecting this. Sarah tells him that she wasn’t expecting to come face to face with Susan Banks, alive. Sarah says it must be such a huge weight off Xander’s shoulders to know he’s not a killer after all. Xander admits he’s so glad she made it as he spent so many sleepless nights racked with guilt over what happened to her. Xander acknowledges that Sarah thinks he’s a horrible person but Sarah says she never thought that. Sarah says it was just everything that she thought happened that made her scared to let him back in to her life, but now here he is.

EJ tells Susan that he sat at that cliffside all night long after the crash and he doesn’t remember seeing anything or anyone. Susan calls that a shame since it doesn’t help solve the mystery of who dragged her to the home of Edmund Crumb. Susan talks about EJ thinking she was gone all those months and she doesn’t want him to drive himself crazy anymore. EJ complains that someone forced her in to captivity and he wants to know who it was and why they would put her through that.

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