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[ Dramatic music ]

Brooke: Hope, what on earth are you talking about?

Hope: No, it’s true, mom. I– I saw it with my own eyes. The two of them, together. Dad and… her.

Brooke: Deacon and sheila. They’re involved?

[ Deacon sighing ]

Sheila: Come on, don’t say the sparks have gone out for us already. I just– I thought a little romance would help take your mind off of your concerns with hope.

Deacon: Yeah, me too. I’m sorry, babe. I just, uh… I just can’t help but wonder if– if I’ve lost my daughter for telling her about us.

Luna: I’m so happy there’s no more secrets between us.

Rj: Yeah. You know about my granddad, I know about li being your aunt. I just– I hate that you’ve been dealing with all this stress. I mean, it’s– it’s not worth it.

Luna: Mm, then you must not know my aunt very well.

Rj: All right, well, I’m just saying that you don’t have to go through this alone anymore, okay? I’m here for you. I’m not gonna let li drive you out of forrester creations. Hey. I don’t wanna lose you.

Deacon: It’s only a matter of time before brooke finds out about the two of us.

Sheila: If– if brooke thinks that she can judge us– unless you’re concerned because you still have feelings for her?

Deacon: No. That ship’s sailed. Besides, she has her forrester back now, not that that would change a thing. I just– I don’t get why she does this to herself.

Sheila: Right. Well, you know, it is brooke. Always the martyr. Although, it should be more like a masochist.

[ Phone beeping ]

Rj: Hello? Yeah. Okay, great. Thank you. Don’t be mad.

Luna: Why would I–

Rj: I, uh, texted someone that I think we really should talk to.

Luna: Who?

Rj: Your cousin.

[ Knocking on door ]

Finn: Hey, rj. I’m on my way to the hospital. What’s– what’s so important?

Rj: Ah, well…

Luna: Hi.

Finn: Oh, sorry. I, um– I didn’t mean to interrupt.

Rj: No–

Luna: No, finn, it’s me, luna. Luna nozawa, your cousin?

Finn: Lu– luna? Oh, my– how–

[ Luna laughing ] Hey! Well, it– how long has it– I mean, it’s been years!

Luna: Yeah. I know, and I’m sorry about that. I mean, I would have liked to have seen you.

Finn: Yeah, I mean, when was the last time? I mean, you would have– god, you would’ve been, like, in grade school!

Luna: Yeah.

Finn: What’s going– I mean, what– what are you doing here?

Rj: Uh, luna is our newest intern.

Finn: You’re– you’re working here? That’s– that’s– wow, that’s fantastic!

Rj: Yeah, right? Well, um, your mom doesn’t think so, which is why I– I wanted to talk to you.

Brooke: You must’ve misunderstood, honey.

Hope: Mm-mm. Nope. Nothing to misunderstand, mom. Dad was standing there with sheila and they told me that they were in love.

Brooke: No! No. This can’t be! This is— this is ridiculous! Why aren’t you more shocked?

Ridge: More shocked? Why, more shocked? Why? I know. I– I knew this already.

Brooke and hope: You knew?

Ridge: Yes!

Brooke: What–

Ridge: Not this, not now, but I– I… I thought they were done.

Hope: I’m sorry, how did you find out?

Brooke: And more importantly, why didn’t you tell us? I was stuck.

Sheila: I just hate to see you so down. I hope you’re not having any regrets.

Deacon: Hey, life’s too short for regrets. Besides, I asked you to marry me, remember?

Sheila: Yeah. [ Chuckles ] Yeah, but I– all we did was tell the kids about our relationship. They don’t even know we’re engaged yet, and… I know that you’re worried. You’re concerned about losing hope.

Deacon: I’m not gonna let it get to that. I’ll figure something out. Hopefully, it just– just gonna take some time.

Sheila: Yeah. Would you let me give you a massage?

Deacon: Mm, hard pass.

Sheila: You’re such a baby.

[ Deacon chuckling ] All right, well, I– I am gonna go take a bath.

Deacon: Okay.

Sheila: And I would strongly encourage you to come join me so that I can wash away some of that concern.

Deacon: Concern?

Sheila: Yeah. Concern.

Deacon: Okay.

Brooke: I can’t believe that you didn’t tell us that deacon and sheila were together!

Ridge: It was complicated. We didn’t ask too many questions. We just wanted to put sheila away for good.

Brooke: Okay. So you and bill made a promise to deacon that you wouldn’t say anything to anybody, especially hope and me, in exchange for deacon helping you take sheila down.

Ridge: Yeah, that’s the deal we made. And I’m sorry, I should have said something. I don’t wanna keep things from you, but I thought this would be best for the family and keep everybody safe.

Hope: And how did that turn out? I mean, sheila’s free. My dad is still with her. Maybe if you had told us when you found out, we might have been able to prevent it from happening.

Brooke: Oh, honey. I’m as shocked as you are. I can’t believe this. I mean, deacon’s made some bad mistakes and decisions in the past, but this is horrible. I mean, how are you feeling after finding out?

[ Hope chuckling ]

Hope: Stunned. Disappointed. Sad. Dad was just turning his entire life around and now…

Brooke: I feel the same way. I don’t understand why.

Hope: Could you talk to him? Please, mom, you’ve always been able to get through to him. Could– could you maybe get him to open his eyes and– and get him to see what a terrible, just dangerous situation this is?

Brooke: Yes, yes, honey. I will do that. This ends today.

Ridge: Whoa, whoa, whoa. You’re not going over there alone. Sheila’s there. I’ll go with you. Let’s go.

Brooke: Okay.

Finn: Wait, I’m- I’m confused. Like, what does my mom have to do with you working here? Also, this is just crazy for me because I mean, I haven’t seen you since you were a kid!

Luna: Yeah. Um, there’s a reason for that, actually. I don’t– I don’t mean to talk poorly about your mom, but she’s the reason why we haven’t seen each other. She hasn’t really gotten along with my mom.

Finn: Yeah, I just, uh– I mean, there was no secret that they weren’t that close.

Luna: Right. I can’t imagine the one-sided stories you’ve heard. Sorry, it’s just because they never really get along. Um, aunt li’s, like, hyper-protective of you and she hasn’t been allowing me or my mom to be part of your life here in L.A.

Rj: Yeah. Like, when she found out that she was working here, she came down really hard, and she– she insisted that she leave. I– I just– I don’t feel like that that’s her call. I mean, plus, on top of that, she’s an incredibly important part of what my granddad and I are doing on– on our new collection. And I also– you know, I want her to stay. I’m just asking you if you could, you know, step up and help your cousin.

Finn: Well, yeah. I mean, we all know that my mom can be a little intense.

Rj: Yeah. Yeah, you know, but, I mean, come on, to mess with her career like this? I mean, she– she’s incredibly talented and intelligent and she– she fits in here perfectly. Everybody here wants her to stay. So, I’m just asking, you know, if you could back luna with your mom. It’d be really appreciated, but I just wanna go on record as saying that… luna’s not leaving forrester creations. Febreze!

[ Knocking at door ]

Brooke: Deacon! It’s me! Open up. Now!

[ Deacon sighing ]

Deacon: Hey.

Brooke: Where is she? Have you lost your mind?

Deacon: I get that this is a– a shock–

Brooke: A shock? A shock? This is appalling. You’ve made a good life for yourself, deacon. Now, you wanna throw it all away for some sociopath like sheila carter?

[ Sheila clears throat ]

Ridge: Ah.

Sheila: Well, news, uh… news seems to travel fast.

Brooke: Well, there she is. Why do you wanna be with a monster like this? You know of all the things that she’s done. You know what she’s going to do to you? She is going to take your status. She’s gonna take your restaurant. She’s gonna take away your relationship with our daughter and she’s going to destroy it and she’s not gonna think twice about it. Don’t let her cause any more damage than she’s already done. Tell her. Tell her to get lost and never come back.

Rj: Yeah, I should also say that luna had no idea that I texted you, by the way.

Luna: Yeah, this was not how I pictured reconnecting with my cousin after all these years. I used to look up to you so much. Like, literally, you were always showing off climbing that tree in the backyard.

Finn: Yeah, well… you know, going up is the easy part, but, uh, coming down, that’s– you know, that’s different.

Luna: I hated not seeing you.

Finn: Well, I’m sorry about that, if it really was because of our moms and their own issues.

[ Cell phone chiming ] Oh, hey, look, I, um– I gotta get to work, but… look, I– I promise, I’ll– I’ll talk to my mom about you.

Luna: Thank you.

Finn: All right. Good to see you.

Luna: Thank you.

Rj: Hey, thank you, man. Seriously, I appreciate it. Thanks for helping us.

Finn: Got it.

Rj: So, are you upset?

Luna: What, that I told you my secret and then you went and got my cousin involved? No. Not at all. I actually really appreciate it. How did you do that?

Rj: How’d I do– how did I text him?

Luna: No! No, I mean, like, how did you know that this is exactly what I needed and what I couldn’t bring myself to do? I mean, I wanted to see finn so badly. Unfortunately, I cannot say the same about aunt li.

Rj: Yeah, I know. Well, um, you do need to talk to her… and she’s on her way. Right now.

Luna: Aunt li’s coming here?

Thomas: You were right about the beading.

Hope: Hm?

Thomas: Was it my attention to detail that tripped you up or was it what you were talking to me about– it was what you were talking to me about earlier. What the heck was your dad thinking?

Hope: I don’t know. Honestly, I’m– I’m still in shock and I’m trying really hard not to think about my dad and sheila… especially when we have so much we need to be working on, so.

Thomas: Yeah. Well, I’m– I’m glad to hear that. We do have a lot to work on. I don’t know, it’s– I’ve missed spending more time with you. I miss this. I miss us. Stouffer’s makes you happyfull

Luna: Aunt li’s on her way here?

Rj: Actually, charlie texted me a couple minutes ago and said that she’s in the building. Hey, listen.

[ Luna groaning ] We’re gonna handle this, okay? We’re gonna do it together.

[ Door rattling ]

Li: Rj, hi.

Rj: Li… I know that luna is your niece and I just wanna say that I do not understand why you are treating her so poorly and trying to dissuade her from working at forrester.

Li: No, you don’t understand, rj. This is a family matter. It’s none of your business.

Rj: Forrester creations is my business. It’s my family’s business and I have been working with luna for weeks now and she has proven to be incredibly talented and intelligent and she is welcome at forrester. My dad thinks so, my granddad thinks so and I’m sure that steffy would agree, okay? So, li, don’t tell luna, our intern, that she’s not allowed to work here ’cause she’s not going anywhere.

Li: Well, this is our family business, rj, and I’ve made it crystal clear to luna about what she needs to do. She’s written her letter of resignation. She is leaving forrester creations today.

Finn: You know, maybe

thomas has changed.

Maybe he’s new and reformed

and that would be wonderful,

but it doesn’t change

the fact that you are

an incredible person

who deserves better

than thomas.

Brooke: He’s right.

You do deserve better than

thomas. In your mind,

do you think he’s right?

Thomas: I lost you again.

Hope: Sorry.

Thomas: No. It’s okay. You never have to apologize with me. That’s what you get. Total commitment, love, unconditional support.

Ridge: I came here looking for this animal and you told me you had no contact with her. You swore to me!

Deacon: Oh, really? Like you swore to me that you wouldn’t say anything about the two of us? Carter? Look, man, you’re a pragmatic guy. What good would it have done if I told you?

Ridge: You’re a bigger idiot than I thought.

Sheila: You know what, you should know better than anyone else, sometimes love just doesn’t make sense.

Ridge: Oh, god. Look–

Sheila: The heart wants what it wants–

Ridge: Give me a break–

Deacon: I didn’t tell– I didn’t tell you about us because I know that sheila’s not a threat anymore. Not to steffy or her kids. Not the way you think.

Ridge: How? She’s been a threat to my family for as long as I can remember. Now, magically, she’s changed?

Deacon: No, not magically, okay? But everybody deserves a chance at rehabilitation if they seriously want a shot at– at a new life, at doing better. I mean, look at me!

Brooke: Deacon, you have changed and you’ve grown! That’s why I don’t understand any of this. Why do you wanna be with her? Look at what you’ve done. You’ve made il giardino a hit. You spent time really rebuilding your relationship with our daughter. Our relationship is better than we’ve ever had it, ever. I am– I am so, so proud of you, but this? This has got to end. You have to tell sheila to leave and do it today.

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