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Nikki: Victor, I’d like you to meet my new assistant, claire grace.

Claire: Mr. Newman, it’s an honor.

Victor: So, you’re the young lady I’ve heard so much about. My goodness. Welcome to the company.

Claire: Thank you, sir.

Victor: Uh, my wife speaks very highly of you. She rarely does that, you know.

Nikki: Now.

Victor: And you are aware of the importance of the job that you’re about to take on?

Claire: Very much so, sir. I am honored to be entrusted with the responsibility. And I plan to give miss newman my all.

Victor: I expect no less.

Claire: I know how lucky I am to be part of such an exciting young business like newman media. And to be given this opportunity to learn from the best. I couldn’t have hoped for better.

Sally: So, now that the financing is in place and I have a network of suppliers lined up, I think it is time to bring in some clients.

Nick: Right, clients.

Sally: You know, I think the key is to generate word of mouth and get some jobs under my belt before we bring in a marketing team. Get some photos out there, maybe some media content. People love before and afters. What do you think about hiring me to design your offices for your new company with sharon?

Nick: Hundred percent.

Sally: We could feature the empty space and then the concept stage and then the final product. Offer interviews for everyone and it’ll be really good for your company and mine.

Nick: Yep.

Sally: Should I go would you prefer hot pink?

Nick: Yes.

Sally: You’re not actually hearing any of the words I’m saying, are you?

Nick: What do you mean?

Sally: Have you been listening to anything I’ve said?

Nick: Yeah, you were, uh, talking about, um, something pink.

Sally: Nick.

Nick: You’re right. I’m sorry. I’m trying to concentrate, uh, but I can’t stop thinking about something else.

Sally: I bet I can guess. What happened between me and adam? You haven’t been the same since you found out about the kiss.

Adam: Nate.

Nate: Adam.

Adam: I, um, I was nearby. I was running those errands that you asked me to do and I thought I would stop in, give you a report. See if there’s anything else I can grab for you on the way back to the office.

Victoria: It seems like the sort of thing that could have been a text.

Nate: It’s okay. It’s okay. Let’s hear it, adam.

Adam: Uh, well, I, um, dropped off your shirts at the dry cleaner, uh, picked up your suit alterations at fenmore’S. I went ahead and confirmed tomorrow’s breakfast, and then the presentation binders for, uh, this afternoon’s team meeting, got those. And the research you asked for is gonna be on your desk by the end of the day.

Nate: Wow, you’ve accomplished quite a bit in one morning. I’m impressed.

Adam: Well, my sister’s obviously not.

Victoria: Bravo for doing your job.

Adam: Okay, yes, that is the spirit.

Victoria: And my question is why are you working so hard?

Adam: I mean, isn’t that the idea? Work hard, get the job done.

Nate: Which is what you seem to be doing.

Adam: And there’s something wrong with that?

Victoria: Uh, just a little suspicious, that’s all.

Adam: How so?

Victoria: It’s a clear sign that you’re up to something. – “Best thing I’ve ever done.”

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-During an asthma attack,

Adam: Help me out, victoria. You know this is a double bind for me. If I slack off, I’m an ingrate who thinks this is beneath him. And if I work hard, I’m plotting.

Victoria: That’s about it. Yeah.

Adam: Do– do you know what my dream is?

Victoria: I have no clue. And I’m really not that interested.

Adam: That one day, you will accept what I say to you at face value.

Victoria: Well, I don’t imagine that that day is coming any time soon. You know what they say about dreams? You eventually wake up.

Adam: What do I have to do to convince you that this reformation is real?

Nate: We are both giving you the benefit of the doubt for now, adam.

Adam: Well, I hope that’s true and I hope it lasts. You know, I can do this swimming upstream if I have to, but a little faith and trust would make it a lot easier.

Victoria: And why exactly should it be easier?

Adam: Because this would be better for everybody. We would all benefit if this works out.

Nate: So far, so good.

Adam: Thank you.

Victoria: My jury’s still out.

Adam: Of course it is and I can’t wait for the verdict. Now, if you don’t have anything new for my to do list, I’m gonna head back to work. I’ll see you at the office.

Victoria: I thought that you and I were both immune to adam’s tricks. Please tell me that you’re not falling for his con.

Nick: Trying really hard to forget about that kiss and I hate seeming like I’m paranoid or that I’m dragging up old emotions for you.

Sally: You have no reason to be paranoid.

Nick: Yeah. You and adam, you’re just friends. Even if adam doesn’t believe it, but that’s what you told me.

Sally: And that’s what I meant.

Nick: Then, I believe you. But then you also told me that you were torn up inside and that your feelings were all over the place. And then you turned around and saw how upset I was. You said something to try and make me feel better.

Sally: What are you talking about?

Nick: Sally you went from, I’m not ready to be in love to I’m falling in love with you in no time flat.

Sally: Okay. That’s a bit of an exaggeration.

Nick: You can’t deny the shift was pretty quick. Because then you told me about the kiss and then, you know, you’re just trying to make me feel better.

Sally: Well, yeah, of course, I don’t want you to be upset. And I don’t want you questioning my wanting to be with you. And I also would not admit to feeling something if it wasn’t true.

Nick: Yeah, but the timing, it can’t be a coincidence.

Sally: What are you really saying?

Nick: You don’t see some cause and effect there?

Sally: Look, what difference does it make how I got to where I am or– or when? Me being open about my feelings is the important part.

Nick: Sally, it’s, I just need you to know that you can always be honest with me.

Sally: Of course, I know that, okay? And I am being honest. Yeah, I’m– my emotions are a little tangled up and that hasn’t changed. Adam got to me.

Nick: Which is exactly what he wanted.

Sally: Maybe.

Nick: Sally, come on.

Sally: Look, I don’t know that for sure.

Nick: How can you not know that?

Sally: Okay, look, I don’t care about his reasoning, okay? I care about us. I would really like to think that– that I’m always in control of my emotions and that I can handle anything that’s thrown at me and most of the time, that’s true. But adam, I mean, you know how he is.

Nick: Yeah, I do.

Sally: He’s relentless.

Nick: He always is.

Sally: And he knows what buttons to push.

Nick: Yeah. Every single one of them. Can I ask you something?

Sally: Of course.

Nick: Do you think adam would have been able to push all those buttons if there wasn’t some part of you that was still in love with him?

Nikki: You made a very good first impression on my husband and trust me, that is no easfe.

Claire: I hope I didn’t come across like a complete idiot. We studied newman enterprises in business school, so to meet the man in person was intimidating. I wrote a paper about a series of acquisitions he made in the late 90s, and now I just shook his hand.

Nikki: Well, I’m sure he would love to read your paper.

Claire: Maybe down the road, a long time from now. I hope I came off as a professional.

Nikki: Oh, you did just fine.

Audra: I’m sorry to interrupt, nikki, but I just got off a call with the podcast network we want to acquire.

Nikki: Where are we on the purchase price?

Audra: Still too far apart. You know, they’re holding to an outrageous figure. You know, I think they just fear they’ve boxed themselves in and are trying to save face.

Nikki: Well, let’s give them some more time. Or, claire. Your thoughts?

Claire: Me?

Nikki: Why not?

Claire: I– I don’t know any of the details, obviously, I’m so new.

Nikki: I’m sure you learned a lot about negotiations in your business training. So, what are your instincts?

Claire: Give them a way out. Let the fee stand, but recoup it in some other aspect of the deal. Something worthwhile to you. That way you’re happy and they feel like they’ve won.

Nikki: Very astute.

Claire: Thank you.

Audra: Yes, definitely interting approach, but I’m not sure what else they have that we want, for the price they’re asking.

Nikki: Well, we could tie it to the advertising platform. Bigger percentage for us.

Audra: That works.

Nikki: Great. So, are we good?

Audra: We are excellent.

Nikki: Terrific. Uh, if you need me to jump in, just let me know.

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Nikki: I am not sure I want to go up against you in a negotiation.

Claire: Just some things I’ve studied. And my great-aunt always said I was a born negotiator. I had a very good success rate with getting later bedtime.

Nikki: Oh, really? I think I had that same young girl in my house.

Claire: Your daughter, victoria.

Nikki: Absolutely. She was always very strong-minded and it could be exhausting. Now, there are some things I want to make clear.

Claire: Uh, of course, mrs. Newman. I will take notes.

Nikki: Oh, you don’t have to do that. Uh, you can if you want to. It’s not necessary. First, I would like for you to call me nikki.

Claire: Okay. Done.

Nikki: And I am a demanding boss, as my husband alluded to, but I try to make my expectations known, so you will know exactly what I want from you. I am tough, but fair. And sometimes, it is imperative that I move on something very quickly. You might feel like I’m barking orders at you, but trust me, it’s nothing personal.

Claire: Of course, mrs.– Nikki. I think you’ll find I have a pretty thick skin. I’ve taught myself not to take criticism or brusqueness personally. Most things aren’t personal. They’re more about what the other person is going through than something you did.

Nikki: Hm. You’re a bit of an old soul, aren’t you?

Claire: I don’t know about that, but I did grow up in a very strict household, so I was taught to follow the rules. Do what you’re told. Behave appropriately.

Nikki: Oh, your great aunt laid down the law, did she?

Claire: I love my great aunt, but she didn’t always see eye to eye with all of my friend’s parents about what a young girl should be allowed to do.

Nikki: And you don’t have any siblings, is that right? I lost my parents at a fairly young age. Thank god for my older sister. Did you have anybody aside from your great aunt that you… I’m starting to sense that you prefer not to talk about the past.

Claire: I’d rather focus on the future.

Sally: I don’t love adam. That’s over. Just like your other loves are in the past, okay? So can we not? Because I would much rather talk about us and our future. Our relationship and the company that– that you’re helping me build and your belief in me that means everything. Look, adam and I are friends. We went through a horrible ordeal together. And so yeah, I guess I– I feel affection for him. As a friend. Empathy.

Nick: Losing ava bonded you.

Sally: Yeah, of course it did. And I think you would understand that because you went through the pain yourself. It doesn’t just leave you. But sharing that with one person doesn’t discount how you feel about someone else. I am falling in love with you. I wouldn’t lie about that. Can you please believe me?

Nate: Me tolerating adam isn’t the same as trusting him. I’m just as skeptical of his turnaround as you are.

Victoria: Really? Well, it didn’t seem like that a minute ago. You were praising at him like you were gonna hand him a trophy or something.

Nate: As opposed to what? Provoking him to be on his guard? That’s not gonna help us. Remember what you told me. We need to sit back, wait for adam to make a move that benefits him and damages the company. Lull him into a false sense of security. He won’t be able to help showing his hand. That’s when your father will finally be able to see that all adam’s talk about humbling himself and starting over is the bs we already know it to be.

Victoria: Okay. Well, I can start complimenting him and telling him that he’s doing a good job. He would see right through that.

Nate: Okay. That’s fine. Nothing overboard that he could clock, but we are on the same page about building adam’s confidence, right? To then knock him down when he shows his hand.

Victoria: Yes.

Nate: Then we have to let him think that we bought his act. That we firmly believe he is cool with being the world’s best assistant.

Victoria: All right. All right. I’ll– I’ll have a more positive attitude then.

Nate: Good.

Victoria: It’s not gonna be easy though.

Nate: I know.

Victoria: Because being nice to adam does not address the bigger issue.

Nate: Which is?

Victoria: My father. Ma, ma, ma-

Nate: Victoria, I thought you’d let that go and accepted the changes at newman. You said you’d go along with what your father wants.

Victoria: I said that I would go along with what my father wanted for now because it was the only feasible choice ’cause the only thing to do in the moment is to keep an eye on adam and wait for him to screw up.

Nate: That’s still the objective.

Victoria: I’m sorry. But you know what? It’s just harder than I thought it would be to wait this all out. I’m not a particularly patient person, nate.

Nate: You’re not? I had no idea.

Victoria: And to hear my father say that he was gonna whip us all into shape. I mean, that kind of paternalistic stance. Yeah, adam, sure, of course. And nicholas maybe, but me? I have been leading this company and I have been leading it well, so for him to include me in his– in his cleanup plan, it–

Nate: I know you’re hurt.

Victoria: No, I’m not hurt. I’m not. I’m insulted.

Nate: But taking it out on your father, saying he’s the problem–

Victoria: Is there anything that you can agree with me on? Is everything that I do wrong?

Nate: Victoria, look, let’s not turn this into an argument. I was simply pointing out that we agreed on a strategy. We said we’d sit back, see how things unfolded with your father at the helm and we’d watch adam very closely.

Victoria: Okay. Great, great, but that’s not working for me. I can’t just sit by and do nothing. It just makes me feel more isolated than I already am.

Nate: Isolated how?

Victoria: I– I had an entire company. My father threw me out of the ceo chair. Nicholas refuses to come back to newman to offer me his support and adam is worming his way back into people’s lives. I’m sorry, but I don’t believe that it’s genuine. And it’s just the first step in god knows what and you think my reaction is inappropriate for some reason. I feel like I’m out here on my own. I feel like no one’s on my side.

Nate: I did not say that. You have to know I support you 100%.

Victoria: Do you?

Nate: Of course. I said it before and I will say it again. I am only suggesting you keep the peace with your father because I believe it is the best way forward for you. I don’t want victor hurting you any more than he already has. I don’t want everything that you’ve accomplished at your family’s company to be undermined by adam. Can’t you see that I’m just trying to protect you?

Nick: Is it possible that you just think you’re in love with me or that you wish you were? Because you know it’s safe.

Sally: That’s not fair. Because my feelings for you are real and they’re huge and for you to just dismiss them like that–

Nick: I’m not trying to do that, okay? I just don’t want you to feel like you’re trapped. If you’re confused, I get it, all right? If you need some time, then please just take it.

Sally: Look, I never said that’s what I needed.

Nick: I absolutely hate it that adam is manipulating you. That he’s manipulating us. And it just proves yet again that all that talk from him about wanting to be a better person was just that. It’s just talk. It’s just adam. He’s always going to be him and it’s clearly affecting you.

Sally: It seems like you’re the one that he’s affecting because it’s not me. Not in any way that matters anyway.

Nick: Look, I can’t go through this again. I don’t want to.

Sally: What are you saying? If you’re taking an antidepressant

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Nick: I guess what I’m saying is I can’t be in a relationship where both sides aren’t 100% committed. I’m all in sally and you gotta be too.

Sally: I am all in.

Nick: No, you’re not. Every instinct I have is telling me you’re not.

Sally: So what? It’s just my word against your instincts?

Nick: Yeah, pretty much.

[ Sally scoffing ] Look, I’ve been fighting this feeling for a long time that adam is the one you really want to be with and that’s never not going to be true. Even if we’re together, if adam’s with someone else, there is this pull between the two of you and it is always there. Yeah, I was in the middle of it for a while. It worked. We were happy. At least, I thought we were.

Sally: We were, we are.

Nick: But then all hell broke loose. You lost ava and I was fighting to save my daughter’s life and that means I couldn’t be there for you when you needed me most. But adam was. And after you got done blaming him for ava, it’s like the two of you were two broken pieces that got glued back together. And there wasn’t anything that was gonna tear you apart. Not even my love for you, sally, which is so obvious to me now.

Sally: But I choose you.

Nick: Do you? For how long? Are you just delaying the inevitable?

Sally: It’s like I’m– I’m saying the words and you’re not hearing them. Like you’re just listening to the version that you made up instead.

Nick: I think that kiss tapped into some emotional truth for you.

Sally: No, nick, you’re wrong.

Nick: Listen to me, I’m not wrong. You just refuse to see it right now. And until you do, I can’t be with you.

Victoria: I don’t need to be protected, nate.

Nate: Of course. That didn’t come out right. I am well aware that you are more than capable of handling whatever comes your way. I just meant that I’m here for you, okay? I’m your second in command, your partner, your sounding board. Whatever you need me to be. And a difference of opinion doesn’t make that any less true. Are we good? Look, I need to head back to the office for a conference call. Ride with me.

Victoria: No, you go ahead. I’ll see you later.

Nate: Okay. I’ll see you later.

Claire: I’ll take care of this right away.

Nikki: Excellent.

Audra: I am pleased to report that the tactic worked. Our negotiation with the podcast network is moving forward.

Nikki: Well done. And to you too, claire.

Claire: Oh, I just threw out a suggestion, audra made it work. And I’m sure it’s not anything you didn’t already know.

Audra: We all need a reminder sometimes.

Nikki: Well, I have a meeting with the finance team, so I will see you ladies later.

Claire: I hope you don’t think I crossed a line.

Audra: Of course not.

Claire: It’s just nikki asked me, so–

Audra: Claire, it’s fine. We’re te and I believe, uh, good ideas can come from anywhere. You know, if no one listened to me when I started, I wouldn’t be where I am. So, first day… how do you think it’s going?

Claire: This is my dream job. I just– I hope I can prove myself. Meet nikki’s expectations. And yours, of course.

Audra: Yeah, I’m sure you will. We’re all very happy to have you here.

Claire: Thank you. That means a lot. Just keep up the good work. I think this will be a very exciting time for all of us.

Adam: Pops.

Victor: Hey, son.

Adam: How’s your day going so far?

Victor: Yeah, all right. Are you comfortable in your new job?

Adam: Uh, not by a long shot. I’m not used to being someone’s assistant, obviously. But you did give me the bottom of the ladder because I asked for it, so I’m working hard trying to anticipate nate’s every move.

Victor: You know, I gotta be honest with you. I– I didn’t think you could pull it off.

Adam: Well, how you like me now?

Victor: Well–

Adam: Am I passing your test?

Victor: That’s too soon to judge, you know. Give it a little time.

Adam: Yeah, I guess it is early days for that. I will say, it is an interesting exercise though. Being on the, uh, background doing the grunt work. It’s a lesson on how to treat my own assistant if I climb up the ladder again.

Victor: Anything specific?

Adam: Well, how about this? I’ll have my dry cleaning delivered instead of telling my assistant to pick it up.

Victor: Well now, that’s a hell of a lesson to have learned, okay?

Adam: Yeah, like you said though, it’s a little too early to tell if I’m gonna make it to the other side of this.

Victor: Definitely.

Adam: There’s still time for me to fail. Start lashing out again.

Victor: Son, I just hope that you won’t, you know, indulge in your slash-and-burn habits again. I mean, I’d be very disappointed to know that I’d wasted my time. Some luxury creams just sit on top of skin.

Claire: Oh, audra. Is there anything I can do for you while I’m waiting for nikki to come back?

Audra: Oh, no thanks. I’m fine for now.

Claire: All right. Well, I’ll be at my desk. Don’t hesitate to let me know if you think of something.

Audra: Of course.

Nate: Adam, there you are. Hello, victor.

Victor: Hey, nate. You need something?

Nate: I do. Uh, my assistant. I’d like you to sit in on a conference call.

Adam: Well, you got it, boss.

Victor: Well, all right. And nicholas do a good job.

Adam: That’s funny.

Victor: What?

Adam: Is that a joke? Now that I’m falling in line, just like my brother.

Victor: What are you talking about? You have a good day, guys.

Victoria: Well, let’s see. He set up nick and sharon and adam with their own business, and then he changed the rules on them before they even had a chance to get it off the ground. He let adam’s blackmail scheme go unpunished and then later, he fired him. And then, he went forward with the merger plan that he told adam was a no-go two weeks earlier. He offered sally this great job at a new division at newman enterprises and then he ripped the rug out from underneath her five minutes later.

Nikki: Okay. You know what I think? I think that you are taking some of your father’s decisions out of context. It is his company. He’s allowed to change his mind and do whatever he wants to with it.

Victoria: Of course, but he’s doing it so erratically. Can you not see that? There’s no rhyme, no reason to some of the choices that he’s made. No sound business sense whatsoever. It’s like these decisions are more about him flexing his corporate muscle just to show that he can. And putting people in their place, sometimes just to be vindictive. I’m saying that our father’s behavior is not normal. I mean, you– you’ve even agreed with me. You said that he’s not acting like himself. He’s usually so strong and decisive, not all of this back and forth and constantly changing his mind. And yes, I’m sure adam is partly to blame. When isn’t he? But there’s more to it.

Nick: Are you really that concerned with dad’s decision-making right now? Or are you just using this as an excuse to get your job back?

Victoria: Really, nick? Really? Do you think that I would use my concern for our father as some sort of a power play? Have you forgotten about his past medical issues? I mean, yeah, sure, he can– he can pound on a punching bag all day long, but this is about more than just his physical strength. This is about his mind too.

Nick: Look, whether your concern for dad is genuine or not, dad’s gonna see it as sour grapes. It’s the way it’s gonna be. He’s gonna see this as some ploy to get your job back. Can you imagine the fury that is going to rain down upon you if you ever suggest to our father he’s incapable of running the company that he built?

Victoria: Then what should I do about it?

Nick: You need to let mom deal with it, right? And just accept the fact that you’re not in the top spot right now. And be cool to him. Keep that father-daughter peace if you ever hope to get your position back someday.

[ Victoria exhaling ]

Victoria: Oh, hey.

Nick: Hey.

Victoria: Um, do you have a– a few minutes?

Nick: Sure. Everything okay?

Victoria: I was just wondering if you have had any time to spend with dad since we last talked.

Nick: No. Why do you ask?

Victoria: Well, I was hoping that you finally had the chance to notice what’s really obvious to me, that dad is just off his game.

Nick: Look, vic, I’ve told you. You’re imagining things that simply aren’t there. Dad came back to newman and he took your job.

Victoria: No, you’re wrong. He’s not himself.

Nick: You’re just bitter, vic.

Victoria: No, I’m not. I’m– I’m on an island. I’m alone. I– I– I feel like I’m isolated in an office full of people. Some of whom are my own family, one of whom I’m dating.

Nick: What do you mean by that?

Victoria: Look, um, nate and I just aren’t seeing eye to eye right now. He agrees with you that I shouldn’t be concerned with dad. And mom has gone off to newman media. She was my right hand. I mean, I miss working with her very much. One brother has left me in the lurch and the other’s just– you’re right, okay? You’re right. What dad did hurt, but that doesn’t mean that I’m imagining that dad is not the leader that he used to be.

Nick: Okay. Uh, what can I do?

Victoria: Reconsider. Come back to newman.

Nick: Vic, come on.

Victoria: Is working with sharon really that much better than working with me?

Nick: All right. That’s not fair and you know it.

Victoria: Okay. Well, then what are you doing? Are you trying to prove a point to dad and to all of us that you can walk away from newman whenever you want? I mean, if that’s all this is, then I think you’ve made that point already. Please, nicholas, I need you. I don’t trust adam, obviously. And I’m– I really am scared for our father. Would you please come back home?


the things you loved…

Adam: Well, that was weird.

Nate: Has that ever happened before? I know that parents with multiple children sometimes say one name when they mean another, but–

Adam: He’s never called me anything but adam. Or “my boy” or “son.” Or some kind of derogatory term I’m probably blocking out, but he has never called me nicholas before.

Nate: So, he was distracted and got mixed up. Victoria thinks stress–

Adam: No, he wasn’t mixed up. I mean, come on victor newman.Th was some kind of dig.

Nate: Or just a slip of the tongue. We all do it.

Nikki: What was a slip of the tongue?

Adam: Victor, he just, uh, confused me with nick.

Nick: Look, vic, I am always in your corner, all right? You can count on me, no matter what. I hope you know that. But it’s gonna have to be from outside newman towers.

Victoria: Okay. Will you at least think about it? Even if the c-suite is a no-go, I understand. But will you at least spend some time with dad so you can see what I’m talking about? I’m genuinely worried about him, nick.

Nick: All right, I’ll check it out. I’ll do what I can.

Victoria: All right. Thank you.

Nick: I love you.

Victoria: I love you too.

Nick: Listen to me. I’m not wrong. You just refuse to see it right now. And until you do, I can’t be with you.

[ Sally sighing ]

[ Phone chiming ]

Nikki: Is everything all right, darling?

Victor: Hi, sweetheart. Why do you ask?

Nikki: Well, I ran into adam outside and he said that you called him by the wrong name.

Victor: Yeah, I called him nicholas.

Nikki: So, you knew you did it?

Victor: Yeah, it was intentional.

Nikki: Intentional? Why on earth would you do such a thing?

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