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Yeah. I almost forgot how great it is to swim in the ocean. What?! How could you forget? This was, like, our second home when we were kids. And especially you. You guys come here way more than the rest of us. Yeah, I know. That’s true. But I just — it’s — it’s been a while since I’ve been back. You should have joined us, dad. The water was so warm. I feel totally refreshed. Well, I’m just happy you enjoyed it, but I’ll check it out later ’cause I need to drink my morning coffee. You know how that goes. What’s this? Oh, that’s nothing. Oh, ho, ho, ho! I’m sorry. Are you writing your own vows? -Kristina, give it back. -[ Gasps ] You’re handwriting your vows? Who are you and what have you done with our tough-as-nails father? Michael, our dad’s in love. Thank you. It’s finally happening. Sonny: Maybe we wound up in this town for a reason. Maybe it’s our chance for happiness. You don’t think we owe it to ourselves to give it a shot? Who knows? It might be the start of something big. Love is hard but it’s worth the fight sonny: The more I’ve gotten to know you, the more that I’m drawn to you. The past was dark to our first date. But now I’m bathed in light well, there’s things that you don’t know about you, mike, and things that you don’t know about me. Sonny: I remember everything, nina. But the more I’ve gotten to know you, the more that I’m drawn to you. I never expected to fall in love with you. Mike never expected to fall in love with you, either. And those feelings, they just don’t disappear. Sonny, you are unlike any man that I have ever known. You make me happy, and I want to embrace that happiness.

[ Both laugh ]

And it’s you sonny: I see a future with you. It’s always been you but even you have to admit that the cards are stacked against us. It’s you I love it’s you sonny: The only thing I’m going to admit is I’m falling in love with you a little more every single day. That’s easy to say now. Now and forever. Forever. Marry me. I don’t want a pity proposal. Pity?! Have you ever thought of proposing to me before tonight? Sonny: Yeah. From the second I met you. I didn’t know who I was. It didn’t matter. Because I know what I felt. And I still do. Because you are brave and you’re a fighter. And I want you to allow me to fight alongside you. And it’s you it’s always been you you really want to marry me? Absolutely. You want to rethink your answer? And it’s you I say yes! Yes! It’s you yes! Yes! No, martin. I haven’t changed my mind. I want you to go all-out and expose drew and carly for engaging in insider trading. Just make sure to keep my name out of it. Donna: Nina, nina! Hi, sweetheart! Wow! You are up early. I was too excited to sleep. Yeah. I get it. Me too. So, what do you think about this chapel, huh? This is where I am going to marry your daddy. I like it.

[ Laughs ] Good! So do I. After you marry my daddy, are you going to be my second mommy? Yes, donna. I will. Good. Now I will have two mommies, just like avery.

[ Chuckles ] Harmony: Come on, honey. It’s time to get up. You don’t want to be late for the wedding. Hm. What are you doing here? I’m doing what I’ve done your entire life. I’m here to protect you.

[ Knock on door ] I’m studying! Go away! Okay. No problem. I’ll talk to you later. Wait! Wait, wait. Wait. I didn’t know it was you. What are you doing here? Are you alone or is trina around? I’m alone. Good. Because I really missed you. Really? How bad? This bad.

[ Chuckles ] Dr. Gatlin-holt. Bless you for coming. Help! Can anyone hear me?! Help me! No one can hear you, ava. You’re wasting your energy. No one can hear all the noise you’re making… and no one’s coming to help you.

I can’t even put into words how incredibly grateful I am that the judge is considering me for a hardship release, which, if he grants, it means an early parole. Right. Good for you. It truly is a miracle that the court is going to take my age and fragile health into account. But they can’t just go on my word telling them that I don’t have the physical capacity to harm anyone. They need a doctor’s opinion, someone who is familiar with my medical history. So, again, thank you, dr. Gatlin-holt, for coming here to speak on my behalf. Sure. Yeah. Right. I mean, once I figured out what was at stake, I didn’t really have a choice, did I? I don’t think you want to be banging on those pipes, making so much noise. You should know — this basement — crawling with rats and cockroaches. I really don’t think it’s the type of place you want to be in your bare feet. You sick son of a bitch. How dare you hold me in these disgusting conditions. It’s inhumane! I’m sorry. I would have loved to put you up in a place more posh. Even for at least my own comfort. But unfortunately for both of us, you really pissed my boss off when you double-crossed us and you let sonny know what we were up to. That was a big mistake. Okay. Okay. Hold on.

[ Laughs ] I’m so happy you’re here. I’m always happy to see you. Well, I like the sound of that ’cause I’m always happy to see you, too. But I’m confused. Aren’t you on duty? Why aren’t you with sonny? Boss gave me a few days off. Oh. Time off for good behavior? Oh, hilarious. No, he’s out of town for a few days, so he gave me the time off. Wait. If he’s out of town, why wouldn’t he want his bodyguard with him? That doesn’t make sense. Well, uh, sonny and nina flew to puerto rico. Oh. He wants to show her the island property. I’m only surprised it took this long. It’s — it’s a little more than showing off the island property. What do you mean? Sonny and nina flew to puerto rico to elope. I have not finished writing my vows. Well, read them to me and michael, and we’ll give you our feedback. Yeah. I appreciate the offer, but you’re not gonna hear the vows until nina hears the vows. Speaking of your wife-to-be, it’s her first time on the island. What does she think? Well, she wanted to, like, sleep in separate rooms last night. Why? What do you mean, why? Because she didn’t — she didn’t want to see me until she sees me at the altar. I-I think that’s very sweet, dad. She don’t want to risk, you know, any bad luck at our wedding. Before I become your second mommy, there are two very important things that I need you to help me with today. Okay! Okay. I need you to think about this. Will you be my flower girl? Yes! I can do it!

[ Laughs ] I was a flower girl at willow and michael’s wedding. I know! I know! Your dad told me. He even showed me pictures. You were so great. He was so proud of you. Wiley told me that you’re willow’s mommy. Yeah. Wiley is correct. I am willow’s mom. After you get married, is willow going to be my sister? Well, yes, in a way, she will be your sister, but I think it’s simpler to think that we will all be one big family.

[ Laughs ] I like that. Yeah, I like it, too. Come on. So what’s the other important thing? Oh! Yes. Oh. Okay. It’s really, really bad luck for the groom to see the bride before the ceremony on the wedding day, so your mission is to make sure that your daddy does not see me too soon. Willow. Honey, I’m here to warn you. It’s very important. Warn me about what exactly?

[ No audio ] Mom. Mom. What are you trying to tell me?! Wha– what?! Wiley: Mommy! Wake up! Time to get ready for grandpa and grandma’s wedding!

Sonny and nina are getting married? How do you know this? How do you know this before i know this? Sonny is my boss. Right. Uh, does my mom know? ‘Cause I think she might be a little shocked when she finds out about this. She already knows. How? When? Yesterday. Sonny thought it was important to tell her in person himself, and he wanted the family to go down there with him. He wanted to take donna, and he needed her to be okay with that. Okay. When you say that sonny wanted the family there, who is it you’re talking about? I mean, did kristina decide to go? Maybe you should get this information from your mom. No, no, no, no. I’m asking you, dex. Who else is going? Dante wanted to go, but he couldn’t get away on such short notice. And? And michael and willow went, and they took wiley. I drove them to the airport.

[ Scoffs ] Okay. Uh, this just doesn’t really make sense to me because they decide to elope and nobody tells me. Kristina going, yeah, of course. But michael and willow? Nobody has hated anyone more than michael hates sonny for being with nina. So him going to puerto rico, I mean, how does he not tell me that?! You’ve been locked in here studying for days. Yeah, I’ve been studying for an exam I have coming up. Michael can’t take five minutes out of his day to — to give me a major life update? Neither my mom or michael telling me this? This doesn’t make any sense. Well, maybe they just thought you wouldn’t care. I don’t care. Okay, but — but what? Then I have to ask… why is this bothering you so much? Why’d you sleep so late, mommy? Are you sick again? Oh, honey. No. No, no, no. No. The doctors say I’m all better. I just slept late. That’s all. Maybe that’s because amelia’s not here to wake me up. She cries a lot.

[ Laughs ] Sweetheart, that’s what — that’s what babies do. I’m just glad you’re not sick anymore. Me too. Hey. Come here. Oh, honey. I hope you know how much I love you and that I love being your mommy. And amelia’s mommy. I’m not going to leave either one of you. Hey, you two. Alright. Let’s rise and shine. It’s time to get ready for a wedding. Yay! Right there. Yeah. Okay. I know you didn’t ask for my opinion, but can I just tell you how happy I am you decided to elope? Well, I have a feeling you’re gonna tell me whether I should say yes or no. That’s — that’s accurate, yes. No, but seriously, dad. It’s — it’s so perfect here on the island, you know? It’s — it’s warm, and it’s relaxing, and there’s nothing fraught or tense. You know, it’s — it’s intimate. It was such a good call. You know what’s a better call? That you decided to come. Thank you. I’m bummed that dante and avery couldn’t be here, of course, but, hey, at least you got the rest of the kids, right? I mean, you got the most important one. Your favorite one. Listen. I am so happy that you were one of the, you know — the first one in the family to be open to nina like she’s part of the family. Yeah, of course, dad. It’s obvious how happy nina makes you. And that’s all I’ve ever wanted for you. You know, in the end, isn’t that really the only thing that matters? Yeah. You know what really matters? Hm? Is that you’re happy. Donna: Kristina, kristina! Hi! We have to get ready, but we can’t let daddy see nina. It’s bad luck! Sweetie, if I just run into her, it doesn’t count. No, dad. It absolutely counts. You can’t see her until the wedding! Okay. Listen. You know what? You’re the boss, so whatever you say goes. I will do — you know, you give me orders, and I’ll do it. Ready? Okay.

[ Kristina and donna laugh ] Oh. Hey. Hey. What are you doing here, scott? Client’s a client. Everybody gets a lawyer. It’s in the constitution. Mr. Baldwin. It’s good to see my legal counsel in person. Obviously, my payment must have cleared. Yeah, it did, and just so you know, that’s why I’m representing you — because you paid top dollar. And I can’t guarantee anything that goes on in the judge’s chambers. Well, all I expect you to do is your best. Well, that’s exactly what I’m gonna do. However, it’s gonna be a tough sell to the judge that you’re no longer a menace to society, considering all the crimes you committed. Well, considering the amount of money I’ve paid you, I expect you to make a truly heroic argument in my favor.

Just, uh, so you know, donna put me in charge of making sure you don’t go anywhere near nina before she walks down the aisle. I-I wouldn’t dream of disobeying donna. Yeah. She’s pretty tough. I wonder where she gets that from. Yeah. Speaking of which, I went to talk to carly because, you know, I was gonna tell her I was marrying nina ’cause I needed to know if it was okay to bring donna to the island. Well, good. I’m glad you and mom made peace. I think it’s best for everyone if we — we move on. Best for everyone? Does that include you and me?

[ Knock on door ] Nina: I — this better not be the groom-to-be! It’s just willow and me. No grooms here. -Hi! -Hi! You look great! Oh, my gosh! You are so beautiful! So are you. And michael was drafted by donna to make sure that sonny doesn’t try and wander off. So there is no chance that he’s going to get an accidental glimpse of his bride. Great. Well, when I asked donna to help out, you know, I just wanted her to feel included. I had no idea how seriously she was gonna take this. Oh, the only thing that tore donna from her guard post was that she needed to change into her flower-girl dress. Kristina: Aww. Aww. That’s why we’re here. We are going to ensure that there is nothing but good luck for the bride and groom. Thank you. I am so glad that you both are here. I don’t want to care about sonny or what he does, but I do. And… I feel left out. And maybe I shouldn’t — because I have been abundantly clear to everybody on how I feel about him. But…I feel alone in this grudge now. And I don’t know what to do. I mean, I feel crazy. I don’t want to feel this way. A lot to take in. I get it.

[ Knock on door ] Oh, josslyn. Thank god you’re here. Pilar. What are you doing here? I am so sorry to bother you, but have you heard from ms. Jerome? No. I haven’T. Is everything okay? I didn’t tell sonny anything! If your boss’s “plan” fell apart, it’s because he hired substandard help. You know, this is really your fault for using someone as obvious as betty to spy on sonny.

[ Scoffs ] None that really matters anymore, though, does it? You are where you are. And for how long? Do you really think that nobody’s gonna notice that I’m gone? You’re here till I get further instructions. So until then, try to stay out of trouble. Oh… and watch out for those rats. Oh. Come on!

[ Laughs ] Oh, come on! Don’t leave me down here! C–

[ Door closes ] Alright, then. Okay, then. And stay gone. It’ll give me a time to figure out a way out of here. Judge sinclair: Want you to know, mr. Renault, that I believe in rehabilitation. So much so that I’m on the board of a foundation to end recidivism. But not every prisoner is worthy of a second chance. Your criminal record is long, and it ended with a hostage situation. So whatever decision I make, I’m gonna have to defend it to the public. So why do you think that you should be released? Your honor, I understand your hesitancy. This is a multi-pronged request. My client is reformed. He found god, and he has turned his life around. And his health is very fragile. He suffered a heart attack. So he is no longer a menace to society.

I have never been a bride before, obviously, but I have been a part of plenty of weddings, and there is no way we are letting you marry my dad without giving you all the tradition. Thank you. I appreciate your commitment, kristina, but I thought we covered it on our flight here that, you know, I don’t need all that stuff — you know, something borrowed, something blue — to make this day perfect. Totally. I mean, we let you think that you were gonna have your way on the plane over here. Oh. Really? But it is your day, nina. It’s really up to you. Sure. Let’s do it. Let’s do it. Okay. This should cover your something borrowed. Look at these. -You like? -They’re so beautiful! Oh, my goodness. I love them. Thank you. This is my gift to you, whether you wear this today or sometime in the future.

[ Gasps ] Thank you so much! Look at this shawl. It’s absolutely lovely. Well, I know you were planning a much bigger wedding, so with how close you are to maxie, I asked for her input on a fashion-forward item that would work as your something new, and she instantly picked out this shawl. Plus, now maxie gets to be a part of your wedding. Yes. I just love this shawl. It’s just absolutely beautiful. And I love the fact that whenever I wear it, I will feel maxie’s presence. This covers the old and the blue. I hope you like it. It’S… it’s beautiful. And that it came from my — you. So, it belonged to my m– it belonged to harmony. She gave it to me on my 16th birthday, and according to her, turquoise is supposed to bring peace, luck, and protection.

[ Chuckles ] I love this. I love it. I will love it for the rest of my life. Thank you. I told you this was a good idea. Right?

[ Laughs ] Thank you so much. Thank you. Thank you. You know, I always — I always love coming here. There’s something so calming about the ocean. Yeah. When you guys were kids, it was — we had the greatest time. And it’s ironic because I bought this island because I-I want to spend the rest of my life here. I wanted it alone without anybody. Now it’s turned out to be the opposite. This has become my family refuge. And now… …it’s the place where I’m gonna get married. Yeah. I-I can’t help but think about coming here as a kid. With morgan. And whenever I smell the ocean air, I just — I just think of my brother. Yeah, I think of your brother morgan every day. Me too. And, dad, I — I hope you know how much he loved you. And I really think he’d be very happy for you today. Thank you for saying that. And, uh…me, I’m — I’m happy for you, too. Um, pilar, where’s avery now? Pilar: She’s with my mom. I’ve been trying to get ahold of ms. Jerome since last night, and I can’t receive a response back, not even a text. And it’s just not like her. She was supposed to pick up avery at 5:00 P.M. And she never showed up. Maybe she just got the days mixed up. No, no. Look. I know ava and how much she cares for avery. She doesn’t just forget to pick her up or mix up days. And I know avery’s dad is out of town for the wedding for a few days. And it’s not that I mind taking care of avery. She’s an absolute joy. But when I don’t hear from ms. Jerome, it just feels like something’s wrong. Look. It’s gonna be okay. We’re gonna find her. I don’t know. Maybe I’m being paranoid. I’ve been overthinking things ever since the day avery wandered away from me in the park. Look, I-I thought about calling your mom, but she’s been dealing with so much with mr. Cain in the hospital. That’s why I came to you, josslyn. W-what do you think? Should we call your mom? Look. I kind of want to leave my mom out of this because — you’re right. She has a lot on her plate right now. Let’s establish a timeline. When and where did you last see ms. Jerome? From a-a life of crime to finding god and turning himself into a new man and preaching to his inmates. And he has taken all of his possessions and he has sold them and given that money to charity. My client has made it a mission for him to help his former inmates build better and honorable lives. Warden garten: It isn’t cyrus renault’s first day at pentonville, but it is his first day as a model prisoner. I’m often dubious of people who claim to find religion, but in mr. Renault’s case, it seems to certainly have made him a better person. He’s been a good example to his fellow prisoners, and he truly has earned a position of trust. Medically speaking, cyrus renault is still recovering from his heart attack, a heart attack that has done irreparable damage to his heart and left him extremely weak. I do not believe that he is physically a threat to anybody. In fact, if he were to remain in custody without proper and adequate medical care, he could become debilitated, vulnerable to attack himself, unable to defend himself. So it’s your contention that if cyrus renault is released back into society he could not harm another person? Yes. That is what I believe.

You know, we’re at a destination wedding on a gorgeous island. Don’t you think you want to take a little time to take that in instead of being buried in your phone? That is ironic coming from you. Where’s dad anyway? Oh. Uh, yeah. You know him. Even though this is supposed to be a stripped-down elopement, he still wants everything to be perfect, so, of course, he’s at the chapel making sure everything is ready to go. It’s my wedding day. We both know it’s not…my first. I’m just praying that it… it’s my last. When nina came into my life… …I didn’t know who I was. She made me feel whole again. And I started to believe that if… even if I didn’t remember my past, that my present life would be enough. And then a miracle happened. I remembered who I was. I remembered my children. My grandchildren. But I could not shake the feelings that I had for nina. I love her with all my heart. Please, lord. Help me make this day special. Help me make nina happy… in the way that she deserves.

[ Line ringing ] Ava: You’ve reached

ava jerome.

I’m unable to take your call.

Leave me a message.

[ Beep ] Ava! Your voicemail again? Come on! I have been trying to get ahold of you for days. I just feel completely out of touch with you. Well, I’ll just leave it on your voicemail. Um… I’m in puerto rico. And it’s my wedding day, ava. Please, please, please. Do not feel, like, you know, slighted because I didn’t invite you. We just decided, sonny and I, that it was just gonna be a small ceremony with just family, you know, and… and guess what. My daughter. She’s here, too. She gave me th– well, I’ll just tell you when I — when I talk to you. I was just thinking about you, and I just wanted to let you know this is the happiest day of my life. And I wanted to thank you, ava. Thank you for being my friend, for being so supportive. You’re always there for me. And I wish you were here right now to share all of this with me. But I tell you what. When I get back into town, we are gonna have a drink and we are going to talk about everything. Do you hear me? I love you. I miss you. I’ll see you soon. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. Pilar, thank you for coming to me. Is it okay if avery stays with you and your mom a little bit longer? Yeah, of course. Okay. I know that you’re worried about ava, but just try not to let avery know what’s going on. And stay in touch with josslyn in case you hear anything from ava. And you should reach out to dante. It can’t hurt to put it on the pcpd’s radar that ava might be missing. Right. Right. I’ll keep you updated. Thank you. So what do you think? I mean, do you think ava’s in danger? Yeah. Without a doubt.

[ Speaking spanish ] It’s my pleasure, mr. Corinthos. Are you all ready, donna? Yes! Yeah? Are you all set with your flower-girl basket? I’m ready to go! Okay, buddy. Do you know what to do as a ring bearer? Yeah. I carry the rings. My man.

[ Cellphone dings ] Daddy. Mommy says you look at your phone too much. Stop. It’s almost time for grandpa sonny and grandma nina to get married. Who are you texting? You should get back to studying. You have a lot of exams coming up. Well, what are you gonna do? My job. Okay? Pilar’s really freaked out that ava might be missing, and I need to take that very seriously. Are you gonna let sonny know what’s going on? Not unless it’s an emergency. Okay? I’ll keep you updated. Wait. Look. Ava is avery’s mom. And if something’s happening to her, I want to help. I’m not the type to just sit on the sidelines, and I think, by now, you know that. Yeah. I do know that. Let’s get started.

[ Grunts ]

[ Footsteps approach ] Mason: Going somewhere, ava? Well, you didn’t think i was gonna sit around here doing nothing, did you? No. I knew you’d try to break out. Please be aware that that window is nailed shut. And as you can see, there are bars on it. You really just need to come to terms with you’re not leaving until the boss says you do. Bless you.

[ Cellphone ringing ] I was wondering when you would call me. Yeah. What do you got for me? I have done exactly what you’ve asked me to do. Now you let ava go. Oh, you know by now. Neither one of us is calling the shots. -You’re gonna be on soon. -I know. I’m ready. I think it’s your turn to take your place, best man. Alright. Will do. Alright. You ready for this, dad? Let’s do it. Okay. Father, we’re ready. You look pretty. Thank you.

[ “Bridal chorus” plays ]

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