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Nate: How does it feel to be back here?

Mamie: A lot of memories. Some of them, I will always cherish. Others… but today, we are here to celebrate.

Traci: Mamie! Oh, mamie. Hi. Hi, nate. I am so glad that you could be here today.

Mamie: So am I. Our jackie certainly looks happy.

Traci: Yes, he does. I think he has finally found what he’s been searching for.

Mamie: Well, if that’s true, then it is indeed a glorious day.

Jack: Could I have your attention, please?

Traci: Oh, excuse me.

Jack: Diane and I would like to thank you all for coming to this celebration of our recent marriage, but before the festivities really begin, we’d like to do something a little special, uh, with the help of our son. I love this woman so much, I wanna marry her all over again. Right here, right now, with all of you as witnesses.

Abby: Oh, yay!

[ Attendees clapping ]

Nikki: Oh, how fun.

[ Attendees clapping ]

Tucker: Hey.

Audra: You want me to, uh, reignite the fire with kyle? And then what? You can’t just send me a text like that without some explanation.

Tucker: I didn’t think I would need to provide detailed instructions on how to go about it.

Audra: I’m more curious about the why part.

Tucker: Just trust me.

Audra: Okay, that’s gonna be a little difficult without more intel, okay? And wherever this is going, I’m not sure I like it.

Tucker: You seemed to be liking it quite a bit when I walked in on the two of you a while back.

Audra: Oh, my god.

Tucker: How hard could it be to recapture that? And why wouldn’t you want to?

Audra: Okay, let’s forget for a second what would be in it for me because I know you couldn’t care less. What’s in it for you?

Jack: You ready?

Kyle: Oh, I’m a licensed professional of the internet variety. Are you ready?

Jack: You bet.

Diane: All right. Let’s do this.

Kyle: All right. Dearly beloved, we are gathered here in the sight of god and all of our family and friends and any wedding crashers to celebrate this couple, my parents, as they renew their vows. That’s your queue.

Jack: Oh. I feel so lucky, so blessed that we found our way back to each other. I never thought I could feel this kind of joy again. And it’s all because of you. I thank god for it every day. For you, for the way you love me. I promise to always be worthy of that love. I promise to be your partner in all things. Your friend, your confidant, your home. With all my heart, I love you. Now and always.

Diane: Jack, you are such a– a kind, patient, compassionate man. You’ve changed my life. I’m grateful every day for how much you love me and you don’t just– you don’t just say the words. You– you show me what it means to be a true partner in– in everything you do. So, I promise before god and everyone here that I will always be there for you. To love and support you, to– to comfort you. To fight for you. To be your home. Every day, every moment. As long as you will have me.

Kyle: You know, I– I can’t think of a better place for you to be making this commitment to each other. I mean, it’s our family home. A place that holds so many memories, so much love. So dad, do you take this woman to be your wife? Do you promise to love her and cherish her, and protect her, and stand by her side, no matter what life throws at you, from this day forward?

Jack: I do.

Kyle: And mom, do you take this man to be your husband? Do you promise to love him and cherish him, and protect him, and stand by his side, no matter what life throws at you, from this day forward?

Diane: I do.

Kyle: Well then. By the power vested in me and the internet, and the state of wisconsin, I now pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss the groom and vice versa.

[ Attendees cheering ]

Announcer: Additional sponsorship provided by…

Audra: I’m guessing you want me to reconnect with kyle so I can use him. You expect me to manipulate him into doing something that benefits you.

Tucker: Not just me, us. We have a common goal, remember? Just do what I ask, we’ll all benefit.

Audra: I don’t like taking orders about my personal life.

Tucker: I’m not giving you orders. I’m encouraging you to follow your bliss.

Audra: Oh, my bliss? Yeah. Where does that lead me? Us?

Tucker: You know the plan.

Audra: Kyle was never part of the plan.

Tucker: Maybe kyle was always part of my plan.

Audra: Oh my god, this is infuriating.

Tucker: All shall be revealed in good time, my dear. Meanwhile, you help move things along. Have a little fun in the process. Hey, you keep your eye on the prize, jabot. We’re gonna take over that company and you are gonna step in and you are gonna run it. And I’m gonna be on the sidelines. I’m gonna cheer you on. I’m gonna advise you. Kyle, he’s just a tool, man. Don’t worry about kyle. He’s a means to an end. Unless of course, he means more to you than you let on.

Audra: It’s not kyle I’m worried about.

Tucker: What then?

Audra: You know this, it’s all starting to feel like a desperate act than a plan B. Which makes it all seem less and less likely you can actually pull this off.

Jack: Thank you, sharon.

Sharon: Congratulations.

Traci: Well, you look ridiculously happy.

Jack: I think I am ridiculously happy.

Traci: Congratulations.

Diane: Aw, thank you, traci.

Nikki: That’s traci abbott, jack’s sister.

Claire: The author.

Nikki: Mm-hmm.

Claire: She’s a fantastic writer.

Nikki: And an even better human being.

Mamie: Jack, what a wonderful surprise. An impromptu wedding?

Jack: Made all the more lovely by you being here.

Mamie: Why, you look quite dashing. Almost as handsome as his father.

Diane: Oh, I have to disagree. I think my husband is the most handsome man in the world.

Mamie: Oh, I can see that. And you, I can see that same twinkle in your eye that you used to have when you had to have things your way.

Jack: I can’t help it, mamie. I am on top of the world.

Mamie: May you both be as happy as you are now all the days that you’re together.

Nikki: That’s mamie johnson. She worked for the abbotts for years and became an integral part of the family. She recently acquired a stake in chancellor-winters, but not a lot of people were happy with that.

Nate: Jack, diane. Congratulations.

Jack: Thank you, nate.

Nate: I am honored to have been a part of this special occasion.

Diane: Oh, we’re happy you’re here.

Nikki: Nate hastings, son of mamie’s niece, olivia. He is currently the coo of newman enterprises.

Devon: Jack. Congratulations to both of you. If I’d have known there’s gonna be a wedding, I’d have come better prepared.

Jack: Well, that’s why we made it impromptu.

Diane: Yes, we wanted it to be simply about us and our happiness, and share it with all of you.

Devon: Oh, thank you.

Nikki: Devon winters, the winters half of chancellor-winters.

Nate: Jack is clearly thrilled you’re here today. After all, you were a surrogate mother to him and his sisters growing up.

Mamie: Well, it was hard on them when dina left.

Nate: Then you have us, your other family, all in the same place. How does that feel?

Mamie: Like I’ve been blessed with a really rich and fulfilling life and with the capacity to hold all of that love in my heart. I’m not feeling any tension, if that’s what you’re asking.

Nate: Maybe not about your personal relationship to those in attendance.

Mamie: I was wondering when you were gonna get around to asking me about my investment in chancellor-winters.

Nate: What is really going on with that?

Abby: This was such a beautiful idea. Congratulations, you guys.

Jack: Thank you. Thank you.

Diane: And thank you for being so supportive of our relationship, even though I know it puts you in a difficult position with your mother.

Abby: You make him happy. And that’s what I want, for both of you. I’m just sad that this whole blow-up between my mom and tucker kept her from being here.

Diane: Yeah, I’m happy things are better between jack and ashley, but I really doubt she would have come back to celebrate the two of us getting married. I think– I think the best I can hope for with her is that she’ll tolerate me.

Abby: Well, I hope that she proves you wrong, that she’s capable of more.

Jack: I hope so too.

Summer: Thank you.

Kyle: Okay. Hey, I just checked on harrison. His fever’s down, but he’s out like a light.

Summer: He was so excited about today. Poor thing. I mean, the tears when he realized that he was sick. Sleep is the best thing for him right now.

Kyle: Agreed. Well, this is going well.

Summer: Yeah, you are really getting the hang of this whole marrying people thing. I think it could turn into a solid side hustle for you.

Kyle: Yeah. The moonlighting minister. I’ll keep that in my back pocket. But it was nice to be involved in that way.

Summer: Yeah. They seem really happy, in love.

Kyle: They do.

Summer: Ah, I’ll check on harrison in a bit.

Kyle: Okay. Hey, you look great.

Summer: Thanks. You do too. Wayfair has nice prices, so you can have nice things.

Summer: So, when do you officially start as chief of police?

Chance: Tomorrow’s my first day. They want me to do a presser with the mayor.

Summer: Oh, okay. You’re gonna be doing a lot of that from now on. The face of the G.C.P.D.

Chance: That’s the worst part. I hate all the publicity. I just want to do the job.

Summer: But you’re excited.

Chance: Yeah, I am. I am. I wouldn’t let myself believe that this would happen. Now, it’s here. So, reality’s kicking in.

Summer: Paul wanted you to step in because he knew that you would be great at it.

Chance: I just keep asking myself if this is the right job for me.

Summer: Are you serious right now? You have literally been chasing bad guys your entire life. You’re a natural leader.

Chance: Well, if being a leader means sitting behind a desk and not being out in the field, doing what I was trained to do, I don’t know, summer. I told myself I would never let this happen. It’s got me wondering, second-guessing myself.

Summer: Could I offer an unsolicited opinion?

Chance: You know what? After dumping all that on you, sure, why not?

Summer: Hey, that’s what friends are for.

Chance: Okay. So, I– I owe you one now.

Summer: That’s not how it works, but, okay. Uh, good to know.

Chance: What’s your opinion?

Summer: I kind of like the idea of you doing less of the actual chasing the bad guys. I really wouldn’t want anything to happen to my new friend.

Nikki: Chance chancellor, decorated soldier. Former government agent.

Claire: Wow.

Nikki: Yeah, he is a genuine hero. Never had any interest in the family business.

Claire: And his girlfriend?

Nikki: Oh, that’s not his girlfriend. That’s my granddaughter, summer. Kyle’s wife. Well, estranged wife. Sadly, they have filed for divorce.

Claire: Well, that’S… I’m sorry.

Nikki: Well, they’ve had their ups and downs, but I still think there’s hope for them. It– it just can’t be the end.

Claire: Why mrs. Newman, you sound like a romantic.

Abby: Things are good?

Sharon: Yeah. Yes. Um, things are falling into place with the new business.

Abby: And you and chance?

Sharon: Um, we’re having a lot of fun together. I– I’m– I’m really excited for him, you know, in his new job. He starts tomorrow as chief of police.

Abby: Yeah. Yeah, that’s a huge deal.

Chance: Yeah, I know.

Sharon: Um, will you excuse me?

Abby: Sure.

Chance: I do what I can.

Sharon: Hi, summer.

Summer: Hi.

Sharon: Oh, this is so much fun.

Nikki: Well, that was a lovely little ceremony. Victor sends his regrets.

Diane: Mm. I didn’t expect him to make an appearance. I’m kind of surprised you did.

Nikki: I need to get used to the fact that you and jack are together. I’ve accepted it.

Diane: Yes. Your friendship is very important to him.

Nikki: It is just as important to me. If you do anything to hurt jack, I will make your life a living hell. And there are many others who will help me.

Diane: Well, that goes without saying and I’d expect nothing less. You know, I’m happy that there are so many people who are so concerned about jack’s well-being, but you don’t need to worry, nikki, because what you fear is not going to happen.

Nikki: I hope that’s true, for jack’s sake and yours.

Tucker: I’m hurt by your lack of faith in me.

Audra: I haven’t lost faith in you. I’m just kind of losing faith in your plan. It has a feel of a losing proposition.

Tucker: Why? Because I had a minor setback? That was out of my hands. Adam defied daddy and didn’t destroy the evidence.

Audra: No. No, he gave it to the abbotts. I’d say that’s one gigantic fly in the ointment or wrench in the works.

Tucker: Ah, I’m not worried.

Audra: Not even a little bit? You know, the abbotts now have information about a singer on your payroll whose crimes were covered up until his tour was finished. That’s information that could bury you. Okay, now, it’s in the hands of the very people you’re going against.

Tucker: Let’s not forget, you and I are inextricably linked in this, right? My problem is your problem.

Audra: Which is why I don’t want to go in any deeper.

Tucker: Now, don’t go all cowardly on me.

Audra: I’m not being a coward. I’m being smart. It’s time to cut your losses, okay? Just admit that adam got the better of you and just make a deal with the abbotts. Which yes, it means you’re gonna have to give up this scheme and leave them alone. But it also means they’re gonna leave you alone and me, your inextricably linked partner. (Announcer) an important message for americans age 50 to 85.

Tucker: Are you turning down my offer to run jabot?

Audra: You don’t own jabot.

Tucker: Not yet. It’s just a matter of time.

Audra: So you keep saying.

Tucker: I’m gonna make it happen, but I don’t need it, you do. We both know you’re hanging on by a thread at newman. Hell, I’m surprised you’ve lasted this long given what nikki feels about you.

Audra: Maybe I’m just that good.

[ Tucker scoffing ]

Tucker: Don’t forget, it’s the newmans. It’s not a meritocracy.

Audra: And I am a survivor.

Tucker: But you need allies right now. You have none. Nate’s looking after himself now that victor’s back in control. Can we stop this game now? You’re gonna do what I ask you to do. You know why?

Audra: Why?

Tucker: Because you’re a survivor. Because helping me helps you. All right? Now that you’ve got that out of your system, you need to go get ready for a garden party.

Audra: At the abbotts.

Tucker: Yeah. Think about it, audra. You and kyle in that incredibly romantic setting. It gives me the warm and fuzzies. Absolutely magical.

Audra: And, uh, what even makes you think they’re gonna let me in?

Tucker: You’re just that good.

Audra: The place is gonna be crawling with security. They’re not gonna let me near the celebration.

Tucker: You’re telling me you’ve lost your sense of adventure too? Audra, you can do this. Huh? Kyle, oof. You want to do it. Stop wasting time and go knock kyle off his feet.

Jack: Thank you for coming through for us today.

Diane: Yes. What you said was lovely.

Kyle: I meant it. I was so happy and I was thrilled to officiate, especially since I missed your first wedding.

Diane: So, I saw you talking to summer earlier. Things looked pleasant. That’s good.

Kyle: Mom, that was us co-parenting. I was just updating her on harrison.

Diane: Well, it’s nice to see the two of you getting along.

Kyle: Don’t read too much into it.

Mamie: You know, it’s one thing for jill to be suspicious of me. And I’ll admit, I rather enjoy it. But I hope that you and lily don’t really feel that way.

Devon: No. No, not at all. We don’T. You just– it caught us by surprise to find out that you were the one that bought victor’s stake in the company because you’ve kept it such a secret from us.

Nate: I think it’s a good thing mamie has a stake. I mean, weren’t you the one talking about how you wanted chancellor-winters to be a family business?

Devon: I used to want that. Yeah.

Nate: I just don’t see why you have a problem with it. Is it because you wanted control of the situation?

Devon: No, I don’t have a problem with it at all, actually. I think it’s fantastic. And I think it’s great you’re gonna be in town more often. ‘Cause lily and I can spend time with you. And my son will get to know his aunt mamie.

Mamie: And that’s the most important part of all of this for me. Family.

Nate: That is something I think we can all agree on.

Mamie: I am determined. I’m gonna help you get past all of this animosity. I’m gonna make sure that the two of you and lily come back together again. You know, life is short and this has gone on long enough.

Nate: I agree. I’m not just accomplished.

Announcer: The young and the restless will continue.

Traci: Kyle, will you?

Kyle: Oh, sure, sure.

Traci: Thank you. Everyone, jack, diane. Thank you so much for this inspired surprise. And kyle, thank you too, honey. Well done. Um, you were talking earlier about this house and how much love it holds and it brought back so many amazing memories and many of them were made with so many of you that are here this afternoon. And some of them with those who are no longer with us. And I, um, felt mother and daddy here all afternoon with us, for this very beautiful occasion. So here’s to you both and your incredible love. May it fill this house to overflowing. Cheers.

All: Cheers. Hear, hear.

Abby: My turn.

[ Abby laughing ] So, as I was listening to your beautiful vows, I was just looking at the both of you and thinking, you didn’t even have to say one word to each other. It was all there in your eyes. The way that you were looking at each other, how connected you are and just how much you love each other. And I am so happy for you both. Congratulations. Cheers.

All: Cheers.

Devon: That was really good.

Mamie: Diane and my dear jack. I’m not sure that I believe that people are destined to be together, but I do know that when love is real and strong, it will find its way. As has yours. I wish you many, many years of happiness.

All: Cheers.

Kyle: Anyone else?

Nikki: Yes. Sometimes, it takes more than one try to make it work. I know that from experience. But there is a reason why two people keep finding their way back to each other. It could be that one of them is trying to escape a mess they’ve gotten themselves into–

Jack: Nikki…

Nikki: I’m talking about love. The kind of love that defies logic. That perseveres in the face of great odds. And despite interference from well-meaning individuals. Jack, diane. My sincerest congratulations.

All: Cheers.

Jack: I’ll be right back.

Guard: He insists he was invited, but he’s not on the guest list.

Jack: You handled it just perfectly. Thank you very much. I’ll take it from here. Well, you’ve got a lot of gall.

Tucker: I– I know how this looks and I can understand why you might be mad.

Jack: I am not mad. I am disgusted, but I’ll be just fine after you leave.

>>Tucker: Could we could just pretend for the moment that we’re on good terms?

Billy: Oh, you gotta be kidding me.

Tucker: Hey, billy, I was just telling jack–

Jack: You know what? I want you to leave, now.

Billy: Jack, can I have the honors, please?

Tucker: Guys, please? Please, please, relax. I come in peace and bearing gifts or gift for the happy couple.

Kyle: No, audra, I don’t blame you for firing me. That’s what nikki ordered you to do. What choice did you have?

Audra: None at all. And what’s with this sudden edge I’m hearing in your voice? Okay, I’ve heard you direct that at other people, but never at me and frankly, I don’t appreciate it.

Kyle: I’m surprised, that’s all.

Audra: At what?

Kyle: At how quickly you were able to turn off your feelings. We went from your hotel suite to distant acquaintances in the blink of an eye.

Audra: Well, I mean, you talk like we had some sort of storybook romance.

Kyle: I thought it meant something.

Audra: Yes, it did. Two consenting adults who were attracted to each other. You know, we had fun. The sex was great and now, we move on with our lives.

Kyle: I see.

Audra: Don’t look so wounded. Your pride might have taken a hit, but your heart, it’s just fine. Look, we both know the truth here. You’re not the love of my life and I’m not the love of yours. That would be summer.

Kyle: Okay. How many times do I have to say it? It is over between me and summer. There’s no hope of us finding our way back to each other.

Audra: Well, if that’s true, you know, which I doubt. I’m very sorry for you.

Kyle: Don’t be.

Audra: Look, kyle. Look, I know that this, okay, was just about you trying to forget how much summer means to you. But if you dig deep and take a long, hard, honest look, I think you’ll discover that you miss her and you still love her. Much more than you’re willing to admit. (Man) what if my type 2 diabetes takes over? At humana, we believe your healthcare should evolve with you, and part of that evolution means choosing the right medicare plan for you. Humana can help. With original medicare you’re covered for hospital stays and doctor office visits, but you’ll have to pay a deductible for each. A medicare supplement plan pays for some or all of your original medicare deductibles, but they may have higher monthly premiums and no prescription drug coverage. Humana medicare advantage prescription drug plans include medical coverage, plus prescription drug coverage. And coverage for dental, vision, and hearing, all wrapped up into one convenient plan. Plus, there’s a cap on your out-of-pocket costs! Humana has large networks of doctors, hospitals and specialists across 49 states. So, call or go online today and get your free decision guide. Humana – a more human way to healthcare.

Nikki: Traci, this is claire grace, my new assistant at newman media.

Traci: Oh, claire. It’s very nice to meet you and congratulations on your new job.

Claire: Thank you. It’s so wonderful to meet you.

Nikki: Claire is a fan.

[ Traci laughing ]

Claire: Echoes of the past is one of my favorite books. I just– I love your work.

Traci: Oh, my gosh. That’s so sweet. Thank you. And we’re really glad that you could join us today.

Claire: Glad to be here.

Nate: Devon. So, aunt mamie was right. Life is too short. We’re family.

Devon: Yeah. And you know, it hurts a lot more when you get betrayed by your own family.

Nate: I apologize for what I did. I own my mistakes.

Devon: I know you did. And I– I forgive you. That doesn’t mean I have to forget, right?

Nate: Abby?

Abby: This is for the two of you to work out or not. I can’t tell devon how to feel about this.

Nate: Look, there’s gotta be some part of you that appreciates what aunt mamie’s trying to do. Wanting to bring the family together.

Devon: Yeah, she’s not talking about you and me fixing our personal issues. She just wants us to work together.

Nate: Her heart is in the right place. But I agree with you, that’s not gonna happen. I am happy where I am at newman.

Devon: Good.

Nate: And it’s not as if aunt mamie had the power to offer me a job if I did want to come over.

Devon: Yeah. I know.

Tucker: Please accept it.

Jack: I’m not interested in your gift.

Billy: Is it ticking, tucker? Because this is either a bomb or a joke?

Tucker: No, it’s just that I’ve been contemplating the situation I find myself in. And meditating about it and searching my heart, and all this–

Billy: This is nauseating, to be honest.

Jack: Please just leave.

Tucker: It’s exhausting. These feelings of– of anger and negativity, they’re really preventing me from letting go and moving on with my life.

Billy: Well, that’s very sweet, very sweet. Appreciate the catharsis. Can we move on?

Abby: Uncle jack.

Billy: Are you getting out town?

Tucker: Hello, son.

Devon: What are you doing here?

Tucker: I’m glad you asked. Even when I was with the people I love,

Mamie: I really want this to be all jack is hoping for.

Diane: Well, your blessing means the world to him.

Mamie: He’s like a son to me.

Diane: And he sure loves you.

Nate: Diane, you look radiant.

Diane: Oh, thank you.

Nate: This has been a wonderful afternoon. Aunt mamie, there is someone I’d like to introduce you to.

Mamie: Well, that will have to wait. I have to go and powder my nose. To be continued.

Diane: I look forward to it.

Nikki: I wasn’t expecting to see you here. I would have thought you had better judgment. Were you even invited?

Audra: By kyle. You know, I was surprised to get the invitation. You know, it seems you were right. He is having a hard time letting go.

Nikki: Well, you wouldn’t have come if you weren’t having a hard time letting go as well.

Audra: You’re right. I don’t want to. You know, I like being with kyle and if you can’t accept that, then we have a problem.

Tucker: I am here to apologize and make peace.

Devon: Well, I don’t think it’s the time or place to do that.

Tucker: I disagree. Uh, jack and diane are celebrating their marriage and the beginning of their new life together–

Jack: And your marriage just blew up.

Tucker: Yes. Yes. And I was filled with hurt and anger when I got back from paris, but I realized that was just causing me more hurt and anger and I don’t want to live that way. What can I do to prove to you that I’m sincere?

Billy: Why don’t you start by admitting you tried to frame me for embezzling money from my family company?

Tucker: Billy, I know nothing about that.

Jack: Then, we have nothing left to talk about. I’ll say one last time. Get the hell out of my house!

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