Y&R Best Lines Tuesday, October 3, 2023

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Nick: I highly doubt my brother regretted anything. He took advantage of the fact that I was gone.

Sally: No, no.

Nick: Hey, nick’s out of town. Let me real quick try and seduce sally and see if I can convince her to dump him and get back with me.

Sally: No, nick, that’s not what happened.

Nick: That is exactly what happened. This is how my brother operates. It’s who he is.

Sally: He really did seem to feel bad afterward.

Nick: I highly doubt that. So what? He kissed you, then what?

Sally: What? What– what do you mean?

Nick: What did he say? Did he say anything else? Like uh, that he still loved you or he thought the two of you still belonged together?


Victor: I assume you’re implying that I should be worried about your sister?

Adam: Yes. I mean, that was– that was quite an act she put on earlier. Suddenly pleasant and rational. No issues at all. I mean, you saw right through that, right?

Victor: You know I’m not worried about anyone. Not your sister, not Nate, not you.

Adam: Well, then you are not looking closely enough.

Victor: I run this damn place. If any problem should raise its ugly head, I’ll excise it.

Adam: Gonna nip it?

Victor: Anyone who is disloyal to me or to Newman enterprises.


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