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EJ asks Ava what the hell she is doing at the DiMera Mansion as he thought she was on the run. Ava responds that she’s back now and she brought him a little surprise, not that he deserves it after trying to kill her. EJ claims to have no idea what she’s talking about. Ava tells him to spare her the phony denials as she knows he sent that woman to murder her at Bayview and that’s why she is here, to end this now. EJ asks how she plans to do that. Ava tells him to see for himself as Harris then brings in Susan, leaving EJ in disbelief. Susan runs up and hugs EJ.

Chloe meets Philip in the park to inform him that she’s leaving in Salem. Philip asks if she means with Xander. Chloe says no as now that Xander knows he’s the father of Sarah’s baby, what they had is over. Philip says he’s sorry. Chloe says she is too but they obviously can’t live together anymore and she can’t stay at the Spectator, so without a job and no relationship, there is nothing keeping her here.

Sarah is at the Kiriakis Mansion, hoping she can rest after putting baby Victoria down for a nap. Kate then walks in and startles her. Sarah asks what’s wrong. Kate complains that Sarah has dragged Rex in to this psycho drama with Xander and put a target directly on Rex’s back.

Rex shows up at Xander’s door. Xander questions what he wants while Bronson loads his gun behind them. Rex states that Xander texted him to come over which Xander denies. Rex says he has no time for his games and tells him to stop lying. Xander insists that he’s not and he didn’t send him a text, so Rex questions who did. Rex then shows Xander the text but Xander says that’s not his number. Rex asks again who sent it. Xander says he has no clue, but since he is there, they should talk about his baby. Rex argues that his name is on the birth certificate. Xander argues that it doesn’t change things and that he can show a judge a DNA test. Rex says he can fight it all he wants but no court will ever grant him custody so he should get over it and move on but Xander refuses. Xander tells Rex to give up any claim he has to Victoria and then divorce Sarah.

Sarah apologizes to Kate and asks what she is talking about. Kate tells her not to play on her sympathy as a mother because she has put her child directly in the line of fire. Kate says Sarah might want a romantic relationship with Xander and that’s her decision, but he is a homicidal maniac, so she does not appreciate using Rex as a human shield. Kate asks if Sarah wants to see Rex dead.

EJ tells Susan that he didn’t think it was possible that she could be alive and says he has so many questions but doesn’t know where to begin. EJ asks if she’s alright. Susan says she is, especially now that she is with her son. EJ tells her that he’s missed her so much as they embrace. Harris whispers to Ava that while EJ is so distracted, it’s time to make the move to get the confession they promised Rafe while he’s still wearing a wire. Ava then tells Susan that she was really glad that she could reunite her with her son but asks if she could help her out by asking EJ to apologize for sending the woman to Bayview to murder her. Susan tells EJ to confess his sins and beg Ava for her forgiveness.

Philip asks where Chloe is going. Chloe says her parents and Parker are in New York so that makes sense. Chloe adds that she just needs time to process all of this and figure out what’s next. Philip thanks her for telling him when she didn’t have to. Chloe says she wanted to and that she wouldn’t take off without saying anything. Philip notes that in the past she might have and he wouldn’t have blamed her. Chloe says in the past, she would have worried that this would send him in to an obsessive tailspin but she knows he’s changed and she’s not worried about him anymore. Chloe says she’s glad that he’s alive and she’s so proud of him for doing the work to get better. Chloe adds that reconnecting with him has been pretty great. Chloe comments that a change of scenery will be good for her but admits that she will miss him. Philip says he’ll miss her too.

Sarah tells Kate that she doesn’t want Rex dead and asks what kind of question that is. Kate argues that Sarah didn’t want Xander near her baby because she was terrified of him and knew he was a dangerous man and that she’d never be safe which Sarah confirms. Kate questions if it’s alright that Rex isn’t safe and says she doesn’t get her plan for Rex to pretend to be the father of the baby and asks if she really thought she could pull that off. Sarah hoped the truth would never come out. Kate argues that she knew Xander would be out for blood when it did come out. Kate questions why Sarah would do this and risk Rex’s life, asking if that’s okay. Sarah tells Kate to ask Rex because she didn’t come up with the idea to lie about Victoria’s paternity, Rex did

Rex tells Xander that he and Sarah just got married. Xander argues that Sarah only did that to stick it to him. Xander says he would never harm Victoria but he will cause Rex a great deal of pain. Rex warns Xander to stay out of their lives. Xander asks what he’s going to do, kill him. Bronson then suddenly hits Rex from behind and knocks him out. Bronson pulls his gun on Xander and declares that Rex isn’t going to kill him, because that’s his job.

Susan tells EJ that confessions are good for the soul, so she wants him to admit to Ava what he did and she wants him to call off the assassin. Susan points out that she’s alive, so there’s no need for vengeance now. EJ thinks back to sending Bronson after Xander and comes to a realization. EJ says he has to go as he just remembered a critical business arrangement that’s a matter of life and death. EJ says he’ll be back soon and rushes out of the mansion. Susan questions what would make EJ run out so fast.

Xander questions what Bronson is doing. Bronson responds that he’s going to shoot him and then put the gun in Rex’s hand. Xander asks if he knows Rex. Bronson says he knows Rex will go down for murder. Bronson explains that he’s sure neighbors heard them arguing, so by the time the cops come, he’ll be gone and Rex will take the fall for murdering Xander.

Chloe asks what Philip’s plans are. Philip responds that he doesn’t have any and he’s just taking it one day at a time, but jokes that he’s sure Kate has his entire life planned out for him. Philip remarks that the Kiriakis family doesn’t stick to the script and they keep things interesting. Philip jokes that it’s like Body and Soul. Chloe questions him watching that. Philip says he had a lot of time on his hands. Philip talks about Vivian showing up and how they found the will and now the estate goes to Maggie and Alex. Chloe mentions hearing that Alex is Victor’s son and Philip’s brother and how that must be strange for him. Philip acknowledges that Alex was always family, so now he’s just closer family. Philip comments on he, Alex, and Bo being Victor’s three sons but says he’s not sure where he fits in but he’ll figure it out. Chloe is sure that Victor loved them all equally which Philip agrees with. Philip acknowledges that he and Victor didn’t have the smoothest relationship, but he loved him very much and wishes he had the chance to say goodbye. Philip then declares that thankfully he at least gets to say goodbye to Chloe as he hugs her. Philip tells Chloe not to be a stranger and says goodbye. Philip turns to walk away but Chloe stops him and asks if he would want to try to figure things out in New York.

Ava asks Harris what just happened and if EJ is onto them. Ava worries that they missed their one chance to get EJ on tape admitting what he did to her. Harris says they could wait until he comes back but Ava is certain they won’t get another chance. Ava guesses they have to go back to the station to tell Rafe the bad news. Susan comes back in and suggests they all sit down and wait for EJ to come back. Ava says she and Harris were going to head out. Ava tells Susan that before they go, she wants to tell her that when she had her in that car, she was in a very bad place where she was hurt, angry, and not thinking straight. Ava states that her issues were with EJ, not Susan, and she never should’ve dragged her in to it. Ava admits that she was wrong and is truly sorry. Susan talks about believing in forgiveness like in the Bible. Ava says she’s grateful for that and she’s glad that Susan is okay. Ava goes to leave but Susan stops her and asks what’s next for her. Ava responds that she doesn’t know and guesses she will be sent back to Bayview. Susan suggests that could be the one place in the world to keep her safe. Ava and Harris then exit together.

Xander tells Bronson that he doesn’t have to do this. Bronson says he’s getting paid to. Xander offers to pay him but Bronson declines. Xander talks about being in Bronson’s situation. Bronson clarifies that he doesn’t need the money but he loves his job. Xander realizes someone hired him and guesses he knows who did that. EJ then bursts in. Xander asks if EJ came to make sure the job is done right.

Kate is surprised to learn that pretending to be the father of Sarah’s baby was Rex’s idea. Sarah explains that Bonnie showed up unexpectedly in Chicago and saw that she was pregnant, so Rex jumped in and said the baby was his. Kate asks why she didn’t just say that Rex was lying. Sarah admits she could have. Kate accuses Sarah of taking advantage of Rex’s feelings for her. Sarah argues that Rex has always known their relationship was platonic while Kate argues that Sarah knew that Rex wanted a lot more. Kate notes that she and Roman just had breakfast with Rex and he laid out his whole plan of how they are going to stay married. Sarah confirms that Rex called her and told her that Roman was very understanding while Kate was less so which Kate admits. Kate says even though Rex knows the relationship isn’t real, he’s going to do everything he can to win her back while Sarah will let him believe there’s a chance she will fall back in love with him when they both know she won’t. Sarah argues that they can’t predict the future. Kate accuses Sarah of stringing Rex along all the way to the altar and still feeding him false hope. Kate talks about knowing something was wrong with their relationship all along and says now it all makes sense. Sarah apologizes and says she had to put her daughter first. Kate responds that she’s not sorry for putting her son first, so Sarah is mistaken if she thinks she’s going to stand by and let Rex take a bullet for her.

EJ instructs Bronson to put the gun down. Bronson argues that they had a deal. EJ agrees to do his part while releasing him from his. Bronson insists that he needs to finish a job when he starts and adds that Xander will be a witness. Xander assures he’ll forget his face. EJ reminds Bronson that he works for him and he’s telling him that the job is done. Bronson agrees as long as he still gets paid which EJ assures he will. Bronson then gathers his things and exits. Xander assumes EJ sent Bronson because of what he did to Susan and questions why he called him off. EJ reveals that the circumstances have changed as it turns out that Susan is still alive, which shocks Xander.

Susan Banks goes to Marlena’s office to surprise her. Marlena can’t believe that Susan is alive and she’s not dreaming. Susan and Marlena then embrace.

Xander questions that Susan somehow managed to get out of the car before it blew up and she’s been living it up in London. EJ confirms she survived the crash and has been living in London. Xander excitedly calls this a miracle and thanks EJ for telling him and for stopping his goon from doing him in. Xander then grabs his phone and says he’s calling the cops to tell Rafe that EJ just hired somebody to put a bullet in him.

Ava walks in to the interrogation room where Harris has his shirt lifted up. Harris then asks her to help him with removing the wire which she does. They get close as Harris thanks her. Harris is sorry they couldn’t get EJ to admit he ordered the hit. Ava hoped it would help her case and maybe get the police off her back. Harris says they may not have gotten the confession from EJ, but Susan being alive has to help.

Marlena questions Susan being in London all this time. Susan explains that she was chained up in her ex husband’s back bedroom until Ava and Harris showed up. Marlena guesses Susan must have done a wonderful job of helping them find her. Susan admits that Ava and Harris got taken prisoner too at first but what matters is that they are all safe now. Marlena calls it a miracle. Susan tells Marlena that she missed her so much. Marlena says she missed her too but she doesn’t understand who found Susan to take her to Edmund in London. Susan says she still hasn’t solved that one yet. Marlena decides it doesn’t matter since she’s here now with all the people who love her the most in the world as they hug.

Xander tells EJ that he’s on hold. EJ asks if he’s sure he wants to do this. Xander is sure Rafe would love any excuse to lock EJ up. EJ is sure Rafe would relish the opportunity to put Xander behind bars too, reminding him that he’s only not in prison because Rafe couldn’t find a witness to implicate him since Bonnie never saw Xander’s face but Susan did. EJ adds that he’s sure Susan would like to press charges against Xander but he could convince her to let it go unless he’s incarcerated after Xander calls the cops. EJ states that Susan will go in to detail on what Xander did to her, so he’ll end up in a jail cell right next to him. EJ questions if Xander really wants to get to know his daughter in the visiting room in prison if Sarah and Rex would even allow it or if he wants to be free so he can fight for his daughter. Xander reluctantly admits that EJ wins and hangs up the phone. Xander agrees to say that EJ and Bronson were never there while EJ agrees to make sure Susan finds it in her heart to forgive and forget. EJ then exits the apartment. Xander then tells Rex to wake up.

Sarah tells Kate that Rex is a grown man, so she needs to let him make his own choices. Kate argues that it’s not about his own choices but her protecting him from a calculating predatory woman. Kate accuses Sarah of using Rex to keep Xander away. Kate adds that she’s also worried about Sarah hurting Rex and warns that if she does, she will naswer to her. Kate then exits the mansion.

Rex wakes up and questions what the hell happened. Rex accuses Xander of using the baby to get him over, only to have some thug knock him out. Xander claims not to know what he’s talking about and that Rex just fainted. Rex insists that he knows Xander did this because he hurts people, knocks people out, kidnaps them and kills them. Rex declares that biology or not, he will never be Victoria’s father. Rex tells Xander to stay the hell away from his family as he rushes out of the apartment.

Philip questions Chloe wanting him to move to New York with him. Chloe clarifies that she knows they both acknowledged that they have feelings for each other, but she just broke off her engagement and isn’t ready to jump in to anything new so she can’t promise him anything, but she’d still be really happy if they took this journey together. Chloe thinks the change would be good for him too. Philip says he gets it and promises to respect her boundaries. Philip states that nothing happens unless she’s comfortable with it. Chloe says that’s why she asked him to come. Philip asks if she’s sure she’s okay with him tagging along which she assures. Philip then agrees to accompany her to New York. Chloe decides this isn’t goodbye for them then, but there are a few people that she needs to tell that she is leaving. Philip says he does too so Chloe wishes him luck with that. Chloe calls Nicole and says she has news but she doesn’t want to share it over the phone, so she asks to meet for lunch anywhere except the Pub.

Philip meets Kate at the Brady Pub. Kate tells him that she’s so happy to have quality time with one of her sons. Philip says he knows how much she values their time together and he does too, but they aren’t going to be having quite as much of it as she would like.

Harris thinks the worst they can do is send Ava back to Bayview and if she goes back, he’s going with her. Ava doesn’t think that’s going to happen. Harris says it will if Marlena says so, reminding her that he asked to be committed. Ava thinks Harris is beyond needing to be locked up and that Marlena would say he doesn’t need it. Harris talks about all they have been through together and says there are a lot of dangerous people in the world. Harris asks who is going to watch his back if she’s in Bayview while he’s not. Ava compliments his back and says she’s crazy but not blind.

EJ goes home looking for Susan. Susan then joins him in the living room and says she just went to see Marlena so she would know she’s alive. Susan asks where EJ ran off. EJ repeats that he had business to take care of. Susan questions it being more important than being with her. EJ assures nothing is more important than that but now all his business is taken care of so she has his undivided attention. Susan then asks if EJ behaved himself while she was gone. EJ would love to say that he was but asks where the fun is in that as he hugs her.

Xander complains about Rex ordering him to stay away and calls his attorney to say there’s been a development in his case as he just found out Susan Banks is alive and well which changes everything as he’s suddenly a more suitable parent, so he wants to sue for full custody of his daughter.

Rex goes to the Kiriakis Mansion and tells Sarah that she won’t believe what just happened to him. Sarah says she wants to hear it but there’s something she has to tell him first. Rex questions what it is and says she can tell him anything. Rex tells her to just say whatever it is. Sarah holds back tears as she tells Rex that she wants a divorce.

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