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Rex and Philip sit together at the Brady Pub. Philip talks about being relieved that they found Victor’s will and Maggie gets to move back in to the Kiriakis Mansion. Philip calls Vivian a very bad person who he’s thrilled to be rid of. Rex relates to wishing he and Sarah could be rid of Xander. Rex adds that Xander has made it very clear that he has no intention of staying away from Sarah or the baby.

Chloe sits at home on the phone with her mom. Chloe talks about everything being new but she hasn’t had a chance to talk to Xander since he didn’t come home last night. Chloe then hangs up when Xander comes home. Chloe asks if he’s okay and asks where he was. Xander apologizes for worrying her and says he slept in his office as the day was just so crazy that he needed time to process it but he knows he should’ve called her. Chloe says she understands. Xander doesn’t know what to say. Chloe responds that while he was gone, she did some thinking too about her moving out.

At the DiMera Mansion, EJ meets with Bronson, the man he had as his hospital contact, keeping an eye on Joyce. EJ explains that he is now representing Joyce and has advised her to remain silent. EJ then tells Bronson that he has a new job for him as he wants him to take over Joyce’s. EJ declares that he wants him to find and kill Ava Vitali.

In London, Ava tells Susan that she has to get them out of here since she lured her and Harris to London with her mental telegrams. Ava suggests Susan try sending a psychic message to someone who can help them out. Susan doesn’t know if she can do that. Ava warns him to figure it out soon or else Edmund is going to end up shooting someone.

Rafe informs Edmund that Ava and Harris were under the impression that Susan was still alive. Edmund calls that impossible since she was blown up in a car crash. Rafe says they believe they came to Edmund’s apartment. Edmund claims he hasn’t seen them. Tripp reveals that they looked up his address before going missing. Edmund says he’ll let them know if they show up. Rafe asks if he minds if they take a look around. Edmund then pulls his gun out and declares that he does mind. Rafe questions what’s going on and what the problem is. Edmund reveals that if he allows them to look around, they will certainly find his guests and he just can’t have that.

EJ tells Bronson that Ava is missing. He brings up Rafe wanting to put EJ away for years and questions giving him a reason to turn up the heat. EJ responds that he’s not worried about Rafe and feels he’s waited too long to get vengeance for his mother. EJ adds that Ava is trying to convince people that Susan is still alive. EJ says that couldn’t be so either Ava is delusional or she’s trying to trick him in to backing off. EJ declares that either way, he wants her dead.

Susan tells Ava that her gifts don’t work like that. Ava encourages her to try. Harris says there has to be someone she can reach. Ava tells Susan to focus and reach out to someone who can come save them. Susan doesn’t think it’s going to work but then she has a vision of Edmund pulling a gun on Rafe and Tripp. Ava asks if she saw something. Susan explains that she saw an image of Edmund pointing a gun at Ava’s son.

Tripp asks Edmund who his guests are. Edmund admits they are the two people they came looking for. Tripp questions what he did with his mother. Edmund questions Tripp being Ava’s son and brings up what Ava did to Susan. Edmund argues that Ava did her best to put out Susan’s light. Edmund remarks that Ava hurt him deeply, so now he’s going to hurt her deeply by killing her son. Rafe tells Edmund that no one needs to get hurt here. Rafe says they all see he’s suffering. Edmund argues that he has no idea and calls Susan his one true love. Edmund talks about wanting to keep her safe from the cruel world. Rafe calls her death a horrible tragedy. Edmund talks about it haunting him. Edmund says they were apart for years but he always hoped they would reunite. Edmund argues that Susan mistook his devotion for obsession because he said he would do anything to take care of her, even kill. Rafe argues that Susan’s gone so he doesn’t have to do that now. Rafe asks for the gun. Edmund warns Rafe to stand aside or else he’ll shoot him first and Tripp second.

Ava asks Susan if she’s saying Tripp is there. Susan responds that it sounds like he’s right out there in the living room and Edmund has a gun on him. Ava tries screaming for Tripp that they are back there. Susan tells her that won’t work since the whole place is soundproof. Susan starts to ramble until Ava yells at her to just stop talking. Ava then pleads with Harris to get out there and save Tripp.

EJ asks Bronson if he wants the assignment or not. Bronson responds that if he wants Ava dead, he will make her dead but he doesn’t know where she could be now. EJ says that he’s working on locating her, but until that happens there’s another sitting duck waiting for him in Salem and that’s Ava’s accomplice, Xander Cook.

Rex and Philip talk about Sarah wanting to keep her baby away from Xander. Rex brings up what Xander did to Susan and questions why he’s not in prison. Philip asks if Sarah doesn’t still have feelings for Xander. Rex says there’s only disgust, noting that Xander lied to Sarah over and over. Philip brings up that Rex and Sarah have had their issues too. Rex admits that he still has a lot of work to do to regain Sarah’s trust. Rex adds that unless Xander found a way to resurrect Susan Banks, there’s no way that Sarah is letting him back in to her life or her daughter’s.

Xander tells Chloe that he knows he just found out that he’s the father of Victoria. Chloe assumes that Xander wants to work things out with Sarah as she knows he loved her for a long time and maybe he still does. Xander insists that he doesn’t love Sarah anymore after she tried to keep his child from him and put another man’s name on his child’s birth certificate. Chloe agrees that he has every right to feel hurt and betrayed which is why she knew she had to tell him the truth that she overheard from Rex and Philip. Xander states that moment proved he could trust Chloe and he knows their relationship is strong and honest which he is so grateful for. Xander declares that he’s going to fight Sarah for the baby and he needs Chloe by his side when he does that.

EJ informs Bronson that Xander Cook kidnapped and terrorized Susan so he’s the reason that she ended up in the car with Ava. Bronson agrees that Xander deserves what’s coming to him but asks again if it’s safe considering EJ is already under suspicion for what happened with Ava, so if Xander takes a bullet then a lot of blowback will come EJ’s way. EJ reveals that he’s prepared for it and that’s why he’s going to frame Rex Brady for Xander’s murder.

Rex admits to Philip that Chloe overhearing them talking about Sarah really complicated things. Philip hopes he doesn’t blame Chloe for telling Xander. Rex understands she just did what she thought was right and that secrets have a way of coming out. Rex adds that Chloe also heard Philip say that he’s still in love with her and asks how she took that. Philip admits it was better than he could’ve imagined after everything he did to Brady as he never thought Chloe could forgive him or consider a relationship with him again. Philip adds that Chloe admitted that her feelings for him came back when he returned to Salem.

Chloe questions Xander wanting to win custody of the baby. Xander knows it’s a longshot with his history but he’s her father and deserves to be his daughter’s life. Chloe asks if he’s hired an attorney. Xander says he’s had preliminary discussions and was advised not to leave town so he apologizes as he knows they planned to go to New York to get married. Xander tells Chloe that he still wants to marry her and he doesn’t want to be with Sarah, especially after what she did. Xander repeats that he loves Chloe and wants to be with her. Chloe responds that she’s sorry but she doesn’t think she feels the same way anymore and she doesn’t want to be with him.

Ava tells Harris that she needs to get Tripp. Harris assures that he won’t let Edmund hurt Tripp. Ava points out that Harris can’t break the chains. Susan offers to help by praying for strength and says prayer is always the answer. Susan stands with Ava and says they are going to pray to the lord. Harris says he’ll take all the help he can get and then he successfully breaks the chain. Ava is shocked while Susan thanks God.

Tripp tells Rafe to move as there’s no point in both of them getting shot. Edmund says he makes sense and adds that this isn’t Rafe’s fight. Edmund tells Tripp to save a place for Ava in Hell and assures he won’t have to wait long. Harris then bursts in and fights with Edmund over the gun.

Ava shouts for Harris and worries about what is going on or if Harris doesn’t make it in time. Susan encourages Ava to have faith, pointing out that the Lord helped break the chains so now they have to hope he will stop Edmund from pulling the trigger. They then hear the gunshot and Ava screams.

The gun fired in to the ground as Harris wrestles the gun away from Edmund. Harris assures that he’s okay as Edmund complains that this is not right. Harris orders Edmund to sit down and not move. Rafe asks for the gun which Harris hands over. Tripp asks where Ava is. Harris tells him that she’s fine and to follow him. Rafe stops Harris but Harris assures Rafe that he doesn’t have to worry as they are done running which Rafe accepts. Harris then takes Tripp to see Ava. Rafe then informs Edmund that he is under arrest as he makes a call.

Ava worries that she doesn’t hear anything after one gun shot. Harris then returns with Tripp. Tripp embraces Ava and is shocked to see Susan is alive, realizing Ava was right. Harris says he will get them unchained. Susan thanks Harris. Harris responds that if she wants to thank him, she can tell EJ to leave Ava alone. Susan agrees to do that and tells him not to worry because EJ will listen to his mom. Harris hopes she’s right about that.

EJ explains to Bronson that Rex Brady has been presenting himself as the father of Sarah Horton’s new child but it’s come to light that Xander Cook is the true father. Bronson notes that could cause bad blood and guesses EJ doesn’t like Rex either. EJ responds that he has no feelings about Rex but they need a fall guy, so Rex is going to have to be collateral damage.

Rex knows it hasn’t always been smooth sailing for Philip and Chloe, but he’s always believed they belong together. Philip responds that he won’t argue that, but he lost his way last time with her as his obsession took over and he did some terrible things. Philip admits he wasn’t well and he hurt a lot of people including Chloe, so he doesn’t want to be that guy again. Rex is happy to hear that and asks what this means for he and Chloe. Philip responds that he is sitting back and letting things happen the way they are supposed to. Philip states that Chloe knows how he feels so it’s up to her to decide who she wants to be with. Rex jokes that it’s crazy that the women they love can either choose to be with them or that thug Xander. Philip declares that he likes their chances.

Xander asks Chloe if she thought he was with Sarah when he didn’t come home last night or that he’d just give up on everything they have. Xander doesn’t blame her for having doubts. Chloe says that didn’t help but this isn’t just about he and Sarah. Chloe informs Xander that when he went to confront Sarah, Philip came over and said he still loves her and never stopped. Xander argues that’s Philip’s problem not Chloe’s. Chloe admits that she has unresolved feelings for Philip and guesses that she always has. Chloe thought Philip was dead so it didn’t matter but then when she saw him, all these feelings came rushing back. Xander asks if that means Chloe wants to be with Philip. Chloe says she doesn’t know since things ended really ugly for them and she’d never want that back but she guesses she needs some time to figure things out. Xander says he understands. Chloe tells Xander that she loves him and she has loved being with him, but thinks maybe somehow they ended up here because Sarah broke his heart and she never thought she’d see Philip again. Chloe admits that she’s not over Philip and she thinks Xander will realize he’s not over Sarah. Xander asks what now. Chloe guesses she will spend one last night here in her old room and then tomorrow, she will pack her things and go. Chloe kisses Xander goodbye and exits as Xander holds back tears.

Harris, Ava, and Tripp bring Susan out to Rafe, who is shocked to see that she really is alive. Susan can’t believe half of Salem came to rescue her. Rafe can’t believe that Edmund held her captive this whole time and asks how she even got here. Harris and Ava explain that Edmund said he got a phone call from someone who said they knew Susan survived the crash and then two men showed up with an injured Susan. Rafe asks Edmund who it was but Edmund reiterates that he has no idea who the man was. Rafe asks if Susan doesn’t remember. Susan confirms she’s coming up blank but says it really does scare her to think that whoever grabbed her is still out there…

The Next Day…

EJ puts a photo of Susan on the mantle at home and calls Bronson, who informs him that he’s about to text Rex and send him over to Xander’s apartment, where he will be waiting. EJ instructs Bronson to call him when everything is done and hangs up.

Rex sits with Kate at the Pub, complaining that she’s not hearing him. Kate assures that she is hearing that he is planning on remaining married to a woman who is using him and letting him raise another man’s child. Rex argues that Sarah is not using him and that they care about each other a lot. Rex adds that he already loves Sarah’s daughter like his own. Rex questions why Kate can’t be okay with this like Roman is. Kate argues that unlike them, she is thinking straight and she knows there is no way that Xander is going to back off and let Rex pretend to be the father. Rex responds that he’s not afraid of Xander while Kate warns that he should be. Rex then gets a text message from Bronson pretending to be Xander, saying he needs to see him at his apartment about the baby. Kate asks if Xander wants to squash him like a bug. Rex informs Kate that Xander wants to see him. Kate urges him not to go but Rex feels it’s the perfect opportunity to set things straight. Kate pleads with him but Rex exits the Pub.

Chloe packs her bags at the apartment. Xander guesses this is it. Chloe tells him that they’ll figure out another time for her to get the rest of her stuff. Xander tells her that she will always have a place there. Xander adds that he thought she should have their dart board. Chloe asks if he’s sure he doesn’t want to keep it. Xander jokes about who’s picture he would put on it between Rex, Sarah, and Philip but never Chloe’s. Xander hugs Chloe as she cries. Chloe kisses Xander goodbye and they tell each other to take care as Chloe then exits.

EJ pours a drink in the living room and tells the portrait of Stefano that it’s all in motion as justice will be served to Xander and then Ava is next. Ava then walks in to the room, shocking EJ.

Rafe and Tripp return to the police station in Salem. Tripp thanks Rafe for letting Ava do this her way. Rafe assures that he’s not doing it out of the goodness of his heart. Rafe adds that Ava and Harris should be in a jail cell or at least back in Bayview. Tripp points out that Rafe knows as well as he does that it was EJ who sent the woman to kill Ava. Rafe declares that is why he’s going to do everything in his power to nail his ass.

EJ asks Ava what the hell she is doing here as he thought she was on the run. Ava responds that she’s back now and she brought him a little surprise, not that he deserves it after trying to kill her. EJ claims to have no idea what she’s talking about. Ava tells him to spare her the phony denials as she knows he sent that woman to murder her at Bayview and that’s why she is here, to end this now. EJ asks how she plans to do that. Ava tells him to see for himself as Harris then brings in Susan, leaving EJ in disbelief.

Chloe meets Philip in the park. Chloe thanks him for coming as there was something she needed to tell him. Chloe then announces that she is leaving Salem.

Bronson shows up at Xander’s apartment and claims he’s from the gas company there to inspect a leak. Xander says it’s not a good time but Bronson warns that gas leaks can be deadly and promises it won’t take long. Bronson then enters the apartment. Rex then shows up at the door. Xander questions what he wants while Bronson loads his gun behind them.

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