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Man, I’ve got to be home. Hey. That was the longest shift ever.

What, no kiss? Sorry. What are you so focused on? Uh, trying to find a new job since EJ Jamera fired me. That’s right. I’m, Wendy, again, I’m, I’m so sorry about that. Why? You’re not the one who got caught hacking into his phone. And, as we discussed, you told me to stay out of it. But I wouldn’t listen. I know, I know, but you were just trying to help me.

Which I obviously didn’t succeed at. Never did find proof that EJ put a hit out on your mom. And now Ava and Harris are on the run. Yeah, thanks to me, the police are hot on their trail.

This is it. Yeah. The guy at the front desk has a good pair of eyes. He seemed pretty definite that the two people staying in this room matched the description we gave him. He was kind enough to give us this. Why don’t you explain to him that we’re working with Scotland Yard and the ISA. Alright, so we’re about to pay a surprise visit to Eva and Michael’s.

Freeze! Police!

Phillip, hi. Hey. Hey, come in. Uh, yeah, um, sure, but, uh, what are you doing here? Isn’t your brother getting married today? Uh, uh, yeah, he was, but… Let me guess. Xander crashed the wedding. He sure did.

Well, what do you have to say for yourself? Okay. You know what, I actually don’t care anymore what you have to say. You kept me from my daughter long enough, I’m just gonna go back in there and tell you No, wait, you can’t! You’ve watched me.

Like sand through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

No, no, no, Xander, wait, wait, wait. You said you wanted to talk. Let’s talk. Fine. You can start by explaining how you could pass off my child as Rex Brady’s. What kind of person are you, Sarah? Wait! Hang on, you and I did the exact same thing to Eric, and I don’t remember you having a problem with it then. No.

No, that was different. How? You told Eric that I was Mackenzie’s father because you didn’t want to complicate things between him and Nicole. You lied to me about Victoria out of sheer spite. No, that is not true. Yes, it is true. You kept my child’s paternity a secret, just to punish me. I did it to prevent an innocent child from being raised by a killer.

All clear. Well, if there was any indication on who those two people were.

William Thacker and Anna Scott. A. K. A. Harris Michaels and Ava Vitale. At least we know they’re still in the country. Yeah, but where are they now?

Well, luckily this place is open so late. Uh, yeah, uh, what are we doing here? Hmm? I mean, why are we here? What if we get recognized? By, let’s say, the cops or maybe one of EJ’s goons. He comes and tries to take me out. Try to relax. I mean, can I pour you some more tea?

Last night you said you trusted me. Yeah. I do. Okay. I just would feel better if we weren’t so exposed. I promise we’re fine. And sitting in that hotel room was not getting us any closer to finding Susan. What if Susan isn’t even in London? I mean, hell, what if she’s not even alive? We already talked about this.

The visions and the signs say she is. That could all be in my head. They could all be figments of my imagination. Right? I mean, hell, I mean, it could be Susan’s ghost tormenting me from beyond the grave. Yeah, but the visions aren’t the only thing that brought us here. Dr. Evans hypnotized you. You said you saw Susan stepping out of the car before it exploded.

You’re the one who told me that Susan has certain powers. Mmm. Yeah, yeah, yeah. And, uh, apparently… Said Powers helped your friend Marlena

battle Satan. Well, if she can channel Powers to bring us to London. That’d be child’s play, right? Yeah, I suppose. But, if that is true,

if she waiting for? Why hasn’t she sent us another sign?

Still, I don’t understand why you’re here. Given what just went down at the pub, I figured you’d be upset. So I had to come see you. You okay? No, but I will be. Look, I know you’re the one who told Xander he’s Victoria’s father. He said you knew because you overheard me and Rex talking. Yeah, I overheard you guys.

Crossing through the square and I probably should have kept walking, but I didn’t and I’m sorry. Hey. Hey, I wasn’t Calling you out I’m a secret like that. It’s bound to eventually come out anyway This is Salem after all That is true I just hope Rex and Sarah are as understanding as you are. Though, why would they be?

I mean, obviously Sarah didn’t want anyone to know about this, but something this big, I just couldn’t keep it from Sandra. I felt like he had the right to know. I get it, Chloe. I do. But still, I feel awful that he ruined their wedding. He didn’t. They’d already tied the knot by the time he showed up. Oh, so, Rex and Sarah are married.

But you and Xander obviously didn’t make it to New York. Oh, you knew about that? Yeah, he mentioned it at the pub. Okay, well, actually right before you got here I was talking to my mom on the phone and telling her that the wedding is off. She’d already bought it dressed. My final sale, she can’t return it.

Why should she have to? Chloe, there’s no reason you and Xander can’t still get married. Actually, there is.

You have no idea how much I hated myself over what happened with Susan. What happened to Susan?

You can’t even bring yourself to say it, can you? She went off of a cliff. She died in a horrible explosion because of you. No, Ava Vitale killed Susan after I let her go. No, she may have been driving the car. But Ava would have never gotten her hands on Susan in the first place if you hadn’t kidnapped her.

So we’re back to all this? You mean how you’re directly tied to a murder? You are damn right we are back to that. That’s just your interpretation of events. Those are not the facts, Sarah. Do you want the facts,

Xander? Here are the facts. That despite all of the years of pain and suffering that you have caused me, And pretty much everyone I know. I continued to buy your bull about being changed.

But after you, you signed on with Ava, you, you kidnapped Bonnie. And you teamed up with Gwen. Yet again. You got Susan killed.

Santa, I couldn’t stay married to you. I, I couldn’t be around you.

And I certainly wasn’t going to let… My child grew up around your toxic influence, so I did what I thought I needed to do to keep her safe. Right. So once again, Sarah Houghton played God. But not just with my life, but with my daughter’s. Because Sarah Houghton never makes a mistake. She never makes a wrong choice or a regrettable call of any kind.

Sarah Orton knows what’s best for everyone. God, it must be so nice to be so damn perfect.

How are you holding up? Stupid question. I knew you weren’t sick about it. Worried, guilt ridden. She was counting on me and that made everything worse. Tripp, you can’t blame yourself. Okay, Rafe had an eyewitness who saw Ava and Harris behind our building. I’m sure he threatened to charge you if you didn’t tell him where they were.

Yeah, he did threaten me. See? You had no choice.

I can’t believe Rafe tried to go after you for protecting your own mother. Did he say he was going to arrest you? Not exactly. Oh. Well then, how did he get You to tell him that Ava and Harris went to London. Doesn’t matter.

Wait, he didn’t get physical with you, did he? No, no, nothing like that. Okay, can we just drop it? If he didn’t. Okay, now please, just let it go. Tripp, come on. I risked my career for this. And yes, that was my choice. But I’m guessing it wasn’t your choice to send the cops after your mother, so I want to know how Rafe got you to talk.

Okay, fine. It was you. Okay? Me? Rafe said that if I didn’t give up my mom and Harris, he’d go after you.

You want a bite? It’s the last one. I am not hungry. Are you sure? I mean, they’re good.

Explain this to me, would ya? Um, first, Susan, she won’t leave me alone. Won’t stop hounding me about telling the truth, and um, keeps giving me these cryptic clues about London. So we come here, we come all the way over here, and suddenly she clams up. Why? Well, I don’t, I don’t know. I’m not an expert in this kind of thing.

But maybe she just wants us to be patient. Why would she want that? Huh? Suddenly she’s the coy clairvoyant? Maybe. Or maybe she’s just screwing with me. She doesn’t really want to be found. Hey! Suzie Q! Are you there? We’re here, and um… Why don’t you give us another damn sign, would ya?

Yeah, there you go. Ava, look. What?


Maybe I did play God. But I had to protect my daughter. She was not in any danger! Oh, because you went legit?

How many times have I heard that? How many times did you swear to me that your life of crime was over and that you were going straight? That you wanted to be a better man for me? I didn’t want that! Then why did you say yes to Ava? Because I was desperate! We were flat broke, remember? No! No, we weren’t. I was working part time at the hospital.

We were living at the mansion so that we could save. Yeah, but Victor reminded me every five seconds what a freeloader I was. You could have swallowed your pride for, for a few months. But instead you, you moved us into a roach motel and said that you were going to get a job. A respectable, high paying, and honest job.

I was going to work at the Spectator, but Jack, he, he couldn’t hire me. Because of Gwen! And then you teamed up with her to blackmail the paper away from him and Jennifer! I

tried. did

you pound the pavement? Did you? Work the phones because that, that is what people do when they are looking for a job, Xander. They don’t just get one rejection and then take to kidnapping. That is so easy for you to say. What does that mean? Pound the pavement and go where, exactly? Work the phones and call who?

Everyone in this town hates me! I was, I was drowning in debt. I had creditors breathing down my neck. I don’t, I don’t have a rich mummy offering me handouts, Sarah. Do not do that. My mother loves you like a son to this day. She wanted to help both of us. You’re right. Maggie’s an angel, but the money she was trying to give us, it came from Uncle Vic.

Who cares? I care! He took every opportunity to belittle me, and he refused to apologize. I wasn’t going to take a dime off of him! You’re very happy to take a cut of Ava’s ransom money. Not a day goes by that I don’t regret my role in Susan’s death. I made the choice that I made because… The thought of disappointing you again, Sarah, the…

The idea of failing you as a husband, as a man… It was more than I could bear. So I did what I thought I had to do.

So did I,

when I chose to make Rex the father of my baby instead of you.

I get that your new husband sharing a kid with his ex wife complicates things. But, Chloe, you and Xander can still be happy if you’re co parenting with Sarah and Rex. Tons of blended families make it work. Xander and I aren’t going to be a family or anything else. What makes you say that? Because I asked him point blank if he thought we could still get married when he found out the truth about Victoria.

And of course he tried convincing me that nothing was going to change, but we both know damn well that it, it will. It changes everything and that’s why I told him to go to the pub. I see. I’m sorry, Chloe. I know you really cared about him.

You know, people were really shocked when they found out that we fell for each other. Us included, but you know what? What we had, it was real. It was. With that being said, all the times Xander tried to assure me that he was over Sarah, I knew that he wasn’t. I knew that he had all these unresolved feelings for her.

I guess you would know something about that.

Just how much of my conversation with Rex did you overhear?

Chloe, answer me, please. Okay, I heard enough to know that you might still be in love with me.

Rafe threatened to go after me. He figured out that you were the one who doctored those passports for my mom and Harris. And he said that if I didn’t tell him what I knew, he would send in Trask. Oh my God. You made you choose between your mother and me. And you chose me? Why? Why would you do that? Isn’t it obvious?

Because I’m in love with

you. I gotta admit, Wendy Shin has skills. These look real. Yeah. Real enough to get them out of the country. Well, if they’re gonna want to go anywhere else, they’re gonna need these. Yep. Which means they’ll be back for them eventually. And we’ll be here waiting

for them. You don’t see that. See what? A plate of crumbs? Uh, no. It’s a letter E. So it’s not an S? No, it’s definitely an E. As in exactly what you wanted. You just asked Susan for a sign and here it is. Oh. You think that Susan is talking to us through a pastry? Why not? Because it’s bonkers. It’s possible.

Okay. So, um, Lady Woo Woo arranged these crumbs in the shape of a letter E. What does it mean?

Okay, so, so far Susan’s signs have been big smoke, which meant London, and now we have the letter E. So now we’re seeing messages and food? I think that’s our cue to head back to the wing. No, no, this is good. This is progress. Oh. Okay. Tell me what it means. Don’t know yet. I do. It means nothing. What, what, you’ve given up?

I thought, I thought you were, I thought you were tougher than that. Oh, I’m tough. I’m also smart enough to know that I’m not gonna waste my time on something that is obviously hopeless. Obviously hopeless? Come on, all we gotta do is figure out a way to connect the letter E to Susan Banks. It’s a piece of cake.

Or scone, in this

case. You’re really enjoying yourself, aren’t you? What can I say? I enjoy solving a good puzzle. Especially with a friend. Oh, we’re friends now, huh? Yeah, I’d say so. What about you?

Yeah, I’d say so.

You know, we should probably work on this bag of the hotel. Yeah, it would suck to get busted. Especially since we’re one step closer to finding Susan.

Alright. Talk to the guy at the front desk. He’s going to keep an eye out for Ava and Michaels. As soon as they get here, he’s going to call me. Okay. So what do we do? We just sit here?

Well, not much else we can do. Alright, well we tracked them to this hotel by using the surveillance footage from the taxi stand over at the airport. Can’t we just pull that surveillance footage from the taxi stand downstairs? I already did that. Nothing on it. So, they must have gone out the back or on foot.

Gone where? And why London? What are they even doing here? We should know. But you do know Ava. I mean, you were involved with her. Gosh. Why would she pick this location of all places? London’s a big city. Easy to get lost in. Yeah, but the U. K. has an extradition treaty with the U. S. And a former mob princess and a Navy SEAL wouldn’t know that.

Yeah. So, why wouldn’t they just go off the grid? Maybe it’s not about running from something, but trying to do something. So you think there’s a specific reason why they chose here? Did Tripp say anything that would suggest that? He was pretty tight lipped. I’m not that I blame him, I mean, I was trying to get him to grass up his girlfriend.

Grass up? We haven’t been here a full day and you’re already using the lingo? Oh, you know you love it. Whatever. Mr. Sherlock Homeboy. Who are you calling? Leave it to Sherlock.

You left me? I’ve been wanting to tell you for a while now. I almost did the first night we made love, but… But what? I was afraid you wouldn’t say it back. Why? Experience.

You mean Allie.

Tripp. Just because you said I love you to her, she didn’t say it back, that doesn’t mean the same thing will happen with me. In fact, I can guarantee you it won’t. So you mean… I love you too, Tripp. I’m in love with you. Wow, I, I feel like we should shout from rooftops or something. I have a better idea.

Chloe, I never wanted you to know how I feel about you. Why not? As you may have overheard in the square, I didn’t want to get between you and Xander. Or mess up Rex’s relationship with Sarah. So, you were willing to sacrifice your own happiness for everyone else? You sacrificed yours by telling Xander the truth.

Besides, I don’t deserve to be happy after everything I did to you and Brady. Oh, come on, Philip. You were mentally ill and you got the help that you needed. You are not the same person anymore. Maybe not. But… I know there’s no way you could ever love me again.

I’m not so sure about that.

You really… You really think Rex would be a better father than me?

Of course I do.

He’s not a criminal, for one thing. No, he’s just a liar and a serial adulterer. Have you forgotten? He cheated on you with your own sister. You seem to have no problem giving him my child to raise.

Rex has changed. He has.

Unlike you. He learns from his mistakes and he regrets hurting people. I just told you that I regret my part in Susan’s death every day. What about the spectator? Do you regret stealing that? Because Jack was your best friend.

What about the money laundering and the diamond smuggling?

Do you regret shooting Brady? Or Marlena?

What about putting Nicole in a cage? Do you have any… pangs of regret for all the psychos that you have teamed up with over the years? Like Orpheus. And Clyde Weston.

You can list every sin I’ve ever committed. All the way down to my unpaid parking tickets, but… That doesn’t give you the right to disqualify me as a father. Sarah, come on. Whatever little you think of me now, you must know I would, I would never harm my own child. You do, you do know that, right?

Sarah? Do we need to go right out here?

Go back inside, Rex. This doesn’t concern you. No, it doesn’t. Sarah’s my wife. Oh, you say that like it means something. You know, she only married you to keep up this charade. She doesn’t love you. Shut your mouth. Got a nerve, did I? Keep talking, I’m gonna hit a whole bunch of your nerves. Of all the people Sarah could spend her life pretending to care about, I can’t believe she chose the wanker who knocked up his ex behind her back.

I don’t give a damn what you believe.

It doesn’t matter. Rex and I get acquainted with my daughter? It’s not happening.

It’s, it’s getting late. We don’t have to talk about this now. No, no, no, Phillip, wait. I, I, I want to talk about it. I need to talk about it. Okay. When I thought you were dead, I guess a part of me died right along with you. And I didn’t even realize it until you showed up a few weeks ago. Right here at my doorstep, alive.

And I felt a part of me. There’s a part of me that I used to love you with all my heart and I felt that part come back to life again. Chloe… And I was denying it, okay, because of our past and because I was with Xander, but I don’t want to do that anymore. I can’t pretend like that part of me doesn’t exist.

It has been there since I was 16 years old and it’s not going away. And in fact, the more time I… And with you, the stronger it gets.

Chloe. Are you saying you still have feelings for me?

Maybe we should take this into the bedroom?

Oh, really? It’s Rafe.

Yeah, you want? Oh, what’s with the attitude, man? You threatened my girlfriend. You expect me to be polite? Just tell me what you want. Okay, fair. I have an update on your mom. Her and Michael’s were taken into custody by Scotland Yard. Is she okay? I’m not gonna lie, man. Your mother’s in serious trouble. Can’t, can’t you do something?

Yeah, I wish I could, but that’s, uh, yeah, that’s way above my pay grade, man. I mean, them coming to another country was a big mistake. They didn’t just run for the hell of it, okay? They went to London to find Susan. What? Find Susan? What, Susan Banks? She’s dead. No, no, she isn’t. My mom remembered seeing her get out of the car before it exploded, okay?

She is sure of it. If this is some kind of a trick, man… It isn’t. I I I swear, okay? Dr. Evans hypnotized her and it all came back, okay? She believes that Susan is alive and somewhere in London. If she can prove that, that would help her case, right? Well, I’ll let you know when I find her. Wait, wait, wait, wait.

You said that she was in custody? I lied.

Can you pay the check? Yeah. Also borrowed the waiter’s phone. Who are you going to call? No one. I thought we would just search the internet for clues. Search the… Wait, where are you going to search and where are you going to begin? Well, I think, uh, I think we put in Susan Banks and the letter E. And we’ll go from there.

Don’t, don’t answer that. I don’t want you to say something that you’ll regret because you’re emotional. I know I’m being emotional, Philip, but this is not some knee jerk reaction to what happened with Xander. Like I said before, I’ve… I’ve had these feelings for you for a while now. I swear, I did not come here to discuss this.

I, I know that, I know that you would not take advantage of me during a vulnerable moment and use it to get what you want. That, that’s the old Phillip. I see how much you’ve changed.

I should go.

But so you know, I’m here for you, Chloe. I always will be.

You have no claim to Victoria. She’s my flesh and blood, Rex. My name is on the birth certificate. I’m married to her mother. So in the eyes of the law, Victoria is my child, not yours. Come on. A quick DNA test will fix all that. Should be back in my arms as soon as I get the results. You want to go down that road, you’re in for a long, ugly legal battle.

And what judge in their right mind would give custody to a convicted felon over two highly respected physicians? If you think that your pathetic little threats are going to make me back down, you’re sorely mistaken. I’m going to fight harder for Victoria than I’ve ever fought for anything in my life.

And mark my words, I will win. I’m going to be part of my daughter’s life. And there’s nothing either of you two can do to stop me!

What did Rafe want? That son of a bitch just tricked me into telling him that my mom and Michaels went to London to find Susan Banks. He lied and said that they’re in police custody. Oh, damn it! How could I be so stupid? Tripp, you’re not stupid. Once again, Rafe did something really messed up to get you to talk.

Yeah, well, it worked. And now he and Jada are probably closing in on my mom and Michael as we speak. Susan Banks is alive? I thought she died when Ava drove her off the cliff. They never found her remains. Well, the car exploded. I mean, would there be any remains? We just assumed that she was incinerated.

Now Tripp says that Ava remembers seeing Susan get out of the car right before it caught on fire. And Susan supposedly came here. That’s what Tripp said. I don’t know, Rafe. He sounds like a son desperate to get his mother off the hook. Maybe. But it is Salem. Dead people turning out not to be dead. Not all that unusual.

So, for argument’s sake, let’s say Susan Banks is alive. What brought her to London? Man, there’s a ton here on Susan, but nothing that links her to the letter key.

Try crumbs. What? Add crumbs to the search. Yeah, zero comes up. Yeah, just try it. It’s possible. Okay, okay. Susan Banks and… Crumbs. Here we go.

Holy cow. What? Oh, come on, you find something? Yeah, it’s a, it’s like a newspaper article from like 25 years ago. It looks like a wedding announcement. Read it. Susan Banks of Salem, USA ties the knot in merry old England to Edmund P.Crumb.

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