Y&R Best Lines Monday, September 18, 2023

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Victor: I mean, don’t get me wrong, a desire to change and go on a new path, you know, I find that admirable.

Adam: But?

Victor: I know you. You try, and, for a while, it works, and then, your darker side emerges and whatever you’ve accomplished, you undo it.

Adam: Every other time, absolutely. But dad, not this time.

Victor: What’s different?

Adam: I have nothing left to lose. You always told me that I needed humility. Well, here I am, dad. I’m– I’m humbling myself before you right now. Just let me start at the bottom. I’ll do– I’ll do whatever it takes, and– and maybe somewhere along the way, I’ll turn into an actual human being and hopefully, I can start erasing some of the damage that I’ve caused.

Victor: Let me think about it, okay?

Adam: That’s all I can ask.

Victor: Okay. Son… if your intentions are sincere… I’m very impressed


Adam: You know, I wish for once that my father would realize or even care that real people are affected by his little corporate whims, but nope, it’s all just one big high-stakes chess game to him.

Sally: [ Clicks tongue ] Ooh.

Adam: What?

Sally: Just sounded a little bitter, maybe, even cynical. That’s something maybe the old Adam would say, not the new Adam. You know, the one we’re supposed to be celebrating?

Adam: Okay, well, you know, it is a process, but thank you for calling me out. What now?

Sally: This isn’t your first drink, is it? Had you already started celebrating this new era of Adam before I showed up?

Adam: I mean, sparingly, maybe. Why?

Sally: Well, just because I know how morose you can get whenever you’ve been drinking.

[ Adam sighs ] Have you eaten anything?

Adam: I have been– I’m very busy today. It’s a very busy day.

Sally: Yeah, well, I have been busy too. So busy that I actually forgot to eat all day, and now, my stomach is yelling at me.


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