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Alex. Theresa. Hi. Hey. Uh, listen, we need to talk. About what happened in Greece.

Hey, cuz. Have a seat. So this is the only item the ISA recovered from the wreckage of Victor’s plane. This is it. Hopefully this will give us some insight as to what Grandfather was doing right before he died. Why he went to Greece, why he destroyed the will. You haven’t opened it? No. Alex and I agreed that Maggie should be the one to do it.

Oh, out with the old, and in with the best.

Yes? Oh, send him in. Thank you.

Oh, Philip. Oh, Philip, my darling, thank you so much for coming. Phillip. What do you want, Vivian? Why’d you text me to come down here? Well, now that I’m, I’m running tight and I need a right hand man. Good for you. No, good for you. Because you’re my first and only choice for the position.

Sweet girl. You are just so perfect. Look at your little hands. You got Mama’s finger? Just hold on, Victoria. Never let go.

Sarah, Sarah, remember that birth thing class we did? Just, just visualize the pain and grab my hand and squeeze it as hard as you can. Sarah, Sarah,

remember that birth thing class we did? Just, just visualize the pain and grab my hand and squeeze it as hard as you can.

Hi. Thank you for making me a She’s beautiful. But her mom…

Hey. Xander. Are you okay? What is it?

Like sand through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

So Victor definitely met with this old friend in Greece. Yeah, yeah, his old friend Constantine, he had said the grandfather had just come from seeing Bo, and that something was weighing very heavily on him. Oh, that makes sense. But he thought it might be about something else, too. Like what? Did Victor say anything about his will?

Or why he destroyed it? No. He mentioned a letter. What letter? Constantine said that the letter was very important to him. Then I remembered that Kayla had told me about when Beau had held her captive at Grandfather’s old childhood home, that she had found a box containing a bunch of his letters. So I asked Constantine to take us to the old house.

And? We got there and I found the box. But it was empty. So at that point we thought that this trip was a big waste of time until Shane showed up at our hotel with this briefcase that he gave to Teresa. Teresa? What was she doing in Greece? That little stalker followed me there.

You want to talk about what happened in Greece. Between us? The sex? And I’m guessing this is your usual M. O.? I’m not sure what you mean. Right. Like you’ve never avoided someone the day after you slept with them. I mean, clearly you’re a pro at it, because we just took a, what, 13 hour flight back from Athens all the way to Chicago, and you didn’t so much as acknowledge my existence.

Teresa, I was not avoiding you. I was asleep. I was kind of worn out. Look, Alex, it’s okay. Alright? I get it. You don’t have to worry. Worry about what? Worry that you have to act like you’re going to hide from me whenever you see me. Because I think last night meant something. Okay, I don’t. And I know you only had sex with me because you felt sorry for me.

So I was just having a dream. Yeah, it seemed pretty intense. Well, it was actually. I bet. I know that you’ve been really upset about Victor and then everything that’s happened with Maggie. Oh, it wasn’t about Victor or Maggie. It was about Sarah. Oh. No, I was dreaming about her having the baby. It made me realize something.


How is my precious granddaughter? She’s just sound asleep. Well, it looks like my precious daughter could use a little rest, too. Oh my gosh. You have no idea. I can’t wait to come back to the mansion and just crawl into a big old soft bed.

Wow. She’s gorgeous. She’s beautiful. I saw that. You saw what? That frown. When I mentioned coming home. What’s going on? Nothing. Mom. Translation. Sarah, darling, I don’t want to bother you with my problems. So, judging from the vibe I’m getting from you, it’s fairly serious. Spill. Sweetheart, you’ve been through such an ordeal.

I’m fine. But, please, I know that something’s wrong, so just tell me. Okay. Well, it’s a big problem. And her name is Vivian Allemane.

Why would you ever think I’d want to work for you? I carried you in my womb for nine months. So what? I owe you? No, of course not. It’s just. I felt so close to you. And if you take this job, I could feel that way again. Please, Philip, come back to Titan. You belong here.

Sorry, but my answer is a hard no. I’m not coming back to Titan. But it’s what your father would have wanted. Mmm, well, I don’t know about that. But I can tell you what he wouldn’t have wanted, what would have made him strangle the life out of you. And that’s knowing that you had Maggie ousted from this company and tossed out of her home.

So, you need to bring her back to Titan and give her back the mansion. Will you do that for me? And to honor my father’s memory? Yes, of course I will, Philip. When hell freezes over. Vivian’s

divorce from Victor was never finalized?

Which means that my marriage to Victor isn’t legal. So the house? The company, the entire fortune, everything goes to that miserable shrew. Oh my god! Mom, I’m so sorry. That can’t be what Victor wanted. Of course it isn’t. But don’t worry, I’m not giving up. In fact, we’ve already launched a counter offensive.

Meaning we’ve started information gathering. And the we is Brady and Alex. They’ve gone to Greece. To find out why Victor was there. And why he destroyed his will.

Theresa followed you to Greece. Yeah, she had said that Alex invited her to come along, which turned out to be a giant lie because he actually asked her not to come. She’s never been one to take no for an answer. Oh, God, tell me about it. You know, when she came back to town for Grandfather’s funeral, she insisted that we give our relationship another shot.

And you? I shot her down. And then she found out that Alex and I were going on this trip and she showed up at our hotel on the pretext that she was going to help us out. I was, I was furious with her. I was, I was hard on her. Well, why wouldn’t you be? You didn’t want her there. Both you and Alex told her not to come.

Exactly. Exactly. But when I leaned into her, she stopped throwing herself at me and, surprise, She started throwing herself at Alex. Oh, Alex. What the hell? Justin, you’re not surprised about it, are you? Well, I’m not surprised, but I’m a little concerned. I don’t want that woman getting her hooks into my son.

Theresa, why would I feel sorry for you? Because I was a total wreck after Brady insulted me. Calling me desperate and pathetic and, look, I was hurt and you comforted me and… And you think I took advantage of you? No, not at all. If anything, I took advantage of you.

So, what did this dream make you realize? Well,


I was in labor, I looked over and… You were holding her other hand. And I just… It told me something about you. What? Well, there I was, helping my ex wife at this very dangerous, emotional time, and my fiancé wasn’t jealous or upset, not in the least. You were just there for Sarah. Comforting her. God, that did impress the hell out of me.

Do you know what I saw? I saw you giving courage and strength to a woman who was scared out of her mind. I saw you put your history with her aside to make her feel safe when she was bringing her baby into the world. And that did impress the hell out of me. I’m just the luckiest man, aren’t I? I love you, Chloe.

I love you, too.

I gave in to temptation and used you to make myself feel better. You know, I don’t mind being used in that way. Yeah, well, still it wasn’t cool that I put myself between you and Brady. Oh, Brady was being a jerk. Yeah, and you were really kind to me, and I appreciate it. And the sex was great, even if it was pity sex.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, that was not pity sex. No, Alex, you don’t know how to do it. Oh, yes, I do, because I have to make myself very clear on this. And I know you were upset last night, so maybe you didn’t understand it all the way. But I’m going to tell you again, Teresa Donovan. You are a beautiful woman. And what happened between us is not because I felt sorry for you.

I happen to be incredibly attracted to you.

Look, if Alex wants to date Teresa, I’m not gonna stop him. I mean, I told him that she’s trouble and he’s gotta be really careful. I don’t like this. At all. Her using him to make you jealous. Him, most likely, letting her. He’s a big boy. I hope he knows what he’s doing. He’s just starting to turn his life around.

He’s in therapy, you know. Working to try and change his unhealthy patterns. Especially with women. No offense to the mother of your child, but getting involved with Teresa Donovan isn’t exactly healthy.

I know. In your twisted mind, you think of me as your son. But I’m not. We’re nothing to each other, Vivian. So, do me a favor. Never contact me again. Working here is one of the reasons I ended up in a mental institution. No job is worth that. I’m not offering you just a job. I’m offering you Chloe Lane.

Enough. If we keep at this, we will never finish planning our wedding. Can’t we do both? You know, I believe that we can mix planning and pleasure. Sander, Cook, are you saying that planning our wedding would not cause you extreme pleasure? How would I know? We haven’t even started yet. Exactly, which is why we’ve got to get to it ASAP.

Well, how’s this for a plan? Let’s get up, get dressed. And get married today.

Hello. Hey. Daddy’s here. Yeah, she is sound asleep. So, no reaction for you. Sorry. No offense taken whatsoever. Hi Maggie. Hi Rex. So what are the odds that the three most beautiful ladies in the world are all in the same room at the same time? And it works out perfectly because I have an idea that I want you all to hear.

Now lay it on us. I think that you and I should get married today.

You want to get married today? Well, you’re being discharged anyway. Why not? Well, for starters, we haven’t even planned a wedding. Well, what’s the plan? I mean, I could go to the square, go to the jewelers, buy some rings, and we could get married at the pub. And Maggie, you’re ordained, right? So you can officiate.

Or you don’t have to officiate. We can have somebody else do that, and you can be our witness. Mom? Why aren’t you saying anything? I’m holding my tongue. Well, don’t. We want to know what you think.

You both know that I’m committed to keeping the child’s fraternity a secret. Because that’s what my daughter asked me to do. But I’ve gone on the record. Saying that I don’t think it’s right. Xander is Victoria’s father. He has a right to know, Mom. Look, I’m not gonna say anything. But, as someone who was recently widowed, I’m reminded that marriage is sacred.

It’s the joining of two souls, and two hearts, and two lives. And not something you just throw together at the last minute. Maggie, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to… Wait! You asked me to preside over a sham wedding that you’re using to double down on a lie. Okay. I’m glad. Because my answer… Would be no.

Goodbye, sweet Victoria. I love you, and I love you.

Did you hear what I said? Yeah, and I’m not gonna dignify it with a response. Oh, then just listen. I know that Chloe Lane was the love of your life, and if you take this job, you have a chance to win her back. There’s just one snag. Chloe’s engaged to Xander Cook.

I’m serious. You’re serious? You want to get married today? Why wait? I don’t know. Don’t you want food, music, guests? All I want is you. I don’t have any friends, so who would I invite? Don’t you want Maggie there? Yeah, sure, I mean… But she’s just got so much going on right now. Yeah, I guess it’s true. Between the death of Victor and the birth of Victoria.

And the fight to keep that witch Vivian Alamein from taking everything that should be hers. Are

you sure you don’t want to be there when Maggie opens this? She didn’t get to say goodbye to her husband, Justin. And now Vivian Alamein has stolen everything that’s left over except for what’s in here, so… I think Maggie deserves to have this moment by herself. Yeah. Well, here’s hoping she gets some peace.

Thanks again, Brady, for your help here. Of course, you’re welcome. And don’t worry about Alex. I’m sure he has the Teresa situation under control.

I thought last night was hot. Did you not? Yeah. Yes. Yes I did, but I, I’m, I, I was a mess, and I’m, I’m really trying to not do that anymore. Do what anymore? Look, when I’m feeling bad, I try to avoid the pain, and I’ll do anything to avoid it, and that’s even if it hurts me, or, or someone else. So… Well, guess what?

I can relate to that. The endless pursuit of not feeling bad. Yeah? Yeah. Has that been a problem for you, too? Mmm, I didn’t used to think so. Until I moved to Salem and… Realized a lot about myself. Mainly that I need to make some changes. How’s it going for you? Pretty well, so far. But I still got a long way to go.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, me too, um, apparently. Especially after what happened last night, and, uh, that was just me trying to avoid the pain. And, uh, I guess what I’m trying to say is I would really like to have hot sex without being on this. Well, that is a very admirable goal, and I think you got that. Oh, yeah? Uh huh.

Definitely. Definitely. Just,

um. Take that. Hello? Theresa, can you come to the pub, please? It’s important. Yeah, yeah, I’ll be right there. Um, Brady wants to see me. Hmm. Do not let him talk to you the way he did last night. I won’t. And Alex, thanks. For what? For being there for me. And hey, uh, I know we’re back in Salem, maybe we could have that dinner, okay?

I would like that.

Look, if you called me over here to apologize for being a total asshat to me No, no, it has nothing to do with being an asshat or anything like that. This has to do with the fact that I got a call from Tate’s school. Is he okay? Apparently not. He’s been expelled. What? They tried to reach you. I didn’t get a call, Brady.

Did, did, did they try your landline? I don’t, I don’t, God, they’re idiots. Okay, let’s just focus on our son right now. Okay, fine. What happened? What did he do? I don’t know. The headmaster wouldn’t give me any details over the phone. God, this is insane. Tate’s never been in trouble before. You sure you have no idea what this could be about?

No! What? Brady, I’m as shocked as you are. Alright, then that does it. Alright, I’m, I’m, I’m booking a flight to California. I’m gonna go pick our son up. Okay, I’m coming with you. The hell you are.

Is it just me or was your mom not exactly thrilled with the idea of us getting married today. She’s just She’s just going through a lot. I know I know What she said that it didn’t change her mind at all. Did it? No, of course not Look, I I love my mom with all my heart And I respect her opinion, but in this case, I just don’t agree.

I don’t want to start a rift between you and your mom, though, Sarah. No, no, you won’t. And ultimately, we all want the same thing. For Victoria to grow up happy and safe. And in time, my mom will see that. Yeah. She was right about one thing. Marriage is a very big deal. And, look, I’m up for it. But if you’re not, you need more time.

It’s okay. No. I want the three of us to be a family. And I am sure of that. So, I don’t see any reason to wait.

I promise you that I am going to be A better father for your daughter than any other man could possibly be.

I know you will. That little angel has stolen my heart.

And I am still hopeful that I could win back yours.

I’m gonna go get those rings. I’ll be back. You know, I was thinking, all your friends hate me, and my family wants nothing to do with me, and your family doesn’t even live here. They are capable of traveling. Yeah, but why should they? I mean, this is also last minute, and I’m sure your mom and dad are busy.

It doesn’t seem fair to expect them to fly over, does it? I suppose. So, why don’t we take the wedding to them in New York? We could honeymoon there. Taking some Broadway shows, I could treat you to a spending spree in Fifth Avenue. Come on, let’s get up, get packed, get on a flight, and tie the knot in the Big Apple.

What do you say?

Sander Cook, please don’t tell me you are going to lose the love of your life to that. Neanderthal. It’s not up to me. Ugh. Please. Do you love the woman or not? Yes. I do. And a couple of years ago, I would have sold my soul to you or anyone else who’d help make her mine. I did some horrible things to that end.

Yes, like framing Brady for your murder. He deserved worse, but we’re getting all off track. I’m trying to talk to you about you and Chloe. There is no me and Chloe! What? There could be. Quid pro quo, darling. You give me what I want, and I will do everything I can to get her back.

So is it a yes? To nuptials in NYC? Matrimony in Manhattan? You know, if we tie the knot there, we can tie it anywhere. Okay, okay, I get the idea. But do you like the idea? I think it’s crazy and impulsive and I don’t know how it could be possible unless… Unless what? Unless I race right over to the square and buy myself a new dress.

Does that mean what I think

it means? It means yes to crazy, to impulsive, and yes to marrying you today.

You have a choice, you can either stay a timid little boy or grow up and be a man. Excuse me? Well, if Chloe is choosing Xander it’s because she doesn’t see an alternative. Become her superstar and show her that you can bring all of her dreams to her. We’re done here. You know that spiel you just gave me?

Straight out of Victor’s playbook. Butter me up! Reel me in with the promise of validation and respect. But my father didn’t respect me. He just wanted to control me. And I was so eager to please him, I jumped at the chance to do his dirty work. But you? You’re on your own. You’re making a big mistake. Ah!

Another of Victor’s tactics. Getting me to doubt myself. Make bad choices out of fear. Well, I’m not afraid anymore. And…

I’m not gonna let anyone else do a number on my head. I know, look. I know that you suffered. I know that it was very difficult for you in that psychiatric facility. But I’m sorry, my son. I’m not your son, dammit. And I’m not sorry, because I’m better now. You’re just as deranged as ever. My advice, get on the horn with one of the doctors over there, and if they have a vacancy, take it.

I don’t want you involved in this. Well, it’s not up to you Brady. I’m Tate’s mother. Well, Theresa, first you followed me to Greece, and now you want to wait, wait, hang on a second. Are you actually suggesting right now that I got our son expelled from school so that I could sit next to you on an airplane?

God. Okay, you know what, Brady? If you could just set your contempt aside for me for one second, maybe you’ll remember who’s been raising our son all these years as a single mother. Okay. You’re right. I’m sorry. You’re right. You are a good mom. You’ve always been a good mom. I’ve always said you were a good mom.

You’re also a good daughter. The fact that you took Tate to California to be with Kimberly when she got sick again, that was… It was admirable. Thank you. I appreciate that. Look, I was, I was harsh on you. The other night when you suggested you were going to come back to my room. I could have been nicer about the whole thing.

And I know the hotel was pricey. I’ll be happy to reimburse you, Teresa, for whatever it costs. You don’t have to do that. I figured something else out. And like you said, you know what? Let’s just focus on Tate.

Alexander. Thank you so much for coming. I got your text. What the hell do you want? Well, I’ll come right to the point. Now that I’m running Titan, I need a right hand man. And you know what? You’re my first and only choice for this position.

You sure this belonged to Victor? Shane confirmed it.

Have you looked inside? No. No one asked. We thought you should do it. I’ll step out and give you some privacy. No, Justin, don’t. I mean,

what if there’s something horrible in here? A secret that changes the way I remember. My husband. Maggie, if you don’t want to open it, you don’t have to. Now or ever.

Vivian Alomane is wreaking havoc with our family. Because Victor destroyed his will, and I have to know why he did that. So, if that means that the answer is in this briefcase, well then I’m gonna open

it. Okay. Alright.

Letters. We were looking for those. And this? What is this? What is this?


Victor’s last will and testament. Look. Look, the date.

Now we know, with absolute certainty, that Victor destroyed his old will. And he created a new one. Ah!

You both know that I’m committed to keeping the child’s paternity a secret. Because that’s what my daughter asked me to do. But I’ve gone on the record, saying that I don’t think it’s right. Xander is Victoria’s father, and he has a right to know.

Oh, what’s a hurry, brother? Oh, hey, uh, Sarah and I are getting married. Wow. I also heard you two had a baby. Yes, little girl. Her name is Victoria. That’s great, man. Congrats on all of it. Thank you. Thank you, Phil. Have you shared any of your good news with our mother? Uh, not yet. Why not? Well… Because I feel guilty lying to her.

Lying? About what?

I’m not really the baby’s father.

What do you mean? Victoria’s not my daughter.

Xander is Victoria’s father.

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