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Alex returns home from Greece. Theresa comes in behind him and tells him that they need to talk about what happened in Greece.

Brady meets Justin at the Brady Pub with Victor’s briefcase. Brady states that this is the only item that the ISA recovered from the plane crash and hopes it can give them insight on what Victor was doing before he died. Brady adds that he and Alex agreed that Maggie should be the one to open it.

Vivian tosses Maggie’s nameplate off the desk at Titan and replaces it with her own. Philip then arrives. Vivian thanks him for coming. Philip asks why she texted him to come. Vivian informs him that she needs a right hand man now that she’s running Titan and claims that Philip is her first and only choice from the position

Sarah holds her baby Victoria in the hospital. Sarah thinks back to going into labor and Xander helping her.

Xander dreams about Sarah going in to labor and giving birth then wakes up in a panic. Chloe asks if he’s okay.

Justin and Brady talk about Victor meeting with Constantine in Greece. Brady notes that Constantine said something was weighing heavily on Victor and he thought it might be something other than Bo. Brady adds that Victor mentioned a letter that was very important to him. Brady talks about Kayla finding a box containing a bunch of Victor’s old letters and how he went to Victor’s childhood home to find the box but it was empty. Brady says they thought the trip was a waste of time until Shane showed up with the briefcase that he gave to Theresa. Justin questions what she was doing in Greece. Brady calls her a stalker that followed him there.

Alex questions Theresa wanting to talk about what happened in Greece. Theresa brings up them having sex and guesses it’s his thing, complaining that they had a 13 hour flight and he didn’t even acknowledge her existence. Alex argues that he was not avoiding her, he was just asleep as he was worn out. Theresa says she gets it and tells Alex that he doesn’t have to worry about hiding from her when he sees her. Theresa assures that she doesn’t think that last night meant something and that she knows Alex only had sex with her because he felt sorry for her.

Xander tells Chloe that he was just having an intense dream. Chloe acknowledges that he’s been upset lately about Victor and Maggie but Xander informs her that the dream was about Sarah having the baby as it made him realize something.

Maggie visits Sarah and baby Victoria in the hospital. Maggie comments that it looks like Sarah could use some rest. Sarah says she can’t wait to get back to the Kiriakis Mansion to crawl in to a big soft bed. Sarah notices the frown Maggie made when she mentioned coming home and asks what’s going on. Maggie tries to say it’s nothing but Sarah guesses there is a serious problem. Maggie says Sarah has been through such an ordeal. Sarah insists that she’s fine and asks her what is wrong. Maggie admits it is a big problem and her name is Vivian Alamain.

Philip questions why Vivian would ever think he’d want to work for her. Vivian brings up carrying him in her womb and feeling close to him, so if he takes the job, she could feel that way again. Vivian pleads with Philip to come back to Titan, saying he belongs there. Philip responds that he’s sorry but his answer is a hard no. Vivian argues that it’s what Victor would have wanted. Philip argues that what Victor would not have wanted was Vivian having Maggie ousted from the company and tossed from her home. Philip then asks Vivian to bring Maggie back to Titan and to give her the mansion back to honor Victor’s memory. Vivian responds that she will do that when Hell freezes over.

Maggie informs Sarah that Vivian’s divorce from Victor was never finalized which means Maggie’s marriage to Victor wasn’t legal, so the house, the company, and the entire fortune goes to Vivian. Sarah tells her that she’s so sorry and that it can’t be what Victor wanted. Maggie insists that she’s not giving up and states that they have already launched a counter offensive by starting to gather information. Maggie informs Sarah that Brady and Alex went to Greece to find out why Victor was there and why he destroyed his will.

Justin questions Theresa following Brady to Greece. Brady says that Theresa claimed Alex invited her which turned out to be a lie. Justin talks about Theresa never taking no for an answer. Brady brings up that Theresa insisted on giving their relationship another shot but he shot her down and then she just showed up at their hotel in Greece. Brady admits he was furious and hard on her. Justin understands since they told her not to come. Brady adds that when he leaned in, Theresa started throwing herself at Alex. Justin says he’s not surprised but a little concerned as he doesn’t want Theresa getting her hooks in to his son.

Alex questions why he would feel sorry for Theresa. Theresa talks about being a total wreck after Brady laid into her. Theresa says she was hurt and Alex comforted her. Alex asks if she thinks he took advantage of her. Theresa says not at all and if anything, she took advantage of him.

Chloe asks Xander what his dream made him realize. Xander says when he was helping Sarah through labor and holding her hand, he looked over and Chloe was holding her other hand which told him something about Chloe. Xander acknowledges that he was helping his ex-wife in a dangerous and emotional situation while Chloe wasn’t upset or jealous in the least, but she was there for Sarah. Xander admits that impressed the hell out of him. Chloe tells Xander that she saw him giving courage and strength to a woman who was scared out of her mind and says he put their history aside to make Sarah feel safe bringing her baby in to the world and that impressed her. Xander says he’s the luckiest guy and that he loves her. Chloe says she loves him too as they kiss.

Theresa tells Alex that she gave in to temptation and used him to make herself feel better. Alex says he doesn’t mind being used that way. Theresa feels it wasn’t cool to come in between he and Brady. Alex admits that Brady was being a jerk. Theresa appreciates that Alex was so kind to her. Theresa adds that the sex was great, even if it was pity sex. Alex insists that it wasn’t pity sex and repeats that Theresa is a beautiful woman and that what happened between them was not because he felt sorry for her. Alex admits that he’s incredibly attracted to her.

Brady tells Justin that if Alex wants to date Theresa, he’s not going to stop him but he warned him that she’s trouble and to be careful. Justin doesn’t like it at all that Theresa is using Alex to make Brady jealous and Alex letting her. Brady hopes that Alex knows what he’s doing. Justin argues that Alex was just starting to turn his life around and was in therapy to help change his unhealthy patterns, especially with women. Justin remarks that getting involved with Theresa is not exactly healthy.

Philip tells Vivian that he knows in her twisted mind, she thinks of him as her son, but he’s not and they are nothing to each other. Philip then tells Vivian to never contact him again. Philip adds that working at Titan is one of the reasons he ended up in a mental institution and no job is worth that. Vivian then declares that she’s not just offering him a job, she’s offering him Chloe Lane.

Xander and Chloe kiss in bed until Chloe reminds him that they need to finish planning their wedding. Xander thinks they can mix business and pleasure. Xander suggests they get up, get dressed, and get married together.

Rex visits Sarah, baby Victoria, and Maggie in the hospital. Rex announces that he thinks he and Sarah should get married today. Rex points out that Sarah is being discharged. Sarah argues that they haven’t planned a wedding. Rex says he can go to the town square to get rings, they can get married at the Pub and Maggie can either perform the ceremony or be their witness. Sarah asks why Maggie isn’t saying anything. Maggie says she’s holding her tongue. Sarah says they want to know what she thinks. Maggie says she is committed to keeping the child’s paternity a secret because that’s what Sarah wants her to do but she doesn’t think it’s right. Maggie declares that Xander is Victoria’s father and has a right to know. Maggie adds that she won’t say anything, but as someone who was recently widowed, she is reminded that marriage is sacred and not something you just throw together at the last minute. Maggie argues that Rex asked her to preside over a sham wedding that is being used to double down on a lie, so her answer would be no. Maggie says goodbye and exits the room.

Vivian asks Philip if he heard what she said. Philip says he won’t dignify it with a response. Vivian argues that she knows Chloe is the love of Philip’s life and if he takes the job, he’ll have a chance to win her back. Philip reminds Vivian that Chloe is engaged to Xander.

Xander tells Chloe that he’s serious about wanting to get married today and asks why wait. Chloe asks if he doesn’t want music, food, and guests. Xander says all he wants is her and he doesn’t have any friends anyway. Chloe asks if he’d want Maggie there. Xander points out that she has so much going on right now. Chloe guesses that’s true between the death of Victor and the birth of Victoria. Xander adds there’s also the fight with Vivian over everything she owns.

Justin asks if Brady’s sure he doesn’t want to be there when Maggie opens Victor’s briefcase. Brady talks about Vivian stealing everything from Maggie, so he thinks Maggie deserves to have this moment to herself. Justin hopes Maggie gets some peace and thanks Brady for his help. Brady tells Justin not to worry about Alex as he’s sure he has the Theresa situation under control. Justin then exits the Pub.

Alex tells Theresa that he thought last night was hot. Theresa says she felt the same but she was a mess and she’s trying not to do that anymore. Theresa adds that when she’s feeling bad, she’ll do anything to avoid the pain even if it hurts her or someone else. Alex relates to the endless pursuit of not feeling bad. Theresa asks about that being a problem for him too. Alex says he didn’t think so until he moved to Salem and realized he needed to make some changes. Theresa asks how that’s going. Alex says pretty well so far but he has a long way to go. Theresa feels the same, especially after last night and says that was her trying to avoid the pain. Theresa tells Alex that she’d really like to have hot sex without being a hot mess. They almost kiss but Theresa gets a call from Brady, who asks her to come to the Pub. Theresa says she’ll be right there and hangs up. Theresa then tells Alex that Brady wants to see her. Alex advises her not to let Brady talk to her like he did last night. Theresa says she won’t and thanks Alex for being there for her. Theresa reminds Alex of their dinner plans now that they are back in Salem which Alex says he would like as Theresa then exits.

Theresa goes to the Pub and asks if Brady called her to apologize. Brady says this has to do with the fact that he got a call from Tate’s school, who said that Tate has been expelled. Brady adds that they tried to reach her. Theresa asks what Tate did. Brady says they wouldn’t give him any details over the phone so he doesn’t know. Theresa calls it insane as Tate has never been in trouble before. Brady decides he’s booking a flight to California to pick their son up. Theresa says she’s going with him but Brady refuses.

Rex comments to Sarah about Maggie not being thrilled with the idea of them getting married today. Sarah says she’s just going through a lot and assures that what Maggie said didn’t change her mind. Sarah respects Maggie’s opinion but doesn’t agree. Rex doesn’t want to cause a rift between them. Sarah says ultimately, they all want for Victoria to grow up happy and safe. Sarah adds that in time, Maggie will see that. Rex notes that Maggie was right about marriage being a very big deal. Rex says he’s up for it, but if Sarah needs more time, it’s okay. Sarah tells Rex that she wants the three of them to be a family and she’s sure of that, so she doesn’t see any reason to wait. Rex promises to be a better father to her daughter than any other man could possibly be. Rex states that Victoria has stolen his heart and he’s still hopeful that he can win back Sarah’s. Rex decides he’s going to get the rings and exits the room.

Xander tells Chloe that all her friends hate him and his family wants nothing to do with him while her family doesn’t live here. Chloe points out that they can travel. Xander talks about it being last minute and not expecting them to fly out. Xander then suggests they can take their wedding to her family in New York. Xander tells her to get up, get packed, and they can tie the knot in The Big Apple.

Vivian asks Philip if he’s going to lose the love of his life to Xander. Philip responds that it’s not up to him. Vivian asks if he loves Chloe or not. Philip admits that he does and a couple years ago, he would’ve sold his soul to anyone to help make her mind as he did some terrible things for that. Vivian says she’s talking about him and Chloe. Philip shouts that there is no him and Chloe. Vivian argues that there could be. Vivian tells Philip that if he gives her what she wants, she will do everything in her power to get him what he wants.

Xander asks Chloe if she’s saying yes to getting married in New York. Chloe says she gets the idea but thinks it’s crazy, impulsive, and she doesn’t know how it could be possible unless she races to the town square to buy a new dress. Chloe says yes to marrying Xander today as they kiss.

Vivian tells Philip that he has a choice to grow up and be a man. Vivian argues that Chloe is marrying Xander because she doesn’t see another choice. Vivian urges Philip to become her superstar and show her that he can bring all of her dreams to her. Philip tells Vivian that they are done here and argues that Vivian’s spiel was right out of Victor’s playbook but says Victor just wanted to control him. Philip tells Vivian that she’s on her own. Vivian warns that he’s making a big mistake. Philip says he’s not afraid anymore and he’s not going to let anyone else do a number on his head. Vivian knows the psychiatric facility was hard on him and she’s sorry. Philip shouts that he’s better now while Vivian is just as deranged as ever. Philip suggests Vivian call one of the doctors at the facility and take a vacancy as he then exits the office.

Brady tells Theresa that he doesn’t want her involved in this. Theresa argues that it’s not up to him as she is Tate’s mother. Brady complains about Theresa first following him to Greece. Theresa questions if he’s suggesting that she got their son expelled from school so she could sit next to Brady on a plane. Theresa tells Brady to set his contempt for her aside and remember who has been raising their son all these years as a single mother. Brady apologizes and admits that she is a good mom and daughter. Theresa thanks him. Brady admits he was harsh on her the other night and could’ve been nicer about the whole thing. Brady offers to reimburse her for the hotel but Theresa says he doesn’t have to do that and suggests they just focus on Tate.

Alex goes to Titan and tells Vivian that he got her text, so he asks what the hell she wants. Vivian tells Alex that she needs a right hand man at Titan and claims that he is her first and only choice for the position.

Justin brings Victor’s briefcase to Maggie. Maggie asks if he’s sure it was Victor’s. Justin says that Shane confirmed it. Maggie asks if he looked inside. Justin says no one has as they thought she should do it. Justin offers to step out and give her some privacy. Maggie tells him not to and worries about if there’s a secret inside that changes the way she views Victor. Justin states that she doesn’t have to open it if she doesn’t want to. Maggie says Vivian is wrecking havoc with their family because Victor destroyed his will, so she has to know why he did that. Maggie adds that if the answer is in the briefcase, then she’s going to open it. Maggie then opens the briefcase and finds the stack of letters which she hands to Justin. Maggie then discovers Victor’s will inside the briefcase. Justin smiles and declares they now know with absolute certainty that Victor destroyed his old will and created a new one!

Sarah holds baby Victoria and thinks back to Maggie’s words about keeping the paternity a secret. Xander then enters the room.

Rex walks through the town square and comes across Philip. Rex informs Philip that he and Sarah are getting married. Philip mentions hearing they had a baby. Rex tells him that her name is Victoria. Philip congratulates him and says that’s great. Rex thanks him and says he appreciates that. Philip asks if he’s shared any of this news with their mother. Rex admits he hasn’t yet because he feels guilty lying to her. Philip questions what he’s lying about. Rex then reveals to Philip that he’s not really the baby’s father. Philip asks what he means. Chloe comes out of the nearby shop with her wedding dress right as she hears Rex reveal to Philp that Xander is Victoria’s father.

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