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by Cheryl

Brady and Theresa on "Days of Our Lives" on Peacock

Maybe it’s just us, but Brady seemed as if he was jealous of Theresa going after Alex. There is nothing keeping Brady from being with Theresa! He listed Theresa’s evil deeds to Alex when he was telling him why he wasn’t going to be with her. This is the same man who was willing to overlook Kristen’s actions when he was with her. Theresa has done her fair share of things, but nothing compared to Kristen.

Does Xander have selective hearing? When Sarah had the baby, she told him the baby was his. He acted as if he didn’t hear that once she got to the hospital. Sarah needs to feel like dirt keeping the truth from him about the baby. We understand that she doesn’t want him near the baby, but he has a right to know that he has a child.¬†

Wasn’t it convenient that Chanel suddenly realized she suppressed her feelings for Johnny? She was more than willing to be with Talia, but after her conversation with Paulina, she suddenly wants to be with Johnny. We know the writers had to do something, since Talia is leaving the show, but Chanel should have at least been showing signs of wanting to be with him.¬†
Johnny and Chanel¬†told¬†each other that they never stopped loving each other. Did Johnny forget that he was just in love with Wendy? It’s funny how easily they can tell each other how they feel now.¬†
Are the writers trying to pull the wool over our eyes? Is Susan really alive, or is Ava seeing things? Ava was convinced that Charlie was alive because he was visiting her. How do we know she isn’t doing the same thing with Susan? If Susan is alive, why wouldn’t she reach out to EJ or Johnny? It doesn’t make sense for her to visit Ava.¬†
Talia has no loyalty to Belle. She couldn’t wait to kiss Shawn. Talia would probably be in prison if it weren’t for Belle, yet the first chance she got she hooked up with Shawn. We know she was drunk, but that is no excuse to kiss Belle’s husband (or worse).


Shawn and Talia in bed after their one-night-stand on "Days of Our Lives" on Peacock.

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