Days Nitpicks & Flub Week of 9/11/23

Opinion Article


by Michele

Xander and Sarah with their new baby on "Days of Our Lives" on Peacock

– Sarah was talking to Rex while Maggie was shown.
– Sarah didn’t look like she gave birth. She looked like she was just lounging around in Victor’s backyard.
– Sarah’s baby was very clean after she gave birth.
– Sarah was hemorrhaging, yet she didn’t have blood on her.

– Chanel was talking while Talia was shown.
– EJ was talking while Jada and Talia were shown.
– Does EJ live next door to Paulina? Johnny was with him one minute and at Paulina’s place the next.

– Chanel and Johnny can be heard kissing while Belle was shown.
– Who reported the story about Ava and Harris being on the run?
– Shawn was able to easily find the room Rafe and the officer were investigating.
– Talia cried without any tears.

– Alex answered the door wearing a towel. He needs to put clothes on when he answers the door!
– Timothy didn’t ask Brady about being married. He asked Belle and Paul, but he didn’t ask him.

– Chelsea told Maggie about Doug, but she didn’t go see him.
– Alex opened the door without his shirt on again. He may as well never have a shirt on because he never puts one on when he opens the door!
– Theresa just happened to know where to find Brady and Alex in Greece.


Andrew drops by to see Alex on "Days of Our Lives" on Peacock.

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