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Okay, classic John Black. You tell me to meet you here, if you need to talk, and then you don’t talk. I will, I will, I will. I just, um, don’t know exactly where to start. So this is serious, huh? Sorry, man. Take your time. Sure. Joseph Bell. That John Bell guy who was in your dad’s unit in Korea? Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Doc and I had a long talk with him. And did he remember your father? Steve, that man is my father.

You’re still at the office? That’s why I called. Did you forget that my folks are coming over for dinner? Yes, Steph, I’m sorry. I’m gonna be there. It’s just, you know, this place has been crazy with Maggie on her evening leave. I just have one email to send and then I’ll be home. Chad? Yeah? Did I sound to you just now like a nagging housewife?

I feel like I sounded like a nagging housewife just now. Hey, you gonna, um, you gonna meet me at the door with a rolling bin?

Um. Do you need me to pick up anything on the way home? No, we’re good. Uh, there’s someone at the door. I love you. Love you too.

Vivian Alamein. What are you doing here? Well, is that any way to talk to your new boss?

Ah, there you are. Uh, I thought maybe a cup of tea would calm my nerves. Darling, it’s going to take more than a cup. It’s going to take an entire pot. You’ve really been put through the wringer. Yeah, it sure feels that way. Julie, I can’t thank you and Doug enough for letting me stay here. You don’t have to thank us.

You’re our family. You looked a little grim when you came in here. Is, uh, is that for me? It’s a registered letter. It’s from Vivian. Oh, so…

What, uh, fresh hell is this? Gosh,

you guys are back. Uh, what’d you find out, any leads? It’s getting so late, I was getting worried that Carissa, cut the act. We know what you’ve been up to.

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

I, I can explain that. Oh, don’t bother. The guy at the front desk already told us. What, he did? Yeah, he wanted to confirm my order. Champagne, Duck larange, and a petrushian beluga caviar. Oh, that. Oh, that, yeah, just the caviar, Theresa, costs a thousand dollars an ounce. There’s a little duck left. Did you even bother looking at the right side of the menu, or?

No, I was hungry. Look, I tried to order moustika and some ouzo and baklava, and you didn’t have it on the menu. Not the baklava and moustika part, and so I just had to come up with alternatives. And, you know, damn it, none of this just let me come with you. You didn’t get what you wanted, so you just decided to spend other people’s money, you know.

Changed. A bit. Spare me the litany of my shortcomings, Brady. Alright, why don’t you tell me what happened? Did you get any leads with that guy Constantine? Did you figure out what was happening with Victor before he died?

Okay, do you want me to open it? You want me to tear it into a million little pieces? No, I have to know what she’s up to. Dear Mrs. Horton. Mrs.


I’m writing to inform you that I am removing you from the position of Chief Executive Officer of Titan Industries, effective immediately. Firing you? She’s firing you?

New boss. What the hell are you talking about? It’s simple. Maggie is out, Vivian Cariocas is in. Vivian Cariocas? Yes. You see, Victor’s and my divorce was never finalized. So I was still married to him when he passed. Maggie was just a kept woman. Bull. And not only am I Victor’s widow, but I’m his sole heir.

Because he had the will and testament destroyed before he died.

Sorry for Maggie. Oh, now all I want to know is, are you going to be on the unemployment line with her, or are you going to be my number two when I execute my new plans for Titan?

Wow. So, the guy with the memory loss isn’t Joseph Bell. He’s the real Timothy Robichaud? And the man that I know as Yeo Ling is the real Joseph Bell. Turns out, he just switched dog tags with my… My dad. So strange to hear myself say my dad. I bet. Anyway… Yeah, they served in the same unit together. In fact, they were in the same foxhole together in Korea when they took a direct hit.

My father got the worst of it. Traumatic brain injury, caused the amnesia. He said he felt like he was gonna die, and he asked Joseph Bell for help. But instead, Bell just simply switched out the dog tags. Sounds like a real yo lang move. He was probably thinking about desertion for a while. My dad gets hit, he realizes, hell, it’s gonna be a lot easier to pull off if I can leave a dead body behind with his tags on it.

So he screws up your father’s life. Until he meets you.

It’s pretty amazing, isn’t it? Yeah, it’s amazing. And miraculous. I mean, uh, Timothy Robichaud just happens to come to Salem. He just happens to be treated by Kayla and Marlena. Who just happens to be married to a private investigator and turns out to be his son.

He’s a great guy. Stevie, he’s, he’s, he’s charming, he’s funny. Doc and I, we love having him with us. All the kids met him, they love him too. He’s just got this, he’s got this incredible spirit. I’m so happy for you now. Really. After all the crap you’ve been through. You deserve a dad like that. Ah, thanks partner, but you know, it’s not what I deserve, it’s what Timothy Robichaud deserves.

I mean, everything he’s been through, everything he’s been deprived of. You know, Doc and I, we just made a decision. We’re just, we’re gonna dote on the guy. We’re just gonna like, try to spend as much time with him as possible. Can’t wait to meet the man. Your you go.

Damn. Oh, yes. Thank you so much. Well, cheers. Cheers. Um, I love what you’ve done with the place. Mm. It’s a work in progress, but it’s definitely coming together. Where are the kids? I fed them and put them to bed already. Oh. Where’s Dad? Uh, well, John wanted to see him about something, but he’ll be alone. Yeah, Chad got held up too.

He’s, uh, pretty much running Titan with Victor gone and Maggie out on leave. I can imagine. Um, you know, I know it was for a sad occasion, Victor’s funeral, but, um, seeing Teresa was great, wasn’t it? I mean, did you get a chance to spend some time with her before she went to California? Uh, actually, she’s not going back to California.

She told me she’s staying here for a while. Oh, let me guess. She’s going after Brady again. Actually, uh, she has set her sights on someone new. Really? Who? Alex. Ah. And as I told Teresa, I would be totally cool if they started dating. Are you sure about that? Why wouldn’t I be? Well, I just think that it can be pretty dicey, you know, when relatives date the same guy.

And I, I do know from experience because I almost lost my relationship with Kim when I got involved with Shane after I thought your dad had died. Well, that was different. Uncle Shane is the love of Aunt Kim’s life. Alex is just an ex boyfriend. An ex boyfriend that you still see quite a lot. Because we’re neighbors.

But, Mom, in case you haven’t noticed, I’m with Chad. And I am totally committed to him. Great. Great. I’m just wondering, what is totally committed mean to you? I mean, do you see yourself marrying Chad?

So is it true? Yes, I just received a registered letter firing me. And that succubus is already at the office. She’s not wasting any time, is she? Maggie, I’m so sorry. Yeah, so am I. Well, is there anything I can do for you? No, Julie’s taking good care of me. But Chad, um… Yeah? Do what you have to do. Working for Vivian doesn’t mean you’re betraying me.

But, uh, Chad? Yeah? Maybe you could find out what she’s up to.

I will do.

Well, welcome to Titan. So, you were, uh, you were telling me about your vision for the company. What did you have in mind? Well, I want to honor Victor’s legacy. Take Titan back to its roots, uh, following his footsteps, so to speak. That’s a good idea. We should go to Greece and pick olives for three years. Try not to fall off a ladder.

How droll. I mean it. How do you think Victor got his empire? Shipping. And how did he get the capital? I don’t know. I do. Drugs.

You’re not talking about pharmaceuticals, are you? Street drugs. Is this, uh, uh, some kind of joke? Your big plan for Titan is to start laundering drug money? That’s, that’s, that’s insane. You know, I’m losing patience here. Titan is going to go back to selling illegal drugs. Now, are you on board or do I have to fire you?

No, you don’t have to fire me, Vivian. I quit.

So, according to this, she’s only giving you two weeks severance pay, is not picking up any of your sick days, and I suppose there’s not going to be any golden parachute. Yeah, you got it. She can’t get away with this one. I’m calling Justin. There’s nothing. That Justin can do. Okay, how about all those people on the Titan board?

Don’t you see? There wasn’t a will. So Vivian is Victor’s sole heir. Therefore, Titan’s majority shareholder. She has all the power. She can get rid of any board member who crosses her. Dear God, Maggie. So let’s face it, Julie. That woman can do whatever the hell she wants with Victor’s company, and there’s not a damn thing we can do to stop her.

So, speaking of fathers and sons, how’s Tripp holding up with Abel in the lab? Well, he’s worried, of course. But he’s hopeful his mom will be brought back safely. Mm hmm. Now, what are you gonna do? You planning on going out there and tracking down Abe and Michaels yourself? Brave asked me to sit this one out.

Thinks I’m too close to the situation because of Tripp. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I can understand all that, but I know you’re itching to get your butt out there, right? You know I am. Mm hmm. Well, my son, Brady, he’s in Greece right now with his cousin Alex. They’re, um, looking into Victor’s last days. Well, you’re the private detective.

Why didn’t you go? I figured they could handle this one on their own. Besides, they don’t need a third wheel to tag it along.

I don’t see how it’s any of your business at all. Come on, we’ve been over this, Brady. Victor’s legacy impacts our son, Tate Securiox II, or have you forgotten that already? No. Brady, it’s not like it’s a state secret or anything. We might as well just tell her. Thank you, Alex. Fine, fine. Tell her. Tell her everything.

So this guy Constantine Malionis, he did meet with Uncle Vic before his crash. He said that something was really upsetting him and that he was really troubled. Is that it? Did he mention why Victor destroyed his will? No, he did not mention anything about the will, but he did say something about a letter.

A letter? What letter? Well, Constantine didn’t remember, but Brady remembered that your Aunt Kayla went to the home where Uncle Vic was born. And she saw a box full of letters in his wine cellar. So we checked it out, but we didn’t find anything. And I mean, we tore this place up, but no letters.

Well, um, maybe they’re in here.

That is my grandfather’s briefcase. What the hell are you doing with it? My dad delivered it while you two were out. Your dad? Shane, Shane was here and you’re just now telling us this? Well, I wanted to hear about your meeting first. Theresa, what, what, okay. What did he say and why did he have that? Look, the ISA recovered it from the wreckage from the plane crash and I’m thinking maybe Victor put those letters in on Kayla told you about.

Maybe she put them in here. She may be right. She may, yeah. Um, let’s open it. We’re gonna open it. I don’t think that’s a good idea.

You know, I heard that Victor had ordered his will destroyed right before he died. And also that Vivian showed up claiming to be his widow. Do you have any idea what she might be up to? Well, she either wants to establish a foundation for the betterment of mankind or she wants to suck every dime she can get out of Maggie’s inheritance.

I’d say it’s the second one. What was Vic thinking about anyway? Why would he have that will destroyed? He never would have done that if he thought he was still married to Vivian. That woman is not only crazy, she’s dangerous. Which is why you should watch what you say in public. John. Oh, still slumming, I see.

Marriage? Mom, where is this coming from? Chad and I just moved in together. But you didn’t just move in with Chad. You moved in with his kids. We decided they’re still too young to have a place of their own. Which results in them becoming very attached to you. And vice versa. But, what has that got to do with marriage?

I just think you and Chad need to look at it from their point of view. I mean, you are making meals for them. You’re tucking them in at night. Because I’m seeing their father. Well, isn’t marriage the next logical step? The next logical step for me, Chad, and the kids, or… Or my meddling, if well meaning, Catholic mother.

This has nothing to do with me being Catholic. Well, you’re starting to sound like Grandma Caroline talking about how men won’t buy the cow if they get the milk for free. No, no, no. It is nothing about that. I tell you, I just, I just worry about loss for those kids. And, and I want you to be happy. Don’t you want to marry Chad?

Mom, yes, of course I want to marry Chad, okay?

Theresa, I don’t give a damn what you think. Okay, this belongs to my grandfather and I have a right to know what’s inside it. But my dad specifically said he wanted Victor’s briefcase delivered safely to Maggie. He thinks she should be the one to open it.

Alright, maybe, perhaps. Fine, we’ll, we’ll open it when we get back to Salem. That’s All right, well, then we’re done. We’re done. We might as well go back home. All right, I’m, I’m gonna go pack. Oh, no, no, no, dude. It’s already after midnight. Dude, there’s not gonna be any flights until tomorrow morning. So let’s just get some sleep, and we’ll get up when we leave first thing.

Yeah? All right. I already checked. There’s plenty of seats available on the early flight. Plenty of seats? Fine, we’ll leave in a couple hours. It shouldn’t make much of a difference. Uh, have a good night. See ya.

Where do you think you’re going? Where else? With you, to your room. Like hell you are.

Chad, you’re home. Hey. Hi. I’m gonna, um, I’m gonna, I’ll, if you want, I can leave and then you guys two can, uh, you two can finish your conversation. Oh, don’t be ridiculous. My mom was just being mom. Oh. Uh, anyway, my dad’s going to be here soon. How about a glass of wine while we wait? That’d be great. Um, why don’t you tell us about your day?

How was it? Um, yeah, it was, uh, it was okay. Until, um… Vivian Halloween showed up.

John, my darling nephew. I’m so happy to see you. Even though you didn’t come to visit me one day in prison. Well, I would have, but I didn’t want to. Well, John, as much as I would love to. Stay and catch up with you and Auntie Viv. I gotta go. Stephanie and Kayla are probably wondering where I am. Yeah. But hey, congratulations, man.

Really. Thanks, partner. Yeah. Best to the family. John, are you surprised to see me? No, no, no. I knew you were here. And I also know that you inherited Victor’s entire estate. Yes, it was such a lovely surprise. Yeah, for you perhaps, but not so much for Maggie. Oh, well, you know Maggie, long suffering, but oh, enough about her.

But I have a proposition for you. Yeah, and that would be what? I want you to come and work for me

at Titan. First Vivian steals your home, now she wants to destroy your career. Gotta admit, the old hag has got a lot of ambition.

Worry not. Worry not. I meant it when I said I was gonna help you find the way to fight this. I know you did. Meantime, you always have a home with Doug and me. I appreciate that. But I really should start looking for someplace of my own. Nonsense. Grandma Alice would be whirling over in her grave if she thought for a minute you were alone at a time like this.

Well, the Horton family is not rich and powerful and… Nasty, like the cariocases, but the hortons stick together like glue. Would you? You don’t know what that means to me right now. Good. Okay, have you heard from Brady? Have you heard from Alex? No. No no’s is good news, right? Oh, Julie, I swear to God, if they read Victor’s will and told me that he didn’t have a dime to his name, that he blew it on private planes and Greek statues, and that I was flat broke, I would have thrown my head back and laughed.

But the thought that that venal, evil woman It’s claiming that she is Victor’s widow, stealing everything that he worked so hard for. Brady and Alex, they… Damn it, Julie. They’ve got to find something to stop her. They have to. From your lips, darling. Yeah.

Well, I can’t stay here, Brady, with Alex. I barely know him. That didn’t used to matter to you. God, Brady. I was a little below the boat. Sigh.

Look, we share a child, we can share a room. Theresa. No. Brady, you know what? If you’re worried about protecting your virtue, I’m not interested in sleeping This has nothing to do with my virtue. It’s not a good idea. I don’t want to be alone with you, okay? Brady, lighten up. Alex, please, stay out of this.

Listen, I’m gonna say this to you as well as I can, I don’t think you’re getting this. These delusions of you and I getting back together, Teresa, that’s what they are, they’re delusions. It’s not gonna happen, and what is happening here is you’re coming across desperate and pathetic, and it’s embarrassing for everybody, so please don’t do it anymore.

Just stop. Good night.


you alright?

Not really.

Vivian fired Maggie and is taking over for Titan? Effective immediately. And you quit your job? I had to. Her new business plan is to start moving illegal drugs for Titan. You’re right. You had to quit. Huh. It’s probably your dad. I’ll get it. I’ll get it. Okay. Hi. Sorry I’m late. Hey. What’s going on? It’s like a Morgan.

Chad just quit his job because Vivian Allemane is now in charge of Titan. Damn that woman. No wonder she seems so pleased with herself.

You want me to be your COO? Yes! I made a couple of suggestions about the direction I wanted Titan to go in and Chad DeMera just f ed up and quit. And you were the first person I thought of to replace him. But I have a job. Oh, please, that detective agency. John, you’re an alimane. By adoption. But you have grander things to do than run around Salem photographing philandering husbands.

But I don’t want grander things. I’m happy with the job that I have. Isn’t there anything I can do to change your mind? Hmm. Actually, there is. Uh huh. Every man has his price. Give Maggie back her house. It’s my house. It’s not your house. We both know Vic wanted Maggie to have that house. Well, then he shouldn’t just destroy the will.

Damn it, Vic, for once, just once, will you do the right damn thing? Come on. I would like to. But the fact is, my lawyer told me that if I give Maggie one dime of Victor’s fortune, that will acknowledge that she has access to my husband’s fortune. I can’t do it. Well, looks like you’re gonna have to find yourself another corporate stooge then.

Who? It’s

okay. It’s okay. Look, Theresa, hey. Hey. Brady did not mean what he said. Yes, he did. No, he didn’t. No, he didn’t. He’s jet lagged and he’s worried about Auntie Maggie. You can’t take anything he’s saying right now to heart. He just said what everybody else thinks about me. And that I’m an awful person, that I’m, that I’m unlovable.

No, no, no, no, no, no. That is not true. That is not true at all. Hey, like I said, Brady is off his game right now. That’s all. I mean, the guy lost custody of his daughter. He lost his grandfather. Vivian is making Maggie’s life a living hell, you can’t listen to what he’s saying right now. That’s it, you know, he’s lashing out and he should not be lashing out on you.

He said I was desperate and pathetic! Well that’s not true. He’s wrong, Theresa. You’re smart, you’re brave, and you are, hey, you’re very beautiful. You really think I’m beautiful? Have you ever looked in a mirror? I think you do. I

think… That’s a little better, right? Give it a good look. Thank you. You’re welcome. Thank you for being here with me. I don’t know what I’d do if you weren’t here.

Uh, you know, maybe, maybe it’s because I’m in PR and cautious by nature, but if you are wanting to trade in illegal drugs, isn’t it usual to want to keep that quiet? Yeah, well, our Vivian sure thinks outside the box. Maybe I should call her and pitch her an ad campaign. If you’re thinking drugs, think Titan.

Titan wants to take you higher.

I love how you two make each other laugh. You know, there’s no greater sign of compatibility. Yeah, well, we make each other chuckle here and there. So well. Kids thinking about getting married any time soon? Steve. What? What’d I say?

Knock, knock. Who the hell let you in? Well, I rang the doorbell, but I assumed your staff was off for the night. What do you want, Vivian? Well, I brought these to you, these hideous figurines. Well, I was going to toss them. I thought you might want to donate them to charity. Because you’re going to need, possibly, a tax deduction.

I remember how much you enjoyed throwing Maggie out of her own house. Now, it’s my turn to throw you the hell out of mine! Unhand me!

God, give me strength.

Hey, Brady, how’s it going, kid? Hey, Dad, uh, good news. Listen, uh, no luck with Constantine, but the ISA found Grandfather’s briefcase in the plane wreckage and Shane brought it over to the hotel. Ah, that is good news. What was in it? Not sure. Uh, apparently Shane wanted Maggie to open it. Apparently? What, you didn’t talk to him?

No. He handed the briefcase off to somebody else.

Um, Um, Um,



Yeah, yeah.

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