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John and Steve meet at the Brady Pub. Steve comments on John asking him here to talk and then not talking. John respond that he will but he doesn’t know where to start. Steve guesses it’s serious then and tells him to take his time. John then informs Steve that he and Marlena had a long talk with the John Doe at the hospital and reveals that the man is his father.

Chad calls Stephanie from the Titan office. Stephanie reminds him that Steve and Kayla are coming over for dinner. Chad assures that he’ll be there and says that work has just been crazy with Maggie on leave. Chad tells her that he just has one e-mail to send and then he’ll be home. Stephanie asks if she sounded like a nagging housewife because she feels like she did. Chad jokes with her and asks if she needs him to pick anything up on the way home. Stephanie says they are good. Chad tells her that he loves her as they hang up. Vivian then arrives at the Titan office. Chad questions what she is doing there. Vivian asks if that’s any way to talk to his new boss.

Maggie is with Julie at the Horton house. They talk about Maggie being put through the ringer. Maggie says she can’t thank her and Doug enough for letting her stay. Julie tells her that she’s family. Maggie notes that Julie looked a little grim when she came in. Julie reveals a registered letter from Vivian. Maggie asks what fresh hell this is.

In Greece, Theresa remains in the hotel room going through the letters from inside Victor’s briefcase. She then hears someone coming and scrambles to put the letters up and hides the briefcase under the bed. Alex and Brady then return. Theresa greets them and asks if they got any leads. Brady tells her to cut the act as they know what she’s been up to. Theresa says she can explain but Alex tells her not to bother because the guy at the front desk already told them that she ordered room service. Theresa realizes that’s what they meant. Alex complains about how much it cost. Theresa says she was hungry and argues that none of it would have happened if they just let her come with them. Brady complains that she hasn’t changed a bit. Theresa asks if they got any leads from Constantine and if they figured out what was happening with Victor before he died.

Maggie decides she has to know what Vivian is up to and opens the envelope. Maggie reads that Vivian is removing her from her position as CEO of Titan, effective immediately. Julie can’t believe Vivian is firing Maggie.

Chad questions Vivian saying she is his new boss. Vivian informs him that Maggie is out and Vivian Kiriakis is in. Vivian explains that her and Victor’s divorce was never finalized, so they were still married when Victor passed. Vivian adds that she is not only Victor’s widow, but his sole heir because he had his will destroyed before he died. Chad says he’s sorry for Maggie. Vivian then asks if Chad is going to be unemployed with Maggie or if he’s going to be her number two when she executes her new plans for Titan.

Steve questions the guy with memory loss not being Joseph Bell, but the real Timothy Robicheaux. John confirms that Yo Ling was Joseph Bell and he just switched dog tags with his dad. John adds that they served in Korea together and a direct hit caused Timothy’s brain injury and amnesia. Steve comments on switching the dog tags sounding like a Yo Ling move. They talk about it being an amazing and miraculous story. Steve goes over how Timothy just happened to come to Salem to get treated by Kayla and Marlena, who happened to be married to his son. John praises Timothy as a great guy and says they love having him with them. Steve says he’s so happy for him as he deserves a dad like that. John says it’s what Timothy deserves after all he’s been through so they’ve decided to spend as much time with him as possible. Steve can’t wait to meet John’s father and they toast to him.

Kayla joins Stephanie and they have a glass of wine. Kayla praises the apartment and asks about the kids. Stephanie says she already put them to sleep and asks about Steve. Kayla says he had to meet John but he’ll be coming. Stephanie notes that Chad got held up at work as well as he’s pretty much running Titan with Victor gone and Maggie on leave. Kayla says she can imagine. Kayla knows Victor’s funeral was a sad occasion but talks about how great it was to see Theresa. Kayla asks if she got to spend time with her before she went back to California. Stephanie reveals that Theresa actually is not going back to California and is staying in town. Kayla guesses that means she’s going after Brady again. Stephanie informs her that Theresa actually set her sights on Alex and assures that she would be totally cool if they started dating. Kayla asks if she’s sure about that because it can be pretty dicey when relatives date the same guy. Kayla notes that she can relate because she almost lost her relationship with Kimberly when she got involved with Shane after thinking that Steve had died. Stephanie calls that different because Shane is the love of Kimberly’s life while Alex is just her ex-boyfriend. Kayla points out that Stephanie still sees Alex quite a lot. Stephanie says that’s just because they are neighbors and reminds Kayla that she’s totally committed to Chad. Kayla wonders what totally committed means to her and if she sees herself marrying Chad.

Chad calls Maggie and asks if it’s true. Maggie confirms that she just received a registered letter firing her and Vivian is already at the office, not wasting any time. Chad says he’s so sorry and asks if there’s anything he can do for her. Maggie says no and that Julie is taking good care of her. Maggie instructs Chad to do what he has to do because working for Vivian doesn’t mean he’s betraying her, but maybe he could find out what she’s up to. Chad says he will do that and hangs up. Chad then turns to Vivian and welcomes her to Titan. Chad asks Vivian about her vision for the company. Vivian wants to honor Victor’s legacy and take Titan back to it’s roots by following in his footsteps. Chad calls that a good idea and tells her to go to Greece. Vivian asks how Victor got his empire and it’s capitol. Vivian tells him that it was shipping street drugs. Chad asks if her big plan for Titan is to start laundering drug money and calls that insane. Vivian declares that Titan is going back to selling illegal drugs and asks if Chad is on board or if she has to fire him. Chad responds that she doesn’t have to fire him because he quits. Chad then storms out of the office.

Julie reads that Vivian is only giving Maggie two weeks of severance pay and argues that she can’t get away with this. Julie offers to call Justin but Maggie says there is nothing he can do. Julie asks about the Titan board. Maggie reminds her that there wasn’t a will so Vivian is the sole heir, the majority shareholder, and has all the power to get rid of any board member who crosses her. Maggie declares that Vivian can do whatever the hell she wants with Victor’s company and there’s not a damn thing they can do to stop her.

John asks Steve how Tripp is holding up with Ava on the run. Steve says he’s worried of course but he’s hopeful that she will be brought back safely. John asks if Steve is planning to go track Ava and Harris down himself. Steve notes that Rafe asked him to sit this out because he’s too close to the situation but admits he’s itching to get out there. John brings up Brady and Alex being in Greece, looking in to Victor’s last days. Steve asks why John didn’t go since he’s the private detective. John responds that he figured they could handle this one on their own and remarks that they didn’t need a third wheel tagging along…

Brady tells Theresa that this is none of her business. Theresa argues that Victor’s legacy affects their son since Tate is a Kiriakis too. Alex points out there’s no secret so they might as well just tell her. Theresa thanks him. Brady tells Alex to go ahead then. Alex explains that Constantine said Victor seemed troubled and didn’t mention the will, but he did say something about a letter. Alex adds that Brady remembered Kayla went to Victor’s childhood home and saw a box full of letters in the wine cellar, so they checked it out but didn’t find any letters. Theresa then unveils the briefcase and says maybe they are in there. Brady recognizes it as Victor’s briefcase and asks why the hell she has that. Theresa informs them that Shane dropped it off. Brady questions Shane being there and she’s just now telling them. Theresa says she wanted to hear about their meeting first. Brady asks what Shane said and why he had the briefcase. Theresa explains that the ISA recovered it from the wreckage of the plane crash and thinks maybe Victor put the letters in there. Brady decides they will open it then but Theresa doesn’t think that’s a good idea.

Steve brings up hearing that Victor destroyed his will and that Vivian showed up, claiming to be his widow. Steve asks if John has any idea what Vivian is up to. John suggests she wants to suck every dime she can get out of Maggie’s inheritance. John wonders why Victor would have the will destroyed. Steve argues that he never would’ve done that if he thought he was still married to Vivian. Steve calls Vivian not only crazy, but dangerous. Vivian then appears at the Pub and warns them to watch what they say in public.

Stephanie asks Kayla where this is coming from since she and Chad just moved in together. Kayla points out that she also moved in with Chad’s kids. Stephanie asks what that has to do with marriage. Kayla thinks they just need to look at it from the kids’ point of view and asks if marriage isn’t the next logical step. Stephanie asks if she means the next step for them or for her. Stephanie comments on Kayla being Catholic and sounding like Grandma Caroline but Kayla assures it’s nothing to do with that. Kayla worries about loss for the kids and she wants her to be happy. Kayla asks if she doesn’t want to marry Chad. Stephanie assures that she does want to marry Chad, right as Chad comes home.

Brady doesn’t give a damn what Theresa thinks and takes the briefcase from her, arguing that it belongs to his grandfather so he’s opening it. Theresa clarifies that Shane specifically said for it to be delivered to Maggie because he thinks she should be the one to open it. Brady decides they’ll open it when they get back to Salem then. Brady says they are done and might as well go home so he’s going to pack. Alex points out that it’s already after midnight so there won’t be any flights until tomorrow morning. Brady says a couple hours shouldn’t make much difference and says goodnight. Theresa tells Alex that she’ll see him in the morning but Brady questions where she’s going. Theresa says she’s going with Brady to his room, but he refuses.

Chad greets Stephanie and Kayla and jokes that he can leave so they can finish their conversation. Stephanie says Kayla was just being her mom and notes that Steve will be there soon as she pours Chad a glass of wine and asks about his day. Chad responds that it was okay until Vivian Alamain showed up.

Vivian hugs John and says she’s so happy to see him even though he never came to visit her in prison. John responds that he would have but he didn’t want to. Steve jokes that he’d love to stay and catch up but he has to go because Stephanie and Kayla are probably wondering where he is. Steve congratulates John as he then exits. Vivian asks John if he’s surprised to see her. John informs her that he knew she was here and that she inherited Victor’s estate. Vivian calls it a wonderful surprise but John says not for Maggie. Vivian wants John to come work for her at Titan.

Julie tells Maggie that first Vivian stole her home and now wants to destroy her career. Julie encourages Maggie not to worry because she’s going to find a way to help her fight this. Julie adds that Maggie will always have a place to stay with her and Doug. Maggie appreciates that but feels she should start looking for a place of her own. Julie calls that nonsense and says Alice wouldn’t want Maggie to be alone at a time like this. Julie states that the Horton family is not rich, powerful, and nasty like the Kiriakis family but they stick together like glue. Maggie tells her how much that means to her. Julie asks if she’s heard from Brady and Alex. Maggie says no and guesses no news is good news. Maggie swears that if Victor’s will said he didn’t have a dime to his name, she would’ve laughed but hates the thought of Vivian claiming to be Victor’s widow, stealing everything he worked so hard for. Maggie hopes Brady and Alex find something to stop her.

Theresa tells Brady that she can’t stop with Alex when she barely knows him. Brady remarks that didn’t used to matter to her. Alex calls that a little below the belt. Theresa argues that they share a child, so they can share a room. Theresa then complains that she’s not interested in sleeping with him. Brady states that he just doesn’t want to be alone with her. Alex tells Brady to lighten up. Brady tells him to stay out of this. Brady tells Theresa that her delusions of them getting back together is not going to happen. Brady adds that she’s coming off desperate and tells her to stop. Brady then quickly exits the room. Alex asks if Theresa is alright. Theresa says not really and starts to cry as Alex hugs her.

Chad informs Stephanie and Kayla that Vivian fired Maggie and took over Titan. Chad adds that he then quit his job because Vivian’s new business plan is to start moving illegal drugs through Titan. Steve then arrives and apologizes for being late as he asks what’s going on since it looks like a morgue. Stephanie informs him that Chad just quit his job because Vivian is now in charge of Titan. Steve say no wonder she seemed so pleased with herself.

John questions Vivian wanting him to be her CEO. Vivian says she made a couple of suggestions about the direction she wanted to go but Chad just quit. Vivian adds that John was the first person she thought of to replace him. John points out that he has a job. Vivian argues that John is an adopted Alamain so he has grander things to do than be a private detective. John responds that he’s happy with the job he has. Vivian asks if she can change his mind. John tells her to give Maggie back her house as they both know Victor wanted Maggie to have it. Vivian remarks that Victor shouldn’t have destroyed his will then. John asks Vivian to do the right thing for once. Vivian responds that she would like to, but her lawyer said if she gives Maggie a dime then she will have access to Victor’s fortune and she can’t do it. John tells her that she will have to find another corporate stooge then. Vivian questions who.

Alex tells Theresa that it’s okay and that Brady didn’t mean what he said as he’s just jet lagged and worried about Maggie. Theresa cries that he just said what everyone else thinks about her and that she’s an awful, unlovable person. Alex insists that’s not true and that Brady is just off his game right now as he lost custody of his daughter, lost his grandfather, and now Vivian is making Maggie’s life hell so he’s just lashing out. Theresa cries that Brady said she was desperate and pathetic. Alex says he was wrong and praises Theresa as smart, brave, and beautiful. Theresa asks if he really thinks she’s beautiful. Alex tells her to look in the mirror. Theresa thanks him for being there as she doesn’t know what she would do if he wasn’t there. Theresa then kisses Alex.

Stephanie jokes about Vivian not keeping it under wraps that she wants to push illegal drugs. Chad remarks that Vivian sure thinks outside the box. Steve comments that he loves how Chad and Stephanie make each other laugh, noting there is no greater sign of compatibility. Steve then asks if they are thinking about getting married anytime soon.

Vivian goes to the Horton house. Julie questions who the hell let her in. Vivian says she rang the doorbell. Maggie asks what she wants. Vivian delivers a box of Maggie’s figurines and mocks her. Julie knows how much Vivian enjoyed throwing Maggie out of her own house and shouts that now it’s her turn to throw Vivian out of her house.

John leaves the Pub and gets a call from Brady. Brady tells John that he had no luck with Constantine but the ISA found Victor’s briefcase in the plane wreckage so Shane brought it to the hotel. John asks what was in it. Brady says he doesn’t know as Shane apparently wanted Maggie to open it and notes that he handed the briefcase off to somebody else.

Theresa and Alex continue kissing as Alex removes his shirt and they kiss on to the bed.

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