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brook lynn. Ugh. Why haven’t you been returning my phone calls? I have nothing to say to you. What would I say to a family member who blackmailed me and caused me to lose my job? What are you doing, grandma? Oh, I’m doing my homework, james. Homework? Aren’t you too old to be in school?

[ Laughs ] Who told you that? James, a person is never too old to learn. You know, life is like one long journey. There’s always something you can pick up along the way. Like when cody taught me how to tie knots? Look at my slip knot.

[ Chuckles ] Wow! You did this? And cody taught you how to do it? Yeah, when I was at kelly’s with oma. That cody — he’s full of surprises. You know, that wasn’t an empty offer, sasha. You know, we — we turn ourselves in or we get caught, you could end up back in ferncliff. Uh, we can just avoid all that. We could just vanish. And how will that actually work, cody? Gregory, hi. Hi. Everything okay? Yeah. Nothing to worry about. I-I know it’s late, but I was hoping to catch dr. Bronson. Do you know if he’s still here? Let me check.

What’s going on?

I don’t think dr. Bronson

is the right doctor

for your dad. Finn. Hey, look who’s here. Hello, son. Hey, dad. He’s here to see dr. Bronson.

[ Door slams ] Hi. Uh, gabe let me in. Hi. Uh, and what do I owe the pleasure? Your offer of protection — does it still stand? Nina: Charlotte.

[ Knock on door ] Nina. Charlotte. Look who I found.

What’s going on, anna? I thought you didn’t want protection. I just came from the metro court, where someone gained access to my suite. They trashed the room, destroyed my clothes, left me a message on the mirror in lipstick. What kind of message? “You think you got away with it — you didn’T. You think you’re safe — you’re not.” So I guess I’m the target of a personal vendetta. Someone’s toying with me, trying to unsettle me, maybe throw me off my game. Sounds to me like somebody’s trying to get under your skin. They’re succeeding.

[ Voice breaking ] I just feel like the walls are closing in on me, you know? Okay, look, someone burning down my house, that’s — that’s a violation, but it seems… it’s exterior, you know? It’s — it’s kerosene and a match. This is personal. They came into my space, and they touched my things. And I don’t think it’s the first time, because we came back to the suite the other day, and my mail had been moved from one place to another. I know that sounds crazy. It’s a small thing, but I noticed it. It is a hotel. You know, there’s housekeeping. They don’t come every day. Whoever this is, they’ve been there before. No, what scares me is I don’t know how many times. Nina, it’s so good to see you. What are you doing? It’s so good to see you. Oh, my goodness. What brings you by here? There was an incident at our hotel suite. The police are there. Yes, I know. The front desk — they called me to tell me what was going on. I am so sorry that you showed up with all of this going on. It’s okay.

[ Chuckles ] So, what’s the occasion? What brings you here? I just wanted to see papa. I’m glad you did. What did you do today? Where have you been? I was with jake. It was nothing serious, but I thought I should check in with the doctor. Yeah, no, I’m — I’m glad you did. Matter of fact, there was — there was something I wanted to talk to you about. Y-you mind if we have a little conversation before you meet with dr. Bronson? Eh, not at all. Would you check and see if dr. Bronson is available and let me know? Absolutely. So, what’s on your mind, son? I couldn’t help but notice elizabeth seemed to be trying to signal you. I can’t wait to hear what this is about. It’s about how you’re managing your als treatment. That’s w hat we’re doing now?We’re throwing temper tantrums? You know, even toddlers outgrow that phase. In a grown woman — laughable. And by the way, I didn’t do anything to lucy coe she wouldn’t have happily done to me first. Tracy, this isn’t about you and lucy. This is about you and me. We’re supposed to be family. You used me. You — you blackmailed me. You preyed on me where I’m most vulnerable — my love for chase, my fear of losing him, my insecurity about my past with him. Everything I did was for your own good.

[ Laughs ] Yeah? How exactly is me losing my job good for me? He also taught me this. Wow. What do you call that one? It’s an exploding clove hitch. But cody says you have to be careful. If you pull the wrong end the wrong way, the whole knot will just unravel. Like that. Wow! Wow! Looks like you’re on your way to becoming a sailor. That would be super cool. Hey, grandpa, can we go to the stables? Cody promised he’d let me feed the horses. Oh, he, uh — he did, did he? Yeah. We could go tomorrow after school. Well, james, I’m afraid we can’T. Uh, cody’s gonna be away for a while. Where did he go?

[ Sighs ] I wish I knew. You say the word, we’re gone. I’ll work out the details. Cody, we have a car and some cash thanks to sam, but we have no phones, no ids, no internet access. And we’re both escaped mental patients who are considered dangerous. I stabbed you, and you attacked and tied up dr. Montague. I wish I’d done a lot worse to him. Might still yet. No, cody. You cannot get any deeper into this mess. You’ve already thrown your whole life off track for me. Don’t — don’t paint me as some kind of hero, sasha. All right? Things wouldn’t have gotten this bad if I’d just been honest from the start. How were you dishonest?

When cody comes back,we’ll go feed the horses, okay? Okay. All right. What’s your homework, grandma? Oh, I’m learning about the hospital and all the rules and the procedures. I want to learn everything I can so I can help the people in there. You mean like the doctors and nurses? Well, no, not exactly. But I do want to help the patients. Help them do what? Well, like making sure they understand what the doctor says, or if they need help finding their way around the hospital, or just making sure that they’re happy and comfortable and if they need someone to talk to. I think being a doctor would be better. Oh, yeah? So you want to be a doctor when you grow up? No, I want to be a policeman like daddy and grandpa. Oh. Nice.

[ Doorbell rings ] Are you expecting someone? No. Mnh-mnh. That’s nice. Surprise! Sasha, I’ve — I’ve known about gladys’ money troubles for months now. She was neck-deep in the red to selina wu. I, um… I knew that she sold brando’s garage behind your back to settle that debt. What? Wait. You knew? Yeah. And I-I should have told you the whole truth back then. Why didn’t you? The reason that I-I told myself was because you were so dependent on gladys that I didn’t want to cause you any more pain. But if you want to know the real reason, the reason that I really don’t even want to admit out loud… I do.

[ Sighs ] The real reason was I didn’t want to jeopardize my arrangement with selina. She put me in that game to… to steer it, to — to make sure that the players that she wanted would win. And if she wanted someone to lose, my job was to take him out fast or… let them just keep — keep playing and running up a bigger debt. I did it — I did it just for the extra cash. Stable hands don’t exactly make bank, you know? But soon enough, selina made it clear that I didn’t have the option to quit or to talk. So I just… kept quiet. Even long after I knew that gladys was playing you. I’ll just give you a call back if we do end up needing to see dr. Bronson. Thanks, amy. This is your private business, dad. And the way you choose to manage your disease, it’s — it’s entirely up to you. Finn, it’s become increasingly clear to me that nobody manages als. I’ve stopped driving, and all too soon, I’ll stop walking, and then I’ll stop eating and then talking. And finally, I’ll stop breathing. But your quality of life between now and then, the way you handle your symptoms, the way you work around your limitations — you have options, dad, options… I don’t think you even know about. I feel like it’s a warning. Somebody just wants to leave me with absolutely nothing. They destroy my house and then… the new clothes that I bought. Did you check the hotel surveillance? ‘Cause they have to have a recording of the halls, the elevators, and the lobby. That’s the thing. Valentin went straight to security, but there’s nothing. What do you mean, nothing? The footage is missing. Is that what valentin told you? Jake and I scootered over to the promenade at the court’s lane waterfront. Since I was close, I thought I’d visit papa. Do you guys want to see something cool?

[ Laughs ] Yeah. Jake almost fell into the fountain. And in this one, I dared him to eat all the boba from the tea. Oh.

[ Chuckles ] Wait, I’m not interrupting your work, am I? Oh, no, no. I was just, uh — I was doing a little research. I want — I want to actually put it out of my head, and I’m hoping never to see it again. Where are you going?

You never struck me as the kind of guy to rewrite history, cody. I’ve been known to when it works to my own advantage. And what’s the advantage of making yourself look bad? That’s not how I remember things at all. From what I remember, you were always warning me about gladys. You told me not to trust her, and I refused to listen. That’s because I never told you the whole truth. I-I knew that gladys was betting way more than she could afford. I figured she was dipping into those accounts that she was supposedly managing for you. Really, she was just managing them for herself. But I didn’t want to cross selina, so I just kept my mouth shut and covered my own ass until it was almost too late. What made you change your mind? Lucy, scott, come on in. -Thank you. -Yeah, thank you. Lucy, uh, no pine valley cops out there waiting in the bushes for you, are there? Mac! No. Very funny. Just us gamesters for you. Oh, come on in. It’s good to see you both. But what brings you here? Well, lucy’s, um — she’s a little down in the dumps, so I-I thought maybe I’d bring a little hooch and maybe, you know, game night might cheer her up. Ooh, I love games. What are we playing? Sorry, charlie. Only for adults. I am not charlie. Oh, you wouldn’t like these games. How about we go read a story? It’s a little bit after your bedtime anyway. Okay. Okay. Well, go tell everybody good night. Good night, grandpa and lucy and charlie.

[ Laughter ] Good night, champ. Night. Well, come on in. Have a seat. Brother, what’s with kids today? Thanks. They don’t know that expression, “sorry, charlie”? Geez. Come on. Nobody under 40 knows “sorry, charlie.” I bet you listened to 8-track tapes as you drove over. Yeah, I did. I was listening to — lucy, I gather we’re here, um, to cheer you up over your deception lawsuit. Shh! No. Quiet. Zip it. I don’t want that mojo out there, okay? Really. Come on. I just want to have laughter and fun with friends and play some games, really. Although that prospect seems a little dismal because my life is crumbling around me. Oh, hey, lucy, everything’s gonna be all right, I-I promise you. Just — just try — hey. Here, pick a card. Would you stop? Those are just words right now, okay?

[ Sighs ] Okay. Look. Elise, she’s a top-notch attorney. She’s on the case, okay? You have nothing to worry about. You’re supposed to, you know, unwind a little. Ooh, I think I might have some gummies in my pocket. But, you know, lucy, for crying out loud, there’s nothing you can do about it anyways. Uh, yeah, aside from killing tracy quartermaine. Yeah, well, you’re gonna have to get in line. Let’s hear it. How is dragging me into corporate espionage against my friends for my own good? I never should have trusted you. Of course you should trust me. Everything I did was for you. What? You should be thanking me, not sulking. You know what, tracy? You’re right. I should be thanking you. Look, I know you don’t trust valentin, but we were together when we discovered the mess in the suite. Like, we’d just come from the hotel restaurant, and so we were together the whole time. Yeah. Okay. But that doesn’t prove his — his innocence, because he could have, you know, excused himself to make a phone call, went to his room and — or paid somebody to do it. No, I… I — I don’t think so. Okay. I don’T. I mean…

[ Sighs ] I am aware of his shortcomings, as are you. Mm-hmm. But that hasn’t stopped you from taking advantage of his assistance in business, has it? Absolutely. But we do have to thank, uh, valentin for bringing pikeman into our lives. Nina, why are you in this office? Aren’t you usually on the fifth floor? Uh, charlotte, I think, um, it’s getting a little late to head back to dante and sam’S. Maybe you could spend the night at nina’S. That’s a — that’s a great idea. Uh, yes, I would love that. It could be a girls-only sleepover, and we could catch up. I have missed you so much, charlotte. I would love that. It’ll be like that time we had the blackout and camped out in the living room.

[ Laughs ] Oh, do you remember that? Charlotte was saying all those ghost stories she heard at lila’s kids camp. Until papa got scared. No, I remember being worried you were gonna get scared.

[ Laughs ] Papa, sometimes I don’t think you know me very well. Okay, so I will just shut this down and I’ll grab my stuff and I’ll meet you downstairs in the lobby. Deal. Get it off the server.

[ Door closes ]

So, what are theseother options, finn? Treatment options? No, more along the lines of something a little more holistic, and to that end, I thought we might check out some other neurologists. Why? Is something wrong with dr. Bronson? No. No, not at — not at all. He’s, uh — he’s highly respected and has made significant contributions to research, but… well, uh… I-I think elizabeth articulated this better than I ever could. Dr. Bronson seems to concentrate on treating general symptoms, not focusing so much on the — on the patient, you. Right? And I-I really think you deserve a doctor that will help you live life to the fullest, not one that’s just predicting when everything is gonna fail. So is this what all the looks between you and elizabeth were about? No.Did — did she put you up to this? No. No, not — not at all. No. No? Unh-unh. What if I ask her directly? Oh! Uh… elizabeth, I understand you have reservations about my doctor? Uh, um… dad, we, uh — we both do, and — and I am grateful to elizabeth for raising the question. Gregory, I am so sorry for overstepping. We both just think there’s a better neurologist out there for you, and I’d like your permission to go find them. Lucy: I have a great idea. I lure tracy into the quartermaine crypt with that stinky, smelly cheese she likes, right? Then I seal her in completely — that rat no one will miss — and then she’s already buried. Lucy, don’t talk that way. Thank you. Shh, mac, okay? All right, I think tracy’s too clever for that. We might be better off putting something in her drink. Yes! Well, she — she does like her cognac. Uh, yeah, but I have to see her face when I do it. Uh, hello? No one is offing anyone. Police commissioner, remember? Uh, yeah, but you’re being a very old fuddy-duddy. Mm-hmm. You want to keep it down out here? Bailey lou and james are asleep. Oh, yes. I have kids. Thanks, mom. Sorry. And whatever you’re talking about is way too gruesome for game night. You should be ashamed of yourself, fantasizing about ending someone’s life. Excuse me, but you know that tracy quartermaine has been a thorn in my side my entire life, almost. Yeah, and she cost me a close friend and my business. I might not even be able to keep this house if deception goes under. You are two of the most brilliant, tenacious, inventive women I know. If the worst happens, you will pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and you will find yourself another successful endeavor. Mom, you can’t possibly think it’s that easy. Nothing in life is that easy, maxie. Yeah, and it wasn’t easy the first time we did it. We put deception on the map, and the deceptor was our baby. And now tracy is threatening to let all of it go down the drain unless we give her 75% of our company. Yeah, and I did get a much better offer out of her. But, you know, that smug look on tracy’s face was — I’m sorry. W-what? You got a better offer? When were you gonna tell me this? That was fast. You’re thanking me? Yes, tracy. You’re right. You know, moving in with chase has provided me with an entirely new perspective on everything. You blackmailed me into going back to deception, and I was obligated to lucy and sasha and especially maxie. I would have done everything in my power to keep deception afloat. But now, because of your spiteful lawsuit, I have been released from that obligation. So now I am free to pursue my number-one passion full-time. I’m going back to music. Absolutely not. Music was your father’s downfall. I will not let that happen to you. Oh, yeah? What are you gonna do to stop me? You have no more blackmail leverage on me. Chase knows everything, and he fully supports me. That’s all that matters to me. Listen to me. No, tracy. I am done listening to you. You know, I hope deception was worth it because it just cost you your granddaughter. At the pool, when I felt the knife and I… turned to see you, I saw in your eyes something terrible. That wasn’t you, sasha. I knew that something else had taken control. There’s no way you would have stabbed me unless you weren’t in your right mind. And I knew that you couldn’t have lost your mind so fast or so completely unless someone else had drugged you. I knew in my gut you had been set up, and I knew I had to do something about it. Sasha, there are a lot of things in my life that I’m not proud of, but I knew that I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I didn’t at least

try to help you. Thank you, cody. You did more than you know. Don’t thank me yet. We’re not out of the woods.

[ Chuckles ] Well, you got us this far. And, honestly, I am… so thankful for the rescue. But I’m even more thankful that you believed in me. This is gonna be so much fun.

[ Chuckles ] I just hope the power stays on. Oh, well, don’t you worry. I have plenty of candles. And I have a whole new batch of ghost stories. Okay. So, uh, why don’t i get you settled in the guest room, okay? I’ll be right in. Okay. Anna, it’s valentin. I just want to give you a heads up that I’ve taken charlotte to stay at nina’s for the night.

[ Cellphone chimes ] Valentin? Yeah. Should have taken the call. Could be great news. I’ll talk to him later. There’s something else I want to address with you. I’m all ears. The shooting at the pool. Mm-hmm. The bullets we dodged. Mm-hmm. I think they were meant for you, not me. Oh? Yeah. So these recent events, right — the burning of my house, the message on my mirror — those are aimed at me, specifically at me. Right? Right. So now, this shooting at the pool — that is a public attack. There’s a mismatch in psychological profiles, which leads me to believe that we are dealing with two distinct and conflicting motives. Two — two different perpetrators. That’s what I think, because the dichotomy of the patterns — that’s what convinces me. Okay, so are you telling me… that the shooting was a warning from pikeman? And possibly the wsb.

and you turned it down. Did — did you even think about telling me they made you that offer? Yeah, but — but I would have had to surrender my 1% of elq. Oh! O-okay. Maxie, she can’t do that! This is like a smorgasbord for lucy. Nobody asked for your opinion, scott. And you firing perfectly good attorneys, turning down secret deals, making choices all by yourself? You should be running these things past maxie, lucy. You’re partners. Well, not everything, mac. I mean, look at lucy. She’s got nothing going on. That is not helping. Shush. Please! Listen, this is separate. This is totally separate. But it’s totally fine if I, I don’t know, lose my house? No! Can we just take this down a notch, please? I have put everything I have on the line for deception. And — and by the way, didn’t you get that 1% from alan? Don’t you say alan. You know I hate that. Now you sound like tracy quartermaine. Do I really? I don’t think so. This is getting us nowhere. Hey! This game is really loud. Could you play something else? Thank you both for thinking about this and, uh, looking out for me. Elizabeth, you could never overstep. I hereby give you my permission to find a different neurologist. I’ll see whoever you recommend, finn.

[ Sighs ] Thank you, dad. I mean, after all, you are a highly respected diagnostician who has made significant contributions to research. So how could I not trust your judgment? Exactly. Yeah, listen, I, for one, am grateful. No, I’m the one who’s grateful to you both for your perspectives and for speaking up.

[ Pager beeps ] Oh, excuse me. Uh, sorry, I have to go authorize the release of some labs. All right? I’ll be right back, dad. A new doctor may not make much of a difference, but if it helps finn, gives him a sense of control, then I’m all for it. Mostly, I am grateful to you for supporting him. I’m so glad he has you in his life. Finn. Ah, can’t tell. A-are you the cat or the canary? Don’t ask. Canary. I need a level 5 backgammon game to forget about this one. Oh, I need a win. Do you? Well, you know, you might be disappointed. I’ve picked up a few new tricks. No kidding? Mm-hmm. Have you been bingeing videos of “double six” king kyle? Hmm, now that you mention it, but don’t knock it, he’s got some excellent strategies. What’s your father doing here so late? Guess that means we’re not disappearing. Let’s see what sam and dante come up with first. All right, well, in that case, I say we call it a night. Let’s rest up for whatever comes next. You take the bed. And where do you plan to sleep? I’m actually getting pretty fond of my chair here. She’s a lot nicer than she looks. No way! We’re gonna have to come up with a different plan tonight. Anna, are you trying to tell me that there’s a link between pikeman and the wsb? I think it’s possible. I wanted you to be fully informed so that you can just take into consideration all the possibilities that that represents. Thanks for the heads up. You have to be vigilant. We both do. I’m gonna — I’m gonna beef up my security. I’m gonna do the same for you, get you protection, the whole thing, and then you won’t even know they’re there. Oh, I’ll know. But thank you. You just gotta be careful, because whoever’s after you is not gonna stop any time soon. I just wish I knew what they wanted from me. I am sorry that I haven’t found us a house yet, one where we can all live. You and me. And anna. Yeah. You and me and anna. I hope it happens soon, papa. I miss you, and I want us to be together more than ever. I’ll see you in the morning. I love you. I love you, too, papa. Thank you for letting her stay the night. Oh, yeah, of course. I love having her here. I don’t want her near anna. I don’t — I don’t want her out of my sight. Yeah, I know. I know. There are a lot of questions. We know that she went into the suite, but there are no cameras inside the suite, so we don’t know exactly what happened. I don’t know how to begin to handle this. I am swimming. Okay. Okay. How about this? Why don’t you go — go back to anna, okay? But remember this — no matter what happens, I’m here for you. And I’m here for charlotte. It’s gonna be okay. I’ll see you in the morning. Okay.

My dad’s schedule is anyone’s guess. You’ll have to ask him. But if you’d like some cathartic backgammon tomorrow, just let me know. Maybe I’ll let you win.

[ Both laugh ] Good evening, tracy. You’re here awfully late. Ah, yes. For a very boring board meeting. And that was followed by my granddaughter insulting me. I could use a drink. Well, it’s probably not what you had in mind, but can I offer you a soda to lift your spirits? A-are we back to killing me with kindness again? It was just a thought. You’re welcome to decline. No. Far be it from me to respond to kindness with rudeness. I would be delighted to take you up on your offer. After you. Finn. Tracy. Dad.

[ Sighs ] You know, when I see my dad in his element like this, you know, all wit and charm, it seems like everything is normal. And then I think about what’s to come. You’re doing the best you can for him. That’s all that you can do. I wish I had the words to tell you how much it means to have you with me while I go through this. For you, tracy. Thank you. Ginger ale. Well, I’ll just pretend it’s a whiskey ginger.

[ Sighs ] Are you all right? Uh… no. No, actually, I’m not, tracy, and… it’s about time you knew. I’ve been diagnosed with als. Gregory, no. I… I don’t know what to say. Sorry, james. Come on. Let’s go back to bed. I’ll tuck you in. I’m right behind you. You know, lucy, I never thought you would be so selfish. Maxie, I —

[ Sighs ] Well… oh, hang on, lucy. Hang on a second. Wait a minute. Take it easy. Take it easy here. So much for our quiet night. Poor maxie. She’s lost so much in her life. I’d hate to see her lose this, too. She’s worked so hard. So has lucy. Is this like karma? Well, if karma was a thing, you’d be the queen of england. And you have always been my knight in… tarnished armor. You know, lucy, things are gonna work out. They always do. This isn’t right. We should switch. Cody?

[ Snores ]

[ Whispering ] Good night, cody. I’m not gonna be able to make it home tonight. What’s going on? Valentin asked me to take charlotte tonight because someone broke into anna’s suite. Yeah, that’s what anna said. She said he, um, went into the metro court to check the surveillance video, and it was missing. Now, I’m trying to figure out how someone got in there to remove the video. Yeah, it’s — it’s very unsettling that someone was able to bypass all the security measures at the metro court. Well, it must have been a professional or somebody with a lot of help. Anyway, I’m gonna miss you tonight. Sonny, I will miss you, too.

Have fun with charlotte. Good night. Good night.

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