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EJ is in his office at DiMera Enterprises, on the phone with Joyce. He tells her to calm down and that she is safe as long as he’s representing her. EJ then finishes the call as Nicole arrives. Nicole says she needs to talk to him. EJ greets her with kisses and comments on the baby kicking. EJ guesses she got his message because he needs to talk to her as a consultant. EJ explains that he wants her to do some research before they make a big acquisition. Nicole responds that she can get right on that after he answers her question. Nicole then asks EJ if he tried to have Ava Vitali killed.

Ava and Harris are in their hotel room in London, England. Ava watches the TV and comments on there not being anything about them on there. Harris assures that no one is closing in on them. Ava worries about if anyone saw them or if anyone is staked outside the hotel. Harris encourages that they made it to London without anyone knowing where they are and tomorrow, they are going to start looking for Susan Banks. Ava complains that it’s a big city and they have no clue where to begin. Ava asks Harris what if they’ve made a huge mistake.

Wendy and Tripp talk at the hospital about Tripp not hearing from Ava yet. Wendy hopes that Ava can find Susan. Tripp responds that she’s going to have to or else she’s going to spend the rest of her life running from EJ. Tripp tells Wendy that he’ll never be able to repay her for coming up with the fake passports. Tripp points out that she took a big risk for someone she doesn’t even know. Wendy responds that she knows her son and that’s enough.

Belle meets Eric at the Brady Pub and says she got his message. Eric informs Belle that he and Sloan talked about still having a child and deciding that adoption may be their best option. Belle says she can understand that so Eric asks if she will help them through the process because they are going to need a lawyer and that’s why he asked her to meet. Belle agrees to represent him. Eric says he can see that something is wrong. Belle informs Eric that Shawn didn’t come home last night.

Shawn and Talia wake up in bed together. Talia begins to panic and questions what they have done. Shawn apologizes and blames himself but Talia says it was her too. Shawn grabs his phone and sees six messages and a voicemail from Belle, so he worries that she must think he’s dead in a ditch somewhere. Talia reminds Shawn that he said they got in to a big fight. Shawn doesn’t remember telling her that and asks what else he told her. Talia brings up that Belle cheated on Shawn in the past. Shawn acknowledges that he had never cheated on Belle but he guesses he can’t say that anymore. Shawn declares that he cannot believe this.

Eric asks Belle about Shawn seeing Marlena and coming out of this. Belle explains that Victor’s funeral happened and Shawn blames himself so he started drinking again and then he tried to go to work. Eric asks if he got suspended again. Belle clarifies that Rafe sent him home and he was clearly drunk. Belle admits she said some things she shouldn’t have said. Eric notes that this has been going on for a long time and understanding doesn’t seem to be the key with Shawn. Belle thinks she went too far by saying Shawn should go to rehab because that’s when things went off the rails. Belle adds that Shawn threw her affair with EJ in her face.

EJ asks Nicole why he would plot Ava’s murder. Nicole asks why wouldn’t he and brings up the news said that it looked like an attempted hit and no one hates Ava more than EJ does. EJ argues that Ava did the shooting and then escaped with Harris Michaels. Nicole brings up how the woman that Ava shot said she was a nurse but Bayview said they had never seen her there before. Nicole adds that the only person who knows this mystery person is her attorney, EJ, which leads her to believe that EJ hired her to avenge his mother by killing Ava.

Harris asks Ava what mistake they have made. Ava complains that they’ve barely had a moment to breathe since breaking out of Bayview and now they are in London with no clue what happens next. Harris encourages that they are going to figure it out. Ava cries that she is in EJ’s crosshairs and finding Susan is her only way out but they are in London based on a vision that she had. Harris asks what Ava is trying to say. Ava declares that he needs to take her back to Bayview because she’s clearly crazy.

Jada finishes a call at the police station as Rafe joins her and asks if there’s any news on the hunt for Ava. Jada shows him what she had and reveals that a neighbor thinks they may have seen Ava in the alley way outside of Tripp’s apartment. Jada wants to interview the neighbor but Rafe tells her that he will handle it because she is wearing the same clothes as yesterday and clearly needs to go home to rest. Jada jokes about Rafe being bossy as Rafe tells her to take off. Jada agrees to go but asks Rafe to promise to call if he finds anything big because she’s just as invested in finding Ava as he is. Rafe assures that she’s on speed dial as Jada then exits the station.

Tripp tells Wendy that he will let her know if he hears anything. Tripp then asks if Wendy is heading back to the apartment. Wendy responds that she was thinking of going to work. Tripp points out that her work is DiMera Enterprises. Tripp feels that she’s done enough and he doesn’t want her tangling with EJ. Wendy complains that Tripp’s mom is in trouble and the creep she works for may have sent an assassin to kill her. Tripp argues that only proves how dangerous EJ is. Wendy says she will just do some fishing and might find something useful while EJ won’t even know she’s there. Tripp asks her not to do this. Wendy jokes that if he didn’t want her involved, he shouldn’t have made her care about him so much. Wendy then walks away as Tripp gets a call from Rafe, who says he needs to see him down at the police station.

EJ informs Nicole that he’s representing Joyce because she was almost killed by the same woman who killed his mother. EJ says that he got to the hospital and she was being grilled by a police officer without counsel. Nicole asks why EJ even went to the hospital in the first place. EJ says he thought she might need an attorney and she did. Nicole argues that EJ hasn’t practiced law in many moons. EJ tells her that his law license is still active and he’s highly motivated because any enemy of Ava’s is automatically a friend of his. Nicole can’t tell if EJ is lying to her out of habit or to protect her. Nicole thinks EJ is defending Joyce because she knows something that he doesn’t want the cops to know. Nicole declares that since she’s having his baby in a couple months, she deserves to know what that is.

Belle informs Eric that she just got a notification that Shawn got her messages, so at least she knows he’s alive but she doesn’t know why he’s not calling her back and ghosting her. Eric suggests Shawn may be embarrassed over how he treated her and says he never should’ve brought up EJ. Belle acknowledges that it’s true that she cheated on him with EJ. Eric points out they were separated. Belle admits that she thought they had gotten past all of that. Belle worries that Shawn actually hasn’t forgiven her for her affair with EJ and if that’s part of the reason he’s drinking.

Talia tells Shawn that she’s not saying what they did was justified but she thinks he should give himself a break. Talia knows it must be hard for him to get rid of the mental image of his wife with another man and he’s obviously not over it. Shawn acknowledges that he threw it in Belle’s face and then went and got even more drunk. Shawn feels like he took advantage of Talia and apologizes. Talia asks him to stop apologizing, pointing out that she lost control too because she was hurt by Chanel breaking things off with her. Talia adds that she should feel bad because of all Belle did for her. Shawn points out that he is Belle’s husband and she’s waiting for a call from him. Shawn wonders what to say as he doesn’t even know how to tell her. They get out of bed and get dressed. Shawn tells Talia that he knows there’s a lot more to say but he has to tell Belle where he’s at. Shawn asks Talia not to say anything about last night until he figures out how to tell Belle. Talia agrees not to say a word. Shawn thanks her and figures he should get going. Shawn tells Talia to take care of herself. Talia wishes him luck. Shawn then exits the apartment.

Eric tells Belle to keep in mind that it was the alcohol talking, not Shawn. Belle says that’s unless he’s drinking again. Eric advises her not to engage and to tell Shawn that she won’t talk to him unless he’s sober as that’s the best thing she can do for him. Belle decides she will go get some air and hopes that Shawn will call soon. Belle then exits the Pub. Shawn comes downstairs and heads for the door but Eric spots him and questions where the hell he came from.

Harris states that Ava spent all that time going over what could go wrong. Ava questions what could go right when all they have to go on is her visions and they don’t know if she will get another one. Harris argues that Ava convinced him that her visions may be Susan really trying to reach her. Ava asks why her when she is the one who almost killed Susan. Harris says they were sent here so maybe they have to wait for a signal. Ava argues that Susan didn’t give her an address. Harris points out that they are here now and they are ahead of the cops so he has a good feeling that it’s going to work out. Ava guesses they’ll go on that then and complains that Susan better send her another sign soon before EJ comes to finish off the job.

EJ apologizes to Nicole for stonewalling her but says this is about protecting her. Nicole argues that they both know what’s going on here and complains about the idea of giving birth while EJ is in prison. EJ insists that he won’t be in prison because no one knows what he’s done. Nicole argues that he’s probably Rafe’s number one suspect because of what Ava did to Susan. EJ assures that Joyce won’t sell him out as long as he guarantees her safety. EJ vows that he would not put what they have at risk for anything. Wendy then arrives and says she has something for EJ to see. EJ tells her that he’s in a meeting but Nicole says it’s okay as she’s going to do that research. Nicole advises EJ to try not to freak out as she then exits. EJ asks what he can do for Wendy. Wendy responds that it shouldn’t take long as she just wants to make sure that she’s on track with something.

Tripp goes to the police station and meets with Rafe in the interrogation room. Rafe thanks him for coming and says it shouldn’t take long. Rafe apologizes for interrupting him with Wendy the night before. Tripp says it’s okay and that he needed to know what was going on with his mom. Tripp adds that he’s sorry he couldn’t be much help as he doesn’t know where she is. Rafe says that Tripp was actually very helpful and he hopes he can be again. Tripp responds that he just wants Ava to be okay. Rafe tells Tripp that they know for a fact that Ava was alive and well at 9 PM last night. Rafe reveals an eye witness spotted Ava and Harris. Tripp states that is good. Rafe adds that the funny thing is that they were spotted in the alley right behind Tripp’s apartment, so he has to ask if Tripp has seen Ava since they last talked. Tripp then admits that he has. Tripp tells Rafe that when he got home last night, Ava and Harris were there, they talked for awhile and then left. Rafe asks how they got in. Tripp admits it was the fire escape. Rafe acknowledges that it must have been hard and emotional to see his mom after someone tried to kill her. Tripp confirms that it was. Rafe asks if she asked for his help. Tripp responds that she knew he couldn’t do anything for her so they left. Rafe asks if he has any idea where they went. Tripp says he can’t say and adds that he hasn’t lied, so he asks if he can go now. Rafe tells Tripp to tell the hospital that he’s hung up because he’s not going anywhere. Tripp states that he has nothing more to say. Rafe warns Tripp to think about the obstruction charges he could be facing for failing to tell him that he saw Ava. Rafe then walks out of the room.

EJ goes over a folder that Wendy presented to him. Wendy says she was told to do a system upgrade and wanted him to see it because it could be really expensive. Wendy tells him to take his time while she’ll just read the Spectator. Wendy looks at it and comments on seeing Ava escaped last night. EJ responds that he knows. Wendy guesses that the police must have told EJ right away because of his unfortunate connection with Ava and what happened to his mother. EJ comments on his mother being a great person. Wendy reads that it says they don’t know where Ava is and remarks that it’s kind of scary considering everything she has done. Wendy guesses EJ has good security here and at his house. EJ tells Wendy that she’s going to have to stop talking if she wants him to give this his full attention.

Ava tries calling out to Susan and says she’d really appreciate another sign. Ava complains when nothing happens. Harris argues that Ava is just tired and punchy after the flight. Ava mocks Harris not being afraid of anything. Harris tells Ava to act like a Vitali. Ava complains about Harris sounding like a broken record as she storms in to the bathroom.

Eric tells Shawn that Belle was just there and worried about him. Shawn says he’s just trying to figure out what to say as they have a lot to talk about. Shawn assumes that Belle told Eric about their fight. Eric confirms that Belle said he didn’t come home last night. Shawn tells Eric that he ran in to Jada and told her about the fight, so Jada said he could crash here while she was working the late shift. Talia comes down the stairs but stops when she sees them talking. Eric then asks Shawn about Talia since she lives there too.

Belle walks through the town square and runs in to Nicole. Nicole asks about Shawn since she knows Victor’s funeral must have been hard on him. Belle confirms that Shawn’s not in great shape. Nicole says she’s sorry. Belle asks how Nicole is since she must be due soon. Nicole says she is due in January and is really excited. Belle bets EJ must be excited too. Nicole assures that EJ is really on board now there is no uncertainty as that was hard on EJ and Eric. Nicole adds that she’s really sorry about Eric and Sloan losing their baby. Nicole asks how Eric is doing. Belle mentions that she was just with him and that he and Sloan are now looking in to adoption. Nicole is surprised but says that’s great. Belle comments on Eric always wanting a kid and knowing he’ll be a great father which Nicole agrees with.

Shawn claims to Eric that Talia is working too at the hospital on the late shift and admits he drank a lot last night which kept him from going home. Talia goes and sneaks out the back. Shawn tells Eric that he’ll catch up with him later. Eric informs Shawn that Belle knows he saw her messages and she deserves to know that he’s going to be alright. Shawn responds that he’s going to go find her now. Talia then enters the Pub and says she hopes the coffee is fresh as she claims that she just got off the hospital night shift, so Eric goes to get her coffee. Shawn pretends to meet Talia for the first time and introduces himself, adding that Jada let him crash. Shawn then gets a text from Belle that she’s in the town square. Eric tells Shawn to just make it right as he then exits the Pub.

Jada returns to the police station. Rafe thought he told her to go home. Jada claims she was on her way home but her route took her by Tripp’s place, so on a hunch she decided to check it out. Rafe asks if she found something.

EJ tells Wendy that she did a good job and he’ll think about it before getting back to her. Wendy apologizes if she overstepped by talking about Ava and Susan as it’s none of her business. EJ says it’s nothing and adds that he’s due in a meeting. EJ tells Wendy that his computer mouse is messing up, so Wendy says she will take care of it. EJ then exits while Wendy sits at his desk and is amazed to discover that EJ forgot his phone.

Jada goes to the Brady Pub and sees Eric. Jada mentions hearing about Sloan’s miscarriage and says she’s so sorry. Eric thanks her and says he really appreciates her saying that. Eric adds that he also appreciates what she did for Shawn last night as she must have known he was drunk and that he didn’t want to go home after fighting with Belle so she let him crash there. Jada goes along with it and says she’s pretty beat so she’ll see him as she heads upstairs to her room.

Belle tells Nicole that she will tell Eric that she asked about him. Nicole tells her not to and says she’s just happy that Eric and Sloan got past what happened. Shawn arrives and greets them. Nicole tells him that she’s really sorry about Victor which Shawn says he appreciates. Nicole then walks away. Belle asks how Shawn is feeling. Shawn admits he’s hungover. Belle then asks where he slept last night.

Talia makes her bed as Jada comes home and says she’s got to be kidding her. Jada questions if Talia slept with Shawn Brady.

Rafe returns to Tripp in the interrogation room. Tripp talks about Rafe trying to scare him with the obstruction charges and asks what jury is going to convict him for trying to protect his own mother after a hitwoman tried to kill her. Rafe agrees and tells him to forget the obstruction because he didn’t need it. Rafe then warns Tripp that he could be facing a charge of aiding and abetting a felon. Rafe then reveals Tripp and Wendy’s passports.

Wendy tries searching through EJ’s phone but EJ returns and asks if he may help her.

Ava returns from the shower as Harris is getting undressed.

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