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Leo accuses Dimitri of cheating on him with his wife and complains that he just got an earful from Gwen about their sex lives. Leo demands the truth as he asks if Dimitri has been playing him this whole time.

Kristen questions Gwen already knowing that Dimitri was cheating on her with Leo. Gwen says of course she knew and brings up the lustful looks that Leo has been giving Dimitri. Gwen says she’d have to be braindead to not have noticed. Kristen questions if Gwen has been pretending to be in love with Dimitri while knowing all along that he was crazy in love with Leo. Gwen admits that in the beginning, she was a bit of a naïve fool when Dimitri proposed to her as she thought her luck had really turned around and she was going to marry the man of her dreams. Gwen is relieved to report that she has jumped off of cloud nine and landed safely, so she’s now back to being her cynical misanthropic self.

In Athens ,Greece, Alex and Brady ask about Constantine’s meeting with Victor before he died. Constantine questions Victor not telling them. Brady and Alex explain that Victor only told Maggie that he was going to visit Bo, who doesn’t live in Greece, which is why they were shocked when Victor’s plane went down in the Mediterranean. Brady says Victor must not have wanted anyone to know where he was and questions what he was doing in Greece.

Theresa waits on room service but is shocked when she opens the door to see her dad, Shane Donovan, has arrived and she hugs him.

Stefan tells Gabi that it feels pretty damn good to have Dimitri right where they want him, thanks to them uncovering his deep dark secret. Stefan declares that pretty soon, they will have DiMera in the palm of their hand. Gabi asks why stop there and suggests making Dimitri hand over the Von Leuschner money too.

Dimitri questions what Leo means. Leo repeats how Gwen went in detail about her and Dimitri’s sex life. Dimitri tells Leo that Gwen is lying as they have not been physically intimate. Leo says that doesn’t make any sense and asks why Gwen would lie.

Kristen asks Gwen when she figured all of this out. Gwen explains that when Leo showed up to her honeymoon, claiming he was there for a secret Madonna concert, is when she started getting suspicious as it was all too coincidental. Kristen asks if Gwen had no idea before that. Gwen admits she was a naïve fool but once her suspicions were aroused, she started to look back on all the little moments where she should’ve seen Dimitri and Leo for the lying snakes that they are.

Theresa tells Shane that it’s so good to see him. Shane tells her the same but questions what she’s doing here as he was told Alex and Brady were staying in these rooms. Theresa says they should be back soon. Shane says that doesn’t answer his question and guesses this is about Brady.

Constantine tells Alex and Brady that he didn’t plan to meet Victor but he just appeared and he could tell something was really wrong. Alex guesses it’s about his son, Bo. Constantine confirms that Victor had just come from visiting Bo and he could tell it was a very painful visit but he could tell that something other than his ailing son was on Victor’s mind.

Stefan questions Gabi wanting to go after Dimitri’s inheritance too. Gabi asks why not since they have him where they want him and if they get that money, they won’t have to share with any member of the family.

Gwen repeats to Kristen that when Leo showed up at her honeymoon with his Madonna excuses is when she started thinking back to the little moments. Kristen tells her to go on. Gwen starts when she and Dimitri first got engaged and she didn’t hear from him all day, then Leo said he was with him as they were planning a surprise for her for the wedding. Gwen recalls thinking it was strange but she told herself that she was being paranoid. Gwen brings up all the times that Dimitri wasn’t interested in making love to her.

Dimitri reminds Leo that Gwen believes they are in love so they would have to have sex sometimes. Leo says he gets it but hopes Dimitri is not enjoying it. Dimitri swears that he’s only sleeping with Gwen out of obligation but he’s sleeping with Leo because he loves him.

Stefan asks Gabi what incentive Dimitri has to keep quiet if they take everything from him as he has to have something to lose in order to be blackmailed. Gabi guesses he’s right but feels there must be something they can do to get a bigger payday out of this. Stefan loves the way her mind works but says in this instance, they can’t afford to be greedy.

Gwen tells Kristen that Dimitri was not interested in having sex with her and remembers that the first person she told was Leo. Gwen recalls walking in on Dimitri in his underwear with Leo and they claimed that he was trying on suits. Gwen says she knew Leo wasn’t being completely honest but she thought she knew why. Gwen guesses she was so stupid as she knows Leo always has crushes on straight men, but says she should’ve known when “Matthew Perry” came in to the picture which Kristen questions.

Leo questions Dimitri saying that he loves him. Dimitri confirms that he does and supposes he only realized it when Mr. Roth said he could see it so clearly. Dimitri talks about it going beyond attraction and lust. Dimitri says he misses him when he’s not around and he wants to share everything with him. Dimitri declares that he wants to make Leo happy and repeats that he loves him. Leo says he loves him too and they kiss.

Shane knew Theresa hadn’t really gotten over Brady but questions her chasing him all the way to Greece. Theresa admits she followed him but claims she’s helping Brady and Alex with their investigation. Shane argues that they apparently don’t want her help, otherwise she’d be out investigating with them now. Shane praises Theresa but hates to see her chasing someone who doesn’t appreciate her. Shane declares that if Brady can’t understand how wonderful she is, then he doesn’t deserve her.

Brady questions Constantine saying that Victor seemed worried about something other than Bo. Constantine adds that when he asked Victor about it, he got quiet. Brady talks about Victor having his will destroyed and asks if he mentioned anything about that. Constantine says he did not, but he did mention a letter. Alex asks what Victor said about this letter. Constantine says that Victor said it was of great importance to him, then shared a toast and left. Constantine steps away while Alex asks Brady if he really thinks Victor came all this way for a letter. Brady talks about when Victor sets his mind to something. Brady then remembers Kayla saying that she found a box full of old letters when Bo held her in Victor’s old home.

Theresa tells Shane that she knows she should move on and she’s tried with other boyfriends, but she can’t help comparing them to Brady and none of them measure up. Theresa swears that she’s trying to play it cool as Brady thinks she has a thing for Alex but she doesn’t. Shane points out that Alex is Brady’s cousin and asks how far she’s willing to take this deception. Theresa doesn’t know and acknowledges that Alex is really cool, handsome, and rich so it won’t be hard for her. Shane questions if she’s planning a fling with Alex to make Brady jealous. Theresa says she’s not really planning anything but she’s holding onto hope that if Brady spends time with her, he will realize she’s changed and maybe he’ll fall in love with her again.

Kristen questions Gwen about “Matthew Perry”. Gwen then explains how she found the initials MP in Leo’s phone and he claimed it was Matthew Perry but not the actor. Gwen says at that point, she stopped worrying about Dimitri even after Leo interrupted their wedding and then their honeymoon. Gwen adds that she believed Leo at first about the Madonna concert, but the more she thought about it, the crazier it seemed though she had no proof that anything was going on until the very next day when Leo came in her room, pretending to be torn up over Victor’s death so she went out to get him a snack but reveals that she came back and found them together without them knowing. Gwen then thought back to when she found Leo hiding someone in his room and Leo said it was a married man. Gwen declares that then she knew the truth and that “MP” stood for Magic Penis which Kristen laughs at.

Leo asks Dimitri what he means when he said they have trouble. Dimitri tells him to brace himself. Leo starts to worry that Gwen is pregnant and they will be bound together forever. Dimitri assures she is not so Leo asks what kind of trouble they have. Dimitri then reveals that Gabi and Stefan have discovered they are sleeping together and are using it as blackmail. Leo asks how that can be when they have been so careful. Dimitri says they apparently found the hotel receipt showing he paid for his room in Iceland and they got Rachel to confirm she saw them sleeping together.

Stefan tells Gabi that he covets the Von Leuschner money as much as she does, but he thinks they need to focus on their original plan because when Dimitri gives them he and Megan’s shares, they will have a huge block at DiMera and almost be guaranteed to be the deciding votes which means if Chad and EJ want any say, they will have to come to them. Gabi admits it does have a certain appeal and maybe eventually, they could run the whole company and then they kick EJ out on his ass.

Leo complains that there are far too many nosy, obnoxious children running around the DiMera Mansion. Dimitri adds that Gabi and Stefan are demanding he and Megan’s shares or else they will tell Gwen everything. Leo asks what they are going to do. Dimitri declares that there’s only one thing they can do and that’s kill them which Leo questions.

Gwen tells Kristen that after walking in on Dimitri and Leo on her honeymoon, that’s when she knew the truth and she didn’t know which one she was more angry at. Kristen comments on the flight home which Gwen calls definitely a challenge to be unable to strangle them for 10 hours. Gwen adds that as angry as she was, she couldn’t figure out why Dimitri wanted to marry her only to have an affair with a man right afterwards, until they came home and Dimitri sent her to unpack while he stayed here with Kristen. Gwen reveals that she decided to do some eavesdropping. Gwen asks Kristen about planning to split the Von Leuschner money with him all along. Kristen explains that she didn’t know Dimitri was betraying her to that extent because he only told her that he was just sleeping with Leo to keep him quiet. Gwen questions Kristen saying that Dimitri doesn’t have feelings for Leo and was just sleeping with him out of desperation. Kristen clarifies that is what she thought but Dimitri just told her that wasn’t the case and that what he and Leo have is the real thing as they are in love.

Leo questions Dimitri saying they have to kill Stefan and Gabi. Dimitri insists that he’s serious. Leo points out that Stefan is his uncle. Dimitri argues that he barely knows he and Gabi. Leo says it’s a serious crime and that he can’t be serious. Dimitri reminds Leo that he nearly took out half of Salem. Leo argues that was his world domination era but he’s moved on. Dimitri says that Leo doesn’t have to be any part of this but he’s not going to let two new relatives ruin everything for him, so he’s going to do everything he possibly can to make sure they don’t. Dimitri tells Leo that all he has to do is sit back and keep his mouth shut.

Gabi talks to Stefan about how if they get Dimitri’s shares, they won’t have to share anything. Stefan agrees it will all be theirs.

Alex asks Brady if he really thinks Victor came all this way for a box of letters when he’s sent hundreds of letters. Brady guesses these were really important to him and brings up the letters he sent to Caroline Brady, who sent them back to him. Alex realizes that Caroline was Bo’s mother and Victor had just coming from seeing Bo. Constantine comes back and tells them that Victor was family so they are too and they are welcome anytime and if there’s anything he can do for them. Brady brings up Victor’s childhood home and asks if he knows where that is. Constantine confirms he does as Victor liked him to keep an eye on things and says he would be happy to show them.

Theresa asks Shane about his briefcase. Shane explains that it was Victor’s as it was recovered in the wreckage and they said it didn’t have anything to do with the crash as it was just his personal belongings, papers, and legal documents so he thought maybe Alex and Brady would like to take it home to Maggie. Theresa says she’ll make sure they get it and invites Shane to stay for room service. Shane says he can’t but reminds her about what he said about finding a man who is worthy of her. Shane hugs her and says he loves her as he then exits. Theresa then begins to look over the briefcase.

Gabi tells Stefan that they’ve given Dimitri enough time to stew and suggests going in for the kill. Stefan agrees and texts Dimitri to ask if they are getting the shares.

Dimitri tells Leo that he better go see Gwen so she doesn’t get suspicious. Dimitri tells Leo that he’ll see him and kisses him goodbye as he exits.

Gwen tells Kristen that she’s going to confront her so called husband. Kristen stops her and thinks they should turn the tables around on Dimitri. Gwen asks if she’s saying they should join forces to get back at Leo and Dimitri for what they did to them. Gwen agrees and shakes hands with Kristen.

Constantine brings Alex and Brady to the wine cellar of Victor’s childhood home. Brady mentions Kayla referencing an old metal box that had the letters which Alex finds. Brady hopes it will give them all the answers they need as he prepares to open the box.

Theresa takes a knife and begins trying to break in to Victor’s briefcase.

Brady opens the metal box but finds it is empty.

Theresa gets Victor’s briefcase open and removes the stack of letters.

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