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Ridge: You’re not budging on this at all, are you?

Eric: Designing for the company I founded? No.

Ridge: [ Sighs ] Yes, the company you founded. How about we do what we talked about? Take some of your designs, put ’em in the couture line.

Eric: The couture line that you’re working on.

Ridge: The couture line that we’ve worked on over the years? Yeah. What is your problem?

Eric: Why do I have to keep telling you this, Ridge? I’m designing this line, and I’m doing it solo.

Ridge: Solo? With RJ!

Eric: Yes, with RJ. I’m doing it with RJ. [ Grunts ] He’s helping me. He’s, uh… he’s helping me put these designs on paper. That’s what’s bothering you, isn’t it? That your son is designing, but he’s designing with me and not with you.

RJ: Mom, are you saying that my designing with Granddad could hurt his relationship with Dad? I mean, I don’t want that, but I don’t– I don’t understand. Why would Dad be angry?

Brooke: No, he’s not angry. Just the opposite. He’s ecstatic that you’re designing. I meant that.

RJ: Yeah?

Brooke: He just wishes that the circumstances were different.

RJ: He wish– what– what does that even mean? Are you saying that Dad doesn’t want me designing with Granddad?

Hope: Are you sure you’re okay with this?

[ Hope exhales sharply ]

Hope: You– you get what this is, right?

Thomas: Yeah.

Hope: Yeah. Just, I… I– I know your commitment to me, and, Thomas, the way you’re looking at me, I just–

Thomas: Hey. You’re so beautiful.

[ Hope chuckles ]

Thomas: We’re good. No strings.

Hope: Okay. ‘Cause I… love what we’re doing together. I just… is it really going to be enough for you?

Brooke: I still can’t believe that you kept it from your father and me that you’re designing. That is incredible! We’re so proud.

RJ: Thank you, Mom. Yeah, I, um– I mean, I just wanted to keep it low-key ’cause Granddad wanted to keep it low-key, so.

Brooke: Okay. Well, I respect his wishes. It was still a shock, though.

RJ: Well, what’s life without a few surprises, am I right?

Brooke: [ Laughs ] That’s right. It’s a little more complicated for your father, but… you should’ve seen his face when I told him. He was, uh… he was amazed. I think it took a minute for him to believe it.

Carter: Um… believe what?

RJ: Hey, Carter. Um… well, I mean, you’re gonna find out sooner or later. Uh, my granddad is creating a new line, and I’m helping him with it.

Carter: What? I’m sorry. Wait, hold on, hold on. Is RJ Forrester actually getting involved in the family company? How, man? How so?

Eric: RJ and I are working together.

Ridge: I know. You’re mentoring him. Great.

Eric: No, it’s more than mentoring him. He’s doing this collection with me.

Ridge: This– yeah, your– your grand finale. Yes.

Eric: Yes. You should be thrilled that he’s designing.

Ridge: I am thrilled!

Eric: No, I think it bothers you. I think it really bothers you.

Ridge: Why do you keep saying that it bothers me? Nothing bothers me. No, I wanted this from the day he was born.

Eric: Yes, and now he’s finally doing it, and he’s designing with me, and not with you.

Carter: Seriously, RJ, congratulations, man. You couldn’t be learning from a better artist, a better designer than Eric.

RJ: Yeah. Believe me, I know how lucky I am.

[ Carter chuckles ]

Carter: Your dad must be losing his mind.

RJ: That sounds about right.

[ All chuckling ]

RJ: Yeah, I think, uh– well, I actually haven’t had the chance to talk to him yet, Mom.

Brooke: Right. I was the one who had the pleasure of sharing this amazing news, and we’re both so excited. And your dad? Oh, my gosh. He is so proud.

Carter: And Eric, he’s the one teaching you.

Brooke: Seems like you’re very passionate about the work that you’re doing together.

RJ: Oh, yeah. I mean– well, he is teaching me, and that’s been great. It’s been amazing. But… Mom, it’s even more than that. I mean, he called this line “our line.” I mean, you have no idea how that makes me feel.

Ridge: Here you go.

Eric: Well, thank you. Cheers.

Ridge: Cheers. Mmm.

Ridge: Perfect?

Eric: Very close.

[ Ridge chuckles ]

Ridge: What are you doing? What is all this? What do you– what do you want? Do you want– want drama in your life? Is that it?

Eric: There’s not drama. It’s just a– it’s a pretty simple story, really. With RJ… RJ was off in the world. Traveling around, not communicating with us very much, not coming home very often. He had no interest in the family business. And now he’s home, and all of a sudden, he’s designing away. With me, and– and not with you. It’s– it’s not drama. It’s a pretty simple story, really. And I wanna be sure that my son isn’t harboring some kind of resentment there. RJ’s a great kid.

Ridge: He is a great kid. I gotta say something, I’m sorry. You really think I have a problem with you teaching him? You? Absolutely not. You’re the best. You taught me. You’re– you’re the master. There’s no one better to teach him. I– I get that. You know what I don’t get? This. How it’s looking like you’re having a yard sale. This– what– what are you doing, putting yourself through all of this stress, all this anxiety, to do one more thing. Why? Let’s do it together as a family. You, me and RJ. We’ll do it together. Why wouldn’t we do that?

Eric: Because this is all mine.

Hope: Mmm. Yeah, I don’t– I don’t wanna talk anymore.

Thomas: Well, there’s a simple solution to that.

Hope: I do. I– I want this.

Thomas: So do I.

Hope: But I just– I just– um, I need to make sure that you– you can handle it.

Thomas: I can.

Hope: The agreement. You understand?

Carter: I’m really excited for you, RJ. I mean, you’re designing. This is huge. It’s a wonderful opportunity. You’re carrying on the family legacy.

RJ: Thank you, Carter. It means a lot.

Carter: But I have to be honest. I do have reservations. It’s the timing, man. To start a new line while Hope For The Future is firing on all cylinders, not to mention the continued success of Ridge’s couture line, it’s– it’s risky.

RJ: Yeah, but other than that…

Brooke: Ah, you do make some good points, though. You do. And I imagine Ridge feels the same way.

Carter: Yeah. But I do know the history of this place very well, and the first collection was a gamble, but it worked. We’re here today because Eric took a risk.

Ridge: I’m trying to figure this out, you know, where it’s coming from, this– this need to wanna do this all on your own.

Eric: Well, I know what it is. Uh, maybe it’s, uh, the, uh… it’s the ego of the artist.

Ridge: [ Chuckles ] The ego of the artist. I like that.

Eric: Yeah.

Ridge: Um, let me ask you something. Do you know what the artist needs? More than fabric, pencils, drawings? You know what that is? The press.

Eric: The press?

Ridge: Listen to this: “Three generations of Forresters meet. The third one was pulled from the shadows by the famous grandfather.” Huh? Story writes itself.

Eric: It’s a Pulitzer.

Ridge: It is.

Eric: Ah, it’s wonderful. It is. The only trouble with this is that you still– you still retain control of the line, and I’m working for you.

Ridge: What does that have to do with anything?

Eric: Ridge, I’ve been– I’ve been happy to stand in the wings quite a lot over the last few years and give you the limelight. Deserved. Well-deserved. Been very proud of you. But– but not this time.

Ridge: You really wanna do this?

Eric: Couldn’t be more certain.

Thomas: You. [ Chuckles ]

Hope: You.

Thomas: All this change in you.

Hope: Mmm. Well, I’m pretty surprised myself. I discovered something that I never even knew existed. And, uh… [ Whispers ] …I like it.

Brooke: So what are you saying, Carter? You support Eric’s decision to break off and create his own line, even though you know the risks better than anybody?

Carter: I’m not saying that, but I am too smart to count out the great Eric Forrester.

Ridge: And here I thought Mom was the stubborn one. Yeah, well, you live with someone long enough, you know–

Ridge: Yeah, good point. Yeah. Do– do you not feel relevant anymore? Is that it?

Eric: No, Ridge! No, that’s not it.

Ridge: What– what, you– you feeling your own mortality? No, Eric Forrester, you’re gonna outlive all of us.

Eric: Well, thank you for that, and thanks for acknowledging that I might have a few good years left in me.

Ridge: Sure. But I need you to acknowledge something too. There’s a new generation at Forrester.

Eric: New generation. That’s, uh… why, that’s you, isn’t it?

Ridge: No, it’s not me. No– yeah. Yes, it is me. And Steffy. And maybe RJ, and Thomas. Look at what we’re doing. Look at hope for the future. Show some pride in that. Be proud of that.

Eric: I’m so proud! I’m so proud of this company. Of course I’m proud of that. I’m just not ready to ride off into the sunset.

Ridge: No one’s asking you to do that. No, it’s the opposite. People want you to stay here and maybe mentor the next generation because their success is your success. How do you not see that?

Eric: All right, stop. Stop, Ridge, stop it. God! I need this. I want this, this– this new collection of mine. My– my– my legacy collection. I want that.

Ridge: Legacy collection. With all due respect, Dad… what if it doesn’t succeed?

Eric: It will.

Ridge: You don’t know that.

Eric: I do.

Ridge: You don’t! You don’t know that. We’ve never known that, never. But I do know something. I know that you, you can go into any bar anywhere in the world, and somebody will buy you a martini because of what you’ve done. You can go to any– any ballroom anywhere, and some sexy lady’s gonna ask to dance with you because of what you’ve done. Any yacht, any harbor, anywhere in the world, you can walk onto, and they will host you for as long as you want, because of what you’ve done. Not– not because of what you wanna do. You have plenty of accolades. What do you need?

Eric: I’m the founder of this company, Ridge. You don’t– you don’t get to tell me what to do.

Ridge: You’re right. Okay. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Eric: Warn me.

Ridge: You wanna do this with me? This fashion showdown, with me? Well… just know that I’m at the top of my game.

Eric: Hmm. That’s one big ego you got.

Ridge: I know. [Indistinct]

Eric: Yeah.

Ridge: Not my fault.

Eric: Hmm.

Ridge: I’m with Brooke. She inspires me. Everything I touch turns to gold. You sure you wanna do this?

Eric: Absolutely. Let’s settle this on the runway.

Ridge: Okay.

[ Door closes ]

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